Floyd is a ragged,[3] mangy brown-and-white tom with torn ears.[2]


In the Super Editions

Tigerheart's Shadow

Dash mentions Floyd to be one of the cats bullying him. Tigerheart pities the skinny tom, as no cat likes to be bullied. He agrees to help drive Floyd off, and follows Dash to where the brown-and-white tom and two other rogues live. The black-and-white loner points out Floyd; the mangy rogue is sniffing around a rotpile. Tigerheart, after a short fight with Mae, sees Floyd hit the ground as Dash swings a blow at him. Triumphantly, Tigerheart thinks how well the plan was going, and jumps between the two toms as the ragged cat finds his paws. He snarls at Floyd, and slices his face with his claws.
Mae challenges Floyd, and he retorts that she could fight Tigerheart. He comments about his claws, touching the wound on his face. When Scrap suggests they leave, Floyd agrees with a shrug. The brown and white tom says the food isn't good there anyways, and takes Mae and Scrap with him as he departs.
He is mentioned by Dash as he leaves Tigerheart, thanking him for helping him deal with Floyd and the others. Tigerheart tells Dash that if they return, not to forget the battle move he taught him. Dash assures his friend that he won't.



Tigerheart: "Which one is the meanest?"
Dash: "Floyd."
—Dash about Floyd Tigerheart's Shadow, page 123

Mae: "Is that it? Aren't you going to fight him?"
Floyd: "You fight him, his claws are sharp."
—Floyd about Tigerheart Tigerheart's Shadow, page 126

"I guess we could find other rot piles. There's no decent food here anyway."
—Floyd Tigerheart's Shadow, page 126

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