"He said nothing about what StarClan had told him. Had they offered a different solution that was no longer needed? Or had they reminded Flystar that his Clan's strength lay in his living warriors, with sharp claws and hard-learned battle skills?"
Cloudstorm thinking about Flystar in Battles of the Clans, pages 81-82

Flystar is a tom.[1]

In Battles of the Clans, he is initially mentioned by Cloudstorm and SkyClan's deputy, Petalfall. He visits the Moonstone and, upon returning, finds that his Clan has solved the kittypet problem, secured SkyClan territory, and made the prey in SkyClan's territory flourish once more. He is very relieved and summons the whole Clan to thank his warriors who had taken the initiative, and took the battle beyond SkyClan's boundaries. He also orders extra patrols for the next moon along that border to make sure the kittypets stay away. He says nothing of his visit to the Moonstone, or what StarClan had said, to his Clanmates.

In Cloudstar's Journey, Flystar is briefly mentioned by Cloudstar, while he is talking to Petalfall. The SkyClan leader says to himself that when Flystar had lost his ninth life, had Petalfall not retired due to a sickness, she would have become leader after Flystar.



Petalfall: "I think Flystar should know what we're doing."
Cloudstorm: "He will, when we greet him with news of our victory."
Petalfall: "But what if StarClan has told him to do something else to deal with the kittypets? What if StarClan doesn't want us to attack them like this, in their own territory?"
—Petalfall and Cloudstorm on informing Flystar of their plans Battles of the Clans, page 78

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