Foggy is a long-furred gray tom.[1]


In the Super Editions

Hawkwing's Journey

When the SkyClan cats spend a night in Stick's Twolegplace territory, Hawkwing is assigned to a hunting patrol with Pebbleshine and a couple of rogues. A long-furred gray tom introduces himself as Foggy, and the other small tortoiseshell as Suzy. The latter asks if the Clan cats are ready, and says that they will show them some good places to hunt.
Later, as the hunting group heads back to the rogue camp, Hawkwing complains about the taste of the rat that he is carrying. Foggy glances over his shoulder from where he and Suzy are padding ahead, and offers to take it off of his paws. The gray rogue carries a mouse, and he notes that there is good eating in one of them.

Notes and references

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