"When the Clans have a common enemy, we unite to defend ourselves. We have to help those cats!"
— Foxleap to Swoop about the intruders in Sign of the Moon, page 282

Foxleap is a reddish-brown tabby tom[11] with glossy fur,[12] auburn paws,[13] and a russet-colored muzzle.[14]

Foxleap was a ThunderClan warrior under Firestar's leadership in the lake territories. He was born as Foxkit to Ferncloud and Dustpelt along with his sister, Icecloud, and was apprenticed to Squirrelflight as Foxpaw. After becoming a warrior, Foxleap journeyed to the Tribe of Rushing Water as part of a ThunderClan patrol and was nearly killed by an eagle. When he returned to the lake, Foxleap trained Cherryfall and took part in the Great Battle. While Foxleap initially survived, his wounds became infected, causing the tom to lose his life. His memory is preserved on the Stick of the Fallen.


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Power of Three

"I was just showing Icepaw how I was going to catch a fox and earn my warrior name. I want to be called Foxcatcher!"
—Foxpaw to Lionpaw about his warrior name Eclipse, page 43
Foxkit and Icekit are introduced as Ferncloud and Dustpelt's newest litter. He becomes an apprentice as Foxpaw and receives Squirrelflight as a mentor; however, Sorreltail takes over his training when Squirrelflight goes on a mission to help the Tribe. When Sol arrives in ThunderClan, Foxpaw and Icepaw overhear him telling Leafpool and Jaypaw that the sun will disappear, and while he is persuaded to keep quiet, Foxpaw witnesses the act during the battle of the eclipse. After the battle, Squirrelflight is greatly injured and Foxpaw's training is resumed by Sandstorm. He briefly catches greencough when an epidemic sweeps through the Clan.

Omen of the Stars

Firestar: "In the future — any cat caught on the ice will be severely punished."
Foxleap: "Yeah ... By death."
—Foxleap after Flametail drowns Night Whispers, page 285
Now a warrior named Foxleap, he takes part in the battle of the border, where he fights alongside Dovepaw and Ivypaw. He later fights against a fox that invades ThunderClan's camp, and is chosen to go on a journey to visit the Tribe. In the mountains, he persuades his patrol to help a group of rogues that are being attacked by an eagle. When the eagle attacks him, he is saved by Swoop, who the eagle carries away, devastating Foxleap. Back at the lake, he is appointed mentor to Cherrypaw and helps fight off a fox that attacks her, but her training is taken over by Cloudtail due to Foxleap's injuries. During the Great Battle, he is sent to aid RiverClan, and mourns for Ferncloud when she is killed by Brokenstar.


"Foxleap cannot die! We have lost too many cats already! Why does StarClan keep punishing us like this?"
—Jayfeather attempting to treat Foxleap Dovewing's Silence, page chapter 5
In Dovewing's Silence, Foxleap is badly injured in the aftermath of the battle against the Dark Forest. His wound becomes infected, even as Jayfeather gives his all to treat it. When Foxleap finally succumbs to his injury, Jayfeather is devastated, enraged that StarClan would take yet another warrior from them.


Author statements

  • Vicky once stated that she had once thought Foxleap and Rosepetal might become mates, but after her editor told her they were related she had to do some rewriting.[15]


  • He has been mistakenly called Foxtail.[16][17]
  • He was mistakenly called a tawny tabby,[18] fox-red,[19] and russet.[20]

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Foxpaw's apprentice ceremony
Firestar: Squirrelflight, your time for an apprentice is long overdue. You will be mentor to Foxpaw.
Everyone: Foxpaw! Icepaw!
Reference: Outcast, pages 35-36


"Next time we need leaves, I'm sure Brambleclaw will ask you to help!"
—Icekit to Foxkit when he shows off his hunting skills by catching leaves The Sight, page 327

Icepaw: "He'll catch a real fox one day!"
Poppypaw: "Yeah, right."
Foxpaw: "I will catch one; you just wait!"
Poppypaw: "You couldn't catch greencough!"
Foxpaw: "Yes, I could!...I mean, I could catch anything I want."
—Poppypaw teases Foxpaw Eclipse, page 43

"Then a RiverClan warrior tried to leap on top of me, but I rolled out of the way. And I gave him a real nip on his hind leg. I bet he can still feel it."
—Foxpaw to Icepaw about the battle Eclipse, page 286

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"What's Firestar going to do with him?...I think he should rip his pelt off and feed him to the crows."
—Foxpaw's opinions on Sol Sunrise, page 194

Splash: "You'll be snow cats before you know it."
Foxleap: "I'm a snow cat now!"
—Foxleap about getting snow on his fur Sign of the Moon, page 190

"We'll show them. They can't order us around like that!"
—Foxleap about WindClan The Forgotten Warrior, page 137

"Surely we need warriors more than another medicine cat?"
—Foxleap about Cinderheart being a reincarnation of Cinderpelt The Forgotten Warrior, page 245

"I see the odd ones are sticking together."
—Foxleap about Hollyleaf and Cinderheart sitting with each other The Forgotten Warrior, page 246

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