"Graywing is right... It would have been madness to risk the life of a RiverClan warrior to save cats from another Clan."
— Foxwhisker disagreeing with the new code in Code of the Clans, page 113

Foxwhisker is a ginger tom.[1]


In the Field Guides

Code of the Clans

Foxwhisker is an ancient ThunderClan warrior. He, Brindleclaw, and Graywing discuss and worry about the flooded river. He comments that the Clan will be living off of voles for a while because the river isn't safe to fish in. He tells Brindleclaw that he will take a patrol into the fields after she asks for him to do so.
When the three WindClan kits fall into the gorge, he demands what they are doing. When Brindleclaw tries to save them, he agrees with Graywing and believes they shouldn't help the kits, saying it would be madness to risk her life to save cats from another Clan.
The following day, Graywing asks Ivystar to take a patrol consisting of her, Brindleclaw, and Foxwhisker to the gorge. After the leader agrees, she runs to the den, where Foxwhisker and Brindleclaw are sleeping, to wake them up. Graywing talks to Brindleclaw and him outside of camp. He asks what they were doing, and if she's looking for something, but Graywing simply tells him that they were going to find the bodies of the three WindClan kits, and that she was wrong to not allow Brindleclaw to save them the previous day. He is the first to spot the bodies, now just tangles of sodden fur that are washed up against a branch. He points with his muzzle towards them and the patrol dives into the water to collect the kit's bodies.
The three RiverClan cats carry the kits back to WindClan, with Foxwhisker carrying Runningkit while Graywing carries Smallkit and Brindleclaw carries Wolfkit. He, Brindleclaw, and Graywing go to back to RiverClan's shore and catch their breath. This leads to an addition to the warrior code, which states that a warrior must protect any kit in danger regardless of their Clan.



"We'll be living off voles for a while. We can't risk any of our warriors trying to catch fish in that."
—Foxwhisker talking about the flooded river Code of the Clans, page 112

"Great StarClan! What on earth do those kits think they're doing?"
—Foxwhisker exclaiming after he sees kits hanging over the water Code of the Clans, page 112

"Are you looking for something?"
—Foxwhisker to Graywing when they go on the patrol to find the kits Code of the Clans, page 117

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