"I'm Frisk. What's your name? Are you coming to live here?"
— Frisk to the Clan cats in Sunrise, page 127

Frisk is a flecked brown tom.[2]


In the Power of Three arc


When the Clan cats are led into an unfamiliar den by Jingo, Frisk's mother, Speckle, is curled up with Frisk and his three other siblings, suckling. Once done suckling, the four kits scramble down something that looks like a soft, colorful boulder. Speckle watches them, paying particular attention to Frisk, the largest of the litter. Frisk announces his name and asks Lionblaze's name and if he's going to start living in the den. After a few moments, a cacophony of barking erupts, making Speckle urgently gesture with her tail to her kits telling them to come back to her side quickly. Frisk and his siblings obey and scramble back up to their mother where they are encircled and protected with her legs and tail.
Once the uproar of barks die down and Merry and Chirp come with fresh-kill, Speckle jumps down from where she was sitting while Frisk and his siblings scramble after her. Speckle picks out a mouse for them to have and they happily squabble over it.
When Frisk and the other kits finish eating, the four siblings started to bat a leaf around, tumbling over each other and squealing in excitement. Frisk, observed to be the largest and the boldest of the four, bats the leaf towards Lionblaze. He plays along and bats the leaf back at the kits with Hollyleaf shortly joining in. With Lionblaze and Hollyleaf, the kits continue to pounce, chase, and bat the leaf until Frisk and his siblings collapse, tired out and panting beside their mother. Lionblaze comments to their mother, Speckle, that they're fine kits and will grow up to be strong cats. Speckle murmurs a response and licks Frisk's rumpled fur. While Speckle continues to groom Frisk, she says that she wished Sol was Frisk and his siblings' father, and that their father left before the dogs attacked the group.
The following morning, Speckle, Frisk, and his siblings are curled up in a furry heap on the soft looking boulders.




Speckle:[2] Living (As of Hollyleaf's Story)


Unnamed tom (formerly):[3] Status unknown


Three unnamed kits:[2] Living, (As of Sunrise)


Unnamed ♂Speckle ♀
Frisk ♂Three kits

    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


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