"Fritz shuddered, letting out a frightened mewling sound, and sank his claws into the soft boulder underneath. Jingo pressed up against him comfortingly."
— Narrator describing Fritz's reaction to a retelling of Sol's plan in Sunrise, page 130

Fritz is a small black-and-white tom[2] with a torn ear.[3]


In the Power of Three arc


"After [Jingo] finished speaking, she leaped up onto the squashy boulder beside the black-and-white tom. He stared at the Clan cats, wide-eyed, and didn't speak."
—Narrator describing Fritz's second reaction to the appearance of the Clan cats Sunrise, page 125
When the Clan cats spot Fritz in the Twolegplace and Fritz them, Fritz halts and stares at the strangers in terror arching his back, and allowing every hair on his pelt to stand up. Fritz starts to back away when Brambleclaw assures that the patrol are not going to hurt him. Fritz responds that was also what the other cat said and now their situation is worse. With that, Fritz spun around and fled from the corner he came from.
Later, when Jingo introduces the Clan cats to the group living in the abandoned Twoleg nest, she says that she thinks the Clan cats have already met Fritz leaping up to stand beside Fritz who was staring wide-eyed at the patrol of forest cats. Brambleclaw then asks Fritz who he thought the Clan cats were, but when Fritz doesn't respond, Brambleclaw turns to Jingo explaining that when they saw Fritz last time, he seemed to believe that they were connected to another cat. When Jingo starts to explain how Sol banded them together, Pod reveals that Speckle and Fritz joined Sol's group at the very beginning. Pod also comments that life was not good with Sol around explaining that Sol almost tried to get them killed, and Fritz, in quiet agreement, nods vigorously nervously twitching his whiskers. Lionblaze then notices, along with the other cats' remnants of injuries, that one of Fritz's ears was torn.
As the conversation moves forward, Fritz, speaking for the first time, says that once or twice the Twolegs come around, and when they do, the group all hides. The conversation topic then moves to dogs and Fritz, with a shudder, comments that the dogs lay in wait for them to come out of the Twoleg den and explains that when the they do come out, the dogs chase them. When Jingo reminisces about Flower, Fritz comfortingly nudges her shoulder. Then, when Hussar speaks of Sol's plan to get rid of the dogs, Fritz shudders, letting a frightened mewling sound and unsheathes his claws, allowing them to sink into the soft looking boulder, but Jingo comfortingly presses up against him.
The following morning, Fritz is spotted with Pod sleeping on the soft looking boulders in the abandoned Twoleg nest.


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