"Pride in what, Honeyleaf? We can't feed ourselves because the rats have chased off all the prey. No kits have been born in moons. The only ceremonies we have now are to send our Clanmates to our ancestors."
— Frostclaw to Honeyleaf in SkyClan's Destiny, page 2

Frostclaw is a white she-cat[4] and an ancient SkyClan warrior under Spiderstar's leadership in the gorge.

In SkyClan's Destiny, after the battle with the rats, Frostclaw has a badly injured paw. She points out that SkyClan can't feed itself, no kits had been born for moons, they had been chased out of their old territory, and that they only had ceremonies for when cats died. Frostclaw also agrees that that they couldn't have even saved Fallensnow's and Sunpelt's bodies, their own Clanmates, to have a proper vigil.

After Spiderstar announces that the rats had won, Frostclaw admits that she had been taking kittypet food from Twolegs, and concludes it could be possible to have a better life as a kittypet. Frostclaw doesn't try to defend herself against the SkyClan deputy, Honeyleaf's, accusations. After Spiderstar dissolves SkyClan, Frostclaw and Rowanfur decide to become kittypets, and along with several of her Clanmates, they leave SkyClan for good.

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"Swallowflight, there was nothing else we could have done for them. No cat could blame us."
—Frostclaw about Sunpelt and Fallensnow SkyClan's Destiny, page 3

"I...I've been taking food from Twolegs now and again. It doesn't taste too bad, if you're hungry."
—Frostclaw SkyClan's Destiny, pages 5-6

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