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"Haven't I always been a loyal warrior, living my life by the code and leading my Clan accordingly?"
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"Well, until we work on how we can choose a new leader, we can't let any cat in the other Clans know what's going on. It's up to me to speak with StarClan and find out who our new leader should be. Only...what if I can't do it? What if StarClan does send me a message, but I get it wrong? I'm only an apprentice, and what I say could affect the Clan for seasons."
— Frostpaw to Splashtail about her uncertainty about choosing their next leader in River, page 213

Frostpaw is a light gray she-cat[3] with darker parts, ears[5] and green eyes.[6][7]

Frostpaw is a RiverClan medicine cat apprentice and a temporary leader alongside Mothwing. She was born as Frostkit to Jayclaw and Curlfeather alongside her littermates Mistkit and Graykit. Frostkit showed a connection with StarClan at an early age, and was selected to be trained by Mothwing as her new apprentice following Willowshine's death. As her Clan's sole connection with their ancestors, Frostpaw had a major role to fulfill, but following Mistystar's and Reedwhisker's sudden deaths, Frostpaw interpreted signs from StarClan that she and Mothwing should act as co-acting leaders. Shortly after receiving signs that Curlfeather should be RiverClan's leader, Curlfeather is killed by dogs while journeying to the Moonpool, and Frostpaw is too traumatized to return to the Moonpool to ask StarClan for another leader.


In The Broken Code arc

Lost Stars

Frostkit is mentioned by Mistystar at a Gathering to have been born to Curlfeather, along with her two other siblings, Mistkit and Graykit.

In the A Starless Clan arc


«I'm going to be a real medicine cat! The medicine cat RiverClan needs!»
—Frostpaw after she communicates with StarClan River (book), page 32
Frostpaw is eager to go to the Moonpool to be named Mothwing's official apprentice. Her mother Curlfeather dotes on her before she leaves, reminding her daughter that that she's special since she received a dream from StarClan about Jayclaw's death before he died. Mothwing leads Frostpaw to the Moonpool and begins instructing Frostpaw about the other medicine cats. Though at times Mothwing can be sharp, Frostpaw knows she is still grieving from Willowshine's death. When they arrive, Mothwing introduces her apprentice to the other medicine cats, and Mothwing names her an official medicine cat apprentice. At the Gathering, Frostpaw is introduced as RiverClan's new medicine cat apprentice. The following day, Mothwing scolds Frostpaw for dawdling while eating her prey and as they head for their den, Brackenpelt challenges Mistystar over the Clan leaders' decisions to change the warrior code the previous night. Mistystar calls a Clan meeting to properly discuss the event, and more cats begin to challenge Mistystar. While Mistystar attempts to defend herself, she suddenly collapses and dies, losing her last life. RiverClan is in shock, and Mothwing asks Frostpaw to speak with StarClan to guide Mistystar's spirit. Frostpaw envisions Willowshine guiding Mistystar's spirit to StarClan. Some of RiverClan questions Frostpaw's words, but Mothwing has faith in her apprentice. With Reedwhisker gone on a hunting patrol, they decide to wait for him until he returns to go receive his leader name and nine lives.
However, Reedwhisker's patrol members return to camp late without their deputy, having assumed he either returned to camp without them or got lost. Mothwing orders search parties and retreats to her den, and Frostpaw follows her, finding her mentor stricken with grief. Mothwing asks Frostpaw to speak with Mistystar for her. Though Frostpaw is unsure if it will work, she hears Mistystar's voice telling her to move on, and Frostpaw interprets it as their former leader asking the Clan to continue on. Her message comforts Mothwing, and Frostpaw is pleased to have helped her mentor. After Mistystar's vigil, Reedwhisker is still missing and the Clan debates on whether or not to elect an acting leader until he's found. Duskfur and Mallownose suggest their medicine cats should lead, though Shimmerpelt questions Frostpaw's inexperience. While the argument escalates, Frostpaw retreats to her den but notices a torn up dock leaf in the shape of a star in her nest. Frostpaw wonders if it's a sign from StarClan that she should be leader, and she brings the leaf to Mothwing. The Clan agrees that it signifies that the medicine cats should lead the Clan temporarily, and Mothwing relents that she and Frostpaw will lead the Clan. Though Frostpaw is charged with communicating with StarClan for Mothwing, she worries about the pressures of leading and her mother comforts her.
At the half-moon meeting, the RiverClan medicine cats decide not to inform the others about Mistystar and Reedwhisker. Frostpaw tries to speak with Leopardstar about approving changes to the warrior code, but instead she warns Frostpaw that Reedwhisker is trapped in a shadowy place on RiverClan territory. At camp, Mothwing tasks Frostpaw with leading a patrol to find Reedwhisker. Gorseclaw and Splashtail question Frostpaw's authority, but Mothwing insists only Frostpaw knows where Reedwhisker is. They start searching near the greenleaf Twolegplace where they had last seen Reedwhisker, and they locate his body at the bottom of a ravine. Frostpaw notices his neck is broken but also several scratches along his back. The patrol carries his body back to camp, and Curlfeather comforts her daughter.
Frostpaw and Splashtail head to the Moonpool to speak with StarClan about their new leader, and Frostpaw is nervous about the responsibility. At the Moonpool, she is disappointed when her ancestors are silent. However, as she prepares to leave, Frostpaw notices a small curled white feather in the grass. The young she-cat interprets it as a sign from StarClan that Curlfeather should be leader. When they return to camp, Mothwing is hesitant about accepting the sign since her own brother Hawkfrost faked a sign. However, that night, Frostpaw dreams herself at the Moonpool surrounded by curled white feathers and is certain that she's right. Mothwing relents, and Frostpaw announces to the Clan that Curlfeather will be their leader as chosen by StarClan. The Clan is pleased, and Frostpaw guides Curlfeather to the Moonpool. Mother and daughter comfort each other over their self doubts, but as they leave ThunderClan's territory, three dogs attack them. They run back to the forest for shelter, but as Curlfeather boosts her daughter up on a tree she is caught by the dogs and is killed. Before she dies, Curlfeather tells her daughter to trust no cat. Frostpaw escapes through the trees and informs her Clanmates what had happened back in camp. Her Clanmates are horrified, and Frostpaw's littermates comfort her. A RiverClan patrol retrieves Curlfeather's body and Frostpaw is horrified at Mallownose's suggestion that she should return to the Moonpool to ask StarClan for another leader. Duskfur comforts Frostpaw, and Mothwing relents that they should ask the other Clans for help.

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Curlfeather:[1] Deceased, residence unknown


Jayclaw:[8] Deceased, residence unknown


Mistpaw:[1] Living (As of River)


Graypaw:[1] Living (As of River)
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Duskfur:[9] Living (As of River)
Petalfur:[blog 1] Deceased, residence unknown


Mallownose:[blog 1] Living (As of River)


Podlight:[9] Living (As of River)
Owlnose:[blog 1] Living (As of River)


Brackenpelt:[blog 1] Living (As of River)


Icewing:[10] Living (As of River)
Graymist:[11] Living (As of The Last Hope)


Mintfur:[blog 2] Living (As of The Raging Storm)


Beetlewhisker:[12] Deceased, residence unknown
Grasspelt:[12] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Pricklekit:[12] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Sneezecloud:[11] Living (As of River)


Nightsky:[13] Living (As of River)
Breezeheart:[13] Living (As of River)

First cousins:

Splashtail:[14] Living (As of River)
Fognose:[14] Living (As of River)


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Duskfur ♀Petalfur ♀Mallownose ♂
Podlight ♂Curlfeather ♀Jayclaw ♂Owlnose ♂Brackenpelt ♀
Mistpaw ♀Frostpaw ♀Graypaw ♂

    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown



Interesting facts

  • Frostpaw is the first RiverClan protagonist in a main series.[3]

Author statements

  • When asked to describe Frostpaw, Kate Cary describes her soul as "the colour of a chilly leaf-bare dawn."[blog 3]
  • Kate has stated that Frostpaw is her favorite protagonist in A Starless Clan.[blog 4]



«Frostpaw felt a wave of relief. In the crowd, she spotted her littermate, Mistpaw, watching her with sympathetic eyes. Graypaw stood close by. For a moment, Frostpaw wishes she could leave Mothwing's side and go cuddle with her littermates, like they had when they were small, before Curlfeather realized she was having visions. Sometimes she wishes she could join them in the warriors' den—both to be close to them, and for the chance to watch discussions like these with no responsibility for solving the problems. Sometimes being a medicine cat apprentice was very lonely.»
—Frostpaw's thoughts about her littermates River (book), page 123

Splashtail: "Are you sure you want to do this without the other medicine cats?"
Frostpaw: "No. I have to. I have to do this for our Clan."
Splashtail: "You're right, but it's tough."
Frostpaw: "Well, until we work on how we can choose a new leader, we can't let any cat in the other Clans know what's going on. It's up to me to speak with StarClan and find out who our new leader should be. Only...what if I can't do it? What if StarClan does send me a message, but I get it wrong? I'm only an apprentice, and what I say could affect the Clan for seasons."
Splashtail: "You should have faith in yourself. You're a bright, talented medicine-cat apprentice, and StarClan wouldn't guide you wrong."
—Splashtail and Frostpaw River, pages 212-213

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