"[…] I have to tell you, Scourge was fierce, but our new leader, Fury—she's more bloodthirsty than Scourge ever was! And she's dead set on getting revenge on the Clans."
Gremlin about Fury in Graystripe's Vow, page 221

Fury is a long-furred, tabby she-cat with one eye and scars across her muzzle and shoulders.[2]

Fury was a leader of BloodClan following the death of the Clan's previous leader, Claw. Fury proved determined to take the forest as it had been promised to BloodClan under Scourge's leadership. She lead an attack on ThunderClan after Firestar's departure, deeming the Clan weak and vulnerable. However, after sustaining a serious injury, she made a deal with Graystripe in order to save herself from infection, promising that BloodClan will leave ThunderClan alone. Fury had her wounds tended to and upheld her promise, departing from the forest for good.


In the Super Editions

Graystripe's Vow

"So ThunderClan is vulnerable, we must choose the right time to strike — but believe me, strike we will!"
―Fury rallying BloodClan Graystripe's Vow, page 4
Gremlin and Snake return from their scouting mission to report to Fury that Firestar and Sandstorm had left the territories. As the two cats rejoin their Clan, Gremlin recalls that Fury was one of many cats to assume leadership following Scourge's death. The queen notes that the previous leader, Claw, had gone hunting with the tabby she-cat but only she returned, her paws covered in blood. Fury tells BloodClan that Claw had been killed by dogs, but as Gremlin recalls the memory, states that she doubted the truth behind the claim. Snake and Gremlin's news excites Fury as she announces to the remaining BloodClan cats that they would have their revenge on the Clans for what they had done to the Twolegplace cats.
Fury and a patrol of BloodClan cats ambush Graystripe, Dustpelt, and Brambleclaw. The tabby she-cat confronts them, surprising the ThunderClan deputy with the fact that they know Firestar had left the territories. She tells him that promises had been made to BloodClan and that despite Scourge's death, they want the forest still. Fury and her cats leap into battle, the she-cat shares blows with Graystripe before rolling away. Amidst the fighting, she calls to Gremlin to not hold back with her attacks just because she's about to have kits. As Graystripe collapses to the ground, she tells her patrol to throw him to the dog in Twolegplace.
When Graystripe dreams of being at Sunningrocks with Firestar, the shape of his friend changes to Fury. The sight shocks him and she lunges at the tom, calling for him to wake up. Graystripe forces himself awake and instead sees Cinderpelt standing over him. He asks her if StarClan was able to give any insight about Gremlin or BloodClan. The medicine cat states that they were indirect, but gave her a prophecy, warning of the snake's bite.
Gremlin later tells Graystripe about Fury, stating that she is worse than Scourge and she plans on revenge for BloodClan. The tortoiseshell also tells the ThunderClan deputy that the BloodClan leader rewards anger in her cats, noting that her brother had changed as a result. Fury later catches Gremlin talking with Smudge, and unknown to her, Graystripe. The leader is wary of the pregnant she-cat's motives, however, reminds her of a BloodClan meeting that night. She takes her to leave, but, doubles back to settle her suspicions before departing for good.
A couple of sunrises later, Fury leads BloodClan to attack ThunderClan's camp. She calls out to the Clan, insulting them in the process. At that, the camp comes to life with fighting cats. Fury has Scraps fighting beside her they fight the defending ThunderClan warriors. The tabby leader finds herself on top of Highrock and spots Gremlin betraying BloodClan. Fury calls her a traitor, sending Snake and Ice after her. She watches as the two black-and-white toms grab the pregnant cat and retrieve her, much to Scrap's dismay. The tortoiseshell tom speaks up, defending his sister, but Fury labels him a traitor too. With a stare towards Snake and Ice, they attack the siblings on a silent order but only kill Scraps in the struggle. Fury challenges Graystripe to kill Snake, stating that if he does, that Gremlin will as well.
Graystripe lets go of the tom and then also challenges Fury, questioning her regard for BloodClan. The tabby leader makes it clear she cares only about her well-being and survival in the fight. The gray deputy points out a wound to her side, earning a snarl of defiance from Fury who remains firm in her strength. However, her strength falters as she begins to feel the effects of blood loss. Graystripe, with the help of Cinderpelt, manages to talk Fury into surrendering as she has to ask for treatment for her wound. Fury receives treatment from the ThunderClan medicine cat but loses the remnants of BloodClan as they desert her. As she goes to leave camp, Graystripe reminds her of her promise. Fury tells him that she does and that she'll leave the territory, and possibly the forest altogether.

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"I never back down in the face of any cat's threats. I'm a strong and powerful leader! I take what I want, when I want."
―Fury about herself Graystripe's Vow, page 353
Fury is a ruthless and bloodthirsty she-cat after revenge.[3] Her main ambition is for BloodClan to have what is rightfully theirs, a new territory. This goal has made her a firm believer of the idea that a new home was promised to BloodClan and that this promise extends past the death of their former leader, Scourge.[4] To obtain her goal, Fury is not above using the cats around her, and punishing them if they betray her or BloodClan. Just like many BloodClan cats, she is an upholder of their lose code and believes punishment is what traitors deserve.[5]
However, Fury's vision for obtaining her goal keeps her tunnel-visioned. She doesn't care about the sacrifices she has to make in order to obtain her Clan's rightful home. Instead, Fury wants only herself to make it out alive in order for her goals to be achieved.[6] She believes herself more than capable of many things, especially her goal.[3] Even when faced in a difficult situation, it takes an amount of inner turmoil and putting aside her pride for Fury to admit defeat.[6]


Graystripe & ThunderClan

"Promises were made to us before Scourge was killed, and just because he's dead doesn't mean we've given up wanting your territory."
―Fury to Graystripe Graystripe's Vow, page 102
Fury's ambition and motives to reach her goal put ThunderClan in her way of obtaining these. She blames them for what happened to BloodClan and holds them accountable for upholding what was promised to her Clan. The she-cat isn't above removing the forest Clan in order to claim their territory for herself and BloodClan.[3]
As for Graystripe, the temporary ThunderClan leader gets in the way of her goals. Fury taunts him, knowing that she has put him in a predicament by knowing ThunderClan's secret.[4] However when they face each other in the height of the battle, he annoyingly outwits her. Begrudgingly, Fury has to put aside her pride and goal in order to save herself. She attempts to save face with the deputy by acting tough, but in the end, honors the promise between them and leaves ThunderClan and the forest alone.[6]

Gremlin & Scraps

Scraps: "Leave her alone! She's not a traitor! She just doesn't want to fight—she wants to protect her kits."
Snake: "She knows the rules. She would have to give up her kits once they were born, anyway. The fact that she cares so much for them that she would betray us in battle proves that she is not one of us ... she is not a true BloodClan cat."
Fury: "And if you're so determined to protect her, the same could be said of you."
—Fury and Snake's declaration to Scraps Graystripe's Vow, page 348
Fury has her doubts about Gremlin's loyalty when she finds out the she-cat is expecting kits. Like any other BloodClan cat, the fierce leader expects ruthlessness from the Clan's members and makes no exception for the pregnant queen.[4] Fury becomes wary around Gremlin, feeling that she is plotting something behind her back.[7] She is not the least bit shocked when Gremlin betrays BloodClan for ThunderClan by telling the warriors about BloodClan's upcoming attack. When Gremlin's brother, Scraps, defends his sister in the midst of battle, Fury wastes no time in labeling him as a traitor as well and has him killed by Snake and Ice.[5]


"Kill Snake and the traitor dies. Is that what you want, ThunderClan leader?"
―Fury challenging Graystripe Graystripe's Vow, page 349
Snake is a loyal BloodClan cat that Fury holds in respect, trusting him with missions and other tasks.[8] Out of those present in the battle against ThunderClan, the tabby calls on him and his brother, Ice, to attack the traitors, Scraps, and Gremlin. Under her orders, without question, Snake kills Scraps and also questions the tom's defense of his traitorous sister. Fury also is willing to bet his life, challenging Graystripe to kill him but at the risk of her ending Gremlin's life.[5]



"[…] Fury is bloodthirsty, and I don't like knowing that she's confident she could take our territory."
―Graystripe on Fury Graystripe's Vow, page 225

Graystripe: "[…] Don't you have any sympathy for the cats who followed you here and suffered wounds for it? Don't you care about their safety?"
Fury: "I'm doing my best for their safety by taking this territory for BloodClan,"
Graystripe: "What good is having territory if most, or even all, of your Clanmates have died in the taking of it?"
Fury: "It'll be worth it to make sure I survive, I'll fight on until I have no cats left to back me up."
—Graystripe and Fury's exchange Graystripe's Vow, pages 350-351

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