"Stay away from that water!"
— Furzepelt to a ThunderClan patrol in Bramblestar's Storm, page 144

Furzepelt is a gray-and-white she-cat.[1]

Furzepelt was a WindClan warrior under Onestar's leadership in the lake territories. As an apprentice, Furzepaw was mentored by Heathertail. She trained in the Place of No Stars and earned her warrior name of Furzepelt. She mentored Larkwing. She later cut all ties with the Dark Forest and earned back the trust of her fellow Clanmates. During a clash with Darktail's group, Furzepelt was severely wounded. Shortly after the battle concluded, she hit her head and died, which had a deep impact on WindClan.


Omen of the Stars

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"Yeah, we'll get you then as well!"
—Furzepaw to Birchfall The Forgotten Warrior, page 29
Furzepaw is a WindClan apprentice, and her mentor is Heathertail. She trains in the Dark Forest and is told not to tell anyone about it. She later earns her warrior name of Furzepelt and gains her first apprentice, Larkpaw. She is instructed by Icewing not to give away their fear to Tigerstar or they will be slaughtered. She fights for WindClan during the Great Battle.

A Vision of Shadows

"Furzepelt! [...] She's dead!"
—Alderpaw announcing Furzepelt is dead Thunder and Shadow, page 66
Furzepelt participates in a bloody clash with Darktail's group, and she is severely wounded in the fight. After the battle concludes, Furzepelt groans, falling over and hitting her head, which instantly kills her. Alderpaw announces her death, which stuns Onestar and the whole of WindClan.

Super Editions

"And we're not going to cross. So keep your filthy ThunderClan paws off our side."
—Furzepelt mocking a ThunderClan patrol Bramblestar's Storm, page 348
In Crowfeather's Trial, Furzepelt is often distrusted by her Clanmates because she trained in the Dark Forest. Onestar has to constantly remind his Clanmates he has forgiven them, and they should too. Furzepelt is shocked to see the state of Crowfeather and Heathertail when they exit the the tunnels. She later escorts Bramblestar, Jayfeather, and Lionblaze to WindClan's camp, then escorts them back to theirs. Furzepelt participates in the battle against the stoats, and she is seen fighting one stuck on her shoulder.



  • She has mistakenly been called a tom.[5]
  • She is mistakenly listed as an apprentice in The Last Hope, despite becoming a warrior in The Forgotten Warrior.[6]

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Breezepelt: "Mouse-brain! Now I'll have to fight you! Just wait until I see you in the Dark Forest. You need to be taught where your loyalties lie."
Furzepaw: "Yeah, we'll get you then as well!"
—Breezepelt and Furzepaw to Birchfall The Forgotten Warrior, page 29

"What happened to you? Great StarClan, you stink!"
—Furzepelt to Crowfeather and Heathertail Crowfeather's Trial, page 55

"You've obviously never fought with them. They're fierce, their teeth are sharp, and they attack when you're not expecting them."
—Furzepelt describing the stoats to ThunderClan Crowfeather's Trial, page 368

"But ThunderClan never seems to mind who they let into their Clan. Maybe you're missing Firestar so much that you're looking for a kittypet replacement."
—Furzepelt teasing a ThunderClan patrol Bramblestar's Storm, page 348

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