"Are you blind? What's it like being blind? How did it happen? Was it in a fight with a badger? Or a dog? Did the dog die? Is your belly hurting? How bad? Would you like me to rub it?"
— Fuzzball to Jayfeather in River of Fire, page 160

Fuzzball is a little,[2] fluffy,[4] thick-furred splotchy ginger tabby tom with yellow eyes.[5]

He is a kittypet kitten named Fuzzball who very excitedly learns about Clan life when he encounters Tigerheart on his journey. He and Ajax assist Tigerheart in finding his way to the guardian cats by introducing him to the Silverpath.

When a fire errupts in Twolegplace, Fuzzball and his friend Velvet seek shelter in ThunderClan. He and Velvet assist the medicine cats, Alderheart, Jayfeather and Leafpool during their stay. Fuzzball gets attached to Jayfeather, and eagerly watches over Jayfeather while he suffers from a cold, and even comforts him during Briarlight's vigil. When Ajax comes in, looking for Velvet and Fuzzball, Fuzzball leaves to return home, excited that their home was now safe to return to.


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"Come on! Fight back!"
—Fuzzball wanting to train with Tigerheart Tigerheart's Shadow, page 87

Fuzzball: "That's a great name. Tigerheart. I want to be called Tigerheart."
Rose: "I think Fuzzball suits you better."
Fuzzball: "Not as much as Tigerheart would!"
—Rose and Fuzzball debating about his name Tigerheart's Shadow, page 91

Fuzzball: "I flushed it out!"
Tigerheart: "Yes, you did."
—Fuzzball boasting to Tigerheart Tigerheart's Shadow, page 103

Fuzzball: "Good bye! When you come back, will you take me to meet your Clan?"
Tigerheart (in thought): "Dumb kittypet."
—Fuzzball saying goodbye to Tigerheart and Tigerheart thinking affectionately about him in return Tigerheart's Shadow, page 105

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