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Fuzzball is a silly, eager, and very energetic young tom. He is always bouncing off the walls, and is very interested in Clan life. He has many kittypet friends, all of which find him very endearing.[1]



Ajax often teases Fuzzball for trying to fight cats twice his size, but Fuzzball doesn’t mind. Like most cats who meet Fuzzball, Ajax finds him adorably endearing.[2]


Fuzzball appears to be friends with Rose, and Rose finds him endearing.[2]


Fuzzball is friends with Velvet.[1]


When Tigerheart is looking for Dovewing, Fuzzball and Ajax help him find the guardian cats. Fuzzball pesters Tigerheart for details about warrior life, after trying to attack him and being easily and gently defeated. Fuzzball thinks his name is cool and wants to be called Tigerheart.[2]


While he is staying in ThunderClan, Fuzzball often annoys Jayfeather with constant questions and trying to help. However, Fuzzball eventually grows on Jayfeather, and he becomes slightly softer with him.[1]

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