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"Haven't I always been a loyal warrior, living my life by the code and leading my Clan accordingly?"
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A Gathering is a peaceful meeting of the Clans on the night of a full moon.[1] As said in the warrior code, there is a truce, which forbids fighting during the Gathering.[2] It is considered a great honor to be chosen by a Clan leader to go to a Gathering.[3] In the forest, this meeting was held at Fourtrees,[4] while at the lake, this place has been moved to the island.[5] In SkyClan's gorge, Gatherings were held on Skyrock.[6]

The four Clans arriving for the Gathering in A Shadow in RiverClan


On Gatherings, Clan leaders announce current affairs and significant events within their respective Clans, such as the appointment of new apprentices,[7] warriors,[8] and deputies,[9] the deaths[10] and births[11] of cats, and the retirement of cats.[9] They also use this time, if necessary, to ask for help from others, such as when WindClan asked RiverClan for drinking rights in their territory, when a drought shortened their water supply.[12]
Warriors use this chance to meet their friends from other Clans and exchange information and stories.[13] Many cats will use a Gathering to try to determine the strength and weakness of another Clan.[14][15]
  • Clan leaders hold Gatherings to share news with the other Clans,[4] or to discuss changes to Clan life, such as additions to the warrior code[16] or new customs,[17] or threats that affect all the Clans.[18]
  • Gatherings are meant for meeting new cats, but not to share Clan weaknesses and strengths.[19]
  • When the moon is full, the Gathering begins.[20] The start of the Gathering marks a time of truce between the four Clans.[4] If the truce is broken, StarClan will send clouds to cover the moon, signaling their displeasure.[21] Should this happen, the Gathering ends and each Clan returns to their respecting territories.[22]
  • It is possible for leaders to call Gatherings, known as emergency Gatherings, to share news that is very important with the Clans.[23]

The early settlers met at four trees since it was neutral territory to discuss potential peace between their groups.

The earliest Gatherings began in the time of the founders. Gray Wing, leader of the moor cats, asked to speak with his brother Clear Sky, the leader of the forest cats, at four trees during the full moon about tensions between their groups. Four trees was neutral land, and Gray Wing wanted a peaceful meeting with his brother.[24] However, the meeting results in the first battle with high casualties. The spirits of their ancestors, the original StarClan, arrived and demanded the cats to unite or die, as well as instructions to meet at the next full moon under a truce.[25] The leaders continued to meet at four trees during the day to discuss the spirit cats' message and the threats from One Eye and Slash.[26][27][28] The early settlers met under the full moon to welcome new members into their groups, and peaceful meetings at four trees continued for generations to come.[29] At some point, these meetings were referred to as Gatherings.[30]


The Gathering is held on the night of the full moon because it is the only time that the moon is bright enough to see everything and everyone.[31] If clouds cover the moon for days leading up to the Gathering, that moon's Gathering will be skipped.[32] The leader,[33] the deputy,[34] the medicine cat[33] and their apprentice,[35] if they have one, several warriors, apprentices, queens, and elders[36] participate from each Clan. If a leader cannot attend, the deputy will speak on behalf of their Clan.[37][38]
Once arrived at the Gathering territory, the leaders sit on a designated high spot (i.e: the Great Rock or Great Oak) along with the other leaders where they can be seen and heard well while talking to the warriors and to each other.[39] Deputies sit close by.[39] A yowl by a Clan leader is the signal to start the meeting.[40] It is considered to be disrespectful if any other cat speaks from atop the leader's spot, unless specifically asked.[41] As decreed by StarClan, the nights of the Gatherings are a time of peace. If there is any violence, StarClan sends a cloud to cover the moon signifying their displeasure; usually the Gathering ends if this happens.[42] After the leaders finish sharing their news, the Clans often mingle or share-tongues before leaving.[43]
In The Sight, the Clans organize a special daylight Gathering, with friendly competitions between apprentices of different Clans.[44] Suggested by Squirrelflight of ThunderClan, it was to celebrate the Clans' second newleaf by the lake, and to ease the ongoing tensions between the four Clans.[45]


Before the tree-bridge to the lake, Gatherings were originally held near the horseplace in the lake territories.

Gatherings are held on territory that is neutral to all Clans, and it cannot be claimed by one Clan alone. Fourtrees was chosen as the Gathering location for this reason.[24] Once the Clans moved to the lake, however, their Gathering place has changed to an island, with a tree being used as a bridge that branches across the water.[46] An example of a Gathering location not being neutral territory is when RiverClan temporarily lived on the island during Dark River, due to Twolegs damaging their camp.[47]

The forest territories

  • Before its destruction, all Gatherings were once held at the sacred place called Fourtrees.[48] On the night of a the full moon, all four Clans met there,[4] and addressed the four Clans from the Great Rock, a huge and smooth rock in the center of the clearing.[49] Deputies would sit at the foot of the rock,[50] while the medicine cats and their apprentices would sit towards the edge.[51]
  • When a family of foxes made their den at Fourtrees, Gatherings were forced to be held at Snakerocks.[52]

The lake territories

Gatherings were held on the island and leaders sat upon the Great Oak.

  • In Starlight, the Gathering was held near the horseplace on a tree stump where the Clans originally settled by the lake.[53]
  • The Gathering is currently held at the island, a place near the side of the lake by RiverClan territory.[54] Mudclaw was killed by a falling tree on the island,[46] making a tree-bridge, since RiverClan was the only Clan who was used to swimming.[55] Because the tree-bridge was only on RiverClan territory, the cats made it a rule that scent-marks end three tail-lengths from the shore of the lake, and that three-tail-length area was neutral territory.[56] Clan leaders sit upon the Great Oak in the middle of the island.
  • In Dark River, RiverClan used the island as a camp, due to their permanent camp having been taken over by Twoleg kits who wished to play around it. Although it was only temporary, the decision caused a rift with all four Clans, and upset many of the cats from other Clans.[47]

In SkyClan's gorge

During their exile, SkyClan held Gatherings on the Skyrock.

  • Despite SkyClan's exile from the other Clans, the Clan still held Gatherings at Skyrock, the highest ledge on top of the gorge.[57] When SkyClan dispersed, Sky held vigil on Skyrock during the Gatherings by himself.[58] Firestar reintroduced this tradition to the modern SkyClan to exchange news between the members.[6][59] Cats had to jump a large gap to reach the Skyrock, and the young and injured are discouraged from jumping.[6] They sit on the edge of the trail at the gap.[60] Every cat is invited to attend.[61]


  • Fourtrees:
    • Leaders on the Great Rock.
    • Deputies at the base of the rock.
    • Medicine cats at the edge of the rock.
    • Everyone else in a clearing beneath the four trees.
  • Island:
    • Leaders in the branches of the Great Oak.
    • Deputies at the roots of the tree.
    • Medicine cats at the roots of the tree.
    • Everyone else in the clearing.
  • Skyrock:
    • Leader on a boulder near the cliff.
    • Deputy next to their leader.
    • Everyone else on the Skyrock. Senior warriors get priority.
    • The young, old, or injured sit on the trail across from the gap.

In the books

Dawn of the Clans era

Book Season Tall Shadow's group Clear Sky's group River Ripple's group Wind Runner's group Thunder's group
The First Battle[62] Greenleaf After moons of tension and treachery, Clear Sky and Gray Wing's groups meet at four trees during the full moon. Gray Wing encourages peace between their groups, but a deadly battle breaks out when Jackdaw's Cry catches a bat. The battle ends when Clear Sky refuses to kill his brother. Spirits of their fallen arrive to deliver a message: unite or die. The groups agree to meet again at the next full moon.
The Blazing Star[63] Cats who were once enemies are now sharing-tongues. The spirit cats warn of trouble coming and the groups must grow and spread like the Blazing Star to survive.
The Blazing Star[26] (emergency meeting) Leaf-fall Morning Whisker has died due to illness, and the illness has spread to the moor prey. Tall Shadow brings up potentially living in the marshlands to avoid the sickness. Illness has spread to the forest prey. Clear Sky warns about One Eye. Illness has spread to the prey by the river. The Clans agree to set up boundaries to prevent it from spreading.
The Blazing Star[27] (emergency meeting) The four group leaders are compelled by their dreams to meet at four trees to discuss the meaning of the spirits cats' message to unite and spread like the Blazing Star.
Path of Stars[28] (emergency meeting) Leaf-bare Slash meets with the five leaders and threatens to kill Star Flower and her unborn kits if they do not share prey with him and his rogues. The leaders refuse to help him, and instead rescue Star Flower.
Path of Stars[64] (emergency meeting) Slash's rogues have stolen half of Tall Shadow's group's prey. Individual training sessions have begun with pairing off a young cat with a mentor. Slash's rogues have attacked Clear Sky's hunting patrols. River Ripple's group is fairing well. Prey has been stolen by Slash and his rogues. Gray Wing agrees to spy on Slash's camp. Prey has been stolen by Slash and his rogues. Training sessions have begun in preparation for fighting against the rogues.
Path of Stars[65] (emergency meeting) Clear Sky calls a meeting to discuss the rogues' attacks on their hunting patrols. The groups teach each other battle moves to outsmart their opponents.
Path of Stars[66] (emergency meeting) Following some of Slash's rogues integration within the groups, Wind Runner, Tall Shadow, and Thunder express how the newcomers have interrupted their groups' dynamics.
Path of Stars[29] First full moon meeting. The newcomers swear their loyalties to their new groups and most change their names to match their campmates. Slash interrupts the meeting and some of his rogues return to join him. He reveals he kidnapped one of Gray Wing's kits as vengeance.

The beginnings of the Clans - Moth Flight's Vision to Cloudstar's Journey

Book Season ThunderClan RiverClan ShadowClan SkyClan WindClan
Moth Flight's Vision[67] Newleaf Prey is running well. Cloud Spots reveals his dream of the a moonlit stone. Prey is running well. Dappled Pelt reveals her dreams of teaching about herbs. Pebble Heart reveals his dream of Turtle Tail speaking to him. Prey is running well. Micah shares his dream of treating Tiny Branch. Prey is running well. Willow Tail accuses Red Claw of prey stealing. Moth Flight brings news from the spirit cats about the first medicine cats.
The spirit cats sends lightning to prove that Moth Flight is telling the truth. The Clans agree to have medicine cats.
Moth Flight's Vision[68] Greenleaf SkyClan is late to the Gathering due to a fox attack. Wind Runner argues for SkyClan to be separated from the other Clans due to her Clan's conflict with SkyClan over prey-stealing and trespassing. She discourages Moth Flight from aiding Tiny Branch. His death leads to war between WindClan and SkyClan.
Thunderstar's Echo[17] Greenleaf Violet Dawn has given birth to Thunderstar's kits. Lightning Tail was killed by dogs, and Thunderstar names Owl Eyes his new deputy. Thunderstar recommends the custom of sitting vigil for the dead. - - - -
Shadowstar's Life[69] Leaf-fall ThunderClan does not believe SkyClan's worries. RiverClan does not believe SkyClan's worries. Shadowstar promises to stand with Skystar at the next Gathering. Skystar reports his worries about Twolegs repeatedly visiting and marking his territory. He expresses his concerns to Shadowstar privately. WindClan does not believe SkyClan's worries.
Shadowstar's Life[18] ThunderClan stands with SkyClan to secure their future if Twolegs plan to develop on their land. RiverClan stands against aiding SkyClan and potentially redrawing borders. Shadowstar has not picked a new deputy since Sun Shadow's death. She refuses to make a decision regarding the Twolegs yet. Skystar once again reports Twolegs on his territory and urges the other Clans to help. WindClan stands against aiding SkyClan and potentially redrawing borders.
Shadowstar's Life[23] (emergency Gathering) Thunderstar agrees with SkyClan. RiverClan takes no side. Shadowstar has named Raven Pelt her deputy. She reports that Quick Water had led dogs to kill her and Sun Shadow. Skystar believes Quick Water is innocent and allows her to return to SkyClan. Windstar sides with Shadowstar.
Many seasons later...
Cloudstar's Journey[70] Greenleaf - - - Hazelwing's kits are continuing to grow. Twolegs have torn down a few trees at the edge of their territory, but they don't expect it to last any longer. Birdflight is expecting Cloudstar's kits. -
Cloudstar's Journey,[71] Firestar's Quest[20] Prey is running well. ThunderClan takes in Birdflight and her two kits, Gorsekit and Spottedkit. RiverClan refuses to aid SkyClan. ShadowClan refuses to aid SkyClan. Cloudstar has brought his whole Clan to the Gathering. Twolegs have completely destroyed SkyClan territory, and they need some of the other Clans' territory. None of the other Clans agree to this. WindClan refuses to aid SkyClan.
Clouds do not cover the moon. SkyClan leaves the forest for good.

Prequel stories - Mapleshade's Vengeance to Yellowfang's Secret

Book Season ThunderClan RiverClan ShadowClan WindClan
Mapleshade's Vengeance[72] Greenleaf ThunderClan has placed rocks to cover holes at Snakerocks to prevent adders from escaping. Mapleshade reveals to Appledusk that she's expecting his kits. - - -
Goosefeather's Curse[73] Leaf-bare Doestar announces three new litters of kits, though the other Clan leaders question if they will survive leaf-bare. - - WindClan's warriors chased a black and white dog to the Thunderpath.
Tallstar's Revenge[74] Greenleaf Prey is running well. A patrol chased dogs out of their territory. The river is full of fish. Prey is running. Three new kits have been born to Silverflame. Prey is running well. There are three new warriors: Stagleap, Doespring, and Ryestalk. Tallpaw is now an apprentice.
Tallstar's Revenge,[75] Yellowfang's Secret[76] Leaf-bare - RiverClan doesn't mention how the river froze over. Yellowpaw attends her first Gathering and is overwhelmed. -
Yellowfang's Secret[77] - - Raggedpelt argues with some WindClan apprentices, who taunt him by calling him a kittypet. -
Yellowfang's Secret[78] Newleaf Prey is running well. Prey is running well. Prey is not running well in ShadowClan. Heatherstar tells a story about picking up ShadowClan scent on WindClan territory.
Bluestar's Prophecy[79] Leaf-fall Bluepaw's first Gathering and she is overwhelmed. Pinestar mentions that WindClan has been stealing their prey. - - -
Yellowfang's Secret,[80] Bluestar's Prophecy,[81] Crookedstar's Promise[82] Leaf-bare Lionpaw and Goldenpaw are new apprentices. Fishing is good despite the ice, though Twoleg kits have slid on the ice. Oakheart is now a warrior. Crookedpaw meets Bluepaw. Stonetooth is retiring from his position as Clan deputy, and Raggedpelt is to take his place. Sagewhisker announces that Yellowfang has agreed to become her apprentice. They have restocked their medicine supplies, and all their elders and kits have recovered from the shock of the battle. Prey is running well despite the snow.
Bluestar's Prophecy,[83] Crookedstar's Promise[84] Newleaf Bluefur and Snowfur have earned their warrior names. Instead of arguing about kittypets, Pinestar instead accuses RiverClan of trespassing. Crookedjaw has earned his warrior name. Oakheart asks Crookedjaw about Bluefur. - -
Bluestar's Prophecy[16] Greenleaf Pinestar has left to become a kittypet and now Sunstar is leader. Sunstar proposes the fifteenth law of the warrior code to reject the life of a kittypet. - - -
Bluestar's Prophecy[85] Leaf-fall Three new kits have been born. There are two new warriors: Lionheart and Goldenflower. They chased a fox back into Twolegplace and stopped kittypet intrusions. Prey is running well. Twolegs are setting up temporary camps during greenleaf, but haven't gotten close enough to RiverClan's camp to be a major threat. Now that leaf-fall is here, they are seeing less of them. - Prey is running well.
Yellowfang's Secret,[86] Bluestar's Prophecy[87] Leaf-bare - Oakheart breaks up a fight between Brokenpaw and a group of RiverClan apprentices. Tanglepaw, Brokenpaw, Deerpaw, Runningpaw are new apprentices with Runningpaw being Yellowfang's apprentice. ShadowClan has been strengthening borders, and looks forward to good hunting. Heatherstar talks about plentiful rabbits and fleet-footed young cats.
Bluestar's Prophecy[88] Bluefur informs Oakheart that she needs to give up her kits to become deputy instead of Thistleclaw. - - -
Redtail's Debt[89] Newleaf Redtail and Willowpelt are now warriors. Sunstar announces how Sorrelpaw picked a fight with Redtail and Tigerclaw, and ThunderClan's warriors argue with WindClan. Crookedstar is RiverClan's newest leader. Prey is running well. -
Yellowfang's Secret,[90] Into the Wild,[3] Leopardstar's Honor[91] Newleaf Sandpaw and Dustpaw attend the Gathering. Leopardfur is now RiverClan's deputy following Oakheart's death. Brokenstar claims that ShadowClan is stronger than ever. All Clans are informed that ShadowClan will not tolerate trespassing, prey-stealing, or dishonor. Badgerpaw is a new apprentice. -

The main arcs - The Prophecies Begin to A Vision of Shadows

Book Season ThunderClan RiverClan ShadowClan WindClan
Into the Wild,[92] Leopardstar's Honor[91] Greenleaf Bluestar does not agree nor disagree with Brokenstar's demand for more territory and says that she will talk to her Clan after the Gathering has ended. Crookedstar allows Brokenstar to have hunting rights in the river, claiming it is for the good of the Clan, and that he thinks it is better to share the plentiful fish in the river than to spill blood over it. Leopardfur meets Tigerclaw. Brokenstar tries to goad the other Clans into surrendering parts of their territories, as he claims that ShadowClan needs the food, due to their growing Clan. He warns the other Clans about Yellowfang, whom they exiled. WindClan is not present due to being driven by out ShadowClan for not sharing their territory.
Fire and Ice,[93] Leopardstar's Honor[94] Leaf-fall Yellowfang is now ThunderClan's medicine cat, and Fireheart and Graystripe are now warriors. Bluestar urges for WindClan's return. Crookedstar refuses to continue to allow ShadowClan to hunt on their territory. RiverClan still hunts on WindClan's land. ShadowClan has exiled Brokenstar and Nightpelt is now leader. His deputy is Cinderfur. ShadowClan still hunts on WindClan's land. (Not present)
Fire and Ice[32] Rain clouds cover the moon and Clans skip the Gathering.
Fire and Ice,[95] Leopardstar's Honor[96] Leaf-bare ThunderClan patrols have scented RiverClan cats hunting on Sunningrocks. Tigerclaw accuses ShadowClan of trespassing. Crookedstar says they've scented an enemy cat spying on RiverClan, noting it wouldn't be long before they find him. Rogues are stealing prey from ShadowClan. Tallstar says he can scent ShadowClan on his territory.
Clouds cover the moon and the Gathering ends.
Forest of Secrets[97] Before the Gathering, Bluestar refuses to admit Brokenstar is ThunderClan's hostage now. Her Clan is recovering from battle. They have made two new warriors: Dustpelt and Sandstorm. Fireheart and Graystripe leave to speak with Ravenpaw. - - One of their elders has died from the battle against RiverClan and ShadowClan, but their warriors will live to fight another day.
Forest of Secrets,[98] Leopardstar's Honor[99] Newleaf Bluestar announces that Brokentail is blind, claiming he is not a threat. A flood has damaged RiverClan's territory. Nightstar reveals that ThunderClan is sheltering Brokenstar, now Brokentail. Tallstar claims that until ThunderClan chases Brokentail out, tensions between WindClan, ShadowClan, and ThunderClan will grow.
Wisps of cloud begin to cover the moon, but, as cats calm down, it gradually fades away.
Rising Storm,[100] Leopardstar's Honor[101] Greenleaf Brokentail is dead. Fireheart has been made deputy. Others ask if Tigerclaw is sick or dead, and Bluestar refuses to answer. - Leopardfur is unsettled by Tigerclaw's disappearance. -
Rising Storm,[37] A Dangerous Path,[102] Leopardstar's Honor[103] Fireheart has taken Bluestar's place for the Gathering since she is ill. There was a fire in ThunderClan territory and Halftail, Patchpelt, and Yellowfang died. Cinderpelt is the new medicine cat. Fireheart thanks RiverClan for sheltering ThunderClan during the fire. He warns Tigerstar that they are not afraid of ShadowClan. Twolegs have been spotted by the river. ShadowClan has been freed of sickness, though Nightstar and Cinderfur have died. Tigerstar is now leader of ShadowClan. Blackfoot is now deputy. Tigerstar vows to make ShadowClan great again. New apprentices and warriors.
A Dangerous Path,[104] Leopardstar's Honor[105] Leaf-fall Bluestar accuses WindClan of prey-stealing. Crookedstar has died and Leopardstar is now leader of RiverClan. Her deputy is Stonefur. Graypool has died. A new litter of kits has been born. Other kits have been made into apprentices. WindClan denies prey-stealing.
A Dangerous Path[106] Bluestar refuses to give Tigerstar his kits. Fireheart notices Leopardstar and Tigerstar spending time together before the Gathering. Their training program is progressing. A new litter of kits has been born. Three apprentices have been made into warriors. Tigerstar requests his kits, Bramblepaw and Tawnypaw, from ThunderClan. -
The Darkest Hour[107] Leaf-bare Bluestar has died and Firestar is now leader of ThunderClan. His deputy is Whitestorm. Firestar rejects Tigerstar's offer. Tigerstar announces that RiverClan has agreed to join with ShadowClan to become TigerClan. He invites the two other Clans to join TigerClan. Tallstar rejects Tigerstar's offer angrily.
Firestar attempts to reveal Tigerstar's bloodthirsty history, but a thunderstorm interrupts him. Tigerstar announces that this is a sign, and ends the Gathering.
Firestar's Quest[108] Greenleaf Brambleclaw is now a warrior. Prey is plentiful, and they are at peace, with no Twolegs to bother them. As normal, there are frequent amounts of Twolegs on RiverClan land. However, due to the lower river levels, the number is less than normal. RiverClan has no problems feeding themselves. Prey is running well. Tawnypelt is now a warrior. There have been frequent reports of Twolegs within ShadowClan land, and their monsters are left there on occasion, but they are not chasing ShadowClan cats. All is well within WindClan. Ashfoot has given birth to three kits. Onewhisker and Mudclaw chased off a fox, and Tallstar reports it made its way towards RiverClan.
Graystripe's Vow[109] (Then) Graystripe steps in for Firestar while he and Sandstorm are away. He insists Firestar is ill. - - -
Graystripe's Vow,[110] (Then) A Shadow in RiverClan[111] Prey is running well. Firestar is still ill, though Cinderpelt is taking care of it. Whitekit has been born to Brightheart and Cloudtail. BloodClan has returned and Graystripe urges the Clan leaders to be vigilant. Prey is running well. Tallstar is suspicious. ShadowClan is thriving and has successfully rebuilt since Tigerstar's unruly leadership. Blackstar is suspicious of Graystripe. Prey is running well. Mistyfoot led a patrol to chase off a fox. Leopardstar is suspicious.
Battles of the Clans[52] Leaf-bare A family of foxes have invaded Fourtrees, and the Gathering is held at Snakerocks. Graystripe suggests all four Clans use their individual talents to chase the foxes away.
Graystripe's Vow[112] (Then) Firestar has returned to ThunderClan, and the other Clans are surprised to see him. Firestar commends Graystripe's leadership during the conflict with BloodClan. - - -
A Shadow in RiverClan[113] ThunderClan has survived leaf-bare with no deaths. Feathertail and Stormfur killed a fox and saved Leopardstar's life. - -
Midnight,[114] Mothwing's Secret[115] Greenleaf Firestar passes on the news about a badger at Snakerocks. Sorreltail is now a warrior. Brambleclaw and Tawnypelt talk about how they've had almost identical dreams. A litter of kits was born. Twolegs had left rubbish by the river, attracting rats, but they had been killed by Blackclaw and Stormfur. Hawkfrost and Mothwing, former rogues, are now warriors. Mothwing is now a medicine cat, but Mudfur is waiting for a sign to accept her. Prey is running well. The heat of greenleaf has dried up part of the marshes in ShadowClan territory. Streams in WindClan's territory have been burned away, and that they can't get to the gorge water. Tallstar asks Leopardstar if they can drink from the river, to which Leopardstar reluctantly agrees.
Midnight[116] Leaf-fall Brambleclaw and Squirrelpaw have gone missing. Leopardstar says that WindClan no longer has permission to drink from the river as streams run freely in WindClan territory once more. Stormfur and Feathertail have disappeared. Hawkfrost accuses WindClan of stealing fish from the river. Tawnypelt has gone missing as well. There's been more Twoleg activity, along with more monsters. Crowpaw had disappeared.
Dawn[117] Before the Gathering can begin, Twolegs destroy Fourtrees and the Great Rock is thrown aside. The Gatherings are canceled for the foreseeable future.
Dawn[118] (emergency Gathering) Leaf-bare The journeying cats bring their Clan leaders to the Great Rock for Midnight's sign of a dying warrior. The leaders argue about leaving the forest territories, and the Clans disperse when no sign appears.
Dawn[119] In lieu of a proper Gathering, Stoneteller calls the Clans and the Tribe together to celebrate the Clan cats who killed Sharptooth and Feathertail's sacrifice. They share a feast, and Tallstar names Crowfeather a warrior.
Starlight[120] (impromptu meeting) The Clans have arrived at the lake territories. Blackstar calls the Clans together on top of a tree stump to make this area their temporary camp. Mudclaw stands in for Tallstar since the WindClan leader is frail from the Great Journey.
Starlight,[121] Winds of Change[122][123] (impromptu meeting) Firestar, Blackstar, Leopardstar, and Mudclaw send Brambleclaw, Squirrelflight, Crowfeather, Tawnypelt, and Mistyfoot to scout the new territory. Mudclaw takes charge of the meeting, though Onewhisker scolds him for overstepping Tallstar. Firestar names Squirrelflight a warrior.
Starlight,[124] Winds of Change[125] (impromptu meeting) Brambleclaw reports plentiful territories for all four Clans.
Starlight,[126] Winds of Change[127] (impromptu meeting) Firestar reports Tallstar's death, and he named Onewhisker his successor. Mudclaw is furious and initially challenges Onewhisker. Onewhisker names Ashfoot his deputy. The Clans hold a vigil for Tallstar.
Starlight,[128] Winds of Change[129] Brambleclaw and Hawkfrost discuss deputyship. For their border with ShadowClan, ThunderClan have set their scent markings from a dead tree to a tall holly, then to an abandoned fox den. For their border with WindClan, Firestar suggests they use the stream as the border so both Clans will have access to water. Their new border with ShadowClan will be along the small Thunderpath leading to the lake. Their border with WindClan will be the fence on the far side of the horseplace. Part of RiverClan's territory will be temporarily unusable to them as the Clans are using it as a Gathering place for two moons. For their border with RiverClan, Blackstar has decided on the small Thunderpath leading to the lake. For their border with ThunderClan, ShadowClan have claimed half-way up the stream near the lake to the dead ash tree on the other side of the stream. Onewhisker has not received his nine lives yet. Their new border with ThunderClan has been set along the stream. WindClan's border with RiverClan will be along the fence on the far side of the horseplace.
The Clans have not found an official place to hold Gatherings, and will temporarily be using their original resting stop by the half-bridge and the tree stump until they find a better place. The Gathering ends when a pair of foxes attack.
Twilight[130] Newleaf A patrol led by Brambleclaw chased a badger from their territory. There have been no sights of Twolegs since they moved into the territory. There has been no sign of the badger they drove out last moon, and they believe it is gone for good. Voletooth has become a warrior. RiverClan have claimed the marshes that were previously neutral territory. Prey is plentiful in the pinewoods. An old badger set was found, but there appears to be no fresh scent anywhere. Onestar has gained his nine lives from the Moonpool. Ashfoot, Tornear, and Crowfeather chased a fox from their territory that morning. Owlwhisker and Weaselfur have become warriors.
The Clans are now using the island as their place to hold Gatherings. Before starting the meeting, every cat is allowed to explore the island. The Clans agree that cats are allowed to travel with two fox-lengths of the lake shore to go to Gatherings, or if they must visit each other. They also agree that medicine cats are allowed to freely cross WindClan territory to visit the Moonpool.
Twilight[131] Birchpaw is now an apprentice. Daisy and her kits from the horseplace have joined ThunderClan. Twolegs left poison in their territory that resulted in the deaths of Ivytail and Tumblekit. Leopardstar thanks Mothwing and Leafpool for their efforts. Blackstar thanks ThunderClan for helping them defeat kittypets near a Twoleg nest. Onestar condemns the other leaders for seeking ThunderClan's help and losing their individuality. Crowfeather suggests to Leafpool that they should run away together.
Sunset[132] Greenleaf ThunderClan was attacked by badgers, but WindClan helped drive them off. Firestar thanks WindClan for their assistance. Sootfur and Cinderpelt were killed in the badger attack. Leafpool is ThunderClan's new medicine cat. Not long after the badger attack, a ShadowClan patrol was seen setting scent markers inside ThunderClan territory. There has been an outbreak of greencough and Heavystep died. Mothwing has taken Willowpaw as an apprentice. Mothwing has supposedly been given a prophecy where she saw two stones in a stream that were quickly washed away. Twolegs in their territory are making it harder for them to catch prey, and Leopardstar also wishes to rearrange the boundaries. She wants WindClan to give up some of their territory to RiverClan. Twolegs in their territory are greatly affecting them, and Blackstar wishes to rearrange the boundaries, saying that ThunderClan should give some of their territory to ShadowClan. Prey is running well.
A fight breaks out and clouds cover the moon. The medicine cats demand the Gathering to end.
None[133] Leaf-bare Firestar grants ShadowClan the clearing after moons of conflict. - Russetfur pesters Mousepaw about the clearing until Berrypaw shuts his brother up. Heatherpaw's first Gathering.
The Sight[134] There are three new apprentices, Jaypaw, Hollypaw, and Lionpaw. Despite the frost, there has been no snow, and prey is running well. Lionpaw meets Heatherpaw. Graystripe and Millie arrive. - There is a new apprentice, Ivypaw. Blackstar announces that prey is running well, including the clearing they gained from ThunderClan. Firestar retaliates, saying he's glad ShadowClan is getting so much from a prey-poor stretch of land. There is one new apprentice, Breezepaw. Despite the arrival of leaf-bare, prey is running well.
The Sight[135] Newleaf Berrypaw picks a fight with Owlpaw. Late frost has brought sickness and hunger, and Leopardstar questions if they are meant to be by the lake. Littlecloud has a dream of a warrior bringing a maggot-infested bird into camp. Blackstar interprets this as sign of StarClan's punishment of ThunderClan accepting outsiders into their Clan. -
Clouds begin to cover the moon until Squirrelflight suggests hosting a daylight Gathering. Apprentices will compete in contests to demonstrate the anniversary of the Clan's arrival by the lake.
The Sight[136] (Daylight Gathering) Hollypaw beats Heatherpaw in a fight. Lionpaw and Breezepaw enter a hunting competition, but no winner is announced as the two apprentices get trapped under a pile of dirt. Firestar announces that Hollypaw will have first pick from the prey pile for her outstanding job. Jaypaw is congratulated individually by Firestar for his quick thinking in digging out Lionpaw and Breezepaw. Despite the contest being concluded as a draw, Leopardstar chooses Pouncepaw to have the best fish tonight for his excellent hunting skills. Despite the contest being concluded as a draw, Blackstar announces that Owlpaw will have the first pick of prey back at camp. Onestar announces that Heatherpaw will have the fattest rabbit on the prey-pile, for she climbed the Sky Oak.
Dark River[137] Prey is running well. Jaypaw's first Gathering. The fish are returning to the lake's edge. Prey is running well. There are three new kits who have been born to Tawnypelt: Tigerkit, Dawnkit, and Flamekit. Heatherpaw invites Lionpaw to meet her in the tunnels.
Dark River[138] One apprentice has been wounded, but she is recovering well. Newleaf has brought plenty of prey to the forest. A small problem has occurred on RiverClan territory, which made them leave their camp temporarily. It will be for a short time, and they are sorting out the trouble. Once the problem is resolved, they will move back. Until then, they will reside on the island. They hope to be at their camp by the next full moon. A few Twolegs are by the lake, but none are near ShadowClan camp. Prey is running well.
Eclipse[139] Leaf-fall - - Only Blackstar and Sol show up for ShadowClan. ShadowClan will not attend Gatherings anymore. They no longer believe that StarClan holds all answers, as living cats had found the lake, hunted prey, and predicted the sun's vanishing. -
Clouds do not cover the moon. The other Clans debate whether ShadowClan is still a Clan or not.
Long Shadows[38] Brambleclaw takes Firestar's place as he is ill from green-cough. - Sol has been exiled and ShadowClan has returned to Gatherings. Blackstar says nothing about it. -
Long Shadows[140] Before the Gathering, the lifeless body of Ashfur is found in the stream next to WindClan territory. Firestar doesn't mention it at the Gathering. - - -
Sunrise[141] Leaf-bare Sol has left the forest. Hollyleaf announces that her and her siblings' parents are Leafpool and Crowfeather, not Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw. Prey is running well. Mistyfoot, Reedwhisker, and Rainstorm drove a fox out of their territory. ShadowClan is thriving. Littlecloud has taken a new apprentice, Flamepaw. A dead sheep was found in a stream, but some warriors dragged it out in order to keep the water clean.
The Fourth Apprentice[142] Greenleaf Toadstep and Rosepetal are now warriors. Leopardstar accuses the other Clans of prey-stealing, adding that the fish in the lake belong to RiverClan. They are starting border patrols around the entire lake. ShadowClan has been eating fish to survive the drought. WindClan has been eating fish to survive the drought.
The Fourth Apprentice[143] Dovepaw's and Ivypaw's first Gathering. The stream between their territory and ShadowClan has dried up. Firestar proposes to send a patrol made up of cats from all Clans to find out if something is blocking the water upstream. Leopardstar is unwell. Leopardstar disagrees at first, but, after some convincing from Mistyfoot, she agrees with Firestar's plan. ShadowClan agrees with Firestar's plan. WindClan agrees with Firestar's plan.
Fading Echoes[144] Leaf-fall Squirrelflight scolds Blossompaw for climbing the Great Oak before the meeting. Cherrykit and Molekit have been born to Poppyfrost. Mistystar is now leader of RiverClan. Her deputy is Reedwhisker. They are pleased Petalfur has returned, but they grieve for Rippletail. Blackstar claims that the scent marks along their border with ThunderClan are becoming too confusing. If ThunderClan can't stay inside their border, ShadowClan will react. Onestar calls the return of the lake a blessing from StarClan, seeming to only be thanking his warriors. Onestar also says that trespassers will be dealt with severely, staring at ThunderClan in particular.
Night Whispers[145] Leaf-bare Firestar reveals that ShadowClan got herbs by taking one of their apprentices hostage. A fight almost breaks out, but the Clans leave quickly before it can start. Dovepaw confronts Tigerheart for betraying her about Ivypaw's kidnapping. With the lake frozen, hunting has been hard, but they are keeping up with training, and are free of sickness. Rowanclaw is now deputy. Hunting has been hard, and Littlecloud is sick, but a remedy has been found to help him. Rabbits are scarce due to snow, but WindClan is healthy.
Sign of the Moon[146] Dovewing and Ivypool are now warriors. They are able to fish again since the lake is no longer frozen. Troutstream and Rushtail are now warriors. A badger was seen in their territory, but Reedwhisker, Petalfur, and Robinwing tracked it until it went away. Blackstar claims Littlecloud had a "brief attack of whitecough", but he is now strong, and so is ShadowClan. Prey is running well in spite of the cold. Whiskernose is now a warrior.
The Forgotten Warrior[147] Newleaf Prey is running well in ThunderClan. Two days prior, a fox appeared in the territory, but their warriors had chased it off. They have two new apprentices: Cherrypaw and Molepaw. Tigerheart warns Dovewing that Dawnpelt is planning something for ThunderClan. RiverClan is prospering. Dry weather has not affected water levels in the lake or the stream, so fishing is well. They have two new warriors: Hollowflight and Mossyfoot. ShadowClan warriors had fought a battle against the two kittypets at the Twoleg nest, and would not have trouble from them for a while. They have three new warriors: Pinenose, Ferretclaw, and Starlingwing. Onestar accuses Firestar that he was to start an invasion, and that one of his warriors had been scouting on WindClan territory. WindClan has two new apprentices: Crouchpaw and Larkpaw.
The Forgotten Warrior[148] Greenleaf Hollyleaf has returned, after believing that she was dead for several moons. They welcome her back, and are glad to have her in ThunderClan once more. RiverClan has had problems with Twolegs, as they arrive to fish in the lake and stream. However, they managed to stay out of their way, and they did not catch enough fish to threaten their fresh-kill stocks. ShadowClan has had problems with Twolegs by the lake. The Twolegs have not came into the forest close enough to bother ShadowClan in their camp. Dawnpelt accuses Jayfeather of murdering her brother, Flametail. The patrols are vigilant, as usual. WindClan will do anything to defend their territory from rogues and strays. Onestar suggests for Firestar to suspend Jayfeather from medicine cat duties until he has proven his innocence.
The Last Hope[149] Leaf-fall ThunderClan has found traces of rogues, and, despite sending out patrols, have found no cats. Prey is running well. There have been traces of rogues and loners inside their territory, but there have been no scent trails. They too have rogue intruders in their forest. They haven't seen anything, but have found several traces that there have been cats there. Blackstar thanks Firestar for not bringing Jayfeather. WindClan has had good hunting and are ready for the coming season. They've found strange scents inside their border.
The Last Hope[150] (emergency Gathering) The medicine cats inform their leaders of the Dark Forest preparing to wage war. The Clan leaders agree to unite and fight.
Dovewing's Silence[151] (emergency Gathering) The Dark Forest trainees take an oath of loyalty towards their Clans.
Dovewing's Silence[152] Leaf-bare Bramblestar is ThunderClan's newest leader. His deputy is Squirrelflight. Their fresh-kill pile is stocked and they've rebuilt their camp. RiverClan's cats are strong and well. Petalfur is expecting kits with Mallownose. A large pike was preying on the small fish in a stream, but Lakeheart had an idea to place stones in the shallows so that the pike couldn't fish there anymore. No cat mentions the Great Battle. ShadowClan is as strong as ever. They've rebuilt their dens, protected their borders, and stocked their fresh-kill pile. They had trouble with a fox, but some warriors drove it out. They've rebuilt their dens and nests and restocked the fresh-kill pile. Harespring is now deputy.
Crowfeather's Trial[153] Bramblestar scolds Onestar for not informing ThunderClan of the stoats and has doubled patrols in the area, but Mistystar scolds him for interrupting Onestar's report. Reedwhisker and Mintfur tracked Twolegs and their dog in their territory. Blackstar lists off the names of the fallen. Nightcloud has died due to stoats in the tunnels. Weaselfur accuses Breezepelt of killing his mother. Kestrelflight has a dream of a flood in the tunnels.
Crowfeather's Trial[154] Foxes have been spotted, and a patrol chased away a stray dog. ThunderClan offers to help against the stoats. Prey is running well. Blackstar lists off the names of the fallen. He scolds Bramblestar for the dog being chased into their territory, but it's gone now. Onestar thanks the other Clans for loaning their medicine cats for their wounds. Nightcloud has returned to WindClan. He reveals WindClan still struggles against the stoats, and accepts the other Clans' offer to help.
Crowfeather's Trial[155] Cherryfall and Mousewhisker are now warriors. Lionblaze defends Breezepelt's honor from Rowanclaw. RiverClan's medicine cats treated several cases of whitecough. Blackstar lists off the names of the fallen. His patrol detects passing fox scent. Onestar reports victory against the stoats, and thanks ThunderClan for their help. He points out Crowfeather's devotion towards WindClan.
Bramblestar's Storm[156] The Clans missed the previous Gathering since clouds had covered the moon.
Bramblestar's Storm Newleaf Lilypaw, Seedpaw, Snowpaw, Dewpaw, and Amberpaw have begun their training and it is their first Gathering. Mistystar interrupts Blackstar's naming of the fallen since each Clan should honor their own dead. RiverClan had to move their camp further from the flooded lake. Prey is running well. Petalfur has given birth to Mallownose's kits. Blackstar lists off the names of the fallen. Snowbird has given birth to three she-kits. Strange birds from the sun-drown-place have arrived and they are easy prey to catch. Sedgewhisker is expecting Emberfoot's kits.
Bramblestar's Storm[157][158] The Clans miss this Gathering due to the island flooding from the Great Storm.
Bramblestar's Storm[158] Seedpaw has died. ThunderClan's Stick of the Fallen is found on the island. Bramblestar proposes the sixteenth law of the warrior code: that the Clans must help each other in times of need. RiverClan's camp has been damaged. Pebblefoot and Grasspelt had died. Rowanstar is ShadowClan's newest leader. Crowfrost is his deputy. -
StarClan cats who died from the Great Battle appear. Firestar prompts Bramblestar to find a way to remember those who died.
None[159] Greenleaf - - Needlepaw attends her first Gathering. -
The Apprentice's Quest[160] Alderpaw meets Needlepaw. Prey is running well. Alderpaw and Sparkpaw have begun their training. Prey is running well. A new litter of four kits has been born to Lakeheart. Prey is running well. Twolegs are still using the greenleaf Twolegplace on their territory, but they haven't caused much trouble. Stonewing and Wasptail are new warriors. Beepaw, Sleekpaw, Juniperpaw, and Strikepaw are new apprentices. Prey is running well. Some rogues passed through the edges of their territory, but they left without causing any trouble.
All of the medicine cats have had a vision: "Embrace what you find in the shadows, for only they can clear the sky."
The Apprentice's Quest[161] Alderpaw and Sparkpaw have returned from their journey. Sandstorm has died. Two kits have been found by Alderpaw and Needlepaw. Twigkit remains in ThunderClan. Prey is running well. Rowanstar claims Violetkit for ShadowClan. -
Thunder and Shadow[162] Leaf-fall - - Fernpaw teases Juniperpaw and other ShadowClan apprentices for being soft-hearted. -
Thunder and Shadow[163] Sparkpelt is now a warrior. Foxnose and Shadepelt are now warriors. Strikestone and Yarrowleaf are now warriors. Rogues are living on the border of ShadowClan and ThunderClan, and says he turned them away. Some of the apprentices and warriors left to join them, and took Violetkit with them. -
Thunder and Shadow[164] Newleaf Bramblestar reports that Violetpaw has returned to ShadowClan. Mistystar offers for her cats to search their territory for lungwort. ShadowClan is late. Crowfrost stands in for Rowanstar since he is ill. Crowfrost reports that WindClan has refused a vital herb for them to curse their plague. Onestar accuses ShadowClan of invading when they were asking for herbs.
Thunder and Shadow[165] ThunderClan is thriving. Bramblestar allows Rowanclaw and his family to seek refuge in ThunderClan. Prey is running well. Wavepaw and Cypresspaw are new apprentices. Only Rowanstar, Tigerheart, and Tawnypelt attend the Gathering. Darktail and his rogues have taken over ShadowClan. Crowfrost has died, and Tigerheart is the new deputy. Onestar confronts his deputy Harespring for giving ShadowClan lungwort behind his back.
Shattered Sky[166] The Clans argue about why Onestar told WindClan to retreat in their previous battle against the Kin. RiverClan has suffered numerous injuries and Perchwing is dead. They also argue about what the prophecy means and what to do with it. The argument gets heated, and clouds cover the moon. The Gathering is put to an end.
Shattered Sky[167] (impromptu meeting) In ThunderClan's camp, Bramblestar, Mistystar, and Rowanstar debate their next move after Darktail's Kin has driven out RiverClan from their territory. (Not present)

SkyClan's return - A Vision of Shadows to A Starless Clan

Book Season ThunderClan RiverClan ShadowClan SkyClan WindClan
Shattered Sky[168] (impromtu meeting) Newleaf The five Clans unite to defeat Darktail and the Kin.
Darkest Night[169] Greenleaf - Shadepelt, Foxnose, Petalfur, and Heronwing were killed fighting the rogues. RiverClan is closing its borders and staying home from Gatherings in order to rebuild their Clan and recover. Mistcloud, Birchbark, Lioneye, Needletail, Cloverfoot, Slatefur, Berryheart, Rippletail, Sparrowtail, Yarrowleaf, Sleekwhisker, and Spikefur had been killed, disappeared, or had joined Darktail. Since they have so few warriors left, they will give up some territory for SkyClan. SkyClan's first Gathering. Their territory will be on a strip of land on the edge of ShadowClan's territory, bordering ThunderClan. Onestar was killed fighting his son, Darktail, in order to save the Clans. Harestar is now leader and Crowfeather is his deputy.
Darkest Night[170] Leaf-fall A mudslide has pulled down part of a cliff, and Snowbush died of his injuries. (Not present) Tigerheart is missing. Rowanstar is struggling to hold his Clan together. He offers Leafstar the rest of ShadowClan territory in exchange for letting him and other Clanmates join SkyClan. Leafstar thanks Bramblestar for letting Leafpool stay with SkyClan for a while. Tinycloud has given birth to three healthy kits. Their camp is nearly finished. Hawkwing is due back any time soon and will most likely be bringing back some old friends. -
River of Fire[171] Bramblestar shares that the medicine cats had a vision that the shadows are approaching. (Not present) SkyClan is settling into their territory well, and have plenty of prey. Yarrowleaf and Sleekwhisker have returned and they are allowed to stay until the queen's kits are weaned. -
River of Fire[172] Prey is running well. Stempaw, Plumpaw, Shellpaw, and Eaglepaw are new apprentices. RiverClan has returned to Gatherings. They request assistance to rebuild their camp after the fire, and the other leaders promise help. Dewspring and Reedclaw are now warriors. Tree is officially made a mediator. Prey is running well. Brindlewing and Smokehaze are now warriors.
The Raging Storm[173] Newleaf Prey has been running well. Alderheart has been treating Puddleshine. RiverClan refuses to give land to SkyClan and believes ShadowClan and SkyClan should settle this on their own. Tigerstar is now leader of ShadowClan. His deputy is Juniperclaw, and he defends his choice. ShadowClan has nearly finished rebuilding their camp. Blazepaw, Antpaw, and Cinnamonpaw are new apprentices from the guardian cats. Tigerstar threatens to retake all of ShadowClan's former territory from SkyClan. SkyClan confronts ShadowClan for trespassing and prey-stealing, though Tigerstar denies it. WindClan refuses to give land to SkyClan and believes ShadowClan and SkyClan should settle this on their own.
The Raging Storm[174] (emergency Gathering) Bramblestar pleads for SkyClan to say and offers to give up territory. RiverClan refuses to give up land for SkyClan. ShadowClan still wants its territory back and agrees that SkyClan should leave. Leafstar reveals how ShadowClan raided their camp and poisoned their fresh-kill pile, though ShadowClan denies it. Leafstar plans to lead her Clan back to the gorge if the others won't help her. WindClan will give land if the other Clans do.
The Raging Storm[175] (emergency Gathering) Twigbranch led a patrol to reconvince SkyClan to return. ThunderClan agrees to give territory to SkyClan. RiverClan agrees to give territory to SkyClan. Juniperclaw died saving Shadowkit. Cloverfoot is now deputy. ShadowClan agrees to give territory to SkyClan. SkyClan has returned and agrees to stay by the lake. WindClan agrees to give territory to SkyClan.
Squirrelflight's Hope[176] Greenleaf - - - Violetshine has given birth to Tree's kits, Rootkit and Needlekit. -
Squirrelflight's Hope[177] (emergency Gathering) Mistystar, Harestar, and Tigerstar bring up the problems with the new borders and territories, but insist that SkyClan still belongs at the lake. Squirrelflight suggests scouting the territory beyond the abandoned Twoleg nest but is shot down by Bramblestar.
Squirrelflight's Hope[178] Bramblestar doesn't mention how ThunderClan is sheltering Sunrise since she is injured. He is against fighting the Sisters. Mistystar agrees the Sisters must go. Tigerstar accuses the Sisters of being their enemies since they held Leafstar and Squirrelflight hostage, and also permanently injured Strikestone's ear. Leafstar doesn't want to fight the Sisters since they'll leave after Moonlight's kits are born, but she is ignored. Harestar agrees the Sisters must go.
Squirrelflight's Hope[179] ThunderClan refuses to fight the Sisters. RiverClan supports war. Tigerstar announces that the borders have shifted to their original places and calls for the Sisters to be driven out so SkyClan can move in. SkyClan refuses to participate in the battle, but agrees to move if the Sisters leave. She asks Tree to speak to the Sisters. WindClan supports war.
Squirrelflight's Hope[180] Leafpool has died protecting Moonlight's kits. Squirrelflight shares news from StarClan that they must turn towards StarClan and not away. - - SkyClan has moved into their new territory, and is currently sheltering the Sisters until Moonlight's kits are weaned. -
None[181] Leaf-bare - - - Kitepaw and Turtlepaw attend their first Gathering. -
Lost Stars[182] Jayfeather brings up his concerns that StarClan has been silent since the Moonpool froze over. The streams and lake have frozen and RiverClan hasn't tasted fish in moons. Curlfeather has given birth to three kits. ShadowClan is struggling with the harsh leaf-bare. Shadowpaw reveals that StarClan warned him of darkness coming. Rootpaw thanks Bristlepaw for saving his life. SkyClan's territory is sheltered in a valley. WindClan is also struggling with lack of prey. Applepaw and Woodpaw are now apprentices.
Lost Stars[183] (emergency Gathering) Squirrelflight stands in for Bramblestar as he is ill. Shadowpaw shares his vision of a fire dividing the Clans. The other Clans are skeptical, though Squirrelflight believes in Shadowpaw's visions. She asks if he'll help Bramblestar recover.
Lost Stars[184] (emergency Gathering) Bramblestar, now recovered, dodges questions about his brief time in StarClan when he lost a life. Bramblestar thanks Shadowpaw for saving him, and briefly proposes that StarClan is silent due to cats breaking the warrior code.
The Silent Thaw[185] Newleaf Thriftear and Flipclaw are now warriors. Myrtlepaw and Baypaw are now apprentices and are attending their first Gathering. Bramblestar once again brings up the idea that StarClan's silence is due to warriors breaking the code. - Prey is running well. Shadowsight has earned his full name. Rootpaw is haunted by Bramblestar's ghost. Kestrelflight reports the Moonpool has begun to thaw but StarClan is still silent.
The Silent Thaw[186] (emergency Gathering) After Shadowsight shares his vision of codebreakers, Bramblestar calls another emergency Gathering. He demands the codebreakers must atone so StarClan can return. He bullies the other Clan leaders to punish their codebreakers. Bramblestar's ghost hounds Rootpaw to speak up.
The Silent Thaw[187] Several cats call for the codebreakers to atone. Shadowsight questions the legitimacy of his vision. Rootpaw and other rebels know that Bramblestar is an impostor but hesitate to reveal it at the Gathering. Bramblestar orders Tree to atone for speaking out against him. Rootpaw's crush on Bristlefrost is publicly revealed.
Veil of Shadows[188] (emergency Gathering) Shadowsight is missing, and Tigerstar fears for his son's safety. Bramblestar assumes he ran away. Bramblestar uses StarClan's continued silence to force Harestar and Mistystar to exile their codebreakers.
Veil of Shadows[189] Bristlefrost is ThunderClan's new deputy following Berrynose's exile. Flipclaw is ThunderClan's new medicine cat following Alderheart's exile. Bramblestar survived an assassination attempt. He also announces Squirrelflight's death by a monster. Dappletuft died in the skirmish and RiverClan buried him like a rogue. RiverClan supports Bramblestar. Tigerstar insists that ShadowClan follows the code and Dovewing has already atoned. SkyClan follows the warrior code. WindClan supports Bramblestar.
Veil of Shadows,[190] Darkness Within[191] (emergency Gathering) With the impostor's defeat, Squirrelflight is ThunderClan's acting leader and her deputy is Lionblaze. Squirrelflight learns the impostor is really Ashfur and comes up with a plan to trick him into revealing his identity. Mistystar exiles Icewing and Harelight for fighting against the impostor and RiverClan. Mothwing refuses to rejoin RiverClan. Tigerstar welcomes Icewing, Harelight, and Mothwing into ShadowClan. - WindClan welcomes back Crowfeather.
Darkness Within[192] (vigil) Greenleaf The Clans host a vigil for those who died under the impostor's rule. Mistystar sends Reedwhisker and Softpelt's kin in her place.
Darkness Within[193] (emergency Gathering) After the Sisters reveal the tortured spirits of their fallen by Ashfur's influence, the Clans agree to execute Bramblestar's body despite Squirrelflight's desperate pleas.
A Light in the Mist[194] Bramblestar is welcomed back. He thanks those that helped him and honors those who died under the impostor's schemes. Bramblestar names those who entered the Dark Forest as the Lights in the Mist. Mistystar informs everyone how StarClan will allow the Clans to change the warrior code and provide their changes in three moons.
River[195] Leaf-fall - Mistystar beings talks about changes to the warrior code. Spireclaw and Fringewhisker meet up in secret at the Gathering. - -
River[196] Myrtlebloom, Bayshine, and Finchlight are now warriors. Flamepaw is teased by RiverClan apprentices for failing his assessment until Sunbeam stops them. Frostpaw is RiverClan's newest medicine cat apprentice. Cinnamontail gave birth to Firkit, Streamkit, Whisperkit, and Bloomkit. - -
The Clan leaders reveal the changes to the warrior code. Cats may leave their Clan to be with their mate in a different Clan. However, they must be tested by their host Clan before joining. A Clan leader can be demoted if three-quarters of their Clan agrees as well as the other Clan leaders and StarClan.
River[197] Prey is running well. Flamepaw and Sunbeam bond over their problems. Mothwing stands in for Mistystar, insisting they are ill with whitecough. She does not reveal that Mistystar and Reedwhisker have died. Berryheart objects against the changes since it may ruin the individuality of the Clans. Fringewhisker wishes to join ShadowClan to be with Spireclaw. Harestar announces that the changes to the warrior code were accepted by StarClan, and Fernstripe wishes to join ThunderClan to be with Shellfur.

SkyClan's Gatherings - Firestar's Quest to SkyClan and the Stranger

Book Season SkyClan
Firestar's Quest[198] Greenleaf Sky, one of SkyClan's last descendants, laments his sorrows of failing to preserve the Clan's memory to StarClan. He meets Firestar and Sandstorm, cats from ThunderClan tasked with rebuilding SkyClan.
Firestar's Quest[6] SkyClan has its first proper Gathering. Leafdapple and Sharpclaw share good news of their apprentices' training. Sandstorm commends Petal for watching the kits. Echo is named Echosong.
SkyClan's Destiny[199] Greenleaf Leafstar commends those who fought against the rats, Frecklepaw for helping Echosong, and the Twolegplace visitors, Stick, Coal, Cora, and Shorty. Clovertail recommends using one of the newer upper dens as a birthing den. Harveymoon and Macgyver are appreciative to be back after their temporary exile, and Petalnose suggests forming a rat patrol to keep an eye on the rats.
Beyond the Code[200] Newleaf Leafstar commends her Clanmates for adapting during the harsh heat and is proud how they fought off the foxes. Sol asks to be named a warrior, but is denied. A storm ends the Gathering.



The following information is from sources considered non-canon or retconned.

  • In Secrets of the Clans, a 2007 field guide, the concept of Gatherings are introduced to the Clan founders, after StarClan visits them following the great battle. A white tom tells them to return to Fourtrees each full moon and meet under a truce, to which the founders agree to the condition.[201]

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