This unnamed residence serves as a place for ghost cats, acting as a Purgatory of sorts. With the known cases seen the books, cats are unable to move on into StarClan until they accomplish a certain task. [1]



While this residence does not seem to have a set place, it appears as a realm where only ghosts can coexist and are stuck. Tree is able to see the spirits on his own will,[2] and potentially his son Rootpaw is also able.[3]

Relation to living cats

Cats stuck in this residence are unlike those seen in StarClan or even the Place of No Stars. Instead, cats will appear as ghosts to alive cats, as seen with both Violetshine and Crowfeather, who saw Needletail and Ashfoot in the living world.[4][5] The most these ghosts can do is merely appear to the living.

Former members




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