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"I can't make all dead cats appear. Needletail told me about StarClan. I've never seen a StarClan cat. I think I can only sense cats who are still tied to the living. They've stuck close to us. They can't move on until they've done what they feel they need to do. Like Needletail. She will only find her way to StarClan when she has finished what she started here."
— Tree on the ghost cats in Darkest Night, page 298

This unnamed residence serves as a place for ghost cats, acting as a Purgatory of sorts. With the known cases seen in the books, cats are unable to move on into StarClan until they accomplish a certain task.[1]



While this residence does not seem to have a set place, it appears as a realm where only ghosts can coexist and are stuck. Tree is able to see the spirits on his own will.[2] Members of the Sisters go here when they die, where they follow and guide their descendants similar to that of StarClan.[3]

Relation to living cats

Cats stuck in this residence are unlike those seen in StarClan or even the Place of No Stars. Instead, cats will appear as ghosts to alive cats, as seen with both Violetshine and Crowfeather, who saw Needletail and Ashfoot in the living world.[4][5] The most these ghosts can do is merely appear to the living. According to Tree, they are tied to the living world due to something they feel they should accomplish, and will only find their way to StarClan when it is completed.[6]
Members and descendants of the Sisters are able to see cats in the unnamed residence for currently unknown reasons, though Moonlight explains that the ability is hereditary and passes from mother to kit.[7] However, Rootpaw inherited his ability from Tree, his father, meaning that the ability is generally passed from parent to kit, over just the mother.[8]
According to Needletail, she appears in the residence when Tree is present.[9] This brings into question why Ashfoot was able to do so years prior to Tree's introduction to the Clans.[5]


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"Once we had delivered our message, we were able to move on to StarClan."
—Needletail to Alderheart River of Fire, page 99

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