"I understand how you feel. Your eyes have always betrayed your heart. But these are my kits, and I will die to protect them if I have to. I'm afraid for them, Fireheart. The Clan will never forgive Tigerclaw—nor should they. But Bramblekit and Tawnykit have done nothing wrong, and I will not let them be punished because of Tigerclaw."
— Goldenflower to Fireheart, vowing to protect her kits in Rising Storm, page 20

Goldenflower is a pale ginger she-cat[7] with yellow eyes.[11]

Goldenflower was a ThunderClan warrior under Sunstar's, Bluestar's and Firestar's leaderships in the forest territories. She was born as Goldenkit to Speckletail along with her brother Lionkit. She became an apprentice by the name of Goldenpaw with Dappletail as her mentor. She earned her warrior name, Goldenflower and gave birth to Swiftpaw. A few seasons later, she gave birth to Tigerstar's kits, Bramblestar and Tawnypelt. She moved into the elders' den and participated on the Great Journey with all the other Clans. She died peacefully of old age at the new territory.


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The Prophecies Begin

Goldenflower is a ThunderClan queen whose son is Swiftkit. After her son is apprenticed, she moves to the nursery again, this time carrying Tigerstar's kits. He betrays the Clan and is exiled after her kits are born. Her son, Bramblekit, is said to look just like Tigerstar. Fireheart often views him with suspicion and distrust because he looks like the ginger tom's rival. Goldenflower makes him tell her kits the truth about their father. Both her kits are judged for being Tigerstar's kits, but she loves the both of them. She participates in the battle against BloodClan.

The New Prophecy

Goldenflower has stayed in the nursery so she can take care of others' kits. She goes on the Great Journey, travelling to the lake territories with the other Clans, although her mother and other cats stay behind. When they get there, she moves to the elders' den, looking after the other cats in the den.

Super Editions

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In Bluestar's Prophecy, Goldenkit is born to Speckletail along with Lionkit, her brother. She becomes an apprentice and trains with Dappletail, before becoming a warrior by the name of Goldenflower. Thrushpelt is her temporary mentor after Dappletail is recovering from an eye injury.

Detailed description

Goldenflower is a sleek,[2] small,[12] pale ginger[7] tabby[13] she-cat.[7] She has a small nick in one ear,[14] and yellow eyes.[11]


Author statements

  • The authors have said Goldenflower truly did love Tigerstar.[15]
    • Vicky says that she thinks Tigerstar admired Goldenflower and that she would make a good mother to his children.[16] She also stated that she thinks Tigerclaw never truly loved Goldenflower.[17]


  • Goldenflower is mistakenly listed as an elder in Firestar's Quest[18] and Leafpool's Wish, but her description states she is the oldest nursing queen,[19] similar to when she was listed as a queen previously.[20]
  • She is mistakenly said to have pale amber fur,[21] and also to be the color of ripe barley.[22]


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"Good! My first battle scar and I haven't even been in a battle yet!"
—Goldenpaw after her training with Bluepaw Bluestar's Prophecy, page 182

"I'm going to ask Sunstar if Thrushpelt can be my mentor forever! Dappletail would never have let me climb this high!"
—Goldenpaw training with Thrushpelt Bluestar's Prophecy, page 218

"Yes, my son, it is. I am so proud of you, my love. And so honored to give you this life. [...] I give you a life for understanding the love of a mother. But then, you have already known what it is to love as a father. Keep that knowledge, feel its power, and use it to keep all your Clanmates safe."
—Goldenflower as she gives Brambleclaw a life The Ultimate Guide, page 52

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