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Thunderstar.FG-1 "The story is never the same twice, and parts grow uncertain, or they become suddenly clear in the telling."

This article contains information mainly from the 2007 field guide, Secrets of the Clans. While based on canonical information, the book has been repeatedly retconned as the series progressed, and thus its credibility is questioned.

"Shadestar, your Clan must be punished. For the next moon, TigerClan shall not be seen in daylight. The light of the sun shall not touch your pelts. You may not speak to cats of other Clans. For one whole moon, you forfeit your Clan's honor. If you stop your raids, you may join the Clans at the next Gathering."
— Goldenstar to Shadestar in Secrets of the Clans, page 165

Goldenstar is a lion with a golden-brown mane[1] and an ancient leader of LionClan.


In the Field Guides[]

Secrets of the Clans[]

Goldenstar: "This was a dangerous thing you did. You should know better than to bargain with snakes. They are cunning and will outwit us every time."
Sunpelt: "I know."
Goldenstar: "However, you have done a great service to the forest. These smaller snakes may be dangerous, but none can be as dangerous as Mouthclaw. Now no warrior has to fear of being swallowed or bitten by her deadly fangs."
—Goldenstar and Sunpelt talking about Mouthclaw Secrets of the Clans, page 163
Goldenstar reports that a dangerous wild boar, Rage, that even his best warriors could not kill, is loose in the forest. When the LeopardClan warrior, Fleetfoot, boasts that she could catch it and kill it, he tells her she should do as she says, and agrees that LeopardClan should get the river for a moon if she succeeds.
When everyone has left, he says to Shadestar that they would not have to give up the river, as Fleetfoot does not know about Rage's dangerous mate, Fury, who was even fiercer than her mate, and rarely left her den. However, when both boars are killed, Goldenstar and Shadestar are ashamed of their treachery, and give LeopardClan permission to keep the river permanently.
His warrior, Sunpelt, comes up to him with a tale of how he had been prideful and tried to kill the dangerous serpent Mouthclaw, and how she had tricked him, leading to her dividing into thousands of smaller adders, the size of a cat's tail. Goldenstar is stern, telling Sunpelt he could have been killed, and to never try to outwit a snake because they always outwit them. However, he is pleased with his warrior, because now his Clan won't need to worry about being consumed or killed by Mouthclaw, as the smaller snakes are definitely less dangerous. He later forgives Sunpelt.
Goldenstar's only daughter, Petalkit, is taken by Thorntooth, a TigerClan cat, because he is bitter about TigerClan having nothing special on their pelts. Shadestar, knowing that Goldenstar's wrath would be immense, immediately returns Petalkit. Goldenstar and Swiftstar demand TigerClan be punished for Thorntooth's deeds, and as a result of their punishment, the tigers become striped.




Petalkit:[2] Deceased, residence unknown


Notes and references[]

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