"Then my gift is useless. Without power, everything I see, everything I know, will bring me nothing but pain. StarClan! Why have you done this to me?"
Goosefeather about his ability to see into the future in Goosefeather's Curse, chapter 9

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Chapter Number: 9 (of 10)
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Chapter description

Doestar announces at a Gathering that there are new kits for ThunderClan. Houndstar whispers to Volestar that ThunderClan wouldn't like catching extra prey during leaf-bare. The ThunderClan leader overhears this and tells everyone that ThunderClan is well prepared for leaf-bare. Chiveclaw tells Cloudberry that she'd be busy with all of those kits. Echosnout comments that in her day, kits could keep quiet. Cloudberry tells Echosnout that she was one of the noisy kits in her day, causing Echosnout to snort and turn away.
Heatherstar announces that a black and white dog was chased off of WindClan territory. Dawnstripe announces proudly that she was the one who gave it a scar, and as rain begins to fall, the cats start to return home.
Goosefeather's mother, Daisytoe is limping slightly from an ache in her leg. He notes that his mother is getting old, and he stays close to her. Cloudberry complains about the rain, and Goosefeather reassures her that the rain would stop by dawn. However, when Goosefeather wakes up the next day, the rain is still pouring down. Mistpelt complains about the dug holes in the clearing. Goosefeather tells Pineheart that they had to get the prey somewhere safe.
As warriors dig up the prey, Harepounce realizes that the prey is ruined. Goosefeather realizes with dread that his vision was about to become true, and that his clanmates would starve.
Harepounce is the first cat to starve to death, giving all of her prey to her kits. All hunting patrols come back empty-pawed, and Cloudberry and Goosefeather gather herbs to cure the sickness that raged through ThunderClan. Flashnose, Hollypelt, and Stagleap die because of a sickness, and Nettlebreeze later dies on his way to the dirt place.  Goosefeather prepares his body for the funeral, and he notes as Swiftbreeze walks by that some of the warriors had begun chewing twigs.
Cloudberry tells Goosefeather that Rabbitpaw dug up some worms and offered to share them with him, Rainfur and the kits. Goosefeather declines the offer, and complains that he had no power to change anything. Cloudberry reassures him that the spoiled prey was only bad luck. Goosefeather thinks that Mapleshade was right about ThunderClan being doomed.
Pearnose calls out to him, and he realizes that the dead she-cat looked more alive than any of his Clanmates. Pearnose reassures him that there was nothing he could do to change the future. Goosefeather yowls to the sky, saying that it was better if he didn't know what the future held rather than knowing it and not being able to change it. He questions them why they done this to him, and believes it is unfair.





Important events


  • Hollypelt, Nettlebreeze, Flashnose, and Harepounce die of starvation.[1]

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