"We decided we couldn't just abandon you. After all, we're good friends now."
— Gorse to the mountain cats in Thunder Rising, page 66

Gorsestar is a gray tabby tom[8] with green eyes[9] and spiky head fur.[6]

When the mountain cats first arrive to the forest territories, the pair of loners Gorse and his mate Wind are initially hostile towards them. They eventually begin hunting with the cats that settled on the moor and befriend them. Gorse and Wind naturally become a part of the group, and change their names to Gorse Fur and Wind Runner to fit in better. Wind Runner gives birth to his kits Morning Whisker, Dust Muzzle, Moth Flight, and Emberkit. However, Morning Whisker and Emberkit die, and Gorse Fur and his mate grieve for their lost kits.

Following the devastation of the Great Battle, he and his family split off into the own group on the moor in order to acquire space from the other groups. He becomes Windstar's deputy after she is made leader, and later becomes the second WindClan leader after she passes away. Gorsestar's intelligence, patience, and bravery helped him become one of WindClan's most significant leaders to date.


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Dawn of the Clans

"They won't be orphans. She will not die today. I won't let her."
—Gorse Fur to Thunder about Wind Runner The First Battle, page 255
Initially raised near the river, Gorse lived on the moor and offers to hunt with Wind, but she coldly declines. He helps her save Willow and Frog and manages to charm his way into Wind's heart. Moons later, they meet Gray Wing, and though are initially hostile, they teach him how to hunt rabbits on the moor. Tall Shadow welcomes them as visitors, and eventually invites them to join their group. Gorse is renamed Gorse Fur, and is shown to be a trustworthy and hard-working cat, his loyalty and devotion to his mate unquestionable.
Gorse Fur comforts his mate as she gives birth to their kits, Dust Muzzle, Emberkit, Morning Whisker, and Moth Flight. However, Emberkit dies and he and Wind Runner share in their grief, but he gives Wind Runner the strength and comfort to keep going despite their loss. He is furious at Clear Sky after the deaths of Misty and Bumble, and participates in the Great Battle, swearing to protect Wind Runner. He and Wind Runner are briefly reunited with Emberkit when spirit cats descend from the sky.
After the death of Morning Whisker to sickness, the pair leads their family to form their own group on the moor. He and Wind Runner briefly assist the other groups to defeat One Eye. They welcome others into their group, and train with the other groups in preparation for the battle with Slash. After Bee's betrayal, he travels to Clear Sky's camp to warn him about the others.

Super Editions

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"If I don't make it back, WindClan will need you. Gorse Fur will be the next leader."
—Wind Runner to Gorse Fur when she goes to the Moonstone Moth Flight's Vision, page 426
In Moth Flight's Vision, when Moth Flight struggles to pay attention during hunts, Gorse Fur is shown to be very patient and understanding towards her, while Wind Runner is quite harsh. He saves her life from a Twoleg monster after she wanders onto the Thunderpath chasing a moth, making Wind Runner furious with her daughter. After Wind Runner is gravely injured, Gorse Fur protests Moth Flight taking her to the Moonstone, but Wind Runner agrees with their daughter and names Gorse Fur her successor. He marvels at Windstar when they both return.

Field Guides

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In Secrets of the Clans, sometime after Windstar's death, Gorse Fur succeeds her as WindClan's second leader as Gorsestar.

Detailed description

Gorsestar is a wiry,[10] thin,[8] gray tabby tom[1] with green eyes,[9] a long tail,[11] and spiky head fur.[6]


Interesting facts

  • He was named for his spiky head fur.[6]


  • He is mistakenly shown with amber eyes in The Ultimate Guide.[12]
  • He is mistakenly called 'Gorse' after being renamed Gorse Fur.[13]

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"She was furious. Gorsefur was not just her deputy; he was the father of her kits."
—Narrator commenting on the relationship between Wind and Gorsefur Secrets of the Clans, page 94

Cloud Spots: "It's good to have you here. But I think we all agree your names are kind of short. You should have long names like ours if you're going to spend time with us."
Gorse: "Okay. Wind, what should we call you? Wind That Chases Rabbits Down Burrows?"
Wind: "I'd give up chasing rabbits for good, rather than call myself a mouthful like that. Why don't you call yourself Gorse Prickle Stuck in Paw?"
Cloud Spots: "Why don't I think you're taking this seriously?"
Jackdaw's Cry: "[...] And what about Gorse?"
Hawk Swoop: "Gorse Bush? Gorse Tail?"
Turtle Tail: "What about Gorse Fur? Because the fur on top of your head sticks up a bit like gorse spines."
Gorse Fur: "It'll do. Thanks."
—The group deciding Gorse's new name Thunder Rising, page 204

Lightning Tail: "When we were kits, Gorse Fur taught me and Acorn Fur how to stalk rabbits. He spent a whole afternoon showing us how to lie flat and still and let the rabbit come to us."
Acorn Fur: "He was so patient, even when we got bored and started stalking his tail instead!"
—Lightning Tail and Acorn Fur praising Gorse Fur's patience and teaching The First Battle, page 64

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Wind: "Are you hurt?"
Gorse: "Do you care?"
Wind: "I'm not heartless!"
Gorse: "I know. You just prefer to hunt alone."
—Wind checking on Gorse after he saves Frog The First Battle (Bonus scene), pages 22-23

Gray Wing: "[...] I think it's our duty to be happy, despite all that we've lost."
Wind Runner: "That's what Gorse Fur says. He seems to approach every new day as though it's his first and his last."
—Gray Wing and Wind Runner A Forest Divided, page 133

Wind Runner: "Moth Flight! How many times have I told you that when you're hunting you have to concentrate?"
Moth Flight: "I'm sorry."
Wind Runner: ""Sorry" doesn't feed your campmates!"
Moth Flight: "I'll try harder next time."
Wind Runner: "You said that last time! [...] What if you hadn't been here to fix Moth Flight's mistakes?"
Gorse Fur: "She's still young."
Wind Runner: "She's old enough to stop a rabbit when it practically trips over her."
Moth Flight: "I promise, I won't do it again."
Wind Runner: "You will, so long as your father keeps making excuses for you."
Gorse Fur: "You're too hard on her, Wind Runner."
Wind Runner: "Somebody needs to be, or she'll never learn to hunt."
—Wind Runner, Gorse Fur and Moth Flight arguing Path of Stars, pages 33-34

"Willow has done nothing wrong. We must trust her. Without trust, there is no group."
—Gorse Fur Path of Stars, page 225

"This isn't fair! After the Great Battle I thought the Clans had stopped acting like foxes! Can't a moon pass without bringing fresh troubles?"
—Gorse Fur to Moth Flight Moth Flight's Vision, page 407

Moth Flight: "I have to take her to the Moonstone."
Gorse Fur: ""Highstones!" She can't travel!"
Moth Flight: "I'll mix her some herbs to give her strength for the journey."
Gorse Fur: "No! You're not taking her anywhere. [...] Did you hear me?"
Moth Flight: "I can't sit and watch her die."
Gorse Fur: "You can't take her out there to die! If she's going to die, she should be with her Clan."
Moth Flight: "If I can get her to the Moonstone, she won't die! StarClan is guiding me. I know it!"
—Gorse Fur and Moth Flight arguing about Wind Runner Moth Flight's Vision, pages 423-424

"Yet you left me all the same! It was the kindest thing you've ever done for me. If you hadn't disappeared, I'd have never met Gorse Fur. He's a better cat than you could ever be! He has given me love and loyalty, and kits that I'm proud of."
—Wind Runner to Branch Moth Flight's Vision, page 442

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