"I didn't know it was a trap when I hid in it."
— Gorsetail, about being captured by the Twolegs in Dawn, page 30

Gorsetail is a tom with a tawny paw.[2]


In The New Prophecy arc


Gorsetail is a WindClan warrior, and is one of the Clan cats who is kidnapped by the Twolegs.
When Leafpaw is trying to identify the other trapped cats, Mistyfoot tells her in disgust that she wouldn't have been caught if she hadn't been chasing a WindClan thief off RiverClan territory, supposedly referring to Gorsetail. His voice quivering, Gorsetail responds that he didn't know it was a trap when he hid in it. He tells Leafpaw his name and Clan.
Gorsetail meows a greeting to Sasha with Cloudtail and Brightheart when Mistyfoot tells her there were Clan cats in the cages as well as rogues and kittypets.
Later, a Twoleg shoves Coal, one of the captured rogues, against something sharp inside his cage, cutting him. As Coal's wound bleeds, he begins to panic. Leafpaw remembers her mentor, Cinderpelt, using cobwebs to stop bleeding, and Gorsetail says he saw some near his cage. He reaches toward them, snags the cobwebs on his paw, and reaches up as far as he can toward Leafpaw's cage. She grasps them, and passes them to the kittypet named Cody, who gives them to Coal. He treats himself and calms down.
While trying to think of a way to escape, Leafpaw remembers how Gorsetail reached through the cage to pass her the cobwebs.


  • Dawn (First appearance)


Mistyfoot: "I wouldn't have been caught in that fox-hearted Twoleg trap if I hadn't been chasing a thieving WindClan warrior off my territory."
Gorsetail: "I didn't know it was a trap when I hid in it."
Leafpaw: "Who's that?"
Gorsetail: "Gorsetail of WindClan."
—Gorsetail with Leafpaw and Mistyfoot Dawn, page 30

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