"I have traveled so far and loved so much, and yet I am still following the Sun Trail, heading for my new hunting grounds."
— Gray Wing reflecting on his life in Path of Stars, page 308

Gray Wing is a sleek, dark gray tom with golden eyes,[4] and a torn ear-tip.[13]

Gray Wing was a member of Windstar's camp in the forest territories. He was born in the Ancient Tribe to Quiet Rain alongside his brother, Skystar. When Half Moon spoke of a new home, Gray Wing chose to stay behind; however, after Jagged Peak left to follow the group, Gray Wing joined them on the journey. He stayed with Shadowstar's group and adopted his brother's orphaned son, Thunderstar. Once he realized his feelings for Turtle Tail, they became mates, and he adopted her kits, Sparrow Fur, Pebble Heart, and Owl Eyes. Gray Wing became co-leaders with Tall Shadow, but stepped down following a battle with Clear Sky and mourned Turtle Tail's death deeply. He helped take down One Eye and Slash by drawing out battle strategies, and once his mother died, he left the pines to the moor and became mates with Slate, who had his kits, Black Ear, White Tail, and Silver Stripe. Due to his asthma, Gray Wing passed away after renaming the group to Clans and ascended to StarClan, watching over his kin.


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Dawn of the Clans

"You have been like a father to so many. To Thunder, as well as to my kits. To any cat that needed comfort and guidance. No other cat is as well-loved as you, Gray Wing. You will be remembered."
—Turtle Tail's spirit to Gray Wing Path of Stars, page 2
Gray Wing is a member of the Ancient Tribe. He is the son of Quiet Rain alongside his littermate, Clear Sky, and his younger siblings, Fluttering Bird and Jagged Peak. He is shown to be a gentle soul, caring deeply for his Tribemates and his family. When Stoneteller announces she decided to send some of her cats on a journey to find a new home, Quiet Rain encourages Gray Wing to leave the Tribe to due to the lack of prey, but Gray Wing decides to stay and be with her. However, when Jagged Peak sneaks out against Quiet Rain's will to follow the leaving cats, he ends up following his younger brother, and they meet up with the rest of the group.
During the journey, Bright Stream is snatched away by an eagle, and Gray Wing feels responsible for her death and the death of her unborn kits. Upon arriving to the the new territories, Gray Wing claims that they should live in the moorland. However, Clear Sky leads several others, including Jagged Peak, to live in the forest instead. He becomes horrified when Clear Sky begins enforcing borders and telling his cats attack anyone trespassing. He becomes even more troubled by his brother's behavior when Clear Sky banishes Jagged Peak when the young tom's injured leg refuses to heal properly. When confronted, Clear Sky attacks Gray Wing and orders him to never return.
Gray Wing develops feelings for a rogue named Storm, despite his initial feelings for Turtle Tail. To his dismay, Storm becomes mates with Clear Sky instead and becomes pregnant with his kits. Before Gray Wing goes to visit Storm, who fled Clear Sky after discovering his violent behavior, he tries to confront Clear Sky, but is attacked by Fox, but he accidentally kills the tom. Gray Wing searches for Turtle Tail and Bumble in the Twolegplace, and Gray Wing learns that the Twoleg nest she was living in collapsed. Gray Wing and Turtle Tail find Storm and two of her kits has died in the accident. Gray Wing finds only one surviving kit, and Turtle Tail names him Thunder, in honor of his mother. He then takes Thunder to Clear Sky who, blinded by his fear of failing to protect his loved ones, disowns his son. Angered by the cat he once knew as his brother, Gray Wing takes Thunder back to the moor and raises him as his own.
On the moor, the cats are frustrated by Tall Shadow's inability to lead and insist Gray Wing should be leader. Gray Wing continues to deny this motion until Tall Shadow turns over her leadership after a fire rages through the forest, killing her brother, Moon Shadow. However, he develops asthma from smoke inhalation that festers for the rest of his life. He adopts Turtle Tail's kits, Sparrow Fur, Owl Eyes, and Pebble Heart, after their mother flees the Twolegplace from their father, Tom.
Tensions continue to rise between the two groups, and Gray Wing still believes there is hope for peace with his brother. In the midst of all this, his kits are stolen by Tom. Gray Wing and Turtle Tail desperately search for their kits, but Turtle Tail is killed by a monster. Gray Wing mourns and vows to never forget her memory. At a meeting with all the leaders, a deadly battle breaks out, and Clear Sky almost kills his brother. The fight ceases when spirit cats of their fallen friends appear, warning them to release their fear and unite. Weakened by his persistent illness, Gray Wing turns over leadership to Thunder.
He grows concerned when a mysterious illness entraps the groups, with the spirit cats' only guide is to grow and spread like the blazing star. During some time to rest and reflect at River Ripple's camp, he meets Slate, a friendly she-cat who easily trusts him. When One Eye launches his assault on them, Gray Wing expertly draws out battle plans to counter him and his rogues. He and Tall Shadow find the Blazing Star used to heal the sick cats, and Gray Wing believes they are meant to grow and spread like the five petals of the herb.
Gray Wing decides to live in the pines to be with Jagged Peak and his new family. Quiet Rain arrives, along with Moon Shadow's son, Sun Shadow, having journeyed to see her sons again before she dies. Gray Wing leaves the group to join Wind Runner's group on the moor with Slate, realizing he would be happier there and becomes mates with Slate. Star Flower, Clear Sky's new mate, is kidnapped by Slash, and Gray Wing joins the rescue effort to save the expecting queen. When he returns, Slate reveals she's expecting his kits. She later gives birth to Black Ear, White Tail, and Silver Stripe.
During a Gathering, Slash's cats steal Black Ear, and Gray Wing is too frail to save him. Clear Sky and Thunder rescue him and bring him back to his family. While dying, Gray Wing declares the groups should be named Clans instead, and he names WindClan and SkyClan. Surrounded by his family, Gray Wing succumbs to his asthma and passes away peacefully. Later, he is shown walking to his new hunting grounds in StarClan

Super Editions

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In Moth Flight's Vision, Gray Wing welcomes Moth Flight to the Moonstone and guides her to seek the other medicine cats. He and the other StarClan cats welcome the medicine cats to their half-moon meeting. When Moth Flight brings Wind Runner to the Moonstone in hopes they would heal her, Gray Wing grants Wind Runner her first life of determination to bring unity to all Clans.

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Killed victims

This list shows the victims Gray Wing has killed:

  • Fox[14] (Accidental)
  • One Eye[15] (Alongside Thunderstar, Cloud Spots, and Lightning Tail)

Personality and Relationships

Gray Wing is calm, kind, warm-hearted, and wise. He deeply loves both of his mates and loves all of the kits he helped to raise as if he is their real father. Despite their rocky relationship, Gray Wing has always cared for his brother, Skystar. For more of Gray Wing's personality and relationships, click here!


Gray Wing's mother is Quiet Rain. His mates are Turtle Tail and Slate, and his kits are Silver Stripe, Black Ear, and White Tail. He is also the foster father of Thunderstar, Sparrow Fur, Lightning Tail, and Owl Eyes. For more of Gray Wing's family, click here!



Interesting facts

  • Gray Wing is the cat who named WindClan and SkyClan.[16] He also came up with the idea of calling the camps 'Clans' rather than groups.[17]
  • Gray Wing is Quiet Rain's secondborn.[18]
  • It is said that Gray Wing has the reputation of being the greatest leader of all time because of his attention to battle strategy.[19]

Author statements

  • Kate's favorite character from Dawn of the Clans is Gray Wing.[blog 1]
  • Kate thinks that Gray Wing can live peacefully with Slate and Turtle Tail in StarClan without having to feel any jealousy.[blog 2]
  • According to Kate, Gray Wing "evolved naturally" into the protagonist of Dawn of the Clans. She says that no one on the Erin Hunter team expected him to become so important when they started to work on The Sun Trail.[blog 3]
  • According to James Noble, an editor at Working Partners who assisted with the development of Dawn of the Clans, Gray Wing was originally supposed to die at the end of The Sun Trail but was pushed off to Thunder Rising due to the catalyst event happening too soon in the arc. However, Gray Wing's death was pushed again to The First Battle so the story could focus on Thunder's relationship with Clear Sky and Gray Wing. His death was pushed again to the end of the arc to continue the potential for emotional conflict and the editor team's attachment for Gray Wing.[blog 4]


  • Although his name has been depicted as 'Graywing', and he has been called 'Graywing the Wise',[20][2] Path of Stars shows, that both before and after his death, he never took a name similar to what the modern Clans use and was simply known as Gray Wing.[8]


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  1. Gray Wing became co-leaders with Tall Shadow, and she willingly stepped down to lead with him.[10]
  2. Gray Wing steps down and lets Thunder co-lead with Tall Shadow.[12]

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