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In the Dawn of the Clans arc

The Sun Trail

Gray Wing is a cat living among the Tribe in the mountains. He is first seen hunting with his brother, Clear Sky. Together, the two bring down a hawk. Though Clear Sky wants to immediately eat the hawk, Gray Wing thinks of the starving cats in the cave and insists they take the hawk back for them.
Returning to warm compliments for their catch, Gray Wing is saddened to note that his catch cannot feed everyone. His younger brother, Jagged Peak, wails for a bite to eat, but the bird is given to the older cats that will be going hunting later. While Clear Sky talks with Bright Stream, an elder named Silver Frost teases Gray Wing about how attractive Turtle Tail is. Gray Wing observes Stoneteller, grateful for the distraction, trying to convince the elders to eat some of the prey to no avail. The young gray tom is curious about an apparently meaningful conversation Lion's Roar and Stoneteller are having, but his attention soon turns to his mother, Quiet Rain. She praises her two eldest sons on the catch while her two youngest kits play-fight.
Jagged Peak knocks over Fluttering Bird and the young she-kit feebly wails from the floor, malnourished and unable to summon the energy to play. Stoneteller calls a meeting and Gray Wing looks on, wondering like the rest if the old she-cat will be naming her successor, whom most cats think will be Shaded Moss. He is surprised when she instead reveals to the Tribe that she believes that the mountains can no longer support every cat in their group, telling them of a vision of a new home full of space and prey. Gray Wing is skeptical of his leader's dream, and is among those that wish to stay in the cave. He agrees with his mother's refusal to leave the place of her birth, despite Clear Sky's enthusiasm over leaving on an adventure. Even when Turtle Tail asks him to go, Gray Wing is reluctant to leave his home.
A few days later, Gray Wing decides to try hunting again, and he overhears Clear Sky arguing with Bright Stream over leaving outside the cave. Bright Stream joins Gray Wing, glad to be free of Clear Sky's pestering. While searching for prey, Bright Stream asks Gray Wing if he believes Stoneteller's dream, and he reveals his own skepticism over it, wondering why no other cat has had the dream. Bright Stream worries about leaving the mountains and her mixed feelings about being separated from Clear Sky. She makes Gray Wing promise to keep what she told him from his brother. The two are distracted when a hare appears, and Gray Wing displays his incredible speed when he runs it down and catches it. As they consume the fresh prey, Gray Wing decides to remain in the mountains.
The pair returns with the remains of the hare, Gray Wing refusing to join the party of cats scouting out the best path out of the mountains. He instead takes the hare to his mother, who tries to feed it to Fluttering Bird, worriedly telling Gray Wing that the she-kit had been unable to get out of her nest that morning. He also tells Quiet Rain about his decision to stay, which cheers her slightly. However, when Quiet Rain tries to wake Fluttering Bird, the kit is barely breathing. Gray Wing goes to fetch Stoneteller. However, the Tribe healer is unable to wake Fluttering Bird and gravely tells Quiet Rain to prepare for her death. Gray Wing tries to tell his mother that the kit's death is not her fault, to no avail. Along with his mother, he says his farewell to his only sister. Together with Clear Sky, he takes the she-kit out of the cave and buries her. After a short vigil, Quiet Rain tells Gray Wing to go with the group looking for a new home, not wanting him to lose him as well.
When arguments erupt among the Tribe over whether or not the group should leave, Lion's Roar suggests a vote, remembering the story his mother told him of the vote that decided that the ancients would leave the lake. Gray Wing gathers the stones for the vote, but when his turn comes, he decides to place his lot with those that do not want any cats to leave the Tribe, despite his mother and brother's wishes. In the end, though, the vote to let the group leave gains the majority. Quiet Rain confronts Gray Wing, telling him to leave and find a better future for himself, but Gray Wing refuses and goes out to hunt instead.
Gray Wing is unable to catch any prey and is frustrated when he suddenly finds Stoneteller outside of the cave. He questions the healer about her dream, though she tells him she is absolutely certain of it. He then asks Stoneteller why her old group had left the lake and come here and if it had been worth the trip. She tells him that they had come to the mountains for good reasons and that she considered the Tribe her kits, and that she has no regrets for her decisions. She tries to reassure Gray Wing that the future is unknowable and that he should trust himself to know what is right, but he doubtfully tells her that he believes staying in the mountains is the right path to take. As Shaded Moss's group prepares to go, Gray Wing says farewell to his eldest brother. Though Clear Sky tries one last time to convince his brother to come with him, Gray Wing is adamant in his desire to stay and protect his mother and young brother. Gray Wing notes Stoneteller's apprehension when she tells the departing cats about the dangers they might encounter in the outside world from Twolegs and monsters.
When the group departs, Gray Wing is alarmed to note that the elders and kits now outnumber the able-bodied cats, but his conviction does not waver, and he decides to hunt. He manages to bring down a hawk, and the others in his group also bring in some prey. The remaining members of the Tribe resolve to work together to make sure everyone is fed, and Gray Wing is enthusiastic about their chances. The next morning, Jagged Peak begs his older brother to teach him how to hunt, and after some consideration, Quiet Rain agrees. Gray Wing instructs the young tom in how to properly hunt in the harsh terrain, and when the kit tries to catch a hare, a hawk makes an attempt to take him. Gray Wing fights off the hawk and Jagged Peak manages to kill the hare.
The next day, Gray Wing awakens to find that Jagged Peak has disappeared. He is unable to find the kit nearby, and Quiet Rain worries that her only remaining kit may have been picked up by a hawk. Asking Misty Water for help, he heads out to track down his brother. When they find his trail following in the direction the traveling cats took, Gray Wing realizes that Jagged Peak is trying to join them. Returning to the cave, Quiet Rain begs Gray Wing to find Jagged Peak, so he sets off to find the kit. Gray Wing finds Jagged Peak hiding from an eagle, which attacks both of them, but the two are able to fight it off. Jagged Peak is grateful that his brother came for him, and set off to find the others. After a while and a tough journey, they both find the group of their traveling Tribemates and join them, much to the their surprise.
During the journey, they are attacked by four eagles. Clear Sky makes a plan to kill one of them. To not get attacked, Gray Wing, Clear Sky's mate Bright Stream, and several others were assigned to scare away the other three. Gray Wing trips and Bright Stream comes to help, but Bright Stream is carried off by the eagles. Gray Wing is helpless and blames himself, thinking that his brother must hate him, as Clear Sky's behavior changes radically after Bright Stream dies. When Gray Wing tries to apologize to Clear Sky, his brother says he blames himself for making the plan. Gray Wing is relieved and sad for Clear Sky at the same time. After traveling through a Twolegplace, the group of Tribemates arrive to their new home. However, Shaded Moss who was leading them, is killed by a monster on the Thunderpath, so grief still clings in the air. The cats settle on the moor of their new home, Tall Shadow being the new leader of the group. While staying there, Gray Wing encounters two rogues when hunting; Wind and Gorse. At first the two rogues are hostile, but then teach Gray Wing how to use the network of tunnels underground to catch rabbits in their own dens.
Clear Sky and a few other cats decide to leave the moor and live in the forest where it suits them better. Gray Wing is shocked to find out that he will not live with his brother, as he decides that the moor is the best place for him. Tall Shadow believes that this is a foolish idea, as rogues could attack cats in smaller groups. Clear Sky suggests that they vote, which they do so. The cats who wish to stay win the vote, but Tall Shadow finally agrees that they may leave if they wish to, for it is each cat's choice. Jagged Peak also decides to leave and live with Clear Sky. As Gray Wing watches his two brothers leave, he promises that he will visit. He discovers that Clear Sky has formed a group of cats and a territory in the forest. Clear Sky has collected many rogues to join his group. He still manages to see his littermate and even Jagged Peak. However, Gray Wing realizes that his brother might not be the cat he used to know.
Gray Wing meets a rogue named Storm and develops feelings for her. He notices that Turtle Tail is very unhappy with this recent development, as she had spent time following Gray Wing and constantly showing him feelings of affection in hope he would notice her. Turtle Tail eventually leaves to live with her friend Bumble in Twolegplace, due to Gray Wing's apparent neglect and her friendship with Bumble, but Gray Wing still visits her. He and Storm meet together on various days, but after Gray Wing introduces Storm to Clear Sky, Storm decides to live with Clear Sky. Gray Wing finds out that Storm is in love with Clear Sky, and is expecting his kits. After hearing this, he is deeply shocked and hurt, as he also loves the she-cat, but tries to accept her decision. During Jagged Peak's stay in Clear Sky's camp, he falls off a tree and breaks his leg. Gray Wing visits his younger brother, but finds out that his broken leg did not heal properly. Clear Sky sends Jagged Peak away from his group and back to Gray Wing because he thinks he will be useless to the group. Gray Wing is horrified and confronts Clear Sky about this. Clear Sky expresses no regret, stating that the good of group is what is important. Angered, Gray Wing attacks his brother, but Clear Sky overpowers him and tells him to leave and never come back. Gray Wing, defeated and upset, returns to his group.
During the winter, food becomes scarce, forcing Gray Wing to search for food in the forest. He runs into Clear Sky, Storm, and a former rogue named Fox. Fox attacks Gray Wing for trespassing, and Clear Sky simply watches as the two cats fight. Gray Wing realizes that he is fighting for his life, and lashes out at Fox in self-defense, accidentally slitting Fox's throat and killing him. Clear Sky is enraged by Fox's death, even though it was just a accident, and threatens Gray Wing. Storm now truly understands what Clear Sky is like, and after apologizing to Gray Wing, stating that he was right about Clear Sky being cruel, runs away to Twolegplace.
Gray Wing urges Clear Sky to go after her, but Clear Sky refuses, stating that his group comes first. Some time after Storm runs away, Gray Wing goes to Twolegplace in search of Turtle Tail, now living with a kittypet named Bumble, to see if they know where Storm is. Turtle Tail seems hesitant to answer as her vibrant jealousy still shows, and replies that she does not know, but Bumble shows him she is living in an abandoned monster nest. When Gray Wing visits Storm, she refuses to let him see her kits. Gray Wing sadly leaves, realizing that she wants to cut him and Clear Sky out of her life.
Gray Wing comes back with a rabbit to offer to Storm and her three new kits. When he is at Twolegplace again, Turtle Tail warns him that Storm's makeshift home is being torn down by monsters. Gray Wing rushes towards her home, hoping that he can save her and her kits. To his horror, he finds Storm in the rubble along with her kits, and she dies after telling Gray Wing to say to Clear Sky she is sorry. Two of her kits die, but one of her kits, a ginger tom, survives. Gray Wing and Turtle Tail ask for the little kit's name, and find out he does not have one. Gray Wing and Turtle Tail decide that he will be called Thunder, born to Storm in the midst of a storm of stones and dust. Gray Wing brings Thunder to Clear Sky and tells his brother the whole story. Clear Sky is distraught, as he remembers Bright Stream's accident. He refuses to take in Thunder for his son would be a constant reminder of Storm, so Gray Wing brings Thunder to the moor, where a queen, Hawk Swoop, agrees to nurse him, even though some are uncertain of what might Clear Sky think. After mentioning to his Tribemates that Clear Sky does not want him, Gray Wing says that he will be Thunder's father from now on.

Thunder Rising

Gray Wing takes Thunder in and raises him as his son, while co-leading the moor cats along with Tall Shadow.
He takes Thunder, Lightning Tail, and Acorn Fur out on a hunting lesson. He sadly thinks about how he and Clear Sky used to be as carefree as the two kits are. He watches the kits play and wrestle, and he suddenly notices someone behind him. He is awestruck as he sees Turtle Tail, who had left to live with a kittypet quite some time ago. Turtle Tail comments on how Thunder had grown, and she explains her life at the Twoleg nest. She talks about a kittypet named Tom, and she looks awkward when Gray Wing asks about him. She says she misses her friends on the moor, and wanted to join them. Gray Wing notices she is expecting kits, and asks how it happened. Turtle Tail admits that Tom was the father, and says that she also left for if she were to give birth to her kits in Twolegplace, they would be taken away from her.
Turtle Tail and Gray Wing come across Wind and Gorse. Another cat, called River Ripple, introduces himself to them and shares a rabbit with them. He then departs, saying he is a cat full of surprises. Afterwards, dogs ambush Gray Wing and his patrol, and they run into camp, unfortunately leading the dogs there. When they manage to chase the dogs off, Gray Wing notices that Thunder and Jagged Peak are missing. When Thunder returns to the moor, and Gray Wing is chasing off the dogs again, who had returned. Gray Wing manages to successfully drive them away, and comes over, telling Jagged Peak to come out of the tunnel he had been hiding in. However, the soil gets loose and buries Jagged Peak alive, leaving Gray Wing distraught. Wind and Gorse come to the rescue, managing to dig him out and getting the dirt out of his body.
Gray Wing, his patrol, and Wind and Gorse go back to camp. Wind and Gorse try to tell them more about the tunnels at moonhigh, but Tall Shadow tells them to leave. Some of the cats, especially Shattered Ice and Jackdaw's Cry, bring up Tall Shadow's poor leadership, suggesting that Gray Wing should be leader instead. Tall Shadow, offended, stalks into the darkness after the quarrel erupts to insults and jabs. Gray Wing states that he does not want to be leader, and after much discussion, he puts an end to the argument and tells all the cats to go to sleep. Gray Wing turns to his brother, thanking him for talking to the cats after Jagged Peak had told them about Clear Sky's leadership and had split his group into two duties. Jagged Peak says that they did not listen to him anyways, and Gray Wing wonders when his younger brother will ever learn to like himself again.
Thunder and Gray Wing hunt together the next day, and Gray Wing gets irritated at his adopted son's need to stalk instead of run. Gray Wing scolds Thunder, and Thunder gets annoyed. Thunder finds another piece of prey, and as Gray Wing tries to praise him, he notices a cry. Dappled Pelt exclaims that Turtle Tail's kits are coming, and Gray Wing knows it is too soon. Jagged Peak and Rainswept Flower try to keep Gray Wing back, but when the kits are born - two toms and a she-cat, they let Gray Wing meet them. Gray Wing tells her she will make the best mother in the world, and Turtle Tail says she wishes they had a father. Gray Wing is flabbergasted, not knowing if she means she wants him to be their father. 
Stoneteller visits Gray Wing in his dreams, telling him that a new life awaits him and he must turn his paws on a new path. She brings up the prospect of a leader, and Gray Wing states that Tall Shadow is the leader, not him. Stoneteller asks what can lie ahead in seasons to come, and tells Gray Wing to be ready to walk his path with courage. After hunting for Turtle Tail, Gray Wing meets her kits. He thinks about how Turtle Tail said they needed a father, and recalls that back when Storm died, he would have accepted he would not have kits of his own, but now he is not so sure. The next morning, Turtle Tail tells Gray Wing she named her kits. The big gray tom is called Owl Eyes, for his large, amber eyes. The tabby tom with a white flash on his chest is Pebble Heart, and the tortoiseshell she-cat is Sparrow Fur.
Turtle Tail and Gray Wing take them on the moor, and are greeted shockingly by Bumble. Turtle Tail notices that she has scratches over her pelt, and Bumble says that Tom did that to her. She states that she is tired of living with Twolegs, and wants to know if she can join Tall Shadow's group. Gray Wing is alarmed, knowing that there is no way this can work. Turtle Tail says she cannot, and Tall Shadow will not accept her. Bumble asks her if she can ask Tall Shadow herself, and says she can be very convincing. Turtle Tail allows her, and races Gray Wing back to the moor.
Tall Shadow asks Gray Wing why they brought Bumble to her, and Gray Wing explains that she wants to join. Tall Shadow does not take long in refusing. Bumble tries to convince her, but Tall Shadow does not allow her. Wind interferes, breaking it bluntly to Bumble that she cannot join, making the other cats surprised, as it seems like Wind is trying to undermine Tall Shadow as leader. After Wind and Gorse escort a very furious Bumble back to Twolegplace, Tall Shadow apologizes to Gray Wing for her actions. Gray Wing forgives her. Tall Shadow asks if she should let Wind and Gorse join her group. Gray Wing does not outright say "yes," but he tries to imply that Tall Shadow should indeed let them. Tall Shadow ponders that maybe she should let some other cat take control, as the cats want him to be leader. Tall Shadow asks him to leave her to her thoughts, and Gray Wing obliges. As he walks away, he realizes there is something to Wind, and that she is very clever.
The scent of smoke the next morning over floods Gray Wing, and he exclaims that there is a fire in the forest. His first thought is of Clear Sky, and he states that they need to go and help them. They go into the forest, noticing that the fire was started by Twolegs. Gray Wing is instantly frightened for his brother, and despite his campmates' warnings, he tries to rescue him anyways. Thunder joins him, and both of them see Moon Shadow, whose pelt is on fire. He and Thunder stomp out the fire, along with his other campmates, and Dappled Pelt and Cloud Spots take him away to treat him. Gray Wing sees a wall of fire, and is determined to save his brother, even if it meant going through the wall. He attempts to do so, but his campmates refuse, and Thunder tells him that there is not anything he can do.
They try to take Moon Shadow away, but the flames devour the woods, and Jackdaw's Cry shrieks that they would not be able to  get out. Gray Wing looks around, thinking that somewhere in there is Clear Sky, and he could be dying. Thunder tries to get Gray Wing to leave the forest, but in order to do so, he must jump over the flames. Thunder encourages him that he can do it, and he tries, only to have a cloud of smoke billowing in the air. He disappears from view, and Thunder is able to locate him, but he is coughing too much. River Ripple helps the cats through the flames, and Thunder asks Gray Wing if he is all right. Gray Wing replies sharply that he is fine, and Thunder is hurt that he did not see how brave he was. Thunder turns to River Ripple, asking how they get out of here.
Gray Wing watches River Ripple and Thunder talk, and he is horrified that the moor cats want him to be their leader when he cannot even save his friends from a forest fire, as he led them into danger. Finally, Gray Wing manages to breathe. River Ripple tells Gray Wing it is good to see him. River Ripple tries to lead them across the river, but Gray Wing explains that he needs to find his brother. River Ripple tells him that the first thing he needs to do is get to safety. They reach the opposite side of the bank, and the moor cats thank River Ripple. Cloud Spots adds that they do not know who is still in the forest, and Gray Wing yowls his brother's name. Gray Wing hears an answering yowl, and he sees his brother on the opposite side of the bank, but dangerously close to the flames. Gray Wing orders his brother to swim across the stream, and River Ripple and Thunder help him out of the waves. Gray Wing offers Clear Sky to stay at the moor until they are ready to leave. Gray Wing brings Thunder over to him, saying that he was the cat who saved his life. Clear Sky tells him he is a brave cat, but to stay away from fires. Gray Wing brings the others to the moor, and he is thankful that the nightmare is over.
Thunder and Clear Sky return to the hollow with a rabbit. Gray Wing points out that rabbits do not bleed much. Clear Sky asks him to acknowledge Thunder's hunting, and Gray Wing replies that he was concerned about him. Gray Wing feels hurt at Clear Sky's new hostility, thinking that yes, Thunder was his son, but he did not seem to mean anything to him. Gray Wing realizes that Jagged Peak is more like himself, thinking it was a good idea to give him responsibility. Gray Wing looks around, noticing how the moor cats and forest cats are still separated. He believes the fire should have brought them together, but it seemed to have done nothing. Tall Shadow calls Gray Wing over, and asks him to take over as leader while she spends her time tending to Moon Shadow, who was severely injured during the fire. Gray Wing is shocked.
Gray Wing asks if she is sure, and Tall Shadow replies that the cats do not want her as leader anymore, and she did not have true leadership during the fire, as she crouched besides flames while Gray Wing was saving lives. Gray Wing wonders how he can refuse, wondering if Stoneteller meant that he should take leadership without doubts. Gray Wing listens to Clear Sky and Thunder talk, and notices how Jagged Peak pads over to them. Clear Sky berates Jagged Peak, stating that surviving was the best he could do during the fire. Gray Wing interferes, saying that Jagged Peak was very useful during the fire. Jagged Peak gets furious, stating that Clear Sky thinks he is nothing but a waste of space, and he walks away angrily. Clear Sky looks at Gray Wing, saying he did not mean to. Clear Sky says he tries to do the best for every cat, and Gray Wing asks if that means humiliating his brother.
Clear Sky offers Thunder to join his group, and Gray Wing tries to tell Thunder that he has a lot of growing up to do and that he does not need to decide. Thunder states that he is not a kit anymore, but he points out to Clear Sky that he had abandoned him, and he would not be alive if it were not for Gray Wing. Gray Wing turns cold as Clear Sky congratulates him on "passing the test." He thinks that Clear Sky must be kidding, and cannot believe that Clear Sky was trying to convince his son that he turned him away out of love. Gray Wing realizes that Thunder indeed wants to join his father. Clear Sky looks at Gray Wing with a challenge in his eyes, and Gray Wing thinks that it is a challenge he is not prepared to meet. He knows that Thunder is leaving soon, and all he can do is prepare him.
Tall Shadow announces that Gray Wing will be the new leader. Gray Wing is congratulated by the other cats, and Clear Sky tells him he will make a great leader. Gray Wing hopefully says that maybe they will see more of each other now that he is leader. Clear Sky doubts they will see more of each other though, and he asks who the leader is, stating it is difficult to tell who is leading them nowadays. Gray Wing is taken back, and Clear Sky tells him he should make his group more organized. When it is time for the forest cats to leave, Gray Wing is still hurt, thinking that Thunder forgot how he raised him from a kit. He tells Thunder to say goodbye to Hawk Swoop, as she had done so much for him. Gray Wing watches Thunder leave, not knowing when he will see him next. Gray Wing finally accepts Turtle Tail's offer about being the father to her kits. Gray Wing starts to grow more closer to Turtle Tail, and the moor cats seem to notice. Rainswept Flower comments that he finally figured out what was obvious to all of them. Gray Wing thinks that maybe he and Turtle Tail were meant to be together after all. 
Over time, Gray Wing's breathing starts to get worse. He breaks into a coughing fit, and Pebble Heart fetches coltsfoot. His adopted kits, Owl Eyes and Sparrow Fur, scramble over him, asking him to get better. Gray Wing replies that of course he would, and Sparrow Fur states that they have never had a father like him. She asks him if he is her father. Gray Wing is unable to reply, and Turtle Tail says that he is the best father any kit could hope to have. Turtle Tail rushes her kits for their nap, and Gray Wing asks Cloud Spots if he will gets better. Cloud Spots rolls his eyes, saying that if Gray Wing could survive the mountains, he could survive this. Cloud Spots adds that it is not just the kits who need him, it is the moor cats, as he is the leader and has duties to fulfill.
Pebble Heart and Cloud Spots work together to treat Gray Wing, and when they are finished, Gray Wing feels hope. After he wakes up from a nap, Lightning Tail announces that Cloud Spots has decided to give Wind and Gorse names like they have. Wind takes the name Wind Runner, due to her speed, and Gorse becomes Gorse Fur, for the prickly fur at the top of his head. Lightning Tail says he wishes Thunder could see this, and there are new, strong cats to help lead the group. Gray Wing is annoyed, pointing out that he thought it was his job now. Lightning Tail tries to break free, but Gray Wing demands he explains what he said. Lightning Tail states that he thinks cats had joined who would stand up to Clear Sky.
Acorn Fur asks if they are arguing, and Gray Wing lashes a thinly veiled insult at Lightning Tail, who is hurt and walks away. Gray Wing thanks Wind Runner and Gorse Fur for joining them, and he asks his campmates if he has their support. They yowl that they do. The next day, Gray Wing reluctantly takes the kits out for a hunting mission. Gray Wing breaks into another cough, and Pebble Heart helps him, with his handy knowledge of herbs. Gray Wing is intrigued, comparing him to Stoneteller, from the mountains. He notes how she used to have strange dreams, and asks Pebble Heart if he had any. Pebble Heart quickly shakes his head, but Gray Wing knows he is lying. 
Turtle Tail takes Gray Wing out of camp after hearing what happened, demanding what is wrong. Gray Wing tries to play for time, but he eventually answers her, stating that he does not feel like a leader, due to his health and how he could not get the cats out of the fire - as Thunder and River Ripple had done that. Dogs attack Gray Wing and Turtle Tail, but Wind Runner and Gorse Fur come to the rescue. As they go back to camp, Gray Wing whispers to Turtle Tail, thanking her for keeping his secret. Turtle Tail sharply responds that she did not agree to anything. She states that they should go home.
Back at camp, Gray Wing announces what had happened, ordering his campmates to stay in the hollow until they are sure that the dogs had gone. When Pebble Heart is sleeping, he is thrashing around, and Gray Wing notices that he is having a vivid dream. He awakes the small kit, and persuades him to tell him what is wrong. Pebble Heart describes one particular dream with him walking down a long tunnel with a bright star at the end, hearing voices around him. He states that every time he has the dream, he wakes up before he can get to the end of tunnel. Gray Wing tells him about Stoneteller, and asks him what his dream was about this time. Pebble Heart starts to tremble, explaining how he his dream had consisted of a terrible battle. He says he thinks he saw Clear Sky there.
Gray Wing knows that if Pebble Heart is special, they need to keep him safe. Gray Wing tells him not to tell any other cat, but to let him know if he has anymore. He is broken off by a grief-stricken yowl, and rushes out of the den that Pebble Heart had been sleeping in, noticing Moon Shadow's dead body. Gray Wing is horrified, thinking that he died while the rest of them were asleep. They bury Moon Shadow, and they go back to camp to see Owl Eyes and his siblings missing. Gray Wing lashes out on Jagged Peak, who was supposed to be watching them. He orders search patrols after Sparrow Fur, returning, says that Owl Eyes tried to hunt a hare, and asks Tall Shadow if she would help. Tall Shadow says that her brother died, and she would not want to see another cat dead, so of course she will help. 
They find Owl Eyes with a dead vole. Gray Wing is outraged, but a badger ambushes them. The cats on the search patrol start to run. They manage to outrun the badger, but Owl Eyes is hurt, as he tried to battle the badger. Gray Wing takes him back to camp, wondering how he could be a leader if he could not protect his own kit. Pebble Heart treats his brother, saying that Cloud Spots and Dappled Pelt had taught him all about herbs. Turtle Tail glares at Gray Wing, demanding how he could have allowed this to happen, stating that the badger could have killed their son. Gray Wing is shocked, and as he starts to reply, he breaks off into a coughing fit. Turtle Tail, deciding she has had enough, sharply exclaims that Gray Wing cannot lead this group anymore, as he is seriously ill and needs time to recover. Gray Wing tries to protest against his mate's fierce words, but his vision starts to fade, and he drops to the ground.
Out on patrol in Clear Sky's camp, Thunder thinks about how uncomfortable Gray Wing was with all of the patrols. He reflects on the stories on how Gray Wing had killed Petal's brother, Fox, but knows it was a mistake and Gray Wing would not have wanted it to happen. 
Gray Wing starts to think that Turtle Tail is probably about to cause a scene when Wind Runner calls a meeting, as she is looking at Wind Runner with hard, cold eyes. Wind Runner reports that one of Clear Sky's patrols had attacked her, and Thunder was there. Gray Wing is sick to think that Thunder, the cat he brought up as his own son, is one of "them." She announces that Misty was dead, and when they buried her, there was Thunder's scent on her. The cats are surprised at Wind Runner acting like their leader, and she suggests they bring a patrol to question Clear Sky. Gray Wing offers to lead it, determined to show the cats that he is leader, and not Wind Runner.
As they travel onto Clear Sky's territory, they see Bumble on the ground, severely injured. Cloud Spots attempts to treat her, but he sadly says it is too late. They scent Clear Sky's scent on her body, and Wind Runner notices that there had been a fight. Clear Sky leaps into the middle of the group, saying he was only warning her. He gives Gray Wing a hard, cold look, saying hello to him. Gray Wing feels to shrink underneath his brother's gaze, a gaze that was accusing him of betrayal. Clear Sky calmly explains that he was warning her, and Turtle Tail lashes out at him. When Gray Wing does not say anything, Clear Sky coldly states that he sees where he stands now, and stalks away. Due to the severity of her wounds, Bumble's life slips away from her, and she loses her life on the forest floor. The cats bury Bumble, and return to the camp. They report what has happened, and Gray Wing says that some cat has to get the bottom of what is happening with Clear Sky. Turtle Tail asks if that cat is supposed to be him, and Gray Wing queries who else it could be.
At Clear Sky's camp, Clear Sky states that Frost was too injured to carry out his duties, as he had received a burn from the forest fire. Clear Sky orders Thunder to take Frost into the woods to die, and Thunder is too shocked to agree. Thunder knows it is too cruel, and leaves the forest, stating that he will never trust Clear Sky again. He takes Frost with him, and looks out to the moor. He knows that somewhere out there was Gray Wing. Somewhere out there was hope.

The First Battle

Gray Wing continues to lead the moor cats along with Tall Shadow, in which his friendship with her is increasing.
He is taken back to the Tribe of Rushing Water in a dream, into the old cavern that the Tribe had made their home. He looks around, reflecting on the news that had happened ever since he had left the mountains along with the other traveling cats. He wonders how Quiet Rain is, and Stoneteller, who appears out of nowhere, replies that she is fine. Gray Wing thinks about how Quiet Rain would react if she saw how different Clear Sky was, and how Jagged Peak had crippled his leg. Stoneteller reassures Gray Wing that it is not his fault, as having less makes cat share, and having more makes cats greedy. She warns Gray Wing that there will be war, and Gray Wing is afraid it might be with Clear Sky. Stoneteller seems to be glad he had finally recognized his love for Turtle Tail, and tells him not to forget the cats who love him. Stoneteller tells him he had brought change, and she has faith in him. Gray Wing tries to call out for her, but she disappears, abruptly ending his dream.
Wind Runner paces around the camp, talking about a possible attack with Clear Sky. Gray Wing is hesitant, refusing to forget the fact that Clear Sky was his brother, and that he would never hurt his own kin. Tall Shadow agrees with Wind Runner, but Rainswept Flower points out that they do not want Clear Sky's damp woods and that he does not want the moor. Gorse Fur says that Clear Sky is killing cats to keep his territory but Gray Wing protests that they have no proof. He wonders how Clear Sky could possibly be a murderer. He asks Cloud Spots for his opinion, and Cloud Spots comments that they need more prey. Gray Wing orders cats to go out to hunt, and then Wind Runner, Gray Wing, and Tall Shadow discuss the threat from Clear Sky more thoroughly.
Gray Wing draws a map in the ground, pointing out where Clear Sky's next possible targets for territory expansion might be. Gray Wing is interrupted, hearing Rainswept Flower call out Thunder. For a moment, he believes that she means thunder as in the weather, but he can see Thunder's ginger pelt over the horizon. He notices how his adopted son had grown, and elated, he greets him, asking why he is back on the moor as he had left to live with his father, Clear Sky. At first Thunder doesn't answer directly but while Cloud Spots treats Frost's injuries Thunder explains everything that had happened between him and his father, including how Frost was banished. Gray Wing tells Thunder about Bumble's death and asks if he knows anything.
Thunder says his father hasn't mentioned the kittypet. Then Thunder asks if Gray Wing could talk some sense into Clear Sky, as Gray Wing would be the only cat who he would listen to. Gray Wing asks Tall Shadow if he can go ahead and talk to Clear Sky, but Tall Shadow is hesitant on him going alone. Gray Wing understands, and calls a meeting, asking if any cat wants to join him. Jackdaw's Cry and Gorse Fur volunteer, but Cloud Spots suggests they wait. Gray Wing obliges so, understanding Cloud Spots' reasoning. Gray Wing visits Pebble Heart, who seems to be having a bad dream. He wakes up the young kit, who describes a dream full of bloody fights, saying that it is not right for kin to fight. Pebble Heart tells him that the worst part of the dream was that he was gone, and so was Turtle Tail. Gray Wing wonders if Pebble Heart had the powers of Stoneteller and hopes that this dream will not come true. Gray Wing assures Pebble Heart that he will always be with him, and wills for Clear Sky to compromise him when he sets up his meeting.
Tall Shadow tells Gray Wing she is making Wind Runner and Gorse Fur official members of their group, but Gray Wing notices Thunder is not too enthusiastic. He confides in his adopted father, saying that he does not feel like every cat should be talking about battles and that they should find a peaceful solution. Tall Shadow calls Gray Wing over, informing him that Wind Runner is pregnant. Gray Wing thinks that is fantastic news, while Tall Shadow and Wind Runner believe it is a bad time for kits to be born, with Clear Sky's threat lingering over them.
Tall Shadow publicly announces that she is making Gorse Fur and Wind Runner official members of their group, and agreement sweeps throughout the moor cats, praising them and pointing out notable things that they have done. Rainswept Flower accidently wakes up Gray Wing although she doesn't notice, and she and Jagged Peak leave camp to discuss Clear Sky. Gray Wing silently follows, wanting to hear what they are discussing. Rainswept Flower says they must make Clear Sky see reason and Jagged Peak argues that talking to him won't work stating he had seen how heartless the gray tom had become. Gray Wing wonders if Jagged Peak will ever forgive Clear Sky for sending him away. Jagged Peak states that Gray Wing doesn't know the danger he is putting himself in. Gray Wing wonders if he should confront them but decides against it as he wants to hear what they truly think.
Rainswept Flower and Jagged Peak try to look for a cat who can remind Clear Sky of who he used to be, who can show him how much he changed and who he had become. Jagged Peak realizes it is not him or Gray Wing, and suggests that it could be Rainswept Flower. Rainswept Flower is shocked, and Jagged Peak explains that they had known each other their whole life, and she was a friend of Bright Stream. Gray Wing remembers Bright Stream sadly. Rainswept Flower is not so sure that it is a good idea, and says she will think about it. Gray Wing continues hiding while Rainswept Flower and Jagged Peak return to their nests, he thinks that his younger brother is wrong, and that Clear Sky would listen to him.
At Clear Sky's camp, two rogues named Dew and Thorn tell Clear Sky they had been watching his rivals, describing how Gray Wing and the other cats were talking about how to turn hunting moves into battle moves. They describe a orange tom with big, white paws, which outrages Clear Sky, thinking that his son had gone straight back to Gray Wing. He realizes that Thunder had been Gray Wing's cat all along, and imagines Gray Wing preparing for battle. He growls, saying that if Gray Wing wants battle, he will give him war.
When it is time for Gray Wing to visit Clear Sky, Gray Wing tells Thunder and Jackdaw's Cry that he wants them to visit them alone, without him coming. Thunder asks if he is sure, and Gray Wing nods. He warns the two toms that if it looks dangerous, they need to get out of there as soon as possible. Jackdaw's Cry and Thunder go to Clear Sky's camp, and they tell Clear Sky that Gray Wing is worried about the borders and he wants to meet him at the four trees in a few days. Clear Sky growls, saying that borders make his cats flourish, just as Gray Wing wants his cats to thrive. Clear Sky finally decides that he will meet with Gray Wing, interested on what he will hear. He wonders if Gray Wing will admit he is preparing to fight, and thinks about how long Gray Wing might carry on that lie.
Clear Sky knows he will be ready, and will make sure Gray Wing keeps his word. He looks at Jackdaw's Cry, thinking that if Gray Wing was trying to trick him, he would pay with the life of a campmate. Clear Sky decides he will meet Gray Wing at full moon, which is in two days. Thunder comes back to the moor, reporting to Gray Wing that Clear Sky had asked to hold Jackdaw's Cry in his camp until the meeting was over. Gray Wing wonders if Clear Sky did not trust him - enough to keep a campmate captive. The moor cats exclaim that Jackdaw's Cry will be hurt, and Gray Wing insists he will be safe, wondering if every cat really thought Clear Sky was a monster. Thunder tells Gray Wing about a kittypet named Tom who had asked to meet Turtle Tail, and Gray Wing is shocked. Turtle Tail says she must, and Gray Wing tries to stop her. Turtle Tail explains that if she does not meet with him, he will find her, and will know where the kits are. Gray Wing states that he is coming with her, and Tall Shadow tags along.
Thunder leads Gray Wing, Tall Shadow, and Turtle Tail to where he had left Tom. Tom states that he had been there to pay his respects to Bumble. Tom asks Turtle Tail to come back with him, as he misses their "play fights". Turtle Tail is outraged, and attacks Tom. Gray Wing pulls them apart, and Tom comments that Turtle Tail had kitted. Turtle Tail pretends to say that her kits mean nothing to her, but she accidentally reveals her fierce love for them, which intrigues Tom. He states that they probably want to know their father. Gray Wing leaves Tom and goes back to camp, but he is attacked by a bout of sickness once more. Turtle Tail leads him calmly to camp, and he collapses onto his nest.
In his dream, he sees Stoneteller once more, who tells him to wake up, her eyes blazing. The Healer tells Gray Wing that his loved ones are in danger, and Gray Wing wakes up. Turtle Tail tells him that Wind Runner had begun her kitting. During Wind Runner's kitting, Gray Wing whispers that this is not a good time for kits to be born, and now there was danger. Gray Wing whispers that Thunder will lead them through it, and he knows he will. Her kitting goes successfully, but Thunder and Turtle Tail notice something - that Turtle Tail and Gray Wing's kits are gone.
A desperate cry for help rings through Gray Wing's ears, and he recognizes it as Turtle Tail's voice. He is disappointed that Thunder had not found the kits yet, and Jagged Peak reports that Wind Runner had kitted safely. Jagged Peak tells Gray Wing that a kittypet had took Turtle Tail's kits, and Gray Wing guesses that it was Tom. As the moor cats settle down to eat, Tall Shadow asks Gray Wing if he had thought about what he was going to say to Clear Sky. Shattered Ice points out that Clear Sky is a coward and is greedy, and Gray Wing wonders if he is expanding his borders due to the loss of his loved ones, to make sure that never happens again.
Gray Wing decides to scout the four trees to find the best place to meet with Clear Sky, and Tall Shadow goes with him. Gray Wing finds a large rock, and climbs up it. He decides this would be a good spot to talk to Clear Sky, as it would both remind them of the mountain crags they had sat upon, and thinks it might help Clear Sky remember the cat he used to be. Gray Wing decides he will meet with Clear Sky alone, and Tall Shadow tells him sharply that will not happen, as Gray Wing had not asked Clear Sky to meet him alone. Gray Wing realizes that he cannot predict his brother's move, as he was once able to do, and assumed they would meet as brothers. She tells him she is not risking his life, and will come with him, along with Thunder. Gray Wing asks if Clear Sky would really hurt him. Tall Shadow replies that she does not know what Clear Sky is capable of anymore.
Gray Wing returns to camp, and Gorse Fur solemnly report that Wind Runner had lost one of her kits. Gray Wing is flabbergasted, and Gorse Fur elaborates, saying that Emberkit had died. Gray Wing tries to comfort Wind Runner, saying it is better if Emberkit is in a better place. Wind Runner snaps at Gray Wing, saying that he was not a mother - or a father. She continues, yowling that just because Gray Wing borrowed Turtle Tail's kits and pretended they were his own does not mean he knows what it is like to lose a kit. She states that she hopes Gray Wing never has to say goodbye to a kit, and if he does, she will remind him that the kit is in a better place, and maybe that will give him some comfort. Hawk Swoop comforts Gray Wing, telling him that Wind Runner does not know what she is saying. Gray Wing understands that grief is the hardest thing for one to go through, but her words hit him. He wonders where Turtle Tail is, willing she brings her kits with her, as he needs both her and his children.
Thunder, River Ripple, and Lightning Tail successfully work together to bring the kits back on the moor. They charge into camp, yowling, looking for Turtle Tail. Gray Wing, although elated at his kits' return, is confused about why Turtle Tail had not returned. He offers to go out looking for her, but Thunder blocks his way, gently explaining that she is dead. Gray Wing tells him not to be mouse-brained, as she would not leave her kits. Sparrow Fur is outraged, asking why they brought them back to camp if their mother is dead. Gray Wing is grief-stricken, promising the kits he will look after them just as Turtle Tail had. Gray Wing thinks about her, how she had lifted his spirits and reassured him when things were dark. Gray Wing does not know how she can be gone.
The next morning, Wind Runner apologizes to Gray Wing, saying that she should not have wished grief on him. It is time to bury Emberkit, and although they cannot bury Turtle Tail due to her body being in the Twolegplace, they honor her in their burial. During the burial, Gray Wing vows to Turtle Tail that he will never forget her, and he will raise their kits to be safe among the moor. Tall Shadow tells Gray Wing to rest as the meeting with Clear Sky is soon, and Gray Wing wonders how they can argue about territory after the tragedy they had just witnessed. He closes his eyes, imaging that Turtle Tail would tell him he was the only one who could stop Clear Sky from dragging all cats into war.
The cats get ready for the meeting with Clear Sky, and Gray Wing asks Pebble Heart if he will be okay. Pebble Heart warns Gray Wing that danger lies in the hollow. As Thunder walks side by side with Gray Wing towards the four trees, he asks about Pebble Heart, and Gray Wing swiftly explains that Pebble Heart has important dreams, like Stoneteller. Gray Wing tells Thunder not to repeat this to anyone else, as he only confided in Thunder in case something happened to him. He explains that Pebble Heart had dreamed of a battle in this hollow, and they realize that Clear Sky had brought every single cat from his territory in the hollow. Clear Sky calls for Gray Wing, telling him and his companions to show themselves so they could talk. Thunder catches his breath, hoping that Gray Wing is wrong about Pebble Heart's dreams.
The meeting begins, and Thunder tries to talk. Clear Sky silences him, saying he has always been Gray Wing's cat. Gray Wing apologizes for Thunder's behavior, and prompts Clear Sky to remember what it was like to have a full belly. He tries to get Clear Sky to remember the exhilaration of the journey, and how they had all worked together to find a new home. Clear Sky retorts that he remembers the cats who died, and how unwelcoming the rogue cats were. Tall Shadow interferes, stating that the forest is not theirs to control, and what laid there did not grow for them to use. She asks if they can be united in that. Clear Sky looks like he is going to agree, but Jackdaw's Cry triumphantly catches a bat, and announces his success. Jackdaw's Cry tells Gray Wing he had not been able to eat ever since he went to Clear Sky's camp, and Thunder is shocked, remembering that Clear Sky had promised to keep Jackdaw's Cry safe.
He tries to bring it up, but Clear Sky silences him, accusing him of betraying him and telling him he may as well not exist. Clear Sky orders his cats to attack. The forest cats attack the moor cats who had been sitting in the clearing, and Gray Wing and Thunder are the only cats left on the rock. Clear Sky hisses, telling them to sit back and watch their cats die. Gray Wing gets the cats up on the rock, and orders Thunder to fetch backup. Gray Wing attempts to distract Clear Sky so Thunder can fetch help, yowling at the forest cats, asking if they are proud that they are fighting their leader's battle for him. Clear Sky asks his own cats why they are listening to a cat who only left the mountains to follow his littermate. He states that Gray Wing was born to follow, and he was born to lead. Thunder uses the tunnels to fetch help, remembering how Gray Wing had taught him the maze of tunnels underground. Thunder wonders how his father could have betrayed his own brother, and knows that he has to save Gray Wing.
Thunder returns to the four trees with a large fighting force. He sees three figures on top of the Great Rock, and Clear Sky welcomes him back. Thunder states that they are here to rescue Gray Wing and the others, and Clear Sky slyly tells him to come and get them. Thunder leads his cats into battle, and Petal yowls, saying that Gray Wing is hers. She attacks Gray Wing, saying that it is revenge for her brother, Fox. Dew joins the attack, and Thunder helps Gray Wing in driving both of them off. Thunder announces that they are not finished yet, and Petal says that they are not finished until Gray Wing is dead. Gray Wing wrestles with another tabby cat.
When Rainswept Flower insults Clear Sky, Clear Sky attacks her and kills her, stating that he is not greedy, just strong. Gray Wing launches himself at Clear Sky out of pure anger, swiping his brother viciously. Clear Sky tells him that if he had not killed Rainswept Flower, some other cat would have. Gray Wing and Clear Sky battle each other, and Thunder notes that they had play-fought as kits, so they knew each other's every move. He realizes that this time, it was not playing. They were out for blood. Clear Sky snarls at Gray Wing, asking why he always has to challenge him. He tells him that he should have just let him make the boundaries he wanted - but instead, he had brought them war.
Gray Wing tells him that he had betrayed the cats who were once his kin and the cats who had traveled with him from the mountains. He asks if this is what Clear Sky really wanted. He inquires if they left the mountains just to kill one another. Gray Wing hisses, saying he is glad Storm is dead, as she would not want to see any of this. Clear Sky hurls himself at Gray Wing, telling his brother not to mention Storm's name. Falling Feather corners Thunder, and Thunder states that Falling Feather cannot let Gray Wing be killed by Clear Sky. The vicious battle continues, until Thunder brings his attention again to the battling brothers.
Clear Sky is standing over Gray Wing, demanding that he gives in. Gray Wing replies never, and Clear Sky repeats himself. He lifts a paw, ready to deliver the death blow. Thunder freezes. Gray Wing rasps at Clear Sky to kill him - to kill him and live with the memory, then to tell the stars he won. Clear Sky begs his brother that he does not make him do this, as all he wanted for cats to be safe. Gray Wing tells him that he is so greedy for power, he would kill his own littermate to get it. Clear Sky turns away, stating that he cannot. He orders the battle to stop.
The battling cats look over the dead bodies. Hawk Swoop is one of them, and Clear Sky grunts that they are acting like kits. Gray Wing points out that the cats grieving over Hawk Swoop were her kits. Clear Sky states that Thunder was not, and Gray Wing tells him that Hawk Swoop raised Thunder. Shattered Ice asks Gray Wing if he is okay, and Gray Wing replies that he is, sending Shattered Ice back to camp to get his wounds treated. Tall Shadow tells Gray Wing she is not leaving him alone with Clear Sky.
River Ripple comes to the hollow, saying that they brought death to the forest. Gray Wing agrees that they had taken their territory defending too far, and when Wind Runner calls Clear Sky greedy, Gray Wing tells her that in the mountains, Clear Sky had given up his food for Fluttering Bird. He states that no cat changes that much, and Clear Sky is surprised at how Gray Wing is standing up for him. Gray Wing asks his brother why they cannot live side by side together. Starry spirits emerge in the hollow of the four trees, Storm being among them. Gray Wing is shocked, knowing that Storm had died.
They see all of the cats who had died in the battle - Jackdaw's Cry, Falling Feather, Hawk Swoop, Fircone, and several other cats who had died on the journey from the mountains and who had died in their time in the forest. He sees Emberkit, and greets her warmly. He comes face to face with Turtle Tail, and he exclaims that he thought he would never see her again. Turtle Tail thanks River Ripple for finding her kits, and scolds Clear Sky for all of the killing that had transpired in the hollow. She orders Clear Sky to leave, as she must speak with Gray Wing. Gray Wing begs for her to stay with him, but Turtle Tail calls him selfish, stating that she is here for all of the other cats, not just him. Gray Wing wonders if he really wants to know what the spirit cats have to say.
After Storm berates Clear Sky for accusing River Ripple of not knowing what is going on, Gray Wing fixes his gaze on a shooting star. Cloud Spots realizes that it is a sign, and Storm states that they all live under the same stars. Fircone continues, saying that the same moon shines in their nests, and Shattered Ice finishes their message, telling them to unite or die. Clear Sky understands, saying that they will live as one. Thunder points out that Gray Wing hates living under the trees. As the spirit cats start to leave, Turtle Tail turns around, bidding farewell to Gray Wing. Gray Wing weaves around the dead bodies, and Clear Sky asks what they just saw. Gray Wing responds that he truthfully does not know. The cats are still perplexed by what happened, and Tall Shadow declares they must bury the bodies first.

The Blazing Star

Gray Wing crouches on top of the hollow in the moor, watching his denmates sleep. He yawns, and finds himself back in the mountain cave. He notices a few updates that had occurred when he left - such as Dewy Leaf bearing Moon Shadow's kits. Gray Wing notices Stoneteller, who is padding towards her den. Gray Wing recalls how private it is, and thinks that since this is a dream, she would not know if he follows her. He follows her through the cave, and much to his shock, Stoneteller asks why he is following her, without turning around. Gray Wing tries to explain, but Stoneteller gently replies that she allowed him to follow her in this dream. Gray Wing is shocked, pointing out that he lives so far away now. Stoneteller looks at him, telling him that part of his heart will always belong in the mountains. Stoneteller tells Gray Wing that a great destiny awaits him and his friends, but it will not wait forever.
Back at the four trees, in the aftermath of the great battle, Gray Wing and his friends bury the cats killed in the battle. After everyone works together to make sure their friends are buried underneath the ground, Tall Shadow yowls that this must never happen again. She adds that the cats must work together peacefully, and they will return to the four trees next moon to hear the second message from the spirit cats. Clear Sky yowls his agreement, relieved that there are cats to tell them what to do. Gray Wing turns to Clear Sky, suddenly compassionate. He understands why Clear Sky was so productive and hostile. He realizes that his responsibilities have been too much for him, and he asked too much of himself while he was trying to do the right thing.
Tall Shadow decides that any cat should receive help, and looks at Gray Wing, asking him if he agrees due to the fact that she thinks he is a leader. Gray Wing hands over his leadership to Thunder, saying that he had proved himself as a leader in battle, and he is the one Tall Shadow should look to in times like this. Gray Wing states that he has to think about what has happened, and what the future will hold. Thunder is worried that Gray Wing is distancing himself, remembering how Gray Wing was like a father to him. Gray Wing crouches down with grief, looking as if he had been weakened by his illness.  The cats separate, deciding to go back to their respective homes - or changing homes if they wish. Acorn Fur chooses to go with Clear Sky, much to Lightning Tail's dismay. Thunder leads his cats back to the moor, and they come across Mouse Ear, Mud Paws, and Holly. They ask if they can join the moor cats, and Thunder accepts them.
The next moon, Gray Wing sits in the hollow of the four trees, looking at the grave of the dead cats. He knows that nothing would erase the scars in his hearts, and vows to himself that no act will forget this is a burial place. He tells himself that he will also make sure Turtle Tail is honored in this very place, as she should not have died alone in Twolegplace. He hears River Ripple's voice, who meows sadly that he had never seen as much death as he had last moon. River Ripple tells him that next greenleaf, this hollow will be sheltered by wildflowers. He tells him he should not keep returning, and Gray Wing asks how he knows what he was doing, as River Ripple had previously stated that he had not been in the hollow since the battle a moon ago.
River Ripple laughs, asking Gray Wing if he had learned nothing. He points out that although he is a loner, he knows more than any cat. He tells Gray Wing to stop tormenting himself, and that he should go back to the cats who love him. Gray Wing tells him that he cannot bear to think of the deceased cats, all alone. River Ripple replies that they are not alone, and he must think of the living cats now. Gray Wing thanks the silver-furred tom for being so kind, asking him if he is sure he does not want to come to the hollow to live with them. River Ripple politely declines his offer, but he tells Gray Wing they will see him again when they meet again, as he would be too curious to stay away. River Ripple tells Gray Wing that if he catches him here again, he will demand prey from his next hunt.
Gray Wing leaps away from the trees, stating he would have to catch him first. Gray Wing goes back to camp, pleased with Thunder's leadership. He reflects on how Thunder used to trip over his big paws a kit, and now he was much different. Gray Wing asks Pebble Heart if he had any more dreams, but Pebble Heart replies no. Gray Wing can sense he is not telling the truth, and thinks that he out of all cats could be the one Pebble Heart could confide in. He reminds himself that Pebble Heart will share with him when the time is right, and he would gain nothing by nagging him. Thunder tells Gray Wing that it is not long before the meeting at the four trees, and asks him if the spirit cats will come again. Gray Wing replies that he does not know, but they need to unite or die: as that was what they promised.
At the four trees, Gray Wing notices that the cats from Clear Sky's camp and Tall Shadow's camp are getting along much better. They assume that the worst is behind them, and they can start making plans for the future. Gray Wing is relieved when his brother, Clear Sky, walks over. He notices that the silver-furred tom looks much more relaxed and friendly. Although unsure that the spirit cats would make an appearance, they rise from mist and greet the early settlers. They give a warning to the cats: telling them that in order to survive, they must grow and spread like The Blazing StarAll of the cats are confused, and Gray Wing realizes that his worries about troubles not being over were in fact correct. A ginger furred tabby walks into the clearing, stating that she wishes the spirit cats could be more clear. Gray Wing wonders if she is a part of Clear Sky's group, and Gray Wing sees Thunder, whom is instantly fascinated with her. Gray Wing purrs, thinking that Thunder may be a leader, but he is still very young.
Gray Wing visits Clear Sky's camp with some of his companions. He inquires as to why Clear Sky had taken in Tom, the cat who had stolen Turtle Tail's kits. Clear Sky retorts to Gray Wing that he thought he out of all cats would be fair and open-minded of things. He lashes out at Gray Wing, stating that it would be within Thunder's rights to drive a broken cat such as him out of his home. Gray Wing stays silent, Clear Sky's words touching a nerve, and there is hurt in his eyes. Clear Sky meekly apologizes to Gray Wing, purring that he would always give him a home. Acorn Fur invites Gray Wing to join them, and Clear Sky replies that Gray Wing has a perfectly good home of his own.
Gray Wing notices that there is a new arrival in Clear Sky's camp. When Gray Wing and the others travel back to camp, Mouse Ear explains that the problem with Clear Sky's new recruits is that one of them is an old enemy of theirs. Holly snarls, asking if it is One Eye. Holly explains that One Eye is a thief and a bully, and he manipulates other cats to stir up trouble. Tall Shadow asks what Gray Wing thinks of this, and Gray Wing tries to explain that Clear Sky thinks he is doing the right thing. The cats suggest that they start training - not just if there is a threat to meet Clear Sky's new recruits in battle, but just to be prepared to defend themselves from badgers, foxes, and dogs.
As they practice battle training, Pebble Heart jumps back with a shriek. Pebble Heart leans over a dead mouse, whose belly is swollen. It has open sores on its body and foam from its mouse. Thunder orders everyone to get back, and Pebble Heart, Gray Wing, and Thunder bury the mouse. Gray Wing states that they need to find a stream to wash their paws in, just in case. He sighs, noting that this is not a good sign. At the camp, Gray Wing decides to tell Mouse Ear, Holly, and Mud Paws about the warning from the spirit cats. They are reluctant to believe him, and Mouse Ear suggests that the Blazing Star is some kind of five-petaled plant. Gray Wing gets excited, asking where it is. Tall Shadow thinks they should go back to the mountains, recalling that a plant of that description had grown there.
Gray Wing stares at Tall Shadow, unable to process what she just said, not knowing how they can go back to the mountains after all they had been through. Mouse Ear goes back to his original idea, proposing to cross the Thunderpath in order to find the Blazing Star. Although Gray Wing is hesitant about crossing the Thunderpath, he knows that getting the plant is vital. He notices Holly whispering to Jagged Peak, and Gray Wing thinks that Holly is good for him. He hopes that Holly does not push his younger brother too far.
Gray Wing wakes up from a deep sleep, wondering where his kits were. He recalls how Tom was in the forest, and how he was responsible for Turtle Tail's death. He hears a yowl from Wind Runner, and rushes out from his den, realizing that her kit, Morning Whisker, has the sickness that the mouse had been infected with. Wind Runner wails, and Pebble Heart rushes over to treat Morning Whisker. Gray Wing tells Pebble Heart to stay away, but realizes that he knows what he is doing, and he is special. Gray Wing tells Wind Runner not to lose hope, as Morning Whisker will be okay. Wind Runner tells him it is easy for him to say, as all his kits are alive and healthy.
Gray Wing responds that his kits may be well and healthy, but his mate is gone, and he knows grief. He tells Wind Runner that she cannot let grief overwhelm her, and her other kits need her. Gray Wing realizes that one of his kits is unaccounted for, and asks Owl Eyes where Sparrow Fur is. Owl Eyes replies that she went to find their father, and Gray Wing winces at the fact that they are referring to Tom as their father, although he knows it is true. Owl Eyes tells Gray Wing that Jagged Peak let her go, and Gray Wing feels okay with it for a moment. He realizes that it is dangerous as Sparrow Fur could encounter anything, such as dogs, foxes, or badgers. He finds Jagged Peak, and his younger brother does not realize he had done anything wrong.
Jagged Peak tells Gray Wing that Sparrow Fur was almost grown up, and they are old enough to make their own decisions. Gray Wing is puzzled, and Jagged Peak goes on. He tells Gray Wing that he cannot protect any cat forever, no matter how hard he tries. Gray Wing wonders if he is referring to the fact that Gray Wing had treated him, but Gray Wing cannot find fault in protecting his brother. Jagged Peak tells Gray Wing he is going to be a father, and Gray Wing is shocked. He remembers Jagged Peak as the tiny kit he had left the mountains to find him. Jagged Peak tells Gray Wing that he hopes he can be as good as a father to Holly's kits as Gray Wing was to Turtle Tail's. Gray Wing recalls on how he promised Quiet Rain that he would take care of Jagged Peak, and he had done his best to keep that promise. He wonders if he had kept his promise by protecting him so fiercely.
Thunder calls a meeting, ordering to be cautious around Morning Whisker and careful while hunting prey. Gray Wing asks Thunder when Morning Whisker got sick, and Thunder tells him after moonhigh. Thunder confides in Gray Wing, stating how worried he is and does not know what to do. Gray Wing tells him that he was the last cat he should ask, as he is still grieving too. Gray Wing wonders by if staying in Thunder's camp, if he was always here for him to consult, if he was holding Thunder back. Gray Wing turns to the moor, seeing a cat running with great speed. Gray Wing reflects that only Wind Runner has that speed, and whoever ran as fast as her was obviously in need of something. He realizes it as his brother, Clear Sky.
Clear Sky bursts into the camp, unable to speak. Gray Wing waits for him to catch his breath, surprised at how his strong, fit brother was unable to speak despite surviving the fire after Gray Wing had been so injured after the forest fire. Clear Sky explains how he made a dreadful mistake, and hears Morning Whisker. Gray Wing tells him that the tiny kit is ill, and Clear Sky notes that his news will worry the cats even more. Gray Wing rasps that he needs to say it regardless. Clear Sky tells Gray Wing that Sparrow Fur had come to his camp, but was attacked by One Eye. Gray Wing is shocked, asking if Sparrow Fur was dead. Clear Sky replies that she is alive, but seriously hurt.
Gray Wing turns to Jagged Peak, furious at his brother for allowing Sparrow Fur out. Clear Sky apologies, believing it is his fault. Gray Wing states that it was not Clear Sky's fault, but Jagged Peak's. Jagged Peak apologizes to Gray Wing, stating that he should have checked in with him but Sparrow Fur was insistent on going to Clear Sky's camp. Gray Wing is furious that Jagged Peak had let a young kit leave the camp alone, hissing at him that he does not deserve to be a father as his kit is fighting for her life because of him. Jagged Peak leaps at Gray Wing, and the two wrestle. Clear Sky breaks it apart. Clear Sky says that he did not come here to see them fight, and tells Gray Wing he thinks that Sparrow Fur should stay in Gray Wing's camp.
Gray Wing asks if he really welcomed One Eye after what he did, and Clear Sky tells him that he told the rogue he never wanted to see a hair on his pelt again. Clear Sky says that until he gets his group settled again, he thinks that Sparrow Fur should not be there. Gray Wing feels little respect for his brother, angered that his kit's life is in danger because Clear Sky was not sure he could protect her from One Eye. Gray Wing shoulders past Clear Sky, stating that he needs to rescue his kit, and in her mother's memory he would not allow her to be treated like this. Gray Wing tells Owl Eyes and Pebble Heart that their sister is hurt, but Pebble Heart insists on staying back at the camp because he cannot leave Morning Whisker. Gray Wing takes Owl Eyes to rescue Sparrow Fur. 
He asks Owl Eyes why Sparrow Fur was so keen on visiting Tom. Owl Eyes replies that they felt like an orphan, not knowing who their father was, especially when half their kin was alive. Gray Wing is hurt, his heart cracking, wondering if it counts for anything that he did his best to be a father to these kits. Owl Eyes realizes his mistake, and says that he loves Gray Wing, and they always will. He stammers, lost for words. Gray Wing bitterly asks Owl Eyes if he is their father. Owl Eyes replies that they just wanted to know their father, the cat whose blood they carried.
Gray Wing remembers how Clear Sky had told him that Tom died, and stops for a moment. Gray Wing tells Owl Eyes that their father is dead, as One Eye killed him when he was trying to protect Sparrow Fur. Owl Eyes stops. He is grief-stricken, and tells Gray Wing that he cannot come with him. Gray Wing apologizes for not telling him sooner, and Owl Eyes adds that he cannot face Clear Sky after he allowed One Eye into his group. Gray Wing understands, and Owl Eyes runs back to camp. Gray Wing sees Sparrow Fur, impressed with how well she is being taken care of. Sparrow Fur says she would like to stay with Clear Sky for the time being, and she asks if Gray Wing would like to stay as well. Gray Wing politely declines the offer, knowing that he cannot be in a camp with One Eye.
He knows that Sparrow Fur is in good paws, and does not need to be in the camp anymore. Gray Wing leaves the camp, feeling hurt that no cat calls after him. He realizes that no cat really needs him, and finds his way back to the four trees. He hears River Ripple, who presses against him. River Ripple reminds Gray Wing that he thought he had told him to stay away from this place. River Ripple tells him that it is not doing anything good for him, and invites him to go to his island with him. Gray Wing is startled that the independent loner is offering a home to him. River Ripple pads away, asking if he is coming or not. Gray Wing replies that he is, and follows River Ripple to his camp.
At the moor camp, the cats notice that Gray Wing had been gone for an awfully long time, and they start to worry, especially Thunder. The days pass, and Thunder hopes that some cat will find Gray Wing, as there had been no sign of him. At the meeting at the four trees in which Clear Sky had decided upon to discuss the issue with the sick cats, River Ripple is there. He announces that he had brought a friend with him, and Thunder realizes it is Gray Wing. Thunder is relieved that Gray Wing is safe, and demands what happened to him. Gray Wing explains that Sparrow Fur did not need him, and he could not face going to the hollow. He states that he needed to be alone.
River Ripple adds that he found Gray Wing near the grave in the four trees, and took him to his river island. Gray Wing says he will be staying there for a little bit because he needs time to think. Thunder does not know what he needs to think about, and tells him that they need him in his camp. Gray Wing asks if he is just getting in the way. He states that he does not feel angry, but he feels that he is interfering with Tall Shadow and Thunder's leadership. He adds that three leaders seems to be too much. Thunder says that he thought it was going well, as they were all working together fine. Gray Wing tells Thunder that he cannot hold him back from being the cat he needs to be. He says that he needs to think about the next step for him, and he needs space to do that.
Tall Shadow says that she sees his point, but tells him that Pebble Heart and Owl Eyes were very worried about him when he disappeared out of the blue. Gray Wing apologizes, saying that he realized it was wrong and he would never do it again. The cats discuss the sickness, and Tall Shadow wonders how they can stop it from spreading. Gray Wing suggests that they make boundaries so their groups can separate and not mix. He adds that they need to respect the boundaries. Thunder is shocked, knowing that Gray Wing had strongly opposed boundaries since the very beginning. Gray Wing points out that they are vulnerable now, and they have good leaders, but too many for two groups. Tall Shadow suggests that she leaves into the marsh and the pine forests, but she then proposes that they stay in their two groups, and Gray Wing can continue to stay with River Ripple. Gray Wing tells Tall Shadow that it is not much different than how they are living now, Tall Shadow tells him that now is not the time to make large changes. 
Gray Wing sits near a bush at River Ripple's camp. He reflects on how the last few days living with his silver-furred friend had been. He is still uneasy of cats getting their paws wet, but was intrigued by the new hunting skill as well. He notes how Dappled Pelt was able to catch fish in the mountains. Gray Wing feels guilty that River Ripple and his campmates provided him with food, and he knows that he cannot go much longer like this. He thinks that he will lose all of his hunting skills, and he is being cared for like a kit when he was formerly a leader. He is pleased that his breathing is easier, and hopes Thunder is taking his rightful place as leader of the moor cats.
Gray Wing suggests that he contributes to the hunting, and asks if he can hunt over on the moor. River Ripple decides to come with him. Gray Wing runs across Dew, who is leaning over a vole infected with the same sickness Morning Whisker has. Dew decides to go back to camp, and Gray Wing asks River Ripple if they can hunt voles underneath the tunnels. They disturb the tunnels, and they find several voles, and they are able to catch a few. River Ripple urges him away, stating they do not need that much prey. Gray Wing follows him away, feeling hurt. He tells the tom that he just wanted to contribute to feel useful, and feels his chest acting up again.
River Ripple tells Gray Wing that he did not need to prove himself to him, as he had seen everything he had done and the way he led his cats. River Ripple adds that any cat could see he was hurting, and he was happy to give him a place to retreat to. River Ripple pushes a vole towards Gray Wing, asking if he knows some kits who could use the food. Gray Wing is astonished by his wisdom, asking how he knew. He knows it is true that he had not stopped thinking about Pebble Heart and Owl Eyes - and Sparrow Fur as well. He wonders if Sparrow Fur's injuries are better, and how Pebble Heart is coping as a healer. He hopes that Owl Eyes is not being overlooked as his brother had grown up so quickly, and wants Owl Eyes to enjoy being a kit.
Gray Wing tells River Ripple that he feels it is time for him to go home. River Ripple nods in understanding, adding that he wondered how long it would take for him to realize that. He tells Gray Wing that if he ever needs refuge, he knows where he is. Gray Wing feels bad to leave a cat who had been such a good friend to him, and asks if River Ripple would like to come to the hollow with him. River Ripple declines the offer, reminding him that at the four trees that they decided they should isolate until the sickness was no longer a threat. He also states that the island was his home and he could not live anywhere else.
Gray Wing touches noses with River Ripple, thanking him for everything he had done, and he will never forget that. Gray Wing leaves his friend, and comes across Wind Runner, who had set up her own camp in the moor after leaving Tall Shadow. Gray Wing catches the eye of a dark gray furred she-cat, and Wind Runner introduces her as Slate. Slate greets Gray Wing, commenting that they both have colors in their names. Slate asks Gray Wing if he is coming to live with them, and Gray Wing tells her he is going to the hollow for now. An idea forms in his mind, but he does not state it. Slate offers to come with him part of the way, explaining to him that her brother was killed in a fox attack.
Gray Wing realizes that it is special for a cat to show her vulnerable side to someone she just met. They stop when they see the hollow, and Slate wishes him good luck. Gray Wing is puzzled, asking what for. Slate tells him for the challenges ahead, commenting that she can feel them resting heavily on his shoulders. Gray Wing comes back to Tall Shadow's camp, who is glad to see him. She asks if he is glad to be home, and Gray Wing replies he thinks so, adding that it is good for now. He wonders how long it will be good for.
Thunder is glad to see Gray Wing home, and Gray Wing tells Thunder that it is good to see him again. Clear Sky is in the camp, and Gray Wing knows that One Eye had taken over his camp. Gray Wing tells Thunder there is even worse news, and Jagged Peak screeches that Holly has the sickness. They start to discuss how they can cross over into Clear Sky's territory to get the Blazing Star, although they know they would not be able to get there without a fight. Thunder and Clear Sky both look at Gray Wing, and Clear Sky finds himself begging Gray Wing to tell them what to do.
Gray Wing tells the cats listening to him that it is too soon to propose an attack on One Eye, as he would be preparing for them. Gray Wing adds that they need to be patient, and tells the cats that they will need courage to go through with what Gray Wing is about to suggest. He asks if they are in, and the cats cheer. Clear Sky thinks that Gray Wing is good at getting cats on his side, and Gray Wing continues with his plan. He states that they need to go after the Blazing Star, so they can use it to heal the cats who had fallen ill, which means they would be in a stronger position if they do attack One Eye. Gray Wing continues that it is true cats have died on the Thunderpath, but many had crossed it and survived. He adds that it is vital they get the Blazing Star.
Gray Wing orders Jagged Peak to lead the patrol, and Clear Sky volunteers to go as well. Gray Wing quietly tells Clear Sky that this was a mission for their younger brother, and he wants him to give the chance to accept himself. The patrol goes and attempts to fetch the Blazing Star, but they are attacked by One Eye. Jagged Peak returns to camp with his patrol, apologizing to Gray Wing and how he had failed utterly. Gray Wing meows that it was a shame about the Blazing Star, but he had hoped something like that would happen. Clear Sky is shocked, asking if Gray Wing wanted One Eye to rip their pelts off. Gray Wing tells his brother that now that One Eye thinks they are cowardly, he would not expect more trouble from them, which means they could move onto the next stage of Gray Wing's plan. Gray Wing explains that he is working on the last details now, and he will tell them about it at sunset.
Gray Wing explains his plan at sunset. He draws out a map, drawing out all of the territories and pointing to a place on the map. Clear Sky, confused, says that it is empty. Gray Wing nods, stating that it was an empty space a good way from where any cat lived. he adds that it is a free, open space where any cat on his own would be terribly vulnerable. Clear Sky asks if Gray Wing wants them to attack One Eye there. Thunder is unsure of Gray Wing's plan. After Star Flower, who had barged into the camp, departs, Gray Wing continues with his plan. He thinks they should attack from all sides, and they should find some more cats to help them. Gray Wing says he will ask River Ripple for his help.
Clear Sky decides that he should be the cat to lure One Eye out on the empty space, challenging One Eye to a one-on-one fight. Gray Wing argues with him, saying it is too dangerous, afraid for his brother, but Clear Sky points out that all of the cats will spring out after a little bit. Gray Wing goes out to look at the place he had decided for an attack, and accidentally runs into a fox. Slate comes to his rescue, helping Gray Wing beat the fox. Slate leads Gray Wing to a stream, purring that only special cats were allowed there. Gray Wing confesses that he is not used to cats making a fuss out of him, and Slate is surprised, asking if he does not know how well respected he was. She says that Wind Runner has a lot to say about him - all good, though.
Gray Wing stammers that he needs to get back to the hollow, saying they need him there. Slate reminds him of how he gave her the impression that he had mixed feelings about his home in the hollow, and Gray Wing turns defensive, saying he was finding a place for a battle. He spills the whole story to Slate, about One Eye and his treacherous ways. Slate offers to help, explaining she can watch over Gorse Fur and Wind Runner's kits if they decide to join the battle. Gray Wing wonders if he would ever stop thanking her for her help, realizing that he does not seem very capable without her. Slate assures him that he is. Slate walks Gray Wing back to the hollow, and Gray Wing confesses to her that he would explore other ideas and other places to live, even if it meant living on his own for a while.
Slate murmurs that he does not have to be alone, and Gray Wing wonders if she means what he thinks she means. He wonders how he could rely so heavily on a cat he just met. As the battle nears, Thunder sees Gray Wing on Tall Shadow's rock. He asks Gray Wing why he left, and he needs him. Gray Wing replies that he does not need him, and if he keeps believing that he does, it will hold him back. Thunder asks if he will stay now, and Gray Wing does not respond. Gray Wing orders Thunder to keep going, and Thunder still thinks about Gray Wing as he goes off. Thunder asks River Ripple to join, adding that Gray Wing was behind all of this. River Ripple states that if Gray Wing was behind this, he would join as well, showing his loyalty to his friend. 
The time to confront One Eye has come, leaving Clear Sky to fight a one-on-one battle with him. Their plan turns sideways as One Eye's rogues turn up, and he tells Clear Sky that he had help, introducing his daughter, Star Flower. Gray Wing whispers to Thunder that he had been betrayed. Gray Wing is shocked that his plan had turned upside down, distraught that he had let his cats down. River Ripple leads the cats away from Clear Sky, who is being mocked and attacked by One Eye's rogues. Gray Wing realizes that they have to do something before they kill Clear Sky. He suggests that they can use the sun to help them - climbing high onto a tree and calling out to One Eye. He continues, saying that One Eye would look up to investigate and the sun would blind him, making him unable to see that the tree was full of cats. He adds that they pounce afterwards.
As they go through with their plan, Gray Wing feels his heart crack at his brother in such pain. The plan works, as One Eye looks up to the tree after Sparrow Fur called him, and all the cats are on the tree. One Eye is unable to see them, blinded by the sun, and the cats pounce. Gray Wing fights One Eye, feeling as if it was like battling three different cats. Star Flower tries to attack Gray Wing, but he kicks her away, thinking that was for Thunder. One Eye is killed, and Star Flower grieves, which almost touches Gray Wing's heart. Gray Wing follows Tall Shadow to get the Blazing Star, but Thunder stops him, asking what he should do. Gray Wing tells him to do as his heart tells him, and he trusts him. Thunder watches the cat who was almost like his father walk away, feeling sad that Gray Wing did not want to advise him, but appreciated his faith in him. 
In a dream, Gray Wing tells Thunder it is time to go to the four trees, feeling the spirits calling to them. Together, the two travel to the trees, seeing River Ripple, Tall Shadow, Clear Sky, and Wind Runner. Rainswept Flower and Turtle Tail greet them, touching upon what they had said before - unite or die. Turtle Tail states that a Blazing Star has five petals, just as a cat's paws has five claws. She and Rainswept Flower tell them to grow and spread, repeating it in a chorus. Thunder breaks the dream to a halt by exclaiming, and Gray Wing sounds unusually irritable as he scolds him. Gray Wing says that he has an idea of what the spirit cats might mean, and Gray Wing goes to see if Tall Shadow had the dream as well.
After she confirms she did, Gray Wing has a feeling that they need to go to the four trees to discuss it. He, Tall Shadow, and Thunder reach the four trees, seeing the other leaders there. The leaders have a squabble over what the message might mean, and Gray Wing murmurs that it definitely did not mean for them to live in the same group. The leaders declare that they will unite with one another, and Thunder still wonders what growing and spreading like the Blazing Star meant. After the six cats exchange puzzled looks, Gray Wing says that he thinks he might understand.

A Forest Divided

In a dream, all the cats who had fought against each other in the great battle gather in the four trees' clearing. Clear Sky notices Gray Wing sitting at the far side of the clearing. When Storm visits Clear Sky, he looks around, noting Gray Wing deep in conversation with Shaded Moss and Turtle Tail. Clear Sky notes that his brother seems so far away. 
Clear Sky visits Gray Wing with a rabbit, overhearing Gray Wing talking worriedly to Thunder about the snow that ravaged the moor for quite some time. Gray Wing is worried that the snow will last a while as the snow is postponing the hunting patrols, and Thunder tells his adopted father that they will worry about that when it is time to. Gray Wing insists they send a hunting party, but Thunder still disagrees, commenting that Jagged Peak's new kits will be fed by the rabbit Clear Sky brought. Tall Shadow greets Clear Sky, and Gray Wing comments on Sparrow Fur, how she is so much like her mother. He adds that Jagged Peak is turning out to be a great father as well, and Clear Sky thinks that Gray Wing raised another cat's kits while he could not even raise his own. Clear Sky has conflicting opinions over what the spirit cats meant, thinking that they need to join together.
Gray Wing states that it means they need to spread rather than join. Gray Wing prods Clear Sky to remember what he said before, reminding him that he had thought the needed to split into five groups as the Blazing Star had five petals. Clear Sky tells him they did not agree on that, and Tall Shadow remarks dryly that it is another battle between the two. She tells them that when the time comes, she wants to make her own camp in the pines, and Clear Sky is baffled. Gray Wing comments that she is not the only one who wants to move on. He adds that there has been a lot of talk, as not everyone wants to live on the moor. When Clear Sky announces that he had saw Fluttering Bird, Gray Wing's interest peaks and he asks how their deceased sister was. Gray Wing looks at Clear Sky, telling him that the spirit cats told them to spread and grow, and that is what they will do.
When Thunder attempts to bring Clear Sky home, they get attacked by a badger, leaving Thunder to bring Clear Sky back to the camp. Gray Wing is worried for his brother, and talk continues on the moor about how they do not all want to live there. Jagged Peak announces that they need to settle this once and for all, and Gray Wing is thoroughly confused, asking what he is doing. each cat has conflicting opinions on which the group will live, and Jagged Peak looks at Gray Wing, telling them that they should do what they did last time. Gray Wing nods, saying to cast stones.
Tall Shadow claws out circles in the ground, and Gray Wing urges her to add River Ripple to their plans, as he is a leader now. Soon, every group is drawn out, expect Wind Runner's group, in which Gray Wing had stated that she probably needed peace and quiet. Gray Wing tells his kits that they can choose anywhere they want, as Turtle Tail had told them to follow their hearts. Gray Wing drops his stone into Tall Shadow's circle, signaling that he wanted to live in the pine forest with his friend. Sparrow Fur chooses to live in Clear Sky's group, much to Gray Wing's dismay. Although he is obviously grief-stricken by his daughter's choice, he tells her to follow her heart. When the cats are done choosing, Gray Wing sits at the end of the camp, more grief-stricken than he had already been as Thunder had also chosen to live with Clear Sky.
Thunder tells Gray Wing that he will watch over both Owl Eyes and Sparrow Fur, who had both chosen to go to the forest. Gray Wing comments that it is like losing Turtle Tail all over again, and he cannot leave Pebble Heart nor Tall Shadow, but he wonders how he will cope without his other kits. Thunder reassures him that they are not kits anymore, although he knows that Gray Wing will always love them as a father. Gray Wing tells him that it will not be the same, as although he will know where his kits are, he would not be able to talk to them without a struggle.
Pebble Heart assures Gray Wing that he still has him, urging him to say goodbye to his kits. Gray Wing wonders if he made the right decision, but knows he has to stay with Pebble Heart as the young tom was special and needed Gray Wing. Gray Wing says goodbye to Sparrow Fur and Owl Eyes, lying about not being hurt by their decision. Gray Wing tells his kits he will always be proud of them. Clear Sky promises Gray Wing he will look after them. Gray Wing tells his brother that he needs to stay with Tall Shadow, as they had been through so much together after his brother asks him if he really does not want to join him. He adds that Pebble Heart needs him. The cats who had chosen to travel to the pine forest set off on their journey.
Gray Wing travels behind them, noticing two cats talking. He eavesdrops, hearing one of the cats - a tom, talking in a rude way to the other cat, a she-cat. They refer to each other as Slash and Fern. Slash orders Fern to watch over the forest cats, to stalk their every movement, or else she would know what he would do to her. Slash states when the time comes, he would love to see the expression on the cats' faces. Gray Wing feels angry that they have another threat lurking over their horizon about Slash, wondering if they will ever have peace. Gray Wing catches up with the group, annoyed that Jagged Peak was now acting like their leader. When the time comes to cross the Thunderpath, Gray Wing's breathing - which had gotten worse ever since he breathed smoke from the forest fire - worsens due to the snow, and he has a very hard time crossing the path.
When they split up into groups to find their new camp, Jagged Peak tells Tall Shadow to take Gray Wing and the kits. Gray Wing is annoyed, and Storm Pelt asks why they cannot take Gray Wing. Jagged Peak tells him that Gray Wing was not as fast as he used to be. Gray Wing snaps at Jagged Peak, saying he does not need anyone watching over him. Jagged Peak apologizes, but adds that he was not the cat he used to be. Gray Wing grows angrier, realizing that love had not made Jagged Peak softer, it made him more arrogant. He takes the kits to find a new camp after the others go into different groups to find prey.
Slate comes to the camp, offering Gray Wing to come to the moor to meet the new cats who had joined them. Tall Shadow suggests he goes, and Gray Wing overhears a comment about how the prey pile does not look much of a pile. Gray Wing orders hunting parties, and Tall Shadow grows angry, commenting that the cats he had chosen had other things to do. Jagged Peak comes over, telling Gray Wing that he had given up leadership and he could not take it back now. Tall Shadow exclaims that he had been giving orders ever since they came to camp, and Gray Wing explains that he just wanted to help. Gray Wing is unable to speak, realizing he just wants to keep his campmates safe.
Tall Shadow apologizes, telling him that he was not as strong as he used to be. Gray Wing is angered that she thinks he is weak, and Tall Shadow continues, saying that he should let stronger cats take charge, and he is not their leader anymore. Gray Wing, thoroughly frustrated, hisses at Tall Shadow, stating he is as strong as any cat. He is about to say something, but scents Fern, and hears her. Gray Wing races after her, thinking that he will show Tall Shadow that he was not too weak to protect his campmates. Gray Wing stalks Fern, and eventually she notices him. Gray Wing politely greets her, and noticing her weakened state, hunts for her.
Gray Wing tries to convince Fern to steer Slash's attention from Tall Shadow and her cats, and Fern replies that she will do so, but it would not work forever. She informs Gray Wing that Slash will make his attack soon. Gray Wing wonders if Fern will keep her word, not knowing if she has the courage to lie to Slash about there being a prey-rich place beneath the pines in order to distract him from Tall Shadow. Gray Wing is able to find a rabbit, but it had belonged to a starving queen called Milkweed. Gray Wing gives it back to her, and urges her to join Clear Sky's camp.  Gray Wing has a dream in which he sees the cave of the Tribe of Rushing Water, completely abandoned.
He sees Stoneteller, and wails that every cat is missing from the cave, and that it is his fault. Stoneteller tells him that he cannot control everything, and that the only thing he can focus on right now is the future. Gray Wing wakes up, and while scouting the moor, he comes across a fox. He fights with it, thanks to Slate's help. Slate is injured, and Gray Wing takes her to Wind Runner's camp. She is treated by a few of her campmates, and she urges Gray Wing to stay with her for a while. Gray Wing murmurs that a little nap would not hurt. 
Thunder breaks away from Clear Sky and starts his own group deeper into the woods. When he hunts for his group, he comes across Quiet Rain, and a companion named Sun Shadow. Quiet Rain asks Thunder if he knows Gray Wing, and Thunder is surprised when Quiet Rain introduces herself as Gray Wing's mother. Thunder takes Quiet Rain to Tall Shadow's camp in hopes of finding the gray-furred tom there. When they reach Tall Shadow's camp, they realize that Gray Wing was not there, as he had taken refuge in Wind Runner's camp for some time. Quiet Rain, already upset about hearing Jagged Peak's lameness and Clear Sky's departure from Tall Shadow and her friends, begs to see Gray Wing, although the other cats keep insisting they had not seen him for days. Tall Shadow asks Thunder to find Gray Wing. 
Thunder comes across Gray Wing at Wind Runner's camp. Thunder reports that cats from the mountains had come to see him, and tells him that one of them was Quiet Rain. Gray Wing's heart leaps as he realizes it is his mother, and finds out that his brother and Thunder had separated. As they travel together to Tall Shadow's camp so Gray Wing can reconcile with his mother, Gray Wing accidentally runs into a rabbit trap, capturing his paw. Fern emerges, and helps Gray Wing out of the trap. Gray Wing realizes that he needs to tell Thunder about Slash as Fern was there, and informs his young kin of Slash's threat and how Fern was helping them. Gray Wing takes Fern to Tall Shadow's camp, and as they reach the hollow, Gray Wing sees his mother. He apologizes to Tall Shadow for being away so long, and he greets his mother with affection and love. Quiet Rain is elated to see him, but is shocked at Gray Wing's paw, exclaiming that there was nothing but death in this place. 
Gray Wing tries to comfort Quiet Rain, and asks Thunder to get Clear Sky while Quiet Rain still had time to talk. Thunder is hesitant at first, reminding Gray Wing of his recent quarrel with his father, but is surprised by the urgency in his tone and obliges his orders, fetching Clear Sky from his forest camp. Quiet Rain asks for all her sons to be together once Clear Sky arrives in the camp, and as soon as they gather, they tell her all that had happened ever since they set paw out of the cave. When Clear Sky confesses that he had killed Rainswept Flower, Quiet Rain brusquely orders Gray Wing out of the den. Holly’s kits go missing, and Clear Sky goes to find them, leaving Gray Wing to comfort their bedraggled mother.
Quiet Rain asks why Gray Wing does not have a mate, and Gray Wing tells her that Turtle Tail was his mate until she died. He tells her that Pebble Heart, the young cat who had been taking care of her, was Turtle Tail’s son. Quiet Rain comes to understand why Pebble Heart looks at him with such fondness, telling Gray Wing that he must have raised him well to inspire this much affection. Clear Sky and the kits come back, and Gray Wing tells his brother that Quiet Rain’s wound is getting worse. He hopes for his mother to get better, thinking that she could not have traveled all the way to the forest just for her to die.
Quiet Rain wants to see all her sons, and is satisfied at all of them being there. For a moment, she becomes delusional to her sons' eyes, talking to Shaded Moss. She droops her head down, making her sons believe that she had died. She raises it again, and tells her sons not to be sad when she is gone. This time, Quiet Rain's eyes grow dull and she drops her head onto her nest, showing her sons that she is dead. Gray Wing pads after Jagged Peak when he leaves, his tail dragging on the ground with grief. At her vigil, Gray Wing sits on one side of her. Tall Shadow announces that they must bury her, and Gray Wing adds that they should do it on shared territory.
Pebble Heart is guilt-stricken because he was unable to save her, and Gray Wing reassures him that she was old, and it was her time to die. Gray Wing is one of the cats who carries Quiet Rain to her burial place, but by the time they get to the four trees, he is panting, letting Sun Shadow take his place. When they bury Quiet Rain, the spirit cats appear, telling them to pick a new dawn. Clear Sky is still insistent on that they need to unite, but Gray Wing tells them that it is not what they mean. When it is time to go back home, Gray Wing tells Tall Shadow that he cannot come with her, as he cannot live among the pines. Tall Shadow asks if it was because she accused him of taking over, and Jagged Peak tells him that they need him.
Gray Wing shakes his head, saying that in the pines he cannot breathe and he is not as fast as he used to be, but on the moor the wind rushes through him and he can run without losing his breath. Tall Shadow asks if he will be lonely, and Gray Wing pictures Slate, saying he hopes not. Pebble Heart tells him that he needs to choose his own path, and Gray Wing wonders if he needs to stay in order to guide the young tom. He asks Pebble Heart if he minds, and Pebble Heart says he will know when to find him if he needs him.
Gray Wing tells them to take care of Fern, and touches his nose to Pebble Heart's head, saying he is proud of him. Gray Wing runs over to Wind Runner's camp, explaining that he cannot live in the pines anymore and he needs to feel the wind in his fur. Wind Runner purrs, saying that he is always welcome here, and he quickly adjusts into the moor cats' life. He asks Slate if she is happy that he came back, and Slate asks what he thinks.

Path of Stars

In a dream, Turtle Tail tells Gray Wing that she is happy that he has a new mate, and it makes her happy to see him happy. Turtle Tail comments that he had been a father to so many cats, and that he would be remembered. Turtle Tail tries to say something, but an owl cuts them off, awaking Gray Wing. Slate asks him what happened, and Gray Wing murmurs that it was just a dream, still confused on what Turtle Tail wanted to say.
Gray Wing goes on a hunting mission with Gorse Fur, Moth Flight, Wind Runner, and Slate. Moth Flight, being easily distracted, makes the mission go bad, as she had missed several pieces of prey, leading Gray Wing to become angry. He scolds the kit, but when Wind Runner scolds her as well, he feels sympathy, wondering if Moth Flight just was not cut out to be a hunter. He and Slate go back to camp, but Gray Wing notices that Tall Shadow and Clear Sky's scent were on the moor. Gray Wing sees them run into Wind Runner's camp, and Clear Sky begs for Wind Runner to help them find Star Flower. Tall Shadow tells Gray Wing that Fern left her group shortly after he did. Gray Wing asks why, and Tall Shadow tells him that she was not settled and she seemed frightened.
Gray Wing tells Clear Sky that Fern was being used by Slash. When Wind Runner comes back and refuses to help Clear Sky due to his selfishness, Gray Wing stands up for his brother, reminding Wind Runner how he had found Holly's kits. Gray Wing thinks they should help, but Slate is uncertain. Gray Wing tells Slate that if it were her unborn kits in danger, he would want every cat he knew to help. Wind Runner agrees to help, and Clear Sky leaves. Wind Runner asks Gray Wing if it was a good idea to meet the rogues to promise the rogues their prey, and Gray Wing points out that they only offered to meet the rogues. Wind Runner asks what they will do if they refuse, and Gray Wing tells her he has a plan.
During the meeting at the four trees in which all five leaders attend to discuss Slash's proposition, Gray Wing, Lightning Tail, Reed, and Leaf embark on a mission to rescue Star Flower from Slash's camp. Gray Wing runs across Fern, who remembers that she had promised Gray Wing to help rescue Star Flower. He recalls when Fern had told him that she did not know where Star Flower was, but would tell Gray Wing when she found out. Gray Wing meets Fern, and she takes them to Star Flower's hostage place. She tells him that she cannot help anymore, as Slash would kill her if she told them where Star Flower was hidden. Gray Wing asks the cats around him if they remember what to do. Lightning Tail and Leaf distract the cats guarding Star Flower, and Gray Wing and Reed head into Star Flower's hiding place.
Gray Wing finds her in a shocking state - half-starved. Star Flower tells him that two more guards are coming, and Gray Wing realizes that is even more of a reason to hurry up. Gray Wing and Reed start to run with Star Flower, but they are ambushed. One of the new guards leaps on Star Flower, but Gray Wing fends him off. Another cat tries to attack Star Flower, but Gray Wing pins her down, nearly close to killing her. He asks if she promises to leave Star Flower alone, and she does so. Gray Wing lets her go, and tussles with another tom. After he fends him off, he looks over to see Reed crouching over Star Flower. Gray Wing wonders if she had gotten hit by a monster, and runs over to Reed. Reed reveals that Star Flower is kitting.
Reed and Gray Wing try to transport her somewhere safe, and Gray Wing runs to Tall Shadow's camp for help. He bumps into Jagged Peak, and asks him for his help. Jagged Peak orders Sun Shadow, Mouse Ear, and Holly to find Star Flower. When they reach Star Flower, Leaf asks about Clear Sky, and Gray Wing is shocked that he had not thought about his brother. Gray Wing attempts to find him, but to his luck, Clear Sky runs into him along with the other leaders. Gray Wing informs his brother that Star Flower was safe, but was kitting.
Gray Wing tells Tall Shadow that they had taken Star Flower to her camp, much to Tall Shadow's disapproval as she believes the cats with her had no idea what to do in the event of a kitting. Gray Wing says that Holly is with her, and will know what to do. Thunder tells Gray Wing that his plan had worked, and River Ripple states that he hopes they survive as early kits rarely do. Gray Wing tells him that Clear Sky's litter will be strong, and they will survive. At Tall Shadow's camp, Star Flower gives birth safely. Clear Sky thanks Gray Wing for rescuing Star Flower, and Gray Wing replies that it was the right thing to do. Clear Sky asks why they kept his plan away from him, and Gray Wing tells him had Clear Sky known where Star Flower was, nothing would stop him from finding her. Gray Wing tells him that it was nothing, and he would do the same for him. He notes doubt flashing in Clear Sky's eyes, but Clear Sky presses against him, saying he will never forget this. 
Wind Runner's group has prey being stolen from them, and Thunder calls a meeting at the four trees. Gray Wing attends along with the other leaders, and they all reveal that their prey had been stolen from them as well, leading them to think it is Slash. Gray Wing suggests that Star Flower was an excuse for Slash to steal from them, and he had to justify his hate. Gray Wing notes that he will find Fern, and is able to track her down. Gray Wing asks why Fern continues to live with Slash if she hates it there, and Fern replies that she would if she thought there was anywhere safe from Slash. Gray Wing asks why Fern stays with Slash, and Fern asks why he lets him give them their prey. Gray Wing retorts that they do not give prey to Slash, he steals it.
Fern asks why he does not fight for it, and Gray Wing does not answer, not willing to admit that the rogues outnumber them. Fern tells Gray Wing that Slash had been planning revenge ever since they had rescued Star Flower. Gray Wing asks if she will stand up to him. Fern is hesitant, adding that some of her campmates would. Fern tries to convince Gray Wing that had this gone to a fight, they will lose, and it would be too big of a risk to even propose the idea. Gray Wing points out that they would not lose if her campmates joined them, and Fern tells him that if they thought they would lose, they would not join in with the idea. Fern tells him she needs to leave, and Gray Wing invites him to come back with her. Fern declines the offer, saying that her kin would suffer without her.
Fern warns Gray Wing that Slash is determined to make him pay, puzzling Gray Wing. He asks what for, and Fern suggests that it was probably for being happy. Gray Wing travels home, still irritated with his difficulty breathing. He sees Slate, who notes his trouble breathing. She brings her to camp, and Wind Runner orders him to rest. Gray Wing warns Wind Runner about Slash's threat, and she posts guards. Gray Wing rests in his nest with Slate, feeling pity for Slash, as a cat this cruel would never know the warmth he felt with Slate. He wonders why Slash would be so determined to make cats pay for being happy. 
Wind Runner, Gray Wing, and Slate go hunting, but are ambushed by Slash and a group of rogues. Slash almost kills Gray Wing, but Slate saves him, saying that she cannot let anything happen to the father of her kits. Gray Wing is confused, remembering that Turtle Tail was the mother of his kits. Gray Wing tries to understand, and Slate gently tells him that she is having his kits. Gray Wing realizes that these are his kits, and he buries his nose in Slate's fur, thanking her. 
After Lightning Tail and Thunder stalk Slash's camp, they are surprised by a dog attack. Lightning Tail rushes to fetch Gray Wing, telling him that Slash had left with his closest allies. Gray Wing is disappointed that Slash was not as isolated as he thought. He tells Lightning Tail that they need to get the injured cats as far away from Slash's camp as possible. Gray Wing enters the camp, and is shocked at the sight of devastation. When Thunder is finished burying the dead bodies, he asks Gray Wing what they will do with the survivors.
Gray Wing states that they obviously cannot stay there anymore, and Thunder suggests taking them to Tall Shadow's camp as that is the closest. Gray Wing declines, saying it is too close. He thinks that the moor is the best place for them, and Violet asks if they can join his group. Gray Wing is shocked, knowing that Wind Runner would never agree to that. Violet comments that all of the survivors do not have to live in the same group, and asks Thunder if she can live in his group. Gray Wing notices them lost in each other's eyes. They transport Frog over to Wind Runner's camp, who is severely injured. However, Frog does not make it, and Gray Wing declares that they should bury him. Fern decides to join Wind Runner.
Slate wakes up Gray Wing from a dream in which he attempts to find Jackdaw's Cry and Turtle Tail. Slate tells him that the kits are coming, Gray Wing fetches Reed, asking if he had experience with kitting. Reed tells him that the queen died, but Slate should not, as she was very healthy. Wind Runner tells Gray Wing to stay away as Slate kits. During Slate's kitting, Gray Wing talks to Fern to pass the time. Fern tells him that she is very happy in Wind Runner's camp. Slate gives birth successfully, and Gray Wing has three children - a black and white tomkit, a dark gray tomkit, and a pale gray she-kit. Gray Wing recalls that he had felt so much love, and promises Slate that he will teach them how to hunt until they are as brave and strong as their mother.
He sleeps, and then is woken by Tall Shadow and Jagged Peak who had come to visit. Jagged Peak comments that the kits will keep him busy, and Gray Wing reminds him that he had raised Thunder, Owl Eyes, Pebble Heart, and Sparrow Fur. Jagged Peak notes that he had kits in almost every group, and Gray Wing comments that he cannot believe he ever wanted to leave the mountains, saying that he could not imagine any life than here. Jagged Peak confesses that he felt guilty for running away, and Gray Wing only left the mountains to find him. Gray Wing says that he is glad he ran away, for if he never came to the moor, he would not realize how much he loved Slate or Turtle Tail.
Gray Wing tells Jagged Peak that life is more than surviving when he states that Quiet Rain had said they were finding enough food in the mountains to survive. He reminiscences on old memories with his little brother until he is attacked by a coughing fit. He convinces himself that he was okay, and he just needed to take it easy for a moon. He hears Reed's voice, who exclaims that Fern is hurt. Gray Wing checks on Fern, who says that Bee had done this to her. Gray Wing goes back to camp, and Slate asks if their kits will ever be safe. 
River Ripple calls a ceremony to formally invite the rogues who had left Slash's group into their own groups. Slash himself makes an appearance in the four trees, in which the ceremony was being held. Slash tells the cats to not think that they won, as they will learn the price for defying them. Gray Wing instantly thinks of Star Flower, asking what Slash had done with them. Slash snorts that he had had enough of making Clear Sky suffer, and blames Gray Wing for taking his cats away. Wind Runner worries about Slate and her kits, and she goes back to the moor camp. They see the cats in the camp injured due to an attack from Slash's rogues, and he sees his kits - White Tail and Silver Stripe, who are safe. They tell Gray Wing that Black Ear had been taken by one of the rogues, and Gray Wing promises to find them. Thunder tells Gray Wing to let him find them, and Gray Wing is grief-stricken. He collapses to the ground, wondering how he could not save his own kit.
Clear Sky and Thunder are able to find Black Ear, and bring him to Clear Sky's camp. Slate visits Clear Sky's camp, asking if they can take Black Ear back as he needs to see Gray Wing before he ... and Slate is unable to finish her sentence. Clear Sky asks if he is sick, and Thunder replies that he does not think Gray Wing will make it this time. Clear Sky asks if he is dying, and states that he needs to visit him. They are able to visit Gray Wing, who had been fidgeting with unease due to his worry over Black Ear. Black Ear flings himself at Gray Wing, and Gray Wing looks at Slate, remembering how he promised to raise his kits with her. He knows that with every breath he takes, he is nearing to his last, and Slate would have to raise his kits alone.
Gray Wing is transported to another den, and tries to purr with his kits, but is too weak. Wind Runner visits him, saying she is glad they got Black Ear back. She says goodbye to her old friend, and Silver Stripe frowns, asking why Wind Runner is being so soppy. Thunder asks to come in, and Gray Wing requests for Pebble Heart, Jagged Peak, and Clear Sky as well. White Tail asks why everybody is coming to visit him, and Gray Wing sorrowfully thinks that they are saying goodbye. He lies to White Tail, saying that they are coming to make sure Black Ear was okay. White Tail asks if they are kin, and Gray Wing replies that they are. He tells him that they live in different groups, and he stops, thinking that groups was not the right term to describe the kinship he felt for the cats in his own group. He declares that they have their own Clans. Gray Wing names Wind Runner's group WindClan, while Silver Stripe names ThunderClan. White Tail names ShadowClan for Tall Shadow's group, and Black Ear calls River Ripple's group RiverClan.
White Tail asks what Clear Sky's group will be called, and Gray Wing suggests SkyClan. Clear Sky repeats the name, saying that it would be just like Gray Wing to name his Clan for something beyond his reach. Gray Wing tells Clear Sky that the sky is all around him and he walks through it every day, it was just that he does not realize it. Gray Wing sees Bright Stream as a spirit, including her unborn kits. Bright Stream explains that these are the kits she was carrying when she died, and Gray Wing asks Clear Sky if he can see them. He explains that Bright Stream was there with his kits. Gray Wing can see more spirits - Shaded Moss, Rainswept Flower, Storm and her unborn kits, Stoneteller, Fluttering Bird, Quiet Rain, and Moon Shadow. Turtle Tail is there as well, studying his kits.
She tells Gray Wing that she wished he could stay with them, but it is their destiny to know him as only a memory. Gray Wing looks around, seeing all of his dead friends as starry spirits. Gray Wing realizes that they had come for him, but he is not dead yet. He turns to his kits, and tells White Tail to learn all he can to make his Clan proud. He tells Silver Stripe to be brave and take care of her mother. He advises Black Ear to forgive any harm done to him and to show kindness to his Clanmates, as they are all going through a hard battle and sometimes a little kindness is all they need. Black Ear is confused, stating that it sounds like he is saying goodbye. Gray Wing replies that he is. White Tail begs Gray Wing not to go, and Gray Wing notes that he feels his last breath leaving his body. The tightness in his chest eases, and he gets up from his own body as a spirit. He sees his kits holding onto the body he no longer needed, and murmurs that he will always be watching them. He turns around to the spirits, feeling their fur brush against his.
He realizes that he had traveled so far and loved so much, and he is still following The Sun Trail, heading for his new hunting grounds.

In the Super Editions

Moth Flight's Vision

Moth Flight reflects back to how Gray Wing died recently, noting how small and lifeless he looked after his death. Throughout WindClan's camp, it is noted that Slate is lost in her grief for Gray Wing, constantly lulling around and trapped in sadness.
Moth Flight has a dream in which she sees two cats who she thinks might be her ancestors. She believes that if they are her ancestors, Gray Wing could be among them. She searches the place for Gray Wing, but to no avail.
At Highstones, Moth Flight touches the Moonstone, which lulls her into a deep sleep. Moth Flight sees her ancestors in her dreams, and recognizes Gray Wing. Gray Wing welcomes Moth Flight proudly, stating that she had come at last. Half Moon, who is sitting next to Gray Wing, explains that she sent the moth to her to make sure she was the one. Moth Flight looks to Gray Wing for more answers, but Gray Wing says that Half Moon will explain it. When Turtle Tail touches her nose to Pebble Heart to show Moth Flight he is a medicine cat, Gray Wing curls his tail across her spine.
Moth Flight explains to Micah that she saw Gray Wing in her dreams, explaining that he used to be a part of WindClan until he died a moon before. She adds that it was good to see him again. She wonders if she can tell her Clan that she spoke to Gray Wing.
The next half-moon meeting, Pebble Heart sees Gray Wing and Turtle Tail in the spirit cats' hunting grounds. Pebble Heart presses against Turtle Tail, frightened as he thought he would never see her again, and Gray Wing pads up, stating that they will always be close by. Pebble Heart is surprised to see them both here, together, and Gray Wing tells him it is good to see him. Gray Wing tells the medicine cats that it is good to see they are learning from each other. He tells them that they will return next half-moon when the spirit cats start to fade. 
Dappled Pelt watches Black Ear, Silver Stripe, and White Tail heading towards the group of cats at the Gathering, sadly noting that Gray Wing would have been proud of them.
When Moth Flight brings Wind Runner to the Moonstone, thinking that StarClan could heal her, Micah states that Moth Flight had done all she can, and now she belongs to StarClan. Moth Flight looks around, seeing that StarClan had come. Gray Wing is among the starry cats, and stops besides Wind Runner. He tells Moth Flight that she is more like her mother than she imagined, and she needed courage and strength to bring her here - more than she knew she had. He adds that it took something that her mother does not share, and tells Moth Flight she is special, adding that she can see what is hidden from ordinary cats, as she can read signs and understand their meaning. Moth Flight wonders if they will heal Wind Runner, and asks him to stop wasting time. Gray Wing tells her to understand the importance of this skill, and Moth Flight argues that any cat can follow a moth. Gray Wing counters, saying that few cats understand which moth will lead their Clan safely, and Moth Flight asks him if they will save Wind Runner. Gray Wing tells her that they cannot save this life, and Moth Flight begs him not to let Wind Runner die. Gray Wing comments that they can only give her their gift, and touches his nose to Wind Runner's head. He tells her that with this life, he gives her determination to bring unity to all the Clans. Gray Wing steps back, and Petal takes his place, conducting the nine lives ceremony in which cats will grant a leader nine lives in order to protect their Clan. Wind Runner is then named Windstar, and Gray Wing is one of the cats to cheer for her. 
At another half-moon gathering, Gray Wing tells Pebble Heart that every medicine cat must make the same choice. He tells Pebble Heart that he can live like an ordinary Clan cat, and take a mate and raise a family, but he must renounce his medicine cats duties if he needs to. Half Moon adds that medicine cats may never take a mate, and they must never have kits. Gray Wing agrees, saying that their loyalty will only rest with StarClan and their Clanmates. 

In the Novellas

Thunderstar's Echo

Thunderstar often thinks fondly of Gray Wing, who was his adopted father and also acted as his mentor. He remembers how thrilling it was to sit beside Gray Wing's side making up a battle plan. He also mentions how the dark gray tom had died around the time Slash was driven from the forest, and notes how Gray Wing, along with his mother Storm, were among the cats who gave him nine lives at his leadership ceremony.
After Thunderstar and Lightning Tail are killed by dogs and wake up in a sunny clearing, Gray Wing emerges from the forest to meet them. Thunderstar and Lightning Tail are overjoyed to see the dark gray cat and rush up to greet him. Gray Wing explains to the two toms that they are in StarClan, where there is always prey and there are no dangers to face. He also reveals that the illness that killed him has been cured, since there is no sickness in StarClan, either. Gray Wing then adds that Lightning Tail will have to come StarClan with him, where he will be able to reunite with his parents Jackdaw's Cry and Hawk Swoop, but says that Thunderstar will have to go on to his next life.
The orange-and-white tom is upset by the idea that he gets to return to ThunderClan while Lightning Tail will remain dead, and asks if the black tom's actions to save him were for nothing. Gray Wing, however, responds that they were not, because if Lightning Tail had not rescued him from the dogs he could have been killed over and over. He adds that the deputy really did save Thunderstar's life and that nothing is more important than trying to protect those that you love. Lightning Tail bids a sorrowful farewell to Thunderstar, but then promises to watch over his friend from StarClan, and Gray Wing nods that the black tom will be able to.

Shadowstar's Life

Gray Wing and Moon Shadow greet Shadowstar and Sun Shadow in StarClan. She acknowledges she only has one more life, and Gray Wing murmurs that he hopes it would be enough. He expresses his worries about the future of the Clans, especially of ShadowClan, when Shadowstar loses her last life as none of the cats in StarClan knows what would happen. He reminds her that if ShadowClan falls, so will the other Clans.
She continues to feel Gray Wing, Moon Shadow, and Sun Shadow watching over her. When Shadowstar and Quick Water die, Gray Wing and Sun Shadow welcome them to StarClan. He shows them the future of SkyClan; how they were forced out of their territory but later returned to the other Clans by a lake. He reassures them the Clans will live on.

In the Field Guides

Battles of the Clans

Ashfoot explains that Graywing was a leader of WindClan a very long time ago. He was a famed tactician who came up with many battle techniques, especially for WindClan. He is often called by the name Graywing the Wise, even to the present days of the Clans. He came up with these tactics using small stones and claw markings as well as markings from sticks on the floor of his den. Graywing developed tactics for each and every sort of battle, including tactics for WindClan, who do not have an easy time with surprise attacks due to their exposed territory on the moor. Graywing won the honor of being one of the greatest leaders in all the Clans' history, because of his attention to battle strategy. Graywing realized that a very important element of a battle was the position of the warriors before and during battle.

The Ultimate Guide

Gray Wing has his own page. He stayed at the mountains when Stoneteller dreamed of a new home, believing he belonged with his mother, Quiet Rain, and his brother, Jagged Peak. But when Jagged Peak went after the traveling cats, Gray Wing followed. The two finally found the cats and went with them. Turtle Tail wanted to be his mate and was overjoyed, not knowing that Gray Wing had feelings for Clear Sky's mate, Bright Stream. Bright Stream was later killed by an eagle, and Gray Wing blamed himself for it. They later settled on the moor, and Gray Wing was upset when Clear Sky and other cats went to the forest. A she-cat he got close to, Storm, became Clear Sky's mate and later left while carrying his kits. Gray Wing went to look for her, finding the nest she had given birth in falling. He rescued one kit and raised him when Clear Sky did not want Thunder. He was permanently damaged during a fire, and became leader after Tall Shadow. He did not like it when Thunder went to his father, but he fell in love with Turtle Tail and cared for her kits. He was later known as Graywing the Wise by cats in later generations.
On Clear Sky's page, Gray Wing is said to have been his littermate. He could not visit his brother without trouble, and tried to take Thunder to his father, who rejected him. He is also mentioned on his other brother, Jagged Peak's page. He was his littermate and had rescued Jagged Peak when he was attacked by an eagle.
It is mentioned on Thunder's page that he was rescued by Gray Wing, who took him to moor when his father, Clear Sky rejected him, and Thunder wanted to make his adopted father proud of him. On the page shared between Storm and Turtle Tail, he is again told to have been in love with Storm. She was happy to be around him, but fell for Clear Sky. Gray Wing rescued her surviving kit, Thunder, and he and his brother were affected by her death. Turtle Tail fell in love with Gray Wing, and left after realizing he had feelings for Storm. He stuck up for her when she returned and became her mate and father to her kits.
Tall Shadow is said on her page to have sent cats away from the group, making several cats believe Gray Wing should be leader instead, and though he did not want to, she gave her leadership up to him later on. Gray Wing is last briefly mentioned on Wind Runner's section, where it says that she had taught him and the other cats a new way of hunting, though he did not like it. It is mentioned on Gorse Fur's page that he followed Wind Runner whether it was joining Tall Shadow or Gray Wing's group or elsewhere.
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