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"You were always the gentlest of my kits. I worried sometimes that you lacked Clear Sky's spirit or Jagged Peak's stubbornness. But you have the kindest heart. You always hope for the best."
—Quiet Rain to Gray Wing A Forest Divided, page 291
Gray Wing is a calm, smart, and kind tom. He tries to find peaceful solutions to problems, and will take in any cat in need.[1]

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"And yet Gray Wing recognized the determined gaze he'd known as a kit when they'd shared a nest in the mountains and explored the cave together. It had been Clear Sky who cajoled and bullied him into taking his first peek at the snow beyond the waterfall. Whatever had happened in Gray Wing's life, Clear Sky had been apart of it, and whatever troubles they had faced, Clear Sky had always had his gaze fixed bravely on the distant horizon."
—Gray Wing's thoughts Path of Stars, page chapter 24
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Jagged Peak

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Quiet Rain

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"Skystar might be your father, but Gray Wing raised you. And he was the best father a cat could have. You've already learned everything you need to know from him. You'll see."
—Lightning Tail to Thunderstar Thunderstar's Echo, page chapter 1
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Turtle Tail

"Turtle Tail, I know you'll always be with me. You waited a long time for our love to grow and it won't die now. I'll fight for you, Turtle Tail, and I'll make sure your kits have a future on the moor, safe among friends. I will not fail you."
—Gray Wing about Turtle Tail The First Battle, page chapter 15
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Sparrow Fur, Owl Eyes, and Pebble Heart

"Though [Gray Wing] had never had his own kits, Pebble Heart, Sparrow Fur, and Owl Eyes had seemed like his, and he still missed them now that they’d left the moor to live among the pines and the oaks. Yet he was proud that they’d followed their instincts and chosen their own homes."
—Gray Wing on his adopted children Path of Stars, page 2
Although Turtle Tail's kits were not biologically Gray Wing's, he adopted and loved them as if they were his own.[2] In turn, the kits believed he was their father and worried over him as his asthma worsened. When they learned that their father was actually Tom, they still thought of Gray Wing as their true father.[1]
When Turtle Tail was killed, Gray Wing grieved with them over the loss of the cat they all loved. He later reflects that although all three of them had grown up and he wasn't their father, he loved them as if he was and was proud of the cats they became. As Gray Wing dies, he thinks of how both Sparrow Fur and Owl Eyes had matured into trustworthy cats.[3]


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Black Ear, White Tail, and Silver Stripe

"Never forget how much I love you. Silver Stripe, be brave and take care of your mother. White Tail, learn all that you can so that one day you will make your Clan proud. Black Ear, forgive any harm you've been done and show kindness to your Clanmates. For we are all fighting a hard battle, and sometimes kindness is all you need."
—Gray Wing to Slate and their kits in his final moments Path of Stars, page 307
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Windstar and Gorsestar

"He trusted Wind Runner to keep her word. She was a brave and honorable leader, and he felt fortunate to have been trusted by her."
—Gray Wing's thoughts about Wind Runner as he dies Path of Stars, page 302
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