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"My name is Graystripe. I'm a warrior of ThunderClan. I lived my whole life with my Clanmates in the forest until the Twolegs came. They captured me and made me live in a Twoleg nest. I didn't think I'd ever escape, or see my Clan again. I was lost. But then I met Millie, a kittypet who helped me. She saved my life. And now the two of us have set out to find ThunderClan. No matter how long it takes, or how far we have to go."
Graystripe determined to find his way back to ThunderClan in Warrior's Refuge, page 10

Graystripe's Adventure is a Warriors graphic novel arc.[1] It follows Graystripe, ThunderClan's deputy, as he must find his way back to his Clan after being taken by Twolegs.

Concept development

Graystripe's Adventure revolves around the events following Graystripe's capture in the forest territories when Twolegs begin encroaching on Clan territory.[2] The arc acts as a sidelining story to books ranging from Dawn up until The Sight,[3] and is told from Graystripe's perspective.[4]
Graystripe has to find his way back to ThunderClan, but, along the way he finds their old home destroyed and with his new companion, Millie, overcomes the arduous travels ahead to relocate his true home. Over the three books, Graystripe and Millie come together, trekking through Twolegplaces, meeting old friends, and discovering for themselves the Clans' new home.[5]
The process behind writing Graystripe's Adventure began with the initial concept coming from the Erin Hunter team that was then passed onto Dan Jolley. His role included turning the plot outline into a workable script that detailed the dialogue and action calls for the artist, James Barry, to work with. Both James and Dan worked in tandem to create the visuals, with Dan overseeing the process and offering critique for James' work.[6]


Graystripe is captured by Twolegs and brought away from the Clans' territory in the wake of their destruction. He struggles to adjust to kittypet life, wanting to return to ThunderClan, but feels as though he cannot. He meets a kittypet named Millie who he befriends and, in turn, teaches her about Clan life and how to be a warrior. Millie persuades Graystripe to go back to his Clan, and the two of them journey to find the Clans.
Along the way, they meet Husker and his family, who are troubled by Twolegs themselves. Graystripe and Millie help them out before finding Ravenpaw and Barley. The old friends point the pair toward the sun-drown-place, where Graystripe and Millie stowaway on a monster to get there. Along the way, Graystripe develops feelings for Millie and as they arrive at the new territories they both confess their feelings for one another. There, they reunite with the Clans as mates and Graystripe is reunited with Firestar and ThunderClan at last.


The Lost Warrior

"You are a warrior of ThunderClan, Graystripe. Your place is with them."
―Silverstream to Graystripe The Lost Warrior, page 76
Graystripe recalls how he is captured by Twolegs, as he struggles to adjust to life as a kittypet. He tries to escape the Twolegplace, but all the sights and smells confuse him, and he is attacked and defeated by a hostile kittypet named Duke. However, a friendly kittypet named Millie guides him back to his housefolk. After this, Millie and Graystripe become friends, and Millie shows Graystripe a small forest by Twolegplace. They train there, and Millie turns out to be very skilled at hunting and fighting, and Graystripe enjoys training her.
Millie eventually convinces Graystripe to return to his Clan, with some extra help from Silverstream and Feathertail in StarClan. Graystripe asks Millie to come with him to ThunderClan and is taken aback at her refusal. However, he sets out to look for ThunderClan himself. He becomes lost within Twolegplace and collapses from exhaustion. Millie changes her mind and goes out to catch up to Graystripe. She finds him sick and feverish, and nurses him back to health. Millie and Graystripe decide to travel together to the forest.

Warrior's Refuge

"My home is gone. And so is my Clan."
―Graystripe to Millie Warrior's Refuge, page 92
Continuing on their journey to find the Clans, Graystripe and Millie cross a huge Thunderpath. However, Millie becomes frightened and the pair end up getting chased by a farm monster. They lose each other in the fields as Graystripe finds a barn. Within it, he meets some other cats and pleads for their help. After some reluctance they help and give Millie and Graystripe shelter. The cats introduce themselves as Husker, Moss, Splash, and Moss's kits. Husker tells the pair how they had used to live with the Twolegs, but after the previous ones passed away the new ones didn't like the cats, and brought dogs with them. Millie manages to teach the barn cats how to speak dog, and Graystripe saves one of the Twoleg kits from falling in a pond, earning the older Twolegs' trust. After helping the barn cats, Graystripe and Millie continue on their way. They come to find what is left of the forest territories after the destruction caused by Twolegs.

Warrior's Return

Graystripe: "I've already said I want you to join ThunderClan with me, but I need you to know how I feel... And I hope you feel the same way, Millie... I want you to stand by my side... As my mate."
Millie: "Graystripe... To be with you... That's what I've wanted since I first laid eyes on you."
—Graystripe and Millie confessing their feelings Warrior's Return, page 87
Millie and Graystripe find themselves within the remains of ThunderClan's camp after Twolegs have destroyed it. Defeated by the sight, Graystripe almost loses hope finding his Clanmates, but his companion urges him to persevere. The two leave the remnants of the forest, heading toward the sun-drown-place. As they leave, Graystripe is shocked by the damage done by the Twolegs, as he recalls what the land once was to the Clans. They make it to Barley's farm, catching up with Ravenpaw and Barley, of which the former points them toward where the Clans have headed. Graystripe and Millie cross another Twolegplace, and they have a slight argument when Millie suggests they steal kittypet food.
As they continue their journey, they meet a tom called Diesel. He helps Millie tend to Graystripe after the latter is injured by a monster. Diesel offers Graystripe advice about Millie as the gray tom begins to come to terms with his feelings for the she-cat. The Twoleg-nest tom also finds them a way to the sun-drown-place, telling them that some monsters travel there. Reluctantly, Graystripe follows along and they end up on the way toward the sun-drown-place. They head toward the forest, running into a cat who tells them about a large group of cats. Excited, Millie and Graystripe follow the direction and finally come face-to-face with the lake. Before they head for the island, Graystripe confesses his feelings to Millie, and is shocked to hear the feelings are mutual. As mates, the two make their way to the Gathering - and, at long last, Graystripe is reunited with ThunderClan and Firestar.


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Supporting characters

Important events

Book Event
The Lost Warrior Graystripe is taken by Twolegs and is made a kittypet.[23]
He meets Millie and teaches her about the Clans.[24]
They leave Twolegplace in search of the forest and ThunderClan.[25]
Warrior's Refuge Graystripe and Millie take refuge with Husker and his kin.[26]
They help Husker and his family make peace with the new Twolegs.[27]
Graystripe and Millie leave and find the remnants of the forest territories, now destroyed thanks to the Twolegs.[28]
Warrior's Return Graystripe and Millie find Ravenpaw and Barley.[22]
From there they are pointed toward the sun-drown-place.[29]
Along the way, they meet Diesel who helps when Graystripe is injured.[30]
Graystripe comes to realize he has feelings for Millie.[31]
The two continue on their journey and find the lake territories.[32]
They are reunited with the Clans as mates.[33]

Publication history

  • Graystripe's Adventure (EN), HarperCollins (paperback box set), 6 October 2009[34]
  • Graystripe's Aventure (EN), HarperCollins (full color reprint), 8 August 2017[35]
  • Warriors Manga 3-Book Full-Color Box Set (EN), HarperCollins (full color box set), 14 August 2019[36]
  • 灰紋歷險記 (ZH), Morningstar (paperback), November 15 2020[37]

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