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"I know that the life of a warrior isn't always easy. You don't always get what you want when you want it, but you keep on going, helping others along the way if you can. You know Graystripe, you don't need any cat, living or dead, to tell you what feels right in your gut. If you think it over for yourself, the right answer will be clear."
Barley to Graystripe in Graystripe's Vow, page 306

Graystripe's Vow is the thirteenth book in the Super Editions. [3] It features Graystripe as the main protagonist and flashes back between his time as deputy during Firestar's Quest and his time as an elder following Veil of Shadows. Gremlin and Monkeystar are featured in the prologue and comic, respectively.


Special thanks to Kate Cary[4]

HarperCollins Blurb

An epic stand-alone adventure in Erin Hunter’s #1 nationally bestselling Warriors series! Also includes an exclusive ten-page Warriors comic.
In this Super Edition, set during the events of The Broken Code, respected ThunderClan warrior Graystripe seeks a path to the Clan’s future by returning to his past—and the Moonstone in the Clans’ old forest territory.
Graystripe served ThunderClan for many moons before retiring to the elders’ den. As Firestar’s most trusted friend and deputy, Graystripe promised that he would never abandon his home. But as new tensions strain ThunderClan, Graystripe will need to call on all of his long history, leaving ThunderClan behind in hopes of finding an answer that might save it.
Join the legion of fans who have discovered the epic adventures, fierce warrior cats, and thrilling fantasy world of the mega-bestselling Warriors series. This stand-alone entry is perfect for new readers and dedicated fans alike.

Detailed plot description


Gremlin and Snake watch as Firestar and Sandstorm leave ThunderClan territory. The two return to Twolegplace, meeting with the remnants of BloodClan. There, the Clan's new leader, Fury, is pleased to hear of the news, rallying her followers in order to gain revenge on the Clans for the death of their former leader. All the while, Gremlin worries that the timing could not be worse due to her unborn kits, heaving in her mind. Back in ThunderClan territory, Graystripe quietly grieves the loss of his mother, Willowpelt, just as the rest of ThunderClan does as well. He watches over the camp, seeing many cats going about their daily tasks as though nothing was any different. However, he overhears Ferncloud mention that Firestar's scent had disappeared. She explains to Brightheart, an expectant queen that Dustpelt had begun doubting Firestar's absence as only a temporary thing. This comes as a shock to Graystripe, who begins doubting his position as temporary leader.
Cinderpelt has him refocus his attention as a hunting patrol returns to camp. Ashfur, Cloudtail, and Mousefur are a part of the patrol and each return with their catches. Ashfur makes a remark about Firestar and Sandstorm becoming kittypets. This sparks an argument about where the two ThunderClan cats really are as Graystripe attempts to keep his promise to his friend. He states that the pair had been chosen by StarClan for a mission, and that he would act as a temporary leader only, due to his rank as deputy. Mousefur flatly tells him not every member of the Clan is happy with that decision, reminding him of his switched loyalties between ThunderClan and RiverClan. Cinderpelt defends him, but Ashfur in particular continues to give Graystripe trouble because he thinks Dustpelt should have been deputy instead. The conflict fizzles out, but the tension remains as Cinderpelt ends it for the time being as she incorporates StarClan into the discussion.
Brackenfur and his patrol race into camp with news of WindClan hunting on ThunderClan territory near Fourtrees. At first Graystripe hesitates to take action, but decides to send additional patrols and if the problem persists, to discuss it again. While some cats seem discontent with his decision, they go along with the orders. Later that night, Brightheart begins kitting. Graystripe is struck with the memories of Silverstream's death kitting their own son and daughter. Due to this, he is wary but congratulates both Brightheart and Cloudtail on their daughter, Whitekit. The following morning, Thornclaw reports WindClan crossing the border again. As such, Graystripe calls a Clan meeting to discuss the issue. The gray deputy however has his doubts about the WindClan leader, not thinking the other tom would deliberately cause trouble. Ashfur starts trouble again, calling for Dustpelt to be deputy instead as some other ThunderClan warriors agree. As this starts another argument, Mousefur and her border patrol return to camp with news of Russetfur and Rowanclaw wanting to speak with Firestar.
Soon after, Mousefur arrives with Russetfur and Rowanclaw. Graystripe lies that Firestar is out of camp right now, and they insist that it is important that Firestar should hear it. However, to cover up the fact that Firestar is out of the Clan territories, he replies that because he is ThunderClan's deputy, they could tell him anything they would tell Firestar. They warn Graystripe that ShadowClan scented BloodClan on the Thunderpath near the Twolegplace, opposite of ThunderClan's territory. Graystripe, Brambleclaw, and Ashfur soon go to the Thunderpath to see if they can scent BloodClan. As they are trying to scent BloodClan, BloodClan suddenly appears in front of the patrol. BloodClan told the patrol that they know Firestar is gone, so ThunderClan is weak. Soon after, BloodClan cats and the patrol get into a fight. Graystripe orders Brambleclaw to go back to the camp and fetch help. While trying to aid Dustpelt, Graystripe gets knocked down. Graystripe receives several blows and weakens. BloodClan decides to throw Graystripe at the dog in the Twolegplace. However, the dog was not able to reach him, and Graystripe escaped. While escaping, Graystripe meets Gremlin, but Gremlin lets him go.
While heading back to the camp, Graystripe meets Thornclaw, Ashfur, and Cloudtail who were sent by Dustpelt. Graystripe asks if Dustpelt wants to be deputy to find out if Dustpelt is behind influencing cats in ThunderClan that Dustpelt should be deputy. Dustpelt is genuinely confused, and Graystripe realizes that Dustpelt is not behind the rumors, but Ashfur is. The next morning, Graystripe tells the Clan that they have to deal with BloodClan. Two patrols go out to find BloodClan, but are unsuccessful due to the pouring rain. After they got back to the camp, Brackenfur announced that there were no signs of WindClan, except for their border markers. Graystripe is convinced that it was BloodClan who was stealing the prey all along, not WindClan. Graystripe brings a patrol to WindClan to warn Tallstar of BloodClan. After they warned WindClan, they went to warn RiverClan. While talking to Leopardstar, she asks about Firestar's situation and Graystripe lies poorly, making Leopardstar suspicious.
At the Gathering, Graystripe announces Brightheart has given birth to Whitekit. Also, Graystripe asks the Clan leaders if they have spotted BloodClan in their territory, but says no. After the Gathering is over, Graystripe offers Feathertail to join ThunderClan, but Feathertail replies Stormfur and she has to try to find their place in RiverClan. After, while hunting, Graystripe meets Gremlin. Gremlin asks for her and Scraps, her brother to join ThunderClan because she did not like the way Scraps was becoming due to BloodClan, and she wanted her kits to be safe. Graystripe considers this, but Brackenfur suddenly appears from behind, claiming he has heard their conversation. Brackenfur strongly denies Gremlin joining ThunderClan. Unsure what to do, Graystripe asks Cinderpelt to visit the Moonstone for advice. Cinderpelt receives a prophecy from StarClan, which Cinderpelt interpreted as that Graystripe needs to make his own decision.
Earlier that day, Graystripe sent a message to Gremlin through Smudge. Graystripe meets Gremlin at the Twolegplace, suspicious of a trap. However, while talking to Gremlin, Fury suddenly appears. Fury asks why Gremlin was here, and she lied that she was recruiting a new BloodClan member, Smudge. Fury tells Gremlin to be at a Clan meeting later, and she leaves. Graystripe decides to let Gremlin join ThunderClan, but several cats protest and question his decision. However, when Cinderpelt reasons with them, they consider Graystripe's decision. Dustpelt offered an idea, which was to let Gremlin and her brother live in ThunderClan until Firestar returns, and let Firestar make the final decision. The next day, Graystripe goes to Smudge’s garden to meet Gremlin. Gremlin asks if Graystripe has made his decision, and he replies yes, but tells Gremlin the fact that Firestar will make the final decision, not him once Firestar has returned. Gremlin is worried that if she gets kicked out of ThunderClan, she and her brother will be in danger, since they betrayed BloodClan to join ThunderClan, and Fury will try to get revenge. Still, Gremlin accepts the offer. Graystripe asks when BloodClan will attack, and Gremlin explains BloodClan will attack in two sunrises, at sunhigh. Graystripe asks why they will attack at sunhigh instead of night or dawn, and she replies that sunhigh is when the patrols are out and only kits and elders are left in the camp. When Graystripe says that they will not send out any patrols, Gremlin points out that Fury will wait until ThunderClan sends patrols out, and if they don’t, they’ll starve. Also, if ThunderClan’s routine changes suddenly without reason, Fury will realize there is a traitor in BloodClan, and before long, she’ll find out it’s Gremlin. Then Gremlin asks if Graystripe trusts her or not, and Graystripe replies yes.
Two sunrises later, Graystripe tells ThunderClan that BloodClan will attack at sunhigh, and they will have to act as if it is a normal day in ThunderClan. He also tells them to not get into any fights even if they scent BloodClan, unless they can’t avoid it. He gives out tasks for warriors, queens, apprentices, and elders to do. After a while, Brackenfur reports that BloodClan is almost here. Soon, the battle starts. While the battle continues, Fury spots Gremlin trying to escape with Cinderpelt. Fury orders Snake and Ice to bring Gremlin to her. However, Scraps stops them, but Snake strikes a blow, and blood pours out from the gash from Scraps’ neck, killing him. Then, Graystripe has Snake pinned down, but realizes that Fury has Gremlin. The battle around them stops, and Fury asks if he wants Snake and Gremlin dead.
Breaking the silence, Ashfur called out to keep fighting. However, Graystripe could not bring himself to kill Snake, so he tries to reason with Fury, that BloodClan is outnumbered, and that ThunderClan has more trained warriors, and that if the battle continues, many BloodClan cats will die. Fury replies that it is best for their safety by taking ThunderClan’s territory. Also, she says that she will fight on until she has no cats to support her. However, Graystripe notices a deep gash on Fury’s side, blood oozing from it. He remarks out loud to Fury of the wound. Fury simply replies that the bleeding will stop, and it will be fine, but Graystripe and Cinderpelt say that the wound will likely get infected, and that she will be in serious pain. Graystripe offers her treatment, only with a condition that BloodClan will leave ThunderClan alone. Fury says that she will never accept that, but no cat supports her, and she realizes that she has lost.
After Fury had been treated for the wound, she left the forest. After seeing Fury leave, his Clanmates said that Graystripe had done a great job dealing with BloodClan. The next morning, Graystripe asks Cinderpelt what she thought StarClan’s omen meant, and she replies that it was up for Graystripe to decide, not StarClan telling Graystripe what to do. Then, Graystripe realizes that what the omen meant was that if he had killed Snake, the battle may have gone differently. Then, Graystripe meets Gremlin. Gremlin says that she will not feel safe neither in BloodClan or ThunderClan after this battle, so she wants to go to live with Twolegs. Cinderpelt tells Gremlin to stay until she has kitted, but Gremlin replies that Twolegs has very good herbs, so it will be fine. Graystripe and Cinderpelt say farewell to Gremlin, and Gremlin leaves.
After so much, ThunderClan is returning to normal. Then, he spots Ashfur pelting across the camp to meet him. Ashfur says he has seen Firestar, and he’s home. Firestar and Sandstorm soon enter the camp, Firestar announces that he and Sandstorm will rest because they were tired after a long journey. Afterwards, Firestar asks Graystripe what happened while he was gone. Graystripe explains things that have happened while he was gone, and Graystripe also says he does not want to be a Clan leader after this experience. He asks Firestar if he wants to appoint a different deputy, but Firestar replies that he has a very long time left before he dies, so he hopes that Graystripe will change his mind. At the Gathering, the leaders ask Firestar if he is feeling well now, and he replies yes. Tallstar asks about BloodClan, and Firestar replies that there was a new leader called Fury, and she thought ThunderClan would have been easier to defeat with ThunderClan’s leader out of action, but Graystripe handled it well. Graystripe is happy to be Firestar’s deputy, and a loyal ThunderClan cat.


Graystripe thinks about his position as an elder, and imagines talking to Millie. He imagines Millie giving him advice, but is interrupted by Plumstone and Thriftear arguing. The two young warriors ultimately state their opinions about elders while reconciling. Later, Thornclaw and Lionblaze are arguing about ThunderClan's situation. Thornclaw states that they should not trust their leaders blindly, considering what happened with Bramblestar's impostor. He adds that the leadership after Firestar was decided by kin. Lionblaze argues against this, and Thornclaw says that Lionblaze should not be deputy. Cats ask Thornclaw if he wanted to be deputy, and they don't believe him when he says no. Squirrelflight gets involved, and after lots of arguing, Snaptooth, Flywhisker, Thornclaw, and Flipclaw end up leaving ThunderClan on a wander. Graystripe declares to the Clan that he is leaving too, shocking everyone.
In ThunderClan territory, the wandering cats encounter a SkyClan patrol. They escape a potential attack, but Snaptooth reveals that he and the rest of the patrol are leaving ThunderClan. Thornclaw berates Snaptooth for this, while Graystripe suggests a hunt. Soon after, Flipclaw expresses his feelings for Flywhisker, and after rejecting him, Flywhisker offers Graystripe a time to rest, so he "does". But after the patrol leaves to hunt, Graystripe also hunts. He catches a fat rabbit, and goes back. When the others return, Thornclaw calls out the rabbit, and Graystripe takes credit for catching it, and notices that Flywhisker is unable to meet his gaze. Later, the patrol is deciding what to do next. Flipclaw again sneakily expresses his feelings for Flywhisker, and after yet another rejection, Thornclaw surprisingly leaves. The patrol is shocked, but they are even more shocked when Graystripe announces that he plans to travel to the Tribe of Rushing Water to visit his son Stormfur. The next day, he leaves the patrol, journeying to the mountains. Later, Flipclaw catches up to him, telling him that he wants to join. They encounters Moon Shining on Water and Thorn That Grows in Cleft. Moon and Thorn escort Graystripe and Flipclaw to the cave, where Graystripe meets Stormfur.
At night, Graystripe confronted Stoneteller and asked him for guidance. Stoneteller replied that there is a shadow lying in the direction of where the Clans live. When Graystripe asks if the Tribe of Endless Hunting has any message for him, and Stoneteller replies that he still has a part to play. He told Graystripe to leave the Tribe and continue his journey. The next day, Flipclaw and Feather of Flying Hawk are buried in a rockslide. When Graystripe arrives at the scene, Feather is unburied because he was only buried at the edge. After, they find Flipclaw's tail and unbury him. Graystripe thought Flipclaw was dead, but he convulsed and coughed up grit and earth. He dislocated his hind leg, but Stoneteller fixed it. Later, Feathertail comes and stares down at the Moonstone. Graystripe recalls that last night, Stoneteller's cave reminded him of the Moonstone. He interpreted this as a sign for him to continue his journey and travel to the Moonstone.
He leaves Flipclaw and travels alone. A while after, he arrives at Highstones. However, an owl follows him and he chooses a route beneath overhanging rocks, which soon after leads him to be lost. He managed to work out that he was somewhere in WindClan territory, but he could not recognize the territory because WindClan's old territory, which had been open moorland, was now entirely filled with Twoleg dens, Thunderpaths, and sleeping monsters. The next day, he spotted the river and went to the old RiverClan territory. After he ate a rabbit he caught, he was attacked by Monkeystar. Monkeystar and other cats of WarriorClan explains that they are warriors of WarriorClan, from the stories they heard from Smudge, an old kittypet friend of Firestar. Graystripe explains that he is a true warrior. Monkeystar asks to defeat her to prove it, and Graystripe easily wins with sheathed claws.
WarriorClan cats ask for Graystripe to stay and teach them. Graystripe refuses at first, but he stays and trains them until sunset. He tells them that he has to go to the Moonstone and WarriorClan cats offer help, but Graystripe declines the offer. Graystripe travels alone until he reaches Fourtrees. He had felt the weird sensation of being watched from when he began to travel towards the Moonstone. He figured out that the cats of WarriorClan were stalking him all the way. Monkeystar said that they wanted to know where the Moonstone was. Graystripe said that there was no reason to follow him because they weren't allowed to go inside the Mothermouth, but they argued and Graystripe gave in. While traveling to the Moonstone, Graystripe and the others meet Fang, who is the son of Gremlin, whom he once vowed to protect. Fang asked Graystripe for help because his mate, Daffodil was very ill. Though Graystripe is not a medicine cat, Fang believes that warriors could do anything because his mother told him warriors are clever and honorable.
A while after, they arrive at Mothermouth. Graystripe orders the others to not enter the entrance. Soon, Graystripe finds the Moonstone. He asks Firestar for help. However, there was no reply. Graystripe thought he offended StarClan because he only addressed Firestar, so he asked StarClan for help. However, there is no reply. So, Graystripe turns to leave, but there was a crash that makes Graystripe stumble backwards and fall on the cave floor. Graystripe thinks that he has angered StarClan and if this is the end. When Graystripe opened his eyes, the Moonstone was a heap of shattered fragments. Graystripe thinks this as a sign that Firestar is angry with him. However, the more he thought about it, the worse he felt. He thought that he was imagining that his friend would unleash such fury on him, so he thought it was just an ordinary storm without any meaning. However, this made Graystripe think that StarClan is gone and no longer cares for the Clans anymore.
After Graystripe comes out of the Moonstone, Monkeystar tells him there is another cat that is old and knows a lot about warriors. Graystripe finds out it is Barley. They soon go to Barley's farm to visit Barley. They sleep to save their strength. The next day, Fang and Graystripe are about to leave to the Twoleg place where Daffodil, Fang's mate is to rescue her. Monkeystar and Clawwhistle wants to participate on the mission, so Graystripe gives them a role, which is to guard Barley in case badgers come to attack Barley. Monkeystar knows that Graystripe is just trying to keep them away, but she agrees.
Graystripe and Fang reach the Twoleg den. Graystripe is able to go in, but is soon trapped. However, Graystripe and other kittypets stuck in the den help to lift a crack to get out. They get out, but Daffodil tells them that she will not make it because she is too weak. Fang protests, but realizes that he can't change Daffodil's mind. The elderly cats from the den go to distract the Twolegs when they spot them, sacrificing themselves. There's one cat that was also refusing to come, Petunia. However, after the Twolegs came even closer, she agreed to come together. The next day, the escaped cats gather up. They were arguing about how to live from now on, either to live here, or go and find another Twoleg. The cats decide, and Monkeystar makes Fang her deputy. Fang expects Graystripe to teach the new cats, but Graystripe tells Fang that he's going back to his Clan. While going back to the Clans, he visits Barley. Afterwards, he also visits Stormfur, and says farewell to him. Days after, he reaches ThunderClan's forest.


  • This is the first Super Edition to feature an elder's perspective.
  • This is the first book to take place in different time periods, being divided into "Then" and "Now" parts.

Publication history

  • Graystripe's Vow (EN), HarperCollins (hardcover), 1 September 2020[3]
  • Graystripe's Vow (EN), HarperCollins (eBook), 1 September 2020[3]
  • Graystripe's Vow (EN), HarperCollins (paperback), 14 September 2021[5]


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