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These notes are brief, noting major events and minor events in Graystripe's Vow that will be of consequence later. They are intended to be used as a reference for those looking for specific events for re-reading and the book discussions.

  • Gremlin and Snake hide behind a holly bush.
  • Snake tells Gremlin he has found the two cats: Firestar and Sandstorm.
    • They decide to report this.
  • Gremlin believes it's a bad time for her unborn kits, as BloodClan wants to avenge their leader Scourge's death.
  • They see Fury, the latest BloodClan leader and reports their sightings to her.
    • Fury announces BloodClan will have revenge soon.
  • The cats cheer, but Gremlin is reluctant to fight, thinking about her unborn kits.

Chapter 1 - now

  • Graystripe recalls how the impostor had separated ThunderClan, and caused too many deaths, such as Stemleaf and Millie.
    • He feels guilt, about not standing up to the fake Bramblestar.
  • Squirrelflight addresses younger cats to go hunting with her, but they ignore her until she is glaring at them.
  • Squirrelflight pulls Graystripe over, and asks if she can count on him for help.
    • He tells her about his vow to Firestar, and tells her that she can.

Chapter 2 - now

  • Graystripe pads through the forest.
    • He thinks he sees Firestar, but isn't sure.
  • Firestar points to the sky, causing Graystripe to think he is showing something.
  • Graystripe wakes up from his dream and finds himself in the elder's den.
    • He goes outside.
  • He imagines himself talking to Millie.
    • Graystripe imagines Millie giving him advice.
  • Graystripe hears Plumstone and Thriftear arguing over a mouse.
    • He is notified that he is an elder, and elders don't make decisions, only warriors.
  • Lionblaze and Thornclaw argue about the nepotism in ThunderClan's leadership, and Lionblaze's promotion to deputy.
  • Cats get involved, and Graystripe watches a huge argument unfold.
    • This results in Flipclaw, Flywhisker, and Snaptooth leaving ThunderClan for a wander, with a moon to return.
    • Graystripe decides to leave ThunderClan, stating that the ThunderClan now isn't the ThunderClan he served. Squirrelflight is shocked, but lets him go.
  • Graystripe guiltily thinks about the promise he broke to Squirrelflight.

Chapter 3 - then

  • Graystripe scans the camp, overhearing Brightheart and Ferncloud talking about Firestar's absence.
  • He is woken up by Cinderpelt, and he compliments Ashfur's patrol, but Ashfur returns his kind gesture with a sneer, mocking Firestar and Sandstorm.
    • The surrounding cats discuss Firestar's absence, and Ashfur states that Dustpelt should be made deputy. Cinderpelt retorts that Graystripe does not have the power to do that, her gaze silencing the surrounding warriors.
  • As soon as he turns away, Brackenfur's patrol brings up evidence of WindClan on their territory.
    • Graystripe ultimately decides to take his approach very cautiously, much to the disappointment of every cat.
  • This causes Graystripe to wonder if Brackenfur is disappointed in him.

Chapter 4 - now

  • Thornclaw suggests a hunt, and the patrol agrees.
    • They run into a SkyClan patrol, and Snaptooth reveals that they are wandering away from the Clans, surprising the SkyClan cats.
  • Graystripe catches a fat rabbit, much to the amazement of his younger Clanmates.
  • Flipclaw reveals that he likes Flywhisker, but the she-cat rejects him.
  • Thornclaw ends up leaving, and Graystripe reveals that he plans on visiting the Tribe of Rushing Water, and his son, Stormfur.
    • This shocks the remaining warriors.

Chapter 5 - then

Chapter 6 - now

  • Flywhisker suggests a hunt, and Graystripe agrees. It is noted that none of the cats had decided whether they wanted to follow Graystripe or go on their own path.
  • Graystripe is about to hunt a vole, when Snaptooth alerts the patrol of dogs.
    • The patrol climbs up a tree, and after some Twoleg interference, the patrol finds themselves safe.
  • Graystripe announces that he will leave then, shocking the other cats.
  • Initially, no cats follow him.
    • He is surprised yet joyful when Flipclaw catches up to him, telling him that he will come to keep the elder company.

Chapter 7 - then

Coming Soon

Chapter 8 - now

  • On the way there, Graystripe doubts if he is on the right way, but steers his mindset to be more optimistic about his sense of direction.
    • He warns Flipclaw to stay away from the edge of the cliff, while Flipclaw reports to him that he is excited to tell his littermates about his adventures.
  • Two cats appear.
    • They stop them, and Graystripe introduces himself as Stormfur's father.
    • The two cats introduce themselves as Thorn that Grows in Cleft and Moon Shining on Water, both cats of the Tribe.
  • The Clan cats are escorted back to the Cave of Rushing Water, where Stormfur, Brook, Graystripe, and Flipclaw introduce themselves and talk.
    • Graystripe is informed of a rogue that was asking for him, surprising the elder.
  • Flipclaw tells Graystripe that he is enjoying the Tribe. Graystripe wonders whether Flipclaw prefers the Tribe over the Clans, like Stormfur did.
  • That night, Graystripe has trouble sleeping. He realizes that he has to talk to Stoneteller, so he decides to do so now.

Chapter 9 - now

  • He talks to Stoneteller.
    • Stoneteller notifies him that he can see that the elder is troubled.
    • Graystripe tells him that he left his Clan not to see Stormfur, but because of what had happened to the Clans.
    • He narrates what happened with Bramblestar's impostor.
    • Stoneteller states that he had seen a shadow in the direction of the Clans.
      • Stoneteller communicates with the Tribe of Endless Hunting.
      • The old leader tells Graystripe that the Tribe's message for him is to leave the Tribe, as the elder has a part to play.
  • The next day, Brook informs him that Feather took Flipclaw hunting, and Stormfur is also hunting.
  • Thorn's patrol returns, and Graystripe compliments their hunt.
  • He spots Crest panting towards the cave, and he sees her telling Brook to fetch Stoneteller.
  • Crest reports that Feather and Flipclaw had been stuck in a rockslide, and they were buried.
    • Stoneteller leads a patrol, and at the scene of the rockslide, they spot Feather searching through rocks.
    • They learn that Feather had gotten out, but Flipclaw was still stuck there.
  • Stormfur finds Flipclaw, and after pulling the limp tom out, Graystripe assumes that he is dead.
    • Stoneteller is able to save Flipclaw.
  • Flipclaw regains consciousness, and is informed of the current situation.
    • Stoneteller relocates his previously dislocated leg.
  • The patrol is heading back, while Graystripe is in the rear.
    • He hears a voice, and receives a vision from Feathertail.
  • Graystripe deciphers the vision as Feathertail telling him to go back to the Moonstone.
Chapter 10 - then
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