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Interesting facts

Author statements

  • Graystripe is Kate's all time favorite Warriors character.[blog 1][blog 2]
    • When asked how she felt about Cherith writing Graystripe's Vow, Kate replied that's how the schedule turned out and she trusts Cherith to do him justice.[blog 3]
  • Kate has said on her Twitter that she believes that Graystripe will choose Silverstream over Millie when he goes to StarClan.[3]
  • Kate said that if she were to write the storyline, she would make Firestar choose Graystripe as the deputy instead of Brambleclaw, then later make Graystripe give up his deputyship for the good of the Clan. She also feels that Graystripe never got a chance to show off his true nobility.[blog 4]
  • Vicky thinks his Twolegs would've called him Stripes.[4]
  • If Kate could give him a human name, she would name him Joel.[blog 5]
  • Kate says that she imagines a cat's pelt color as their personality. When asked which cat she thinks most embodies rainbows, she replied Graystripe, saying that he's been pure rainbow since Into the Wild.[blog 6]
  • A plush toy has been made of Graystripe.[5]


  • His name has been mistakenly spelled as "Grewpaw".[6]
  • He is mistakenly called by his warrior name, despite only being an apprentice in Code of the Clans.[7]
  • It was mistakenly said that Mistystar had known him since he was an apprentice,[8] despite him not meeting her until he was a warrior.[9]
  • He is mistakenly shown with green eyes,[10] and was described with green eyes.[11]
  • He has been mistakenly called a tabby.[12]
  • In Bramblestar's Storm, he mistakenly calls Mistystar and Stonefur his kits.[13]
    • This was fixed in later prints of the book.[14]

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