"Are you sure you're not tired? It's a long journey when you're expecting kits."
— Greenflower to Silverstream after a Gathering in Forest of Secrets, page 197

Greenflower is a plump, brown-striped she-cat with a white splash under her chin, one white hind paw, and green eyes.[blog 1]


In The Prophecies Begin arc

Forest of Secrets

Greenflower is a RiverClan queen. She's briefly seen by Fireheart talking to Silverstream after a Gathering. She is worried for Silverstream and fusses that it is a long way back to the RiverClan camp. Silverstream debunks her worries, and assures Greenflower that she is fine. During this conversation, Graystripe tries to approach his mate, but cannot, as Greenflower is there.
Later, when a patrol of RiverClan cats arrive in the ThunderClan camp to reclaim Graystripe's kits, Featherkit and Stormkit, Leopardfur reveals that Greenflower's kits were born prematurely and died, leaving her able to care for the half-Clan kits. The RiverClan cats view this as an omen that the kits belong in RiverClan.
She offers to foster Silverstream's kits in place of her own, although that responsibility apparently goes to Mosspelt instead.


Interesting facts




Two unnamed kits:[2] Deceased, residence unknown



"He noticed Graystripe trying to edge his way closer to Silverstream, but another RiverClan queen was in his way, giving Silverstream a lick from time to time."
—Fireheart watching Greenflower Forest of Secrets, page 197

"We've talked for a long time about Silverstream's kits, and we've decided that they belong in RiverClan. Two RiverClan kits died yesterday. They had been born too soon. Their mother, Greenflower, has agreed to suckle these newborns. We think it may be a sign from StarClan. The kits will be well cared for."
—Leopardfur to Bluestar about Graystripe's kits Forest of Secrets, page 304

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