Half-Clan cats are cats who have mixed blood between two or more different affiliations.[1] Their parents can come from different Clans or one of the parents could possibly be a loner, kittypet or rogue.[2] Mixed-Clan relationships are usually forbidden by the warrior code.[3]


Taking a mate from another Clan is implicitly forbidden by the first rule of the Warrior Code, which is explained in Code of the Clans.[4] Such pairings are considered a sign of disloyalty.[5]

Kits born as a result of such forbidden relationship are usually taken in by the Clan of the mother.[6] They are considered half-Clan and are looked down upon by pure-blood Clan cats as their commitment to their foster Clan can be questioned. They are also prone to be ridiculed and mocked. Sometimes they can be in danger, such as when TigerClan planned to execute its half-Clan members.[7]

Cats who have one parent from outside the Clans (e.g. a rogue, a kittypet) can also be considered half-Clan; but usually are not suspected with disloyalty, as they do not have two different Clans to feel loyalty for.[8]

Mixed heritage by birth

Cats with parents from different Clans

At their conception or birth, their parents were members of different Clans:

Cats with a non-Clan parent

At their conception or birth, one of their parents was a Clan cat, and the other not:

Mixed heritage by blood

Cats with blood of different Clans

Their parents were born in different Clans (even if later they were in the same Clan):

Cats with a non-Clanborn parent

A parent was not Clanborn (even if he or she joined a Clan later):

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