"All the cats in the Tribe are my kits, even the elders. As for finding a mate... I knew love once, and once was enough. We can never be sure of our future, Gray Wing. All we can do is trust that what we believe is right."
— Half Moon to Gray Wing on being Stoneteller in The Sun Trail, page 41

Half Moon, or Stoneteller,[7] is a compact[8] white she-cat[9] with dark[10] emerald-green eyes.[4]

Half Moon, or Stoneteller, was the first Stoneteller of the Ancient Tribe. Half Moon was born to Chasing Clouds and Rising Moon in the Ancients. She was a softpaw, and befriended Jay's Wing. She supported his decision to leave for the mountains when Twolegs threatened their home. The two fell in love, but they were forced back to their duties, and Half Moon became the first Stoneteller of the Tribe of Rushing Water. Moons later, Stoneteller received a dream showing her the sun trail to a new home, and died shortly after from an illness. She continued to watch over her cats from StarClan and the Tribe of Endless Hunting, and sent a moth to Moth Flight to guide her to the Moonstone, later giving Windstar a life for remembering StarClan. Seasons later, Half Moon reunited with Jay's Wing, reincarnated as Jayfeather, and fought in the Great Battle.


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Dawn of the Clans

"I've lived long. I must warn you - greed is only the beginning. There will be war."
―Stoneteller to Gray Wing The First Battle, page 4
Stoneteller is the leader and healer of the Ancient Tribe. She is concerned about the growing number of cats under her leadership with prey scarce. Stoneteller constantly dreams of a far-away place with prey and shelter, and gives her blessing for Shaded Moss to lead a group on the journey. She frequently consults with Gray Wing in his dreams. Sun Shadow takes care of Stoneteller when she's sick, and she encourages him to leave to find the others. Stoneteller dies from her sickness, and welcomes Gray Wing with the spirit cats.

Power of Three

"It's not just one cat, as you well know. How many cats have to die before we look for somewhere else to live? There must be other places with prey and shelter for all of us."
―Half Moon giving a speech Long Shadows, page 199
Half Moon is a softpaw of the Ancients, and welcomes Jay's Wing after completing his trial to become a sharpclaw. They discuss the shortage of prey in their territory due to the increased presences of Twolegs. Stone Song believes they should leave for the mountains, and Jay's Wing agrees, claiming he'd seen the place in his dreams. Half Moon believes his visions, and votes to leave for the mountains.

Omen of the Stars

"It doesn't give up, does it? It's always there, constant like the stones in this cave. Maybe we should be like the moon's reflection, holding fast whatever happens?"
―Half Moon interpreting the sign of the moon Sign of the Moon, pages 232-233
Jayfeather returns to the Ancients, who are now in the mountains, and Half Moon somberly questions why he never said good-bye before he disappeared. She interprets the moon's reflection in a cave as their group's persistence to survive. As Jay's Wing teaches everyone how to catch prey in the mountains like the Tribe cats, Half Moon admires how brave he is and their kits would be brave, too. Rock adamantly insists Jayfeather is too important to be lost to the past. Jay's Wing explains to Half Moon they cannot be together, and names her the first Stoneteller.
Seasons later, she meets with Slant, Broken Shadow, Owl Feather, Spottedleaf, Bluestar, Rock and Midnight to discuss the coming battle with the Dark Forest. She adamantly insists she'll fight alongside the Clans and with Jayfeather. Later, Half Moon and Jayfeather briefly reunite.

Super Editions

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"Like the stars, we light your way when it grows dark. We know what is in your heart and your dreams."
―Half Moon to Moth Flight Moth Flight's Vision, page 90
In Moth Flight's Vision, Half Moon sends a moth to Moth Flight to guide her to the Moonstone and is pleased when she discovers it. She names Moth Flight the first medicine cat and guides her to recruit the others. Half Moon gives Wind Runner her last life of remembering StarClan, and after she is revived, names her Windstar and claims she is the first of the stars to rise. She also guides the medicine cats to remain celibate after Moth Flight gives up her kits.

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Half Moon's healer ceremony
Jay's Wing: From this moment on, you will be known as the Teller of the Pointed Stones. Others will come after you, moon upon moon upon moon. Choose them well, train them well, and trust the future of your Tribe to them.
Half Moon: Tribe?
Jay's Wing: Yes. You are a Tribe now, united in loyalty to everything you represent. It won't be easy, but the other cats will understand what needs to be done to keep you safe here forever.
Half Moon: I'll miss you.
Jay's Wing: And I you. I won't ever forget you, I promise. Good-bye Stoneteller. May the Tribe of Endless Hunting light your path, always.
Reference: Sign of the Moon, pages 268-269




Rising Moon:[11] Deceased, verified Tribe of Endless Hunting member


Chasing Clouds:[6] Deceased, verified Tribe of Endless Hunting member


Unnamed kits:[12] Status unknown


Rising Moon ♀Chasing Clouds ♂
Half Moon ♀Unnamed

    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown



Interesting facts

  • It was heavily implied in The Confidential Notes #2: Unhappily Ever After? Ending the Doomed Romances that Jayfeather and Half Moon would walk together in StarClan.[13]


  • She has mistakenly been called smoke-gray[14] and dark brown.[15]
  • Her eyes have mistakenly described as amber[16] and bright green.[17]


Half Moon: "It looks as if we've a long journey ahead. Do you really believe there are stone hills where we can make our home?"
Jaypaw (Jay's Wing): "Yes. I promise, they are there."
Half Moon: "I believe you."
—Half Moon to Jaypaw (Jay's Wing) before the journey to the mountains Long Shadows, page 226

"I was so scared for you. And I'm so proud of you! If we had kits, just think how brave they would be!"
―Half Moon to Jay's Wing Sign of the Moon, pages 241-241

Rock: "That is now why you have returned to these cats. And this is not where Half Moon's future lies. She must become the first Teller of the Pointed Stones."
Jayfeather: "Why? Why not some other cat?"
Rock: "Because Half Moon can read the reflections. She saw the sign of the moon."
Jayfeather: "Any cat could have seen that!"
Rock: "It's not her destiny to have kits and live the same life as her companions. You must help her see that."
—Rock and Jayfeather arguing about Half Moon's destiny Sign of the Moon, page 256

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Jayfeather: "You will become their leader. This cave will be your den, and your ancestors will guide you with signs in the pool, like the reflection of the new moon you saw last night. You will be known as the Teller of the Pointed Stones. This is your destiny."
Half Moon: "Well, that's a mouthful of a name! Is this some kind of joke?"
Jayfeather: "No. I promise you it isn't."
Half Moon: "You came all this way to tell me this? Where did you get all these mouse-brained ideas? Jay's Wing, I've shown you how I feel! Is it so awful that I might have wanted to have your kits? If you're not interested, then why can't you just turn me down, like any normal tom?"
—Jay's Wing and Half Moon arguing Sign of the Moon, page 261

"I will wait for you forever, Jay's Wing!"
―Half Moon to Jayfeather Sign of the Moon, page 297

Jayfeather: "Half Moon! Are you here?"
Half Moon: "Jay's Wing!"
Jayfeather: "You came."
Half Moon: "Of course, my love."
—Half Moon and Jayfeather The Last Hope, page 307

"I am the only cat left who remembers the lake, and the journey we made to come here. But I have lived three times as many moons here in the mountains than I did beside the lake, and the endless rushing of the waterfall now echoes in my heart."
―Stoneteller to Lion's Roar The Sun Trail, page 4

"Having little makes cats share. Having much makes us greedy."
―Stoneteller talking about sharing The First Battle, page 4

Stoneteller: "You brought change."
Gray Wing: "But must all change be born in blood?"
Stoneteller: "We are all born in blood. But it marks the beginning, not the end."
Gray Wing: "Stoneteller! Don't go!"
Stoneteller: "I have faith in you, Gray Wing. Always."
—Stoneteller and Gray Wing The First Battle, pages 5-6

"The Clans need more than leadership and strength; they need nurture and care. But it must come from within. We can't guide their paws in everything. That is why we have chosen to be the first medicine cat."
―Half Moon to Moth Flight Moth Flight's Vision, page 92

Moth Flight: "The Clans will depend on their medicine cats one day. Half Moon told me!"
Clear Sky: "Half Moon?"
Dappled Pelt: "You spoke with Stoneteller?'"
—The Clan cats talking about Half Moon at a Gathering Moth Flight's Vision, page 128

"Your greatest loyalty must always be to StarClan and your Clanmates. The only way to ensure this is for you all to promise never to take mates or have kits."
―Half Moon creating a rule for medicine cats Moth Flight's Vision, page 476

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