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"You blame Rowanstar and forget that it was Onestar who brought Darktail's vengeance to the Clans. Onestar was Darktail's father, and Onestar rejected him. But Darktail chose his path. He chose cruelty and murder. We have all suffered. But we must listen to Bramblestar. He is right. Let us not blame. Let us remember the dead and the missing. Let us remember Onestar and his courage. He faced up to his past mistakes and he gave his last life to destroy Darktail, his own son."
— Harestar appeasing the Clans at a Gathering in Darkest Night, page 31

Harestar is a lithe,[8] brown-and-white tom[3] with sleek fur.[9]

Harestar is the current leader of WindClan in the lake territories. He was apprenticed as Harepaw to Tornear, and after becoming a warrior, Harespring trained in the Dark Forest. He and the other WindClan Dark Forest trainees were forgiven by Onestar, and to extend an olive branch of peace, Onestar made Harespring deputy. Afterwards, he mentored Slightfoot, and helped fight off the stoats. Harespring and Kestrelflight disobeyed Onestar and went behind his back to provide ShadowClan lungwort, the medicine they desperately needed. After Onestar was drowned by Darktail, he became leader as Harestar, with Crowfeather as his deputy. When the connection with StarClan was severed, Harestar supported Bramblestar's impostor in his claims that he could make StarClan come back, not knowing him to be an impostor. During a battle, Harestar lost a life to Lionblaze, and realized that Bramblestar was a fraud, turning on him. He later supported in killing Ashfur to bring back Bramblestar's ghost after it disappeared.


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Power of Three

"Isn't there enough prey in ThunderClan territory?"
―Harespring to the ThunderClan cats Eclipse, page 97
Harepaw is a WindClan apprentice, and his mentor is Tornear. As an apprentice, he and other WindClan cats hunt squirrels near ThunderClan's border due to the lack of rabbits. He and Breezepaw fight Hazelpaw and Lionpaw when WindClan steals prey. He receives his warrior name of Harespring. When Brambleclaw and a patrol come to visit Onestar, Harespring attacks them before humiliatingly being defeated by Brambleclaw. He participates in the Great Battle, his Clan joining forces with RiverClan to fight against ThunderClan and ShadowClan.

Omen of the Stars

"How do we know which cats to trust? Harespring keeps coming back with unexplained injuries."
―Onestar about Harespring to the other leaders The Last Hope, page 230
At night, Harespring trains in the Dark Forest with Breezepelt, Whiskernose, Sunstrike, Antpelt, Furzepelt, and Larkpaw. He meets with Birchfall, Mousewhisker, and Ivypool, fellow trainees, at the WindClan-ThunderClan border, but Ivypool thwarts them by luring another patrol. During a meeting of the leaders, Onestar mentions how Harespring often received unexplained injuries, hinting he might be a traitor. Harespring participates in the battle against the Dark Forest, but instead fights for the Clans.

A Vision of Shadows

"He's wrong to let cats die. The rogues harmed us, not ShadowClan. ShadowClan shouldn't have to pay for other cats' cruelty."
―Harespring about Onestar's refusal to give lungwort Thunder and Shadow, page 330
Now WindClan's deputy, he is present at the Gathering when the medicine cats reveal the prophecy to clear the sky. When ShadowClan falls gravely ill, Onestar refused to give ShadowClan the medicine they desperately need. Harespring believes this to be an injustice and plots with Kestrelflight to provide Puddleshine lungwort. He participates in the battles against the Kin, and after Darktail kills Onestar, he becomes the new leader of WindClan. He stands up for Onestar and supports SkyClan's place at the lake.

The Broken Code

"I am no codebreaker, and I am no liar."
―Harestar to the impostor Veil of Shadows, page 269
Like the other Clans, WindClan is also suffering during the harsh leaf-bare, and Harestar reveals at a Gathering that his cats are nearly starving. He questions why StarClan would communicate with a ShadowClan medicine cat apprentice, but after Shadowpaw's vision cures Bramblestar, Harestar gains a new respect for the tom. Bramblestar's impostor convinces Harestar to exile his deputy, Crowfeather, since he is a codebreaker, and Harestar uneasily aligns himself with Bramblestar in hopes to reconnect with StarClan. However, during a battle, Lionblaze kills Harestar, and he enters StarClan to see faint apparitions of their ancestors in distress. Harestar is revived and announces Bramblestar an impostor. However, at the next Gathering, he still wants to adhere to the warrior code as a result of not seeing StarClan clearly when losing a life. When the identity of the impostor is revealed to be Ashfur, Harestar advocates for killing the dark warrior to try and restore StarClan, alongside Tigerstar and Leafstar.

Super Editions

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In Crowfeather's Trial, Onestar appoints Harespring the new deputy after Ashfoot dies during the Great Battle, specifically choosing Harespring to show the Dark Forest trainees can be trusted again. However, Crowfeather initially holds a grudge against Harespring, believing that he deserved to be deputy instead even after Onestar explained why he had chosen Harespring as deputy. Harespring also gains an apprentice, Slightpaw. However, Crowfeather grows to admire Harespring's duty and loyalty, particularly when stoats threaten the Clan. He handles the conversation with Bramblestar well, and he shows deputy qualities that Crowfeather sees. In the manga, Harestar appoints Crowfeather his deputy, which he gladly accepts.
"If you have enough prey, why should WindClan wait to reclaim our territory?"
―Harestar being angry at Bramblestar over their borders Squirrelflight's Hope, page chapter 12
In Squirrelflight's Hope, Harestar calls a meeting for the leaders and deputies, telling them there is a problem with SkyClan's territory. After arguing with Bramblestar and the rest of the leaders, he becomes content with Squirrelflight's suggestion. Harestar then agrees that the Sisters are a threat at the next Gathering. Bramblestar and Squirrelflight later meet with him to discuss boundaries, and they agree to his demands of sharing territory. Harestar agrees with Tigerstar about going to war with the Sisters, but is also willing to drive the Sisters away peacefully if possible. In the battle, Sunrise attacks him, but Harestar defeats her.

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Interesting facts

  • Harestar was chosen as deputy to send a message that Dark Forest cats could be trusted.[11]
  • Crowfeather initially held a grudge against him and his deputyship, thinking of him as a “mouse-brained” choice, primarily because he was a Dark Forest trainee.[11][12][13][14]

Author Statements

  • He is Kate's least favorite current leader. She believes Harestar seems to be selfish and makes rash decisions based only on what's good for him.[blog 1]
  • Kate has stated that Harestar lacks altruism, a deficiency that irks her.[blog 1]


  • Harestar has been described as light brown.[15]
  • He has mistakenly been called by his warrior name after already becoming leader.[16][17]


"Bye, kittypet! I'll be ready for you next time!"
―Harepaw taunting Berrypaw After Sunset: We Need to Talk, page 4

Harespring: "And what did he mean by that?"
Kestrelflight: "We don't know."
Harespring: "Well, great."
—Kestrelflight and Harespring after the announcement of the prophecy The Apprentice's Quest, page chapter 3

Rowanstar: "We only recovered because Harespring and Kestrelflight have more compassion than you! They gave us the herb!"
Onestar: "Is this true?"
Harespring: "I could not let a Clan die."
—After Rowanstar reveals Kestrelflight and Harespring handed over the lungwort Thunder and Shadow, page chapter 23

"You speak wisely, Harestar. WindClan chose well in making you their leader, and I'm glad StarClan blessed you with nine lives, for you will need them."
―Mistystar to Harestar Darkest Night, page 32

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Bramblestar: "Are you trying to reclaim our stretch of moorland?"
Harestar: "ThunderClan has no use for it. Your scent floods the hillside like dog stench without the forest to disguise it. On the open moor, prey can smell you coming. It flees to our side of the border and becomes our prey anyway. Why waste your time? Return our land to us."
Bramblestar: "It's our land. We all agreed to the new borders. Don't forget we gave up a lot of our territory to SkyClan."
Harestar: "You could have your SkyClan land back if you wanted. You're the one who's delaying their move. You can be the one to suffer the consequences."
Bramblestar: "While greenleaf lasts, there are no consequences to suffer. There is enough prey in the forest to feed ThunderClan. The Sisters will be gone by the time leaf-bare comes, and we can rethink our borders then."
Harestar: "If you have enough prey, why should WindClan wait to reclaim our territory?"
—Harestar and Bramblestar about the border Squirrelflight's Hope, page chapter 12

"You can't just bully every cat into agreeing with you."
―Harestar to Bramblestar's impostor The Silent Thaw, page 185

"Crowfeather was named as a codebreaker, and he's my deputy. I can't lose him to this! Many of the codebreakers are good cats. And Shadowsight's vision is the word of one cat, a cat who—no offense, Tigerstar—seems to have left the Clans. Can this truly be what StarClan wants?"
―Harestar to the impostor at a Gathering Veil of Shadows, page 63

"I hope so, too. I have lost a prized warrior and deputy, but we still struggle to feed our Clan. I believe our suffering will be rewarded when StarClan appears to us again, ready to help us through our difficult times. I've always respected you, Bramblestar, and I'll do as you say."
―Harestar Veil of Shadows, page 222

Harestar: "What...what happened? (to Crowfeather) Is it really you?"
Crowfeather: "Yes, it's me. You're on Clan territory. You're not in StarClan anymore."
Harestar: "I was in StarClan's hunting grounds. But I heard only distorted voices, and saw only the haziest figures, no more than a blur. Our warrior ancestors were still there, but it was like they were fading into nothing..."
Crowfeather (to the impostor): "That's not what you said when you returned from StarClan. You said you spoke to them."
The impostor: "No cat should question me like this. (to Crowfeather) You weren't there! I did speak with StarClan. The only reason they're fading now is because of all of you. You insist on not listening to me, so of course the situation is getting worse. What did you expect? StarClan probably rejected Harestar because he's just another codebreaker."
Harestar: "I am no codebreaker, and I am no liar."
—Harestar to the impostor after he loses a life Veil of Shadows, pages 268-269

"Every warrior who fought that day believed they were fighting for StarClan"
―Harestar at the vigil Gathering Darkness Within, page 45

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