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In the Power of Three arc

The Sight

Harepaw, a WindClan apprentice, is first seen at a Gathering when Berrypaw announces that he is going to go talk to him and Hazelpaw follows. He later appears with Graystripe, Millie, and his mentor, Tornear, after having successfully led the dogs away from the WindClan camp, when ThunderClan helps WindClan chase the dogs from WindClan's territory.

Dark River

Harepaw and Breezepaw are seen on a hunting patrol by a ThunderClan patrol, chasing after a squirrel. They are close to crossing the border when Dustpelt steps in and orders them to stop. Surprised, the apprentices skid to a stop and are joined by their mentors almost immediately, who are furious. Harepaw accidentally blurts out that they were using squirrels for prey because there weren't enough rabbits.
During a border skirmish, when two WindClan apprentices chase a squirrel over the border and kill it, Harepaw and Breezepaw are battling against Brightheart, along with the help of Whitetail. Lionpaw takes on Breezepaw, while Harepaw then begins to fight Hazelpaw. The she-cat succeeds in driving him off just before Ashfoot, the WindClan deputy, sounds the retreat. When he runs away, Hazelpaw taunts him, telling him he should go back to the nursery, like a kit.
On a patrol with Tornear, Nightcloud, and Owlwhisker, Harepaw patrols the ThunderClan border when they find a patrol of ThunderClan cats waiting for them. They talk and Tornear agrees to take Leafpool and Jaypaw to their camp to speak with Onestar. Tornear orders Owlwhisker and Harepaw to stay at the border to make sure the remaining ThunderClan cats don't cross the border.


Harepaw receives his warrior name, and is now known as Harespring.


While on a patrol with Ashfoot and Owlwhisker, Harespring is the first to confront a ThunderClan patrol that is on their territory. None of the three bother to hide their anger at the patrol, which consists of Brambleclaw, Sandstorm, Brackenfur, and Hollypaw. Harespring streaks over to the cats, stopping just in front of Brambleclaw and hissing at him to stay where he was. Just as the ThunderClan deputy begins to move forward again, Harespring attacks him but is pinned to the ground easily. Brambleclaw releases the young warrior at Ashfoot's request, and then takes his patrol home.
On the raid against ThunderClan, Harespring attacks Lionpaw, just as the WindClan cats begin to appear to attack Lionpaw's patrol, as they are covering up a fox hole that leads into the tunnels that WindClan used to attack.

In the Omen of the Stars arc

Fading Echoes

While meeting with Tigerstar in the Dark Forest, Breezepelt reports that he can already beat Leaftail and Harespring in training, showing how Tigerstar's training is working very well. When Dovepaw and Ivypaw sneak into WindClan but are caught by Weaselfur who wakes the Clan up, Onestar comes and orders Harespring to take Leaftail and Owlwhisker to search the area for any more signs of ThunderClan.

Night Whispers

Dovepaw mentions that she can hear Heathertail teaching Harespring a new route.

The Forgotten Warrior

Harespring is part of WindClan's patrol in the battle in the tunnels, after Sol convinces some warriors to attack ThunderClan, along with Breezepelt, Whiskernose, Weaselfur, Heathertail, and Furzepelt.

The Last Hope

It is revealed that Harespring is training in the Dark Forest when Birchfall tells Ivypool to come with him and Mousewhisker to meet Sunstrike, Larkpaw, and Harespring at the border between WindClan and ThunderClan, to practice battle tactics that they had learned in the Dark Forest.
He is seen scanning the border, looking for Birchfall, Ivypool, and Mousewhisker, when Foxleap comes with Brackenfur and Graystripe yowling at the WindClan warriors, telling Harespring, Larkpaw, and Sunstrike to stay back. Harespring is then showed to be defiant, saying they did not cross the border. He retreats with the other two WindClan cats afterwards.

In the A Vision of Shadows arc

The Apprentice's Quest

At the Gathering, Cherryfall points out Harespring sitting on the roots of the Great Oak, and mentions him to be WindClan's deputy, to Alderpaw and Sparkpaw. Later, when Kestrelflight announces the prophecy at the Gathering, Harespring is the first to speak, wondering what it could mean. Kestrelflight informs him they don't know yet and Harespring is dissatisfied with that answer.

Thunder and Shadow

Harespring is present at the Gathering after Violetkit is revealed to be with the rogues. The brown-and-white tom hurries away from the other cats and falls in step beside Onestar. One moon later, he is seen with Reedwhisker talking with the other deputies. In the meeting, Harespring comments that half of ShadowClan's apprentices live with the rogues, and Onestar agrees with him.
At the half-moon medicine cat meeting, Harespring is Kestrelflight's escort. Jayfeather and Alderpaw pass the deputy on their way to the Moonpool, and nod in greeting. They pad past the brown-and-white tom, but he betrays no expression. During the meeting, Kestrelflight reveals that he might have a peaceful solution for getting lungwort. The WindClan medicine cat glances at Harespring, and then meows that he must ask StarClan first.
Kestrelflight shares dreams with their starry ancestors, and tells Harespring that StarClan said it is okay. The medicine cat bounces down the steep rocks, and both WindClan cats' pelt spike with fear-scent. Kestrelflight reveals to the other Clan cats that this is Harespring's idea, but they wonder what he's talking about. The WindClan cats race to the moor, and lead the medicine cats over their border. Harespring explains that he and Kestrelflight will allow them to gather lungwort, without Onestar's knowledge. Alderpaw is moved by the deputy's compassion and sense of duty to other Clans. The medicine cats collect what they can, and hope Harespring and Kestrelflight won't be in trouble for it.
At the next Gathering, Rowanstar reveals that WindClan's deputy and medicine cat allowed Puddleshine to get lungwort from their territory. Onestar asks Harespring if this is true, and he replies that it'd be wrong to let a Clan die.

Shattered Sky

Harespring first appears after Sleekwhisker spots the Clan cats advancing on the rogues' camp; he looks at his paws and shakes his head, meowing that their chance to surprise the rogues is gone.
He is seen leaping to his leader's aid when the Kin is attacking WindClan, but he is blocked by Nettle. After that he is seen asking Darktail how he could know Onestar as well as he claims. When Darktail announces that his news about Onestar is going to make every WindClan cat's fur stand on end, he asks Onestar what Darktail is talking about.
After the rogues retreat, he is seen organizing the patrols. He tells the cats on the patrols to keep a sharp lookout for Darktail and his Kin and to avoid fighting except as a last resort. When the other Clan leaders come to visit him, he tells them that Onestar is there but he won't see them until all the leaders have arrived, and that they must wait for Mistystar. When the RiverClan leader arrives he slips into the Onestar's den, with Onestar following him a moment later.
Onestar and Darktail kill each other, leaving Harespring to succeed Onestar as the next WindClan leader.
Squirrelflight later tells Bramblestar to not to interrupt Harespring's nine lives ceremony when he suggests celebrating SkyClan's return.

Darkest Night

Bramblestar dips his head to Harestar as he makes his way up the tree to commence the Gathering. When the Clans begin to argue if Rowanstar is a true leader or not, Harestar defends him and Onestar, saying that all the Clans have suffered and that no one but Darktail is to blame. Mistystar tells him that he speaks wisely and is glad StarClan blessed him with nine lives and wishes him well. Later during the Gathering, he asks why RiverClan will not be at the next Gathering, and is shocked that Mistystar is closing her borders. At the same Gathering, they talk about SkyClan, and Harestar agrees that another Clan would make the cats stronger.
They come to a final decision that Leafstar will share territory between ThunderClan and ShadowClan; Harestar agrees to this. They then end the Gathering, and Harestar goes to WindClan. When Alderheart receives the prophecy about dark sky and the six-toed cat, Kestrelflight says Harestar thinks it means that the Clan cats' problems will get worse and that he is stepping up patrols.
Later, Alderheart travels to WindClan again to ask about a six-toed cat, but the leader stares at him uneasily. The medicine cat reflects that the visit was no use, and probably only made the leader anxious.

River of Fire

As cats from WindClan, RiverClan, and ThunderClan fall ill, Alderheart thinks that the ThunderClan border supply is running low, because Harestar doesn't want to start trouble with RiverClan by gathering near their territory. When the ThunderClan medicine cat meets Featherpelt, Hootwhisker, and Larkwing while searching for watermint, Featherpelt asks him if he is on his way to see Harestar.
When Twigpaw and Finpaw sneak out of the ThunderClan camp to hunt, Twigpaw runs into WindClan territory. When Featherpelt, Emberfoot, and Smokepaw catch her, Featherpelt sends Smokepaw to tell Harestar what happened. Harestar is present at the Gathering, leaping onto the branches of the Great Oak along with Bramblestar and Leafstar. He stands up to speak, giving his share of news. When lightning starts a fire in RiverClan and destroys their camp, Nightcloud says that Harestar would be willing to shelter some cats in WindClan.
At the next Gathering, when Bramblestar waves his tail for Harestar to speak, he informs the Clans that prey is plentiful on the moor and has made Brindlewing and Smokehaze warriors. Bramblestar asks Harestar to send a patrol to help RiverClan rebuild their camp the day after his patrol helps them, to which Harestar agrees.

The Raging Storm

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In The Broken Code arc

Lost Stars

At a Gathering, Harestar states that WindClan has had problems coping with leaf-bare like every other Clan, and that there is so little shelter and all the prey has fled. He worries what the Clans will do, as this is the worst leaf-bare any cat can remember and the longest the cold has ever lasted. Jayfeather adds on that it is also the longest the medicine cats have gone without receiving messages from StarClan. Harestar continues by suggesting to share good news and states that WindClan has two new apprentices, Woodpaw and Applepaw. When Mallownose states that it is odd that only Shadowpaw got a message from StarClan, Harestar admits he has a point and questions why StarClan would only send a message to ShadowClan
At the half-moon meeting at the Moonpool, Kestrelflight argues with the medicine cats when Mothwing suggests to not tell anything to their Clan leaders, mentioning that he does not want to lie to Harestar. He is later at the Moonpool with the other leaders to attempt to thaw the ice. When Alderheart questions the leaders what to do, he and the other leaders glance towards Squirrelflight. He twitches his whiskers nervously and agrees with Frecklewish about doing everything they can to restore their connection with StarClan, stating that WindClan has suffered the worst of the harsh leaf-bare and that hunting is nearly possible and his cats are starving and states they need StarClan's guidance and must do everything to restore the connection.
At the emergency Gathering, Harestar states that he still does not understand why StarClan would only communicate through an apprentice and not a real medicine cat, causing Rootpaw's enthusiasm to vanish and Shadowpaw's pelt to grow hot with anger. Jayfeather sarcastically replies that Shadowpaw is indeed a real medicine cat. When Shadowpaw tells the leaders about his latest vision involving the fire from the center of the lake, Harestar inquires if the vision is connected to what Shadowpaw told them last time about the darkness in the Clans. When Squirrelflight admits what is wrong with Bramblestar, Harestar states that if Bramblestar recovers, they can then decide what the vision of fire and the darkness in the Clans mean and more important how they can drive the darkness out. No cat objects to what he says.
At the next emergency Gathering, Harestar is sitting on a branch a little way above Bramblestar and rising to his paws, states that he will speak first. He looks down warmly and appreciatively at Shadowpaw and states he is impressed by what he has heard about the way Shadowpaw helped cure Bramblestar. He says he knows Tigerstar believes his son and his unique connection with StarClan and after what he did for Bramblestar, believes he has a point. Shadowpaw is glad that he has at least one supporter from another Clan. When Bramblestar discusses his lost life, Harestar asks if StarClan spoke with him before taking up his next life, to which Bramblestar replies that they did. He exchanges an awkward silence with the other leaders when Bramblestar angrily demands why they are questioning him. When they discuss the darkness within the Clans, Harestar asks if any cat has seen traces of the Dark Forest cats and wonders if they would dare to attack the Clans again. Kestrelflight replies that he doubts that is the case.
When Mosspelt suggests that this all may relate to the warrior code, Harestar asks if any cat wants to confess to breaking the code, gazing out across the crowd of cats, and states that maybe if they admit their wrongdoing, it will ease the way back for StarClan. The cats exchange uneasy glances to this suggestion. As they continue to talk about Shadowpaw's vision and the warrior code, Harestar meows that it makes sense that StarClan might be upset about the code being broken and that the Clans have had some troubled times and maybe the leaders have been more forgiving than in the past and as a result should be not so forgiving in the future.

The Silent Thaw

At at Gathering, Harestar gestures for Kestrelflight to speak. When Lionblaze and Spotfur accidentally capture a rabbit on WindClan's territory, Bramblestar snarls that Harestar might accuse them of invading, though Lionblaze sincerely doubts that. Harestar attends the next Gathering and questions what kind of punishment StarClan wants them to impose on the codebreakers. He stands up for Mistystar and accuses Bramblestar of bullying his way. Harestar attends the next Gathering. When Squirrelflight tries to convince Harestar of Bramblestar's impostor, he turns her away.

Veil of Shadows

At a Gathering, the impostor successfully pressures Harestar to banish Crowfeather, a named codebreaker. Harestar is conflicted since Crowfeather is his deputy, but WindClan has been struggling in the heavy rains and scarcity of prey. Breezepelt and Nightcloud openly object, but Harestar yowls in exasperation that he has no other choice. Crowfeather agrees to go into exile if it'll help his Clan, but he doubts it will. He trusts Bramblestar and remains faithful that his attempts to reconnect with StarClan will work. Kestrelflight is hesitant to tell his leader the truth about the impostor, but when he eventually does, Harestar dismisses his medicine cat since Shadowsight and Rootspring have always been odd cats.
Harestar leads his cats into battle with RiverClan and ThunderClan against ShadowClan. During the fight, he and Lionblaze exchange blows and Lionblaze fatally wounds him in the throat. The fighting gradually dies down as WindClan's warrior rush to their fallen leader's side, fearful that he won't return since StarClan is silent. However, Harestar is revived and emotionally presses against Crowfeather's side in relief. Harestar is visibly shaken, and recounts how he was in StarClan briefly but only saw faint and distorted figures. Crowfeather challenges the impostor for lying about StarClan, but the impostor dismiss Crowfeather and calls Harestar a liar. Harestar refutes this and names the impostor a fake Bramblestar.
At the Gathering, Harestar reappoints Crowfeather as deputy. He admits that while the fake Bramblestar was evil, maybe following the code more closely will bring StarClan back after all. When Tigerstar recounts that Shadowsight had been to the Dark Forest and saw stars trapped in a pond, Harestar is dismayed; he repeats that he was in StarClan and saw their ancestors, but they were faint and in distress.

Darkness Within

Bramblestar's impostor.Template.png "I won't be thwarted. You saved my life, and because of that, you have ensured my success. Because once I'm back to full health, I'll be able to bend any cat to my will..."

The following content contains major spoilers for the true identity of Bramblestar's impostor. Please proceed at your own discretion.

"We'll be putting Bramblestar out his misery. Isn't that the right thing to do? We'll be protecting his spirit."
―Harestar agreeing to kill Ashfur Darkness Within, page 300
When Squirrelflight reveals the impostor might be Ashfur, Harestar is briefly unconvinced as he suspects Ashfur will only have conflict with ThunderClan instead of wrecking havoc with all five Clans. Harestar participates in Squirrelflight's plan to get the impostor to reveal his identity, and he agrees to send warriors to guard Ashfur in ShadowClan's camp until the leaders agree what to do with Ashfur. Harestar attends the vigil for the fallen warriors, and Rootspring recalls Harestar's words when he lost a life and returned, describing StarClan has hazy blurs. The Clan leaders meet when Tree and Rootspring bring concerns about the spirits of their fallen warriors in danger, including the fate of Bramblestar's missing ghost, Harestar suspects Bramblestar might be waiting for a chance to renter his body, though Tigerstar adds that Bramblestar might really be gone. Harestar is suspicious when Tree suggests asking the Sisters for help, though eventually agrees if the Sisters' won't stay on his territory.
When the Sisters arrive in Clan territory, Harestar, Crowfeather, Breezepelt and Kestrelflight arrive in SkyClan's camp to witness the Sisters attempt to summon the ghosts. Though he cannot see them, Rootspring and the Sisters witness the ghosts arrive in pain and agony. During an emergency Gathering, Harestar advocates to kill Ashfur to prevent him from causing further harm and follows the other leaders to execute him in ShadowClan's camp. However, Shadowsight helps Ashfur escape before the leaders could kill him.

The Place of No Stars

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In the Super Editions

Crowfeather's Trial

He is first seen when Onestar tells him to set the final stone in place, as the new deputy, to honor the Clanmates who fell in the Great Battle. Harespring meows that the last stone is for Ashfoot, saying she served her Clan well. He is seen heading down with the other Dark Forest cats, Larkwing, Furzepelt, and Whiskernose after Onestar's speech. Crowfeather wonders why Onestar named Harespring his deputy instead of him, as Harespring trained in the Dark Forest.
Later, Harespring approves of Featherpaw's idea to hunt together, having his own apprentice, Slightpaw, saying that is a great idea, to Crowfeather's disappointment, as Harespring is one of the last cats he wanted to spend time with. Harespring mentions that Onestar wants to go and hunt down near the ThunderClan border and gathers the patrol together with a sweep of his tail, mentioning there have been reports of weird scents in the area, and for some reason prey is scarce. He takes the lead as the patrol leaves camp and heads downhill to the ThunderClan border. He mentions he has a good feeling about today, believing the prey will be running well, sounding cheerful.
Crowfeather thinks Harespring should be aware of the tension between him and Nightcloud. Harespring hardly finishes speaking when a hare stares up unexpectedly and flees across the moor. Harespring heartily praises Nightcloud for her brilliant catch of the hare, to which Nightcloud thanks him.
Harespring asks the apprentice what the problem is when they spot a hare poking up from where it was crouched, telling Featherpaw she answered his question correctly. He tells the apprentices that it will scent them long before they can get close enough to pounce, asking them what they should do about it and praises Hootpaw for his response. He tells them that it is one of the times where it can be better to hunt as a team. He tells Crowfeather that he will work his way around to the far side of the hare and tells him to chase the hare over to him when he gives the signal.
Crowfeather thinks of a different idea to catch it but remembers Harespring is the deputy, so he doesn't say anything. Harespring sets off at once, creeping along with his belly fur brushing the ground, taking advantage of every scrape of cover, his brown and white pelt barely visible. But before he is in position, a puff of wind passes over the ground, causing the hare to flee. Harespring lashes his tail in frustration and growls a curse, but Crowfeather is able to catch it and drops it at Harespring's paws. Harespring looks slightly discomforted and suggests to go farther down to find smaller prey near the stream, in order to give the apprentices a try.
He takes the lead towards the stretch of woodland near the stream, where he halts near a gorse thicket, saying Onestar thinks there is something odd around there and suggests to find out what it is. Harespring says he should recognize the scent but is not sure. He pauses thoughtfully, jaws open, but shakes his head, mentioning the scent is stale and whatever it is may be long gone. Crowfeather thinks that Harespring obviously decided not to investigate and privately agrees with him.
He assures Nightcloud that they are indeed hunting, suggesting to see what they can find around there, stating that if the scent is stale, then the prey might come back. He tells Nightcloud it is worth a try when she sounds dubious. He splits up with his own apprentice to find prey. He rushes to Hootpaw and Crowfeather when they spot something in the tunnel. Harespring tells them that Smoky told him kittypets came back as ghosts when they died to visit their Twolegs. Crowfeather glares at him through this statements, which Harespring returns momentarily before turning away looking embarrassed. Crowfeather privately scorns him, thinking he can barely catch a rabbit and now believes in ghosts, thinking Harespring is a mouse-brain. Harespring opens his mouth to argue when Crowfeather gives the order to go back to camp but quickly snaps it shut and nods his head, sending off the apprentices first. He states he believes what Hootpaw is telling them, stating that he must have seen something if not glowing white cats. He objects to there being white animals on the moor but should still be reported to Onestar, as they were told to check out the area and that if they didn’t report it, the Clan would be completely unprepared if anything terrible were to happen, stating it would be their fault. Crowfeather thinks that Harespring may not be the worst deputy to be appointed after all.
Harespring leads them all back into camp, explaining the weird scents to Onestar and how Hootpaw and maybe Crowfeather had seen a ghost cat, explaining what Smoky had told him. He offers to send a patrol to inspect the tunnel to which Onestar objects. Crowfeather thinks that Onestar was mouse-brained to choose Harespring as the deputy but wouldn’t have thought of objecting to it, suggesting to Onestar that he chose him to send a message that Dark Forest warriors could be trusted. He is seen standing at the base of the Tallrock during the Clan meeting. Kestrelflight shares his vision about a danger in the tunnels. When Weaselfur brings up the suggestion that the tunnels might flood again, Harespring states that he could be right, but that he also scented something strange at the tunnel entrances. Onestar then orders a patrol to investigate the tunnels and chooses Harespring to lead it.
Harespring sends out the dawn patrol and hunting patrols, sparing six cats for the tunnel patrol, whom he gathers at sunhigh to eat before setting out. When they head towards the tunnels, Harespring leads them and halts a tail-length away from a dark, gaping hole. He orders them to stay together until they reach the cave with several passages and to split up there. He assigns Crowfeather with Heathertail and Nightcloud with Breezepelt and orders Furzepelt to stay with him. When Crowfeather asks what to do next, Harespring replies by saying that it will depend on what they find and that they will meet back at the entrance in the time it takes to do a dawn patrol, hoping that StarClan watches over them. He then turns and leads them all into the tunnels. Harespring eventually orders them to split up, warning them all to be careful.
Harespring and Furzepelt are later shown to be waiting for the rest of the patrol after completing their part of the patrol. When Heathertail describes her experience, Harespring inquires which creature she is talking about, to which Crowfeather replies that they do not know. Harespring notes that both Crowfeather and Heathertail are hurt and suggests them to go to Kestrelflight. Crowfeather asks Harespring if he found anything, to which he replies that they got lost in the tunnels and that it took them a long time to find the entrance and were not keen on going back into the tunnels and that they came across no animals.
They wait after sunset without success, when Harespring uneasily shifts his paws, stating that Breezepelt and Nightcloud should be back and suggests that they got lost in the tunnels.
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Bramblestar's Storm

Harespring is made deputy of WindClan after Ashfoot's death in the battle against the Dark Forest. He is first seen before a Gathering just behind Onestar as the WindClan cats approach the ThunderClan cats on the lakeshore.
Later Bramblestar spots him with his apprentice Slightpaw, Crowfeather, and Heathertail blatantly trespassing on ThunderClan land, heading towards the stream, but Bramblestar is unable to confront them with only Jessy, a kittypet, with him. The same patrol is chased back across the border by Squirrelflight's patrol. The WindClan cats look disheveled, but none are seriously injured. Harespring stops beside the tree trunk that allows safe passage across the stream, and springs after his Clanmates with a final hiss at the ThunderClan patrol.

Tigerheart's Shadow

Harespring, gaining the new name, Harestar, is now the new leader of WindClan after the previous leader, Onestar, was drowned by his son, Darktail. He has named Crowfeather the new deputy.

Squirrelflight's Hope

Squirrelflight is headed to the Gathering and wonders why Harestar called a meeting for the leaders and deputies. She questions if he wanted to challenge the borders ThunderClan left and thinks that he couldn't complain as it was ThunderClan's land now. She asks Bramblestar why Harestar called the meeting, to which Bramblestar replies that Emberfoot did not tell him but simply told him that Harestar wanted to talk. She questions whether or not Harestar actually has something serious to talk about, to which Bramblestar retorts that there would be no other reason for him to call a meeting.
Harestar is with Leafstar and Tigerstar in a pool of moonlight in the center. He nods at Bramblestar and Squirrelflight, thanking them for coming. Squirrelflight searches the WindClan leader's gaze but his gaze is unreadable. She sees stiffness and tension in him and the others that makes her uneasy. As Mistystar approaches, she bows her head respectfully to Harestar while saying his name, who acknowledges her with a blink. Harestar then addresses all the cats stating that he called them because there is a problem with SkyClan, to which Leafstar surprisingly echoes questioningly. Squirrelflight wonders if Harestar already discussed this with the other leaders based off their cool gazes towards Leafstar. Bramblestar stiffly asks him why Leafstar is not bringing up the problem with SkyClan's territory.
Harestar stares at Leafstar, stating that three moons have given him enough time to see flaws in the plan of shifting territory. Leafstar asks him what flaws he is talking about, to which he replies that they shifted their borders to make room for SkyClan and were happy to do it. He states that they know SkyClan belongs beside the lake with StarClan's approval but that moving borders mean that some of them have land they cant use, to which Mistystar and Tigerstar agree. Harestar reminds Bramblestar that his Clan was given moorland. Bramblestar tells him that his Clan uses the land beyond the stream, leaving Harestar unconvinced. Bramblestar continues, telling Harestar that Larksong caught a rabbit there yesterday. Harestar narrows his eyes, questioning why he caught only one, to which Bramblestar retorts that one was all we needed. Harestar then says that his Clan would have caught three. Bramblestar's hackles raise and he asks him if he is insulting his warriors. Harestar assures him that he isn't and states that they are simply better hunters on the moor.
Leafstar turns to Harestar, puffs out her chest, and asks him if he is saying he wants SkyClan to leave again and that if he does, he will have to take it up with their ancestors. Harestar assures her that no cat thinks SkyClan should leave. Squirrelflight tells him SkyClan has moved enough and Harestar meets her gaze, stating that all he is saying is that territory is being wasted and WindClan is growing, with Featherpelt expecting kits and as a result need more land. Leafstar blinks at him retorting that SkyClan is growing as well, with Violetshine's kits. Harestar replies that all the Clans are growing and as a result no Clan should hold on to territory they can't use.
He then looks pointedly at Bramblestar, who meets his gaze and tells him that ThunderClan uses all its land. As Squirrelflight brings up the possibility of SkyClan moving to a different piece of land between ThunderClan and ShadowClan territory, Harestar encourages her that she will be near the Moonpool and should take it. He later says that SkyClan would not be left out with Squirrelflight's suggestion and that they are one beneath StarClan now and that they share ancestors. Harestar then delightfully states that the fact that SkyClan would be given new land could be the best solution. As the remaining leaders continue to argue, Harestar thoughtfully dips his head and meows that they should at least think about Squirrelflight's suggestion. As Leafstar leaves, Tigerstar says he hopes SkyClan come around, to which Harestar agrees that it will solve all their problems.
When Bramblestar and Squirrelflight argue about her suggestion on their way back, Squirrelflight tells him to remember what Harestar and Mistystar said about the Clans growing. When they arrive back to camp, Larksong asks them what Harestar wanted, to which Bramblestar says they had the usual argument. When Mousewhisker and Thriftpaw discuss hunting on the moor, Squirrelflight sights and admits Harestar had been right about the wasted land. When she meets Leafpool, she tells her that last nights meeting with Harestar was tense. Later, Squirrelflight tells Leafstar that Harestar was right about land being wasted. Sparkpelt is then seen telling Larksong that Lionblaze said that Harestar is causing trouble, to which Larksong replies that Harestar causing trouble is a refreshing change. When Squirrelflight encounters the Sisters, she wonders if Harestar is patient enough to wait for them to leave.
At the next Gathering, Squirrelflight wonders if Harestar would bring up the question of borders again. Harestar is seen following Mistystar up the Great Oak. When they talk about the Sisters, Harestar leans forward and states that they are clearly a threat to the Clans. Harestar then agrees with Tigerstar's suggestion to go to war with the Sisters, yowling that StarClan has decreed that the Clans be united and that WindClan stands with ShadowClan to honor their ancestors and strengthen their alliance. When the Clans hear what Tree has to say, Harestar points out that StarClan has been silent lately and that StarClan must feel that the Clans can make their own decisions. Bramblestar lifts his gaze to meets Harestar's, telling him that StarClan would not be silent on a matter of war and that the plan they're discussing has no unity among the Clans as SkyClan is not with him. Tigerstar exchanges glances with Harestar and Mistystar and agrees to wait to hear from StarClan, before all three of them scramble down from the Great Oak.
When Squirrelflight's patrol catches a WindClan patrol on their land, Breezepelt states that the land was being wasted by ThunderClan and that she even said it. Squirrelflight retorts that Harestar was the cat who said that the land was being wasted by ThunderClan. She realizes that Harestar might have put Breezepelt up to all this. When she reports to Bramblestar, he tells her that he will speak with Harestar. When Squirrelflight asks what he plans to say to him, Bramblestar replies that he will try to come to an agreement with Harestar and that if Harestar believes land is being wasted enough to fight for it, then he will listen to him. When Blossomfall begins to argue, he cuts her off, stating that he is only going to speak with Harestar and that they should speak to him now to avoid tension. Squirrelflight hopes that they come to a compromise with Harestar to bring peace.
Bramblestar tells Slightfoot that he wants to speak to Harestar. Harestar is already sliding out of his tightly woven den at the edge of the clearing, with his nose twitching as the wind lifted his fur. He sees Squirrelflight and Bramblestar and tells his warriors to bring them to him. Harestar meets Bramblestar's gaze asking why he wishes to speak to him, to which Bramblestar replies that Breezepelt brought a patrol onto their territory. Squirrelflight glares at Harestar, accusing him of sending Breezepelt on purpose, to which Harestar remains silent. Bramblestar narrows his eyes and asks him if he is trying to renew his stretch of moorland. Harestar says that ThunderClan has no use for it and that their scents flood the hillside like dog stench without the forest to disguise it.
He continues by saying that on open moor, prey can smell them coming and that they flee to WindClan's side and becomes their prey. He asks Bramblestar why he is wasting time and demands that he return the land back to them. Bramblestar refuses, saying that it is ThunderClan's land as they all agreed to the new borders and reminds him that ThunderClan gave lots of their territory to SkyClan. Harestar simply replies that ThunderClan could have their SkyClan land back if he wanted and that Bramblestar was the one delaying their move and as a result should be the one suffering the consequences. Bramblestar lashes his tail ominously in response, telling Harestar that while greenleaf lasts, there are no consequences to suffer and that there is enough prey in the forest to feed ThunderClan and can rethink the borders after the Sisters leave
Squirrelflight wonders if Harestar's demand for land his way of persuading ThunderClan to agree with ShadowClan's war on the Sisters. Without his gaze wavering, Harestar questions Bramblestar why WindClan should wait to reclaim their territory if ThunderClan has enough prey. Bramblestar gazes silently at Harestar for a moment, while Squirrelflight silently admits that it would be hard to argue with Harestar's logic. Bramblestar dips his head to Harestar and growls that he agrees to Harestar's demands and that he may hunt on their stretch of moorland until SkyClan makes a decision but that their border would not change and that they would share territory for the next few moons. When Crowfeather asks why they should let ThunderClan mark a border on their land. Harestar replies that it won't be for long, his mew ominous. He meets Crowfeather's gaze, both cats seeming to share a single though. He turns to Bramblestar and agrees to the plan. Bramblestar requests Harestar to keep this agreement secret from the other Clans, and Harestar replies that they would if he wished, dipping his head.
At the next Gathering, Harestar is seen eyeing Tigerstar and Mistystar accusingly as they take their places on the Great Oak. When the leaders discuss driving out the Sisters in order for SkyClan to move, Harestar flattens his ears asking Leafstar why they should wait for the Sisters to leave before moving to the new land. When Bramblestar asks the leaders to respect Leafstar's decision on the situation, Harestar flattens his ears and retorts that she has been heard and clearly wants the Sisters' land. Bramblestar lashes his tail and replies that she wants their land only after the Sisters leave. When Tree grudgingly agrees to talk to Moonlight, Harestar nods and states that they should not have to fight if they don't have to.
At a later meeting to discuss war against the Sisters, Harestar flexes his claws and states that they could destroy them in a single battle. In response to Squirrelflight saying that they will be gone in a moon if they wait, Harestar snarls, saying he does not think they will ever move as they know the Clans want that land and are determined to keep it for themselves, to which Mistystar nods in agreement. When Bramblestar says that the Sisters will need to be chased out, Harestar snaps that they should drive them out sooner rather than later. Tigerstar's gaze moves pointedly from Bramblestar to Harestar when discussing Clan boundaries. When Bramblestar tells Squirrelflight that the Sisters need to leave, Harestar growls that they clearly won't leave unless they are driven out. Squirrelflight asks him if driving them out is the right thing to do if it means harming unborn kits.
When Leafstar suggests a different manner of driving them out through intimidation, Harestar agrees, saying they would not need to unsheathe a claw. When Bramblestar agrees, Harestar hopefully looks at him and asks if the plan is settled, to which Bramblestar tells him that he will bring a patrol. When Leafstar states that SkyClan would not bring a patrol, Harestar blinks at her and exclaims that it was her suggestion, but Leafstar ignores him. When Bramblestar pads away, Harestar sniffs as Squirrelflight is turning away, saying that it is good to see Bramblestar taking charge of his Clan again. Squirrelflight jerks her muzzle towards him and snarls that ThunderClan cats are allowed to have their own opinion.
When the Clan confront the Sisters, Harestar, Bramblestar, and Mistystar fan out around Tigerstar. Harestar flicks his tail and states that they have come to speak to their leader, his eyes glittering with hostility. Squirrelflight silently pleads that he doesn't fight. When Squirrelflight begs the warriors around her to leave the Sisters alone, Harestar retorts that a warrior never backs down, flattens his ears, and drops down to battle stance. Sunrise retorts that neither does a Sister, narrowing her eyes into slits, and with a snarl, leaps for and attacks Harestar. They disappear beneath a throng of writhing pelts as the remaining cats explode into battle. Harestar then rears out of the swarm, Sunrise rising with him, slashing viciously at Harestar's muzzle. As he and Sunrise trade blows, they sink beneath the sea of pelts like cats drowning. Harestar eventually defeats Sunrise, who is then seen flashing away. When Moonlight still refuses to leave, Harestar narrows his eyes, saying that she is outnumbered. Moonlight replies that they can defend the cave as long as they need to.

In the Novellas

Spotfur's Rebellion

As he berates Spotfur and Lionblaze, Bramblestar mentions Harestar, asking if they would really tell him that they wouldn't have crossed his borders if they were marked better. Later, Spotfur notes that Harestar and Mistystar have sided with Bramblestar, in addition to exiling Crowfeather and Mothwing as codebreakers.

In the Short Stories and Plays

After Sunset: We Need to Talk

On a WindClan patrol, Harepaw and his Clanmates find Crowfeather and Leafpool, at the WindClan border. He mocks Berrypaw for being born a kittypet, and Berrypaw challenges him to a fight, but Brambleclaw and Onestar prevent the fight before it starts. As the patrol leaves, Harepaw mocks Berrypaw once more, stating that he would be ready for Berrypaw the next time they meet.
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