"War? You didn't mention that before. Do you really think the other cats would attack because you've helped us?"
— Hawk to Squirrelflight in Squirrelflight's Hope, page 162

Hawk is a large,[6] long-furred,[7] well-muscled and broad-shouldered,[8] she-cat with wide paws[9][8] and golden eyes.[5] Her pelt color is either tortoiseshell[10] or ginger-brown.[6]

Hawk is a Sister and mother to Flurry, Sparrow, Chestnut, and Snail. While the Sisters were staying in the lake territories, her leader was Moonlight. When Sunrise was badly wounded by the ShadowClan warrior Stonewing, Hawk, Snow, and Tempest brought their injured campmate to ThunderClan in hopes that Squirrelflight’s medicine cat could treat her. However, Bramblestar refused to fully treat Sunrise for fear that it would anger Tigerstar or StarClan. Hawk, Snow, Tempest, and Sunrise were sent back to the Sisters with some herbs from Leafpool. Hawk later fought in the battle against the Clans, where Moonlight was killed and her kits were orphaned. SkyClan sheltered the kits and Violetshine fed them, and when Squirrel, Leaf, and Moon were old enough, Hawk and the Sisters took the kits and left the lake.


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Flurry:[2] Living (As of Squirrelflight's Hope)
Sparrow:[2] Living (As of Squirrelflight's Hope)


Chestnut:[11] Living (As of Tree's Roots)
Snail:[11] Living (As of Tree's Roots)
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Snow:[8] Living (As of Squirrelflight's Hope)
Tempest:[8] Living (As of Squirrelflight's Hope)
Stone:[8] Living (As of Squirrelflight's Hope)
Grass:[8] Living (As of Squirrelflight's Hope)
Moonlight:[8] Deceased, verified ghost
Ice:[6] Living (As of Tree's Roots)
Tree:[12] Living (As of Graystripe's Vow)
Squirrel:[13] Living (As of (Squirrelflight's Hope)
Leaf:[13] Living (As of Squirrelflight's Hope)
Moon:[13] Living (As of Squirrelflight's Hope)
Needleclaw:[14] Living (As of Graystripe's Vow)
Rootspring:[14] Living (As of Graystripe's Vow)
Furze:[8] Living (As of Squirrelflight's Hope)
Creek:[8] Living (As of Squirrelflight's Hope)
Sunrise:[8] Living (As of Squirrelflight's Hope)
Petal:[6] Living (As of Tree's Roots)
Stream:[6] Deceased, verified ghost
Haze:[6] Deceased, verified ghost
Mud:[6] Living (As of Tree's Roots)
Spider:[15] Status unknown
Cloud:[5] Status unknown
Moonlight's unnamed kits:[15] Status unknown
Moonlight's unnamed sons:[15] Status unknown


Unnamed ♂Hawk ♀Unnamed ♂
Flurry ♀Sparrow ♀Chestnut ♂Snail ♂

    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


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