"Jagged Peak's a good cat. He's just a bit misunderstood. It must be hard relying on others for prey. We mountain cats are used to feeling independent. [...] It's great to have you back! I've missed you so much. I know how desperate Acorn Fur and Lightning Tail are to share news. They'll be back soon."
— Hawk Swoop to Thunder about the other cats in The First Battle, page 49

Hawk Swoop is an orange tabby she-cat[3] with amber eyes.[7]

Hawk Swoop was a member of the ancient Tribe and later Tall Shadow's group on the moor. She joined others on the journey to the forest territories. Hawk Swoop agreed to raise Thunder with hers and Jackdaw's Cry's kits, Acorn Fur and Lightning Tail, and never stopped loving him even when he briefly left to join his father's group in the forest. She and her mate were slain in the Great Battle, and joined StarClan, watching over her kits until it was their time to join her.


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Dawn of the Clans

"While he spoke, Hawk Swoop's gaze softened as she looked down at the tiny kit. When Gray Wing had finished speaking, she nudged Thunder to his paws and curled her tail around him, pressing him close to her swollen belly."
—Narrator describing Hawk Swoop agreeing to foster Thunder The Sun Trail, page 311
Hawk Swoop is a member of the ancient Tribe of Rushing Water, and agrees to go on a journey to find a new home. She is one of the youngest members participating, and dislocates her leg while running from sheep. Hawk Swoop chooses to stay on the moor with Tall Shadow's group, and soon is expecting Jackdaw's Cry's kits. Despite her mate's protests, Hawk Swoop agrees to foster Thunder, Clear Sky's newborn son whom he disowned. She raises him with her own kits that are born shortly after, Acorn Fur and Lightning Tail.
When Thunder leaves the group to join his father in the forest, Hawk Swoop realizes she cannot stop him, and mournfully wishes him well. She encourages Gray Wing to become their leader after voicing Tall Shadow's faults. When Thunder returns to the moor cats, Hawk Swoop proudly welcomes him back. As Thunder tries to explain why he left, Hawk Swoop doesn't place any fault for him instinctively wanting to be with his kin. She is slain during the battle at four trees, but her spirit shortly thereafter appears, and she promises to never leave her kits. Her mate, Jackdaw's Cry, is also killed, and their kits mourn the loss of their parents.

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Hawk Swoop is an orange tabby she-cat[3] with thick, sleek fur[8] and amber eyes.[7]

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"He's right. It was a stupid decision to come into this Twolegplace."
—Hawk Swoop agreeing with Moon Shadow The Sun Trail, page 143

"This is awful! I'll never get my fur clean."
—Hawk Swoop complaining about the marsh The Sun Trail, page 152

"And all you ever do is argue. The rest of us are tired of listening to it. Look, it's not raining now, so why don't we try hunting some birds, like we used to? [...] Come on, we know how to catch that kind of prey!"
—Hawk Swoop to Moon Shadow The Sun Trail, page 199

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Jackdaw's Cry: "I can't imagine wanting to live among trees. And what about the other cats who are already there?"
Moon Shadow: "We'll deal with them. [...] We don't want to fight for every mouthful of prey, but there's enough for all of us."
Hawk Swoop: "It's not that easy. I think it could be good to live in the forest, but I don't think we should split up."
—Hawk Swoop arguing with Moon Shadow and Jackdaw's Cry The Sun Trail, page 224

"Hawk Swoop is kind to me. Her tenderness had never failed. Yet the feeling of love and comfort was much more powerful coming from his own mother."
—Narrator on Thunder's thoughts on Hawk Swoop Thunder Rising, page 2

Jackdaw's Cry: "There was every need. Tall Shadow is making a mistake by forcing us to live like we did in the mountains. She's set in her ways. Now is the time for change--and that change is you! You should be our leader, Gray Wing. What do you say?"
Hawk Swoop: "Things are changing in spite of Tall Shadow. For one thing, there weren't other cats in the mountains! Now, we're scrambling for space to hunt, and dogs are attacking us."
—Jackdaw's Cry and Hawk Swoop on Tall Shadow's leadership Thunder Rising, page 85

"I want you to say good-bye properly to Hawk Swoop. She's done a lot for you. She's treated you as her own son."
—Gray Wing to Thunder before he leaves with his father Thunder Rising, page chapter 15

"Jackdaw's Cry and the others went on with the hunt, but I wanted to bring Thunder home as soon as possible. Banished cats should not be wandering the moors alone. And Frost is injured. Clear Sky wouldn't tolerate a cat not pulling its weight!"
—Hawk Swoop explaining her reasoning for bringing Frost and Thunder to the moor cats' camp The First Battle, page 28

"Give them time. We've seen so much change. I guess some of us have grown wary of it. They'll adjust."
—Hawk Swoop suggesting to be patient for the moor cats to adjust The First Battle, page 49

Thunder: "Hawk Swoop? Are you...alive?"
Hawk Swoop: "No, my dear Thunder. But don't grieve. I will never truly leave you."
—Hawk Swoop as her spirit circles Thunder The First Battle, page 278

Lightning Tail: "Hawk Swoop, I'll never forget you."
Acorn Fur: "Neither will I. We'll both miss you so much."
—Hawk Swoop's kits after she is buried The Blazing Star, page 11

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