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"We have great plans for the forest, Tigerstar and I, and you could have been part of them. But we don't need you because you are weak and care more for kin than for power. I don't."
— Hawkfrost mocking Brambleclaw in Sunset, page 298

Hawkfrost is a dark brown tabby tom[20] with a snow-white underbelly[21] and ice-blue eyes.[22]

Hawkfrost was a RiverClan warrior under Leopardstar's leadership in the forest and lake territories and was a member in the Dark Forest. Hawk was born a rogue to Sasha and Tigerstar alongside his littermates, Tadpole and Moth. After Tadpole's death, Sasha took her kits to RiverClan, where he was renamed Hawkkit, and later became an apprentice as Hawkpaw, being mentored by Leopardstar. After becoming a warrior, Hawkfrost was made deputy temporarily, but was demoted back to a warrior after Mistyfoot returned. Following the arrival at the lake, he urged Mudclaw in his rebellion and grew close to his half-brother, Brambleclaw.

Hawkfrost and Brambleclaw trained in the Dark Forest by their father, and once Brambleclaw became ThunderClan's deputy, Hawkfrost lured Firestar into a fox trap for Brambleclaw to kill; however, his half-brother impaled Hawkfrost with the fox trap, mortally injuring him; he subsequently descended to the Dark Forest. Hawkfrost trained Ivypool, having such faith in her, until she sided with the Clans in the Great Battle, and in the wake of Ivypool's betrayal, he killed Hollyleaf. Eventually, Hawkfrost faced Mothwing and killed Dapplenose, and after confronting Brambleclaw, his half-brother killed him a second time, making him vanish forever.


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The New Prophecy

"You have no reason to doubt yourself. Our father was a great warrior. Our mother is proud and strong. They shared only one flaw: that their only loyalty was—and still is, in Sasha's case—to themselves above all other cats. We're not like that. We understand what it means to be loyal to our Clan. We have the courage to live by the warrior code. And because of that we'll be the most powerful cats in RiverClan one day, and our Clanmates will have to respect us then."
―Hawkfrost displaying his ambition to Mothwing and Leafpaw Dawn (book), page 170
Hawkfrost is a new warrior of RiverClan and is popular among his Clanmates. His and Mothwing's heritage continues to haunt them as cats from other Clans distrust them for their mother being a rogue. When Mistyfoot is captured by Twolegs, Hawkfrost is promoted to deputy as her placement. His ambition continues to drive his decisions when Mistyfoot returns. When his father being Tigerstar is revealed to the rest of the Clans, Hawkfrost insists he is a loyal warrior dedicated to the code, and Brambleclaw finds kinship in his half-brother. Hawkfrost decides to stay with RiverClan when Sasha arrives and asks for her kits to stay with her before the Great Journey.

Hawkfrost arguing with Mistyfoot

When the Clans arrive in their new home, Hawkfrost suggests RiverClan should live on the island and openly challenges Mistyfoot when she disagrees. He sides with Mudclaw in his rebellion to overthrow Onewhisker, but later changes his mind to save Brambleclaw. The brothers grow closer and walk in the same dreams under the guidance of their father, Tigerstar, who wishes for them to be leaders of their Clans someday. When Stormfur and Brook, the former of which could become deputy in the future, return to RiverClan, Hawkfrost forces Mothwing to fake a dream foretelling the two outsiders to leave. During an argument, Hawkfrost reveals he faked a sign to Mudfur that helped his sister become the medicine cat apprentice.
After Brambleclaw becomes the deputy of ThunderClan, Hawkfrost is pleased, and Tigerstar's plans for revenge begin to fall into place. Hawkfrost, with the help of the ThunderClan warrior, Ashfur, manages to lure Firestar into a fox trap. He instructs Brambleclaw to kill Firestar and become the leader of ThunderClan, but Brambleclaw decides his loyalties belong to ThunderClan. Brambleclaw frees Firestar and kills Hawkfrost with the remains of the fox trap that Firestar was stuck in. Hawkfrost bleeds out into the lake and fulfills the prophecy "blood will spill blood".

Power of Three

"You beat a bunch of half-starved, untrained rogues. Wow. That's a real sign of a great warrior!"
―Hawkfrost taunting Lionpaw Eclipse, page 47
The rest of the Clans were unaware of how Hawkfrost died, and his Clanmates had mourned his death. Now residing in the Dark Forest with his father, he and Tigerstar take interest in Brambleclaw's sons, Jaypaw and Lionpaw. The two train Lionpaw, teaching him some battle moves, and Hawkfrost confronts him for teaching Heatherpaw, an apprentice of WindClan. When Lionpaw tells them about the Kin of your Kin prophecy, the two Dark Forest toms instantly mock him for believing in it. Lionblaze eventually cuts off ties with the two, leaving them hungry for revenge.

Omen of the Stars

"Be careful? There's a war coming and it won't be won with sheathed claws. I thought you were helping to train our recruits to fight like real warriors, not soft Clan cats."
―Hawkfrost confronting Ivypool when she's training the recruits The Last Hope, pages 5-6
Alongside other Dark Forest cats, Hawkfrost assists in raising an army of Clan trainees, one of the most notable being Ivypaw. At first, he lures Ivypaw by showing her just as much interest as her Clan shows in her sister, Dovepaw, taking advantage of her jealousy and her feelings as an outsider in her Clan. He believes Ivypaw to be special, and her skills will greatly support their cause. Hawkfrost eventually shows his true colors, growing harsher on Ivypaw and trains her to kill others. When Ivypool requests to become a Dark Forest warrior, she kills Antpelt to show her loyalty, the brutality of the fight even shocking Hawkfrost.
When the time for the Great Battle arrives, Hawkfrost is one of the leaders fighting against the Clans with his army of loyal trainees. When realizing that Ivypool betrayed him, he attempts to kill her, but Ivypool is rescued by Hollyleaf, and Hawkfrost ends up killing her instead, much to Ivypool's rage. The battle sways in the favor of the Clans, and Hawkfrost attempts to retreat, but is caught by Brambleclaw. His half-brother drags him back to ThunderClan's camp where Ivypool attacks him, furious at his murder of Hollyleaf. Hawkfrost tells her that she is a traitor, and he will kill her, but Brambleclaw interferes, killing Hawkfrost again, leaving him to fade into Clan history.


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"Don't you agree that I'd be a good deputy? Don't you want to help me? After all we've done for RiverClan, we deserve to lead it. No cat respects the warrior code and what being part of a Clan means more than we do."
―Hawkfrost to Mothwing Mothwing's Secret, page chapter 5
In Mothwing's Secret, Hawkfrost is determined to prove his worth to RiverClan and one day become leader. After Mothwing decides to become a medicine cat, Hawkfrost eventually accepts that her position will prove beneficial for both of them, and he fakes a sign signifying StarClan's approval of Mothwing's training. When Stormfur returns to RiverClan, Hawkfrost believes Stormfur poses a threat to his future leadership and manipulates Mothwing to fake a dream to cast Stormfur out. Mothwing learns the truth about her brother's death from Leafpool and accepts the darkness that was always inside him. During the Great Battle, Mothwing is prepared to face off against her brother until StarClan intervenes.

Tigerstar and Sasha

"I'll make you proud, Mama. You'll see."
―Hawkpaw to Sasha as she leaves Return to the Clans, page 84
Sasha gives birth to Tigerstar's kits in the forest and names them Tadpole, Hawk, and Moth. He is close to his brother, Tadpole, and bears a striking resemblance to Tigerstar. Sasha is fearful of ShadowClan discovering her kits' true heritage and confines them to their den. However, the kits decide to search for Sasha's former owner, Ken, but Tadpole drowns in a Twoleg nest. Grieving for Tadpole, Pine takes Sasha and her kits to a barn with other queens, but they are promptly chased out.
Sasha realizes the safest place for her kits to grow up is with the Clans, and she takes them to RiverClan and tells her kits about their father. Hawk and Moth are accepted within the Clan and soon made apprentices. They discover the remains of the Bonehill, and Leopardstar tells them the horrors Tigerstar committed. The two kits confront their mother, and Sasha makes them promise never to reveal who their father was. Recognizing her kits will be safer if Sasha wasn't around, Sasha leaves her kits in RiverClan, and Leopardstar promises to watch over them.

Stand-alone graphic novels

In A Shadow in RiverClan,
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"I'm sorry to have to say it...but there's only one choice I can see. Onewhisker has to die. If he dies before StarClan makes him a true leader, Ashfoot won't have any right to succeed him. If she survives, that is. Mudclaw—WindClan's true deputy—will become leader, and Firestar will lose his power over WindClan. It's a hard choice, but we have to make it. For the good of all the Clans."
―Hawkfrost urging his followers to fight Winds of Change, pages 152-153

Hawkfrost hinting at his true intentions

In Winds of Change, Hawkfrost approaches Mudclaw at a Gathering, hearing rumors about WindClan's turbulent leadership. He asks Mudclaw to speak with him at the island later, suggesting that Firestar is controlling Onewhisker and plans to take over WindClan. He urges Mudclaw that they should find allies to secure Mudclaw's place as WindClan's leader, noting how Firestar is attempting to do the same thing Tigerstar did when he was alive. He suggests that Onewhisker must be killed, and hints to Mudclaw that he should name him WindClan's deputy when he becomes leader. Hawkfrost plans to take over RiverClan with Brambleclaw heading ThunderClan and Blackstar following in suit. However during the fight, Firestar and his warriors arrive to aid WindClan, and Hawkfrost and Mudclaw flee. Hawkfrost betrays Mudclaw to save Brambleclaw, lying that the rebellion was all Mudclaw's idea, and Mudclaw realizes too late that Hawkfrost manipulated him.

Detailed description

Hawkfrost is a huge,[23] muscular,[24] long-legged,[25] broad-shouldered,[3] mackerel-striped[26] dark brown tabby tom[20] with a snow-white underbelly,[21] and matted, dull fur.[27] He has a bushy tail,[28] a scarred,[29] broad muzzle,[2] long claws,[30] huge paws,[31] and ice-blue eyes.[22]

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When Brambleclaw first sees Hawkfrost, it is at a Gathering where Leopardstar introduces him and Mothwing as warriors.[34] Once Brambleclaw gets a closer look at the muscular tom, he exclaims that he would not want to face him in battle.[22] Brambleclaw discovers that he is kin with Hawkfrost. They share a few sentences, before Hawkfrost orders Brambleclaw and the rest of his patrol off RiverClan territory.[35] After the leaders decide to move in to their new territory, Hawkfrost expresses that he wishes that the two could have hunted together, causing Brambleclaw to wonder if he felt kinship for the tom.[36]


Narrator: "Blackclaw was nodding agreement, with a hostile glance at [Mistyfoot]"
Leafpool's thoughts: "Did he think Hawkfrost should still be deputy? Was Hawkfrost trying to gain followers who were loyal to him alone, and not to the Clan?"
—Blackclaw siding with Hawkfrost Twilight, page 164
Blackclaw was Hawkfrost's closest friend, and they often fought beside each other.[37] Blackclaw supported Hawkfrost politically, spreading false rumors about the current deputy, Mistyfoot, to help him replace her,[38] though Hawkfrost kept his more sinister schemes secret from Blackclaw. So when Hawkfrost mysteriously died, Blackclaw, with the rest of RiverClan, weren't aware it was due to a backfired murder attempt. They mourned for him.[39]


Hawkfrost first appeared to Ivypaw in a dream.[29] He started to help her with her battle moves and pretended to be a kind cat, but he was really manipulating Ivypaw into joining the Dark Forest. When Ivypaw realized what was going on, she spied in the Dark Forest for the Clans. Hawkfrost tried to kill her in the Great Battle but was stopped by Hollyleaf.[40]


His parents are Sasha and Tigerstar, his brother is Tadpole, and his sister is Mothwing. His half-brother is Bramblestar and his half-sister is Tawnypelt. For more of Hawkfrost's family, click here!



Did you know that Hawkfrost is the spitting image of Tigerstar and Bramblestar? For more trivia about Hawkfrost, click here!


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