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Hawkfrost is described as proud, calculating, ambitious, and persuasive.[1] He is extremely clever and sly, and he enjoys manipulating other cats to do his bidding. Considering himself an outsider in his Clan due to his heritage, Hawkfrost possesses an overwhelming desire to belong. In turn, he craves the respect and acceptance of his Clanmates. After Tigerstar offers him a way to earn power, he finds himself immersed in his father's evil plans.[2]



Hawkfrost admires his father’s legacy, and wants to be like him. His ambition is akin to Tigerstar’s, and he trains with his father in the Dark Forest. Despite multiple warnings of Tigerstar’s fate, Hawkfrost is determined to rule the forest and convinced that he has learned from his father’s mistakes. Tigerstar advises Hawkfrost from the Dark Forest, encouraging his son to follow in his pawsteps. Hawkfrost’s ambition is what eventually gets him killed when he tries to get Brambleclaw to kill Firestar.[2]


Sasha tried to refrain from telling her kits about their father, for fear of them becoming like him. When Sasha and her kits join RiverClan, Sasha warned Mothpaw and Hawkpaw not to talk about their father in front of Clan cats, and Leopardstar tells them all about their father’s legacy. Hawkpaw decides to stay in RiverClan and become a warrior when his mother leaves.[3] In the Clans, many cats tease Hawkfrost and Mothwing for their rogue mother. When Sasha returns to the Clans to ask her kits to come journey with her again, Hawkfrost and Mothwing decide to remain in RiverClan.[4]


Hawkfrost often tries to convince his sister of the other Clans' supposed attacks against RiverClan, and Mothwing always dismisses his accusations. She is disgusted by his ambition, and wonders why he wants to be like Tigerstar.[5] However, Hawkfrost does seem to care for his sister, as he fakes a sign from StarClan to get Mudfur to take in Mothwing as his apprentice medicine cat.[6]


When Brambleclaw discovers that Hawkfrost is his half-brother, he relates to him as they are both sons of Tigerstar. They train together with their father in the Dark Forest, and Hawkfrost tries to convince Brambleclaw to take over the Clans with him. Brambleclaw is surprised at Hawkfrost’s ambition, and wonders if he will turn out like his father as well.[2] However, when Hawkfrost captures Firestar in a fox trap so that Brambleclaw can kill him, Brambleclaw decides to be loyal to ThunderClan, and he kills his half-brother instead.[6]

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