"A soft keening sound came from Fawnstep's den; it was Starlingfeather and Hawksnow, mourning their denmate."
— Narrator describing Hawksnow after Petalfall's death in Cloudstar's Journey, chapter 6

Hawksnow is a brown tabby tom speckled with white.[2]


In the Super Editions

Firestar's Quest

At an ancient Gathering, Hawksnow, although unnamed, arrives with the rest of SkyClan. Some of the elders are noted to be limping while one of them leans heavily on a warrior.

In the Novellas

Cloudstar's Journey

"Next came Starlingfeather and Hawksnow, looking far too frail to be at a Gathering. Cloudstar heard hisses of disapproval from elders belonging to the other Clans; they all expected to be left in peace once they reached such a great age."
—Narrator Cloudstar's Journey, page Chapter 10
Cloudstar returns to the SkyClan camp after seeing the Twoleg monsters build new nests on the territory. As he squeezes through the brambles, he hears a keening sound coming from Fawnstep's den; it's the sound of Hawksnow and Starlingfeather mourning their denmate, Petalfall. They proceed to drag her body out of the den shortly after to prepare her body for a vigil.
Hawksnow later goes with the rest of his Clan to a Gathering after the rest of their territory is destroyed, even though they are much too frail to be attending. Cloudstar hears the hisses of disapproval from the other Clans elders' for bringing such weak cats, as they all expect to be left in peace when they reach such an age.

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