"I like to remember [Pebbleshine]. And it's easier now that I have found you both. She was the kindest, sweetest cat I've ever known, and I miss her every day. But missing her doesn't have to feel so sad anymore because I have part of her with me."
— Hawkwing to Violetpaw and Twigpaw in Darkest Night, page 54

Hawkwing is a large,[6] sleek-furred,[7] dark gray[1] tabby[6] tom with yellow eyes.[1]

He is first seen as an apprentice known as Hawkpaw, under the mentorship of Ebonyclaw. He is son of Sharpclaw and Cherrytail, along with his littermates Duskpaw, Cloudpaw and Blossompaw. When Duskpaw comes up with a plan to steal Twoleg food with Cloudpaw and Pebblepaw, Hawkpaw remarks that he's going to soon turn into a Twoleg, and stays behind with Blossompaw. However, while on patrol, he and his mentor come across a fire in a Twoleg lot, in which Duskpaw and Pebblepaw are trapped. Hawkpaw interprets Duskpaw's cries as a signal to help Pebblepaw, but once he comes back for Duskpaw, he realizes Duskpaw was the one who needed help, not Pebblepaw.

Hawkpaw blames himself horribly for Duskpaw's death, and his father's distance doesn't help him cope any better. After the vigil, Leafstar gives him his warrior name, Hawkwing, along with his siblings Cloudmist and Blossomheart. He encounters Darktail when going through the fire's wreckage, and takes Darktail to Echosong to help with the smoke he inhaled. Darktail is accepted into SkyClan, as they assume he's apart of a prophecy that Echosong received.

Hawkwing, Billystorm, Waspwhisker, Pebblepaw, and Blossomheart go on a journey to find the Clans at the lake under Darktail's instructions. Before they get very far, badgers launch an attack on them, and Billystorm dies during the battle. After the vigil, they return home to find that while gone, Honeytail had died to an attack from raccoons. Hawkwing becomes furious, exploding on Darktail for leading them to Billystorm's death, and Leafstar punishes Hawkwing for losing his temper.

Another journey is sent out, this time with Rain and Darktail, however they return empty pawed again to a camp that's been attacked. Hawkwing and SkyClan start to get suspicious of Darktail, and while he and Waspwhisker are on patrol, they encounter a group of rogues. When the rogues lead a night attack on SkyClan, Darktail reveals his true nature, and SkyClan gets scattered as they're driven out of the gorge.

Hawkwing reunites with several members of his Clan, including Leafstar and Echosong. His siblings and his mother are also safe, and they grieve together for Sharpclaw's death. The remaining cats of SkyClan begin their journey to try to find the other Clans. During this time, Hawkwing becomes mates with Pebbleshine, and she reveals she is expecting his kits. He loses her tragically after she climbs into the back of a Twoleg truck, which drives away with her still inside. Hawkwing, heartbroken, turns to other cats for comfort as they continue their travels. He becomes close with the queen, Plumwillow, and she eventually asks him to be a foster father to her kits, since her mate Sandynose had disappeared after the battle.

After Waspwhisker is trapped and taken away by Twolegs, Leafstar appoints Hawkwing as the next SkyClan deputy. He takes his duties seriously and helps lead the Clan on the remainder of their journey. The meaning of Echosong's final prophecy is revealed to Hawkwing and Leafstar: streaks of "blood" across the sky, leading them to the Clans. Twigpaw, following the signs of Alderheart's dreams, finds the struggling Clan and brings them back to ThunderClan. It is revealed during this time that Twigpaw and Violetpaw are his and Pebbleshine's daughters. Hawkwing becomes close to his daughters, as they had always desired to have a relationship with family.

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Hawkwing's Journey

Hawkpaw is first seen imagining stalking prey among the bushes at the top of the gorge, twitching as he dreams. He jerks fully awake as a bundle of ginger fur lands on him and pokes him sharply in the ribs, breathing in his littermate's familiar scent. He yowls for Duskpaw to get off and then to complains to Duskpaw about waking him up.
Duskpaw replies that it was about time he got up and tells Hawkpaw about how Cloudpaw, Pebblepaw, and himself have come up with the best plan ever. Hawkpaw, still half asleep, narrows his eyes at his brother in annoyance. He begins to think about how Duskpaw is always bugging him with some amazing plan and then goes to tell how its usually them stealing Twoleg food. Hawkpaw then continues to think that Duskpaw must have bees in his brain.
Hawkpaw twitches his whiskers, amused, and asks what this plan is. Hawkpaw sighs when Duskpaw mentions that the plan is to steal some Twoleg food. He teases that Duskpaw was going to turn into a Twoleg if he wasn't careful, which makes makes Duskpaw protest. Hawkpaw tells him that he's crazy about Twoleg food.
Hawkpaw sees Pebblepaw and Cloudpaw all waiting for Duskpaw. Pebblepaw crossly mews that they should just leave Hawkpaw there if he was a scaredy-cat, which makes Hawkpaw growl. When Duskpaw says that Hawkpaw's temper will get him in trouble one day, it makes Hawkpaw even more angry and the young tom retorts that Duskpaw was the one that was going to get into trouble. His annoyance fades as the other three apprentices leave, feeling thankful that Blossompaw wasn't going with them.
Hawkpaw is on patrol with his mentor, Ebonyclaw. As Hawkpaw waits for Ebonyclaw to come back, he thinks of Duskpaw and wonders if they are back yet. He feels a small thrill when he thinks of Duskpaw getting in trouble. He thinks that it isn't fair that Duskpaw never gets in trouble. When Ebonyclaw returns, she notes a strange scent in the air. Hawkpaw is surprised when his mentor doesn't know what the scent is, even though she's a daylight warrior. When the pair go explore after scenting fire, Hawkpaw is surprised with all the prey fleeing from the flames. Hawkpaw desperately hopes that his littermates had left, and he feels hope when he doesn't see them. His lungs ache, and he wishes he could go back to camp.
Hawkpaw is terrified when he hears Duskpaw struggling in the fire. He realizes that all the apprentices that went with Duskpaw were trapped beneath the Twoleg rock. He runs after Ebonyclaw to help save the apprentices, and as he does, he feels guilty for wanting Duskpaw in trouble. Ebonyclaw starts making her way towards Cloudpaw, which makes Hawkpaw freeze and wonder if he should save Pebblepaw or Duskpaw. His brother turns his head, yowling something, which Hawkpaw understands as a signal to help Pebblepaw. Hawkpaw hesitates some more, then dives in towards Pebblepaw.
He sees Duskpaw trapped, and realizes that Duskpaw wasn't signaling for Hawkpaw to help Pebblepaw, but that he needed help. Ebonyclaw and the apprentice start making their way toward him, but by the time Duskpaw is out, he isn't moving. Ebonyclaw demands to know what the three were doing out there, and Cloudpaw mournfully admits what they had been doing with the food. Hawkpaw helps Duskpaw onto Ebonyclaw's shoulders, then they head back to the gorge. He miserably wonders if he made the wrong choice in saving Pebblepaw first.
He is exhausted from helping Ebonyclaw carry his brother when the cats enter camp. Hawkpaw notices that his Clanmates are acting as though they already know something is wrong. Ebonyclaw tells Echosong about the fire and mentions Hawkpaw when she talks about Pebblepaw. He is said to be able to barely look at his brother. He snaps at Frecklewish when she offers to dress his wound. Hawkpaw turns and sees his father Sharpclaw with his mate, Cherrytail, and both look full of sorrow.
Cherrytail goes over to Hawkpaw and tells him that he was a hero for saving Pebblepaw, and that it wasn't his fault that Duskpaw died. He sees his father's face filled with grief and feels guilty. He begins to wish he hadn't snapped at Frecklewish, as his wound is beginning to hurt, but then thinks that maybe he deserves it. Echosong calls to the apprentice, and forces him to come into her den to see his wounds. He feels guilty when he learns that Pebblepaw's wounds aren't bad, because he thinks that maybe if he saved Duskpaw first Duskpaw would have lived and Pebblepaw's wounds would have just been a little worse.
When the vigil for Duskpaw is over, Hawkpaw's heart feels heavy with grief and sorrow. He sees Duskpaw's grave and says that Duskpaw shouldn't be under the dirt, but up with him.
Leafstar calls a Clan meeting for Hawkpaw, Cloudpaw, and Blossompaw's warrior ceremony. When Ebonyclaw tells Leafstar that Hawkpaw has trained hard, Hawkpaw knows that he has but then wonders what about Duskpaw. Leafstar names them Cloudmist, Blossomheart, and Hawkwing. After the ceremony, a cat calls out to Hawkwing, and Hawkwing is happy that he was called by his new warrior name, but his happiness turns to anger and hatred when he realizes the cat is Pebblepaw. Pebblepaw says she is grateful that he saved her and thanks him. Hawkwing tries to choke out a friendly response, but he remembers his dead brother, and blurts out that he should've saved his brother first rather than her. Pebblepaw turns dismayed, and stalks off without saying another word.
During the vigil, even though it is not allowed to speak during it, Hawkwing says to Blossomheart that he wishes that Duskpaw could be keeping vigil with them. After the vigil, Sandynose says that there is a Clan meeting and that they should hurry over. Leafstar says that Echosong has received a new prophecy. Echosong says that Skystar told her that the fire has burned out, but to get rid of the darkness they need to find the spark that remains. A few cats suggest this prophecy refers to Firestar.
Later, Hawkwing goes to see the Twoleg nest where Duskpaw died. He notices Darktail and asks what he is doing there. Acting very polite, Darktail says he was also caught in the fire, and has smoke in his lungs. Hawkwing goes to see Echosong, who although suspicious, gives Darktail coltsfoot to make it easier to breathe. He then says he knows about about the Clans, and says he remembers a Clan named ThunderClan. Everyone assumes that he is part of the prophecy, and invites him into SkyClan's camp. The whole clan starts feeling more optimistic about his arrival.
A few days after Darktail arrives, Hawkwing, Billystorm, Waspwhisker, Pebblepaw, and Blossomheart go on a journey to find the Clans. Based on Darktail's information, the Clans are only a two or three days away. He said to go straight through Twolegplace, cross a Thunderpath, and look for a tree that splits into three. However, they enter a clearing with badger dens nearby, and are attacked. They manage to fight the badgers off, but Billystorm is left dead.
The patrol sits vigil for Billystorm overnight, and then buries him in the morning. They discuss what to do, but are divided on whether to return home or not. Eventually, the majority votes that they should not continue, and they start walking home. Hawkwing meets a kittypet named Betsy, who tells them that there have been badgers near here for a very long time. He is surprised, and this makes him doubt what Darktail told SkyClan. They return to the Clan to find it has been attacked by raccoons while they were away, which killed Honeytail. Hawkwing loses his temper and rages at Darktail, accusing him of Billystorm's death. He suggests that they drive him out, but Leafstar instead gives him a punishment of tending to Echosong.
Hawkwing sits in the medicine den, and Darktail enters. The white tom tells him he's leading another patrol to search for the other Clans, and says he'll vouch for him to come along. Darktail later brings Rain to camp, and Leafstar agrees that the gray tom is welcome to help. She agrees for Hawkwing to come, despite still being punished for his rash actions, even though Sharpclaw disapproves. The dark gray tom is thrilled, but his father later ruins the mood when they argue. The next day, the patrol leaves with Darktail in the lead. The patrol spreads out to continue looking for signs of cats having traveled through here, but find none. They despondently decide to return back to SkyClan's camp, and make a makeshift camp for the night. Upon approaching the border, they notice the boundary marks are stale, and get worried. They rush to camp and are told that the raccoons have come back, and Leafstar lost a life. Hawkwing and Darktail are led to talk to Sharpclaw and the leader, where they report their failure.
The next morning, Sharpclaw calls a Clan meeting, saying that from now on all patrols will be larger to be safe against the raccoons. The Clan begins to hurtle accusations at Darktail, and Hawkwing tries to defend the white tom. However, Sharpclaw calls him out in front of the Clan, and the dark gray tom leaves and sulks back into his den. Pebblepaw comes to check on him, but he snaps at her. When she begins to leave, however, he says an apology and she responds that it's okay. Hawkwing later joins a patrol, and he thinks about how the Clan has calmed in the few days since he returned. He notices Darktail slinking around, and tells his companions to continue on without him. The dark gray tom sees him doing weird things with Twoleg scraps, but hesitates to report it because it isn't technically wrong.
Hawkwing joins the dawn patrol led by Waspwhisker, and the gray and white warrior takes out his irritation on Darktail. This surprises some of the cats, but the white tom keeps his tempter. Hawkwing reflects that he'd never reported Darktail over by Twolegplace the other day, but doesn't want to bother with something so small. His thoughts start to wander to his relationships with others, including Pebblepaw. Waspwhisker hisses for the patrol to duck down, and Hawkwing complies. They encounter a group of rogues, and they refuse to leave the territory. SkyClan attacks, and they manage to drive them off. Hawkwing tries to bring up the topic of the Twoleg food with Darktail, but the tom continues to brush him off.
Waspwhisker leads the patrol back to camp, reports what happened. The Clan bursts into a storm of comments, and more cats exit their dens at the commotion. Pebblepaw asks Hawkwing if he's okay, and he says yes, touched by her checking on him. Leafstar insists that it's vital that they don't panic, but the Clan is divided. Hawkwing joins another patrol, and returns just before sunhigh with a squirrel. He tries to go and talk to Sharpclaw for advice, but decides against it. Cherrytail intercepts him on his way to the warriors' den, asking why he didn't talk to his father. He explains, and the she-cat reassures his doubts about the prophecy and the future. That night, Hawkwing can't sleep. He sits outside the den and looks at the stars, pondering what will become of SkyClan next. The tom vows that as long as he's alive, his Clan will survive.
Later, Hawkwing is selected as part of Sharpclaw's patrol. Darktail is picked as well, and he pads over to the dark gray tom. They begin to talk about Hawkwing and Pebblepaw's feelings for each other, with makes the former uncomfortable. The patrol then leaves camp, and the dark gray tom hopes he can reconcile with his father through this. While walking, Darktail manages to catch a vole, and is proud. Hawkwing and Sharpclaw work together to catch a rabbit, but it doesn't seem to smooth over things between them. They return to camp, and Hawkwing leaves to find Pebblepaw. He approaches the apprentice as she sits beside a pool while trying to catch fish. The dark gray tom apologizes for how he treated her after Duskpaw's death, and that he never really blamed her. She blinks at him happily, and he says that they can be friends now. The she-cat agrees, and both cats part, still confused about their feelings.
He walks back to his nest and goes to sleep. However, in the night, he is awoken by the sounds of rustling brush. The tom creeps past his sleeping Clanmates, emerging into the open. Hawkwing surveys the clearing, seeing many rogue cats swarming into the camp, led by a silver-gray tom. He yowls a warning, waking all of his Clanmates. At first, they think he's had a dream, but a screech from Stormheart jerks them to wakeful reality. SkyClan's cats streak out of their den, hissing defiance as they meet the rogue cats. Hawkwing tries to insist that the apprentices stay in their den, but they want to fight.
Hawkwing leaps into the clearing, fighting with the ginger rogue he'd attacked on patrol previously. He and Pebblepaw work together to drive off a black and white rogue before jumping back into the battle. Hawkwing realizes that the rogues knew to attack them at night, when their daylight warriors weren't here. Drops of rain start to fall as he helps Sandynose beat off an opponent, and then joins with Bouncefire to help more cats. Darktail starts to lead them over to a group of battling cats, but a rogue intercepts their path. Hawkwing waits for the white tom to attack, but instead he turns and bites into Bouncefire's neck. The warrior is too shocked to defend himself and dies with blood pouring out of his throat.
Hawkwing yowls that he's a traitor, and wonders if everything the white tom had done was part of twisted plan. He moves to attack Darktail, but a silver-gray tom engages him instead. Hawkwing struggles to beat his opponent while watching his father Sharpclaw fight two rogues at a time. The silver-gray tom cuts off Hawkwing's air supply, and he struggles to breathe. He sees Darktail sneak up behind Sharpclaw, but is unable to warn him. They begin to fight, but Rain stealthily creeps up on the deputy from behind. Meanwhile, Hawkwing is in horror and tries to shove off his opponent so he can yowl a warning. Rain and Darktail work together to kill Sharpclaw, leaving the dark gray tom watching, with nothing he can do. He shoves off the silver gray tom and races to his father, but is too late.
Hawkwing is horrified, asking Darktail what SkyClan did to deserve this. The white tom sneers that this has been his plan all along, but softens and says that he's different than the other Clan cats. Darktail offers him the chance to join his group, but Hawkwing vehemently declines. The white tom says he can die with the rest of his Clan, leaping away out of sight. As the storm rages on, SkyClan's warriors continue to fight. Hawkwing and Pebblepaw race to defend the nursery, where the queens are struggling with several rogues. Leafstar calls for SkyClan to retreat, and cats begin to follow her command. Hawkwing flees with his Clanmates, and tries to help Curlykit and Fidgetkit cross the river. He assists them across, but Snipkit is lost in the current.
Hawkwing joins with Pebblepaw and Echosong, but a raccoon attacks them. They drive it off, but the medicine cat is bitten and they try to help stop the bleeding. The group stops to hunt, and later rejoins with the rest of SkyClan. Leafstar says that it wouldn't be the best course of action to fight the rogues now, which causes many cats to murmur in disagreement. However, she insists that they need to save the Clan by finding the spark that StarClan has prophesied. She appoints Waspwhisker as deputy, and SkyClan cheers for him.
Days later, Hawkwing and Pebblepaw go out searching for more of their missing Clanmates. The dark gray reflects on how much death there's been so far, and hopes there isn't more. Together, they find Cherrytail and Cloudmist, and bring them back to the other SkyClan cats. Once they return, Echosong treats Cherrytail's wound, which is infected. Leafstar leads a patrol to check out the gorge one last time, but Hawkwing decides not to go, However, that night, he can't sleep because of his worries for Pebblepaw. Leafstar comes back and reports that they've lost the gorge forever, and their only hope is to find ThunderClan. Echosong reveals that she's had another vision, one of SkyClan settling happily by a lake.
Leafstar announces that they will leave in two sunrises, and Bellapaw and Rileypaw will lead them to Barley as a starting point. Most of the daylight warriors say they're staying, and several other cats voice concerns as well. Leafstar insists that this isn't up for discussion, and that any cats who wish to stay may do so, but that she'll be following StarClan's vision. She calls the Clan together and appoints some new warriors, giving their names as Bellaleaf, Rileypool, Parsleyseed, and Pebbleshine. The leader then promotes Curlypaw and Fidgetpaw, giving them the mentors of Hawkwing and Echosong.
The next day, SkyClan prepares to leave. Nettlesplash and his family decide to stay, while Macgyver decides to come. The cats begin to head towards Barley's barn, led by Rileypool and Bellaleaf. They travel through the Twolegplace, and Leafstar warns that they need to move quickly to avoid Dodge and his cats. They continue walking until past dark, going down alleyways. Shorty meets them and brings them back to Cora and his kits, as well as the other cats in his camp. SkyClan is warmly received, and they split off into groups to hunt. They catch a lot and settle down to eat, but Bellaleaf and Fidgetpaw return wounded, announcing that Dodge's group took Curlypaw.
Harley comes with a message, confirming the ambush, and says Leafstar and her cats are welcome to meet with Dodge about it without fear of being harmed. They follow him through the streets, and meet with the leader. Dodge reveals that he helped Darktail and his rogues find SkyClan, which enrages Hawkwing. He says that if they fight to drive Stick and his cats out of the Twolegplace, they can have their apprentice back. Hawkwing calls him a coward, challenging him to a one on one fight. They leap at each other, and SkyClan cheers for the dark gray tom. This gives him energy, and barrels into the top, swiping his claws, killing Dodge. Harley lets the SkyClan cats leave unharmed, as promised. Curlypaw is released, and Shorty leads them out of the camp.
While traveling, Hawkwing teaches Curlypaw the hunting crouch. The dark gray gives her tips while reclining in the sun, warmth soaking into his pelt. He talks with Blossomheart about the good hunting spots in SkyClan's gorge territory, and asks his apprentice if she can locate any prey. She bounds off to hunt beneath a large oak, thinking that it's twisted roots are hiding some creatures. As Hawkwing follows, Blossomheart asks him if he thinks they'll ever find Barley. He says he doesn't know, and Leafstar soon calls that SkyClan is moving. Hawkwing checks on Cherrytail and then gathers Curlypaw closer. The apprentice excitedly announces that she caught her first mouse, and is praised for it. He notices that Pebbleshine looks giddy, and knows she's hiding something, but won't tell him what. The SkyClan cats continue to walk and soon come across Barley's barn. Hawkwing and Curlypaw hunt in the barn, and are able to catch several mice.
The next morning they leave the barn, pointed in the right direction by Barley. Cloudmist and Cherrytail decide to stay behind, though the rest of their kin protests. They continue to travel, and eventually decide to hunt. Hawkwing chases a squirrel by going after it through the high branches of a tree, but falls out and collapses on the ground. Echosong says he's hurt, so Leafstar agrees they can stay here for a few days. Hawkwing is frustrated that he's holding the Clan back, but Pebbleshine snaps him out of the mood by announcing that she's expecting his kits. They are thrilled and share tongues happily.
Days after, Hawkwing limps at the back of SkyClan's group, but doesn't want to slow every cat down. As they approach a Twolegplace, the cats split off to hunt. They join with Waspwhisker and check out a lot of abandoned monsters, deciding to try and hunt some of the chickens trapped in mesh dens. However, a Twoleg comes and Hawkwing yowls a warning, which makes two cats of the patrol flee. Pebbleshine remains trapped in the monster as it rolls away down the Thunderpath, even though the dark gray tom chases after it.
SkyClan waits three days for Pebbleshine to return, but decides to move on after that. Hawkwing is wrapped in grief and wants to stay, but is convinced to continue on. The Clan continues traveling for the next half moon as Plumwillow gets closer and closer to kitting. Hawkwing and the queen comfort each other, having both lost their mates. Waspwhisker spots a lake, and they divide into patrols to explore it. They meet a kittypet named Max, who tells them more about the lake. Macgyver locates a good place to camp, and SkyClan moves there. Though Echosong insists this isn't the place StarClan intends them to be, the Clan overwhelmingly decides to stay.
Hawkwing dreams of sitting beside Pebbleshine with their kits, but is rudely awakened by a squawking noise. He is frustrated and storms out at the den, staring at the water bird who made the commotion with a glare. Hawkwing, Curlypaw, Bellaleaf, and Blossomheart go on a patrol to explore.The dark gray tom and his apprentice attempt to catch a vole, but the loud squawking again distracts him. Hawkwing sees the bird diving at Blossomheart, and the patrol attacks the bird. The bird grabs a hold of Curlypaw and tries to lift off, but her Clanmates rescue the apprentice. They are all very shaken, but no cat has any major injuries. The patrol heads back to camp, and Hawkwing thinks about SkyClan's future.
A moon later, SkyClan is settling into their new camp. Hawkwing's grief at losing his kin and mate has faded, though he still feels sad. He thinks that Curlypaw's training is progressing really well, since he started putting more effort towards it. Leafstar and Echosong begin to bicker, which surprises Hawkwing, since they never argue. The medicine cat insists that this place feels wrong, and that they can't stay here. Hawkwing silently agrees, but Leafstar protests that it took them a long time to find this place. She insists that SkyClan will stay here for now, and both cats stalk away from each other. Plumwillow starts her kitting, and Hawkwing helps her, reassuring the queen that she has to birth these kits for her mate's sake. She gives birth to three kits, and asks the tom if he'd help raise them, to which he agrees.
Plumwillow's kits grow, and a moon later, they play with Hawkwing in the clearing. He worries about the Twolegs that have been near camp recently, and with their dogs. Later that evening, dogs attack the camp, and SkyClan flees. Hawkwing grabs Reedkit and Dewkit, giving the order to run. He and Plumwillow race through the forest and hide in a gorse thicket with her litter. When night falls, they return to camp, and most of their Clanmates are safe as well. Cats begin to consider moving camp to avoid the dogs, and the clearing fills with chatter. Echosong announces that she doesn't intend to stay and find out, and will be going to try and find the spark that remains. Leafstar is shocked, but reluctantly agrees that any cat who wants to go with the medicine cat may leave. The next day, Echosong, Harrybrook, and Bellaleaf leave camp on their quest.
Hawkwing is about to go on patrol, but can't find Curlypaw. The apprentice soon comes into camp apologizing, saying she'd just left for a bit. He thinks she's up to something, due to the scent on her pelt, but thinks he'll ask about it later. However, he soons forgets, thinking about how it's been two moons since Echosong left. The dark gray tom reflects that SkyClan moved camp, but that the dogs were still a problem, so they relocated for the third time. He thinks about how Parsleyseed left earlier to become a kittypet, which shocked the Clan. The patrol works together to catch a rabbit and then returns to camp. Curlypaw pulls Hawkwing aside, telling him she'd like to talk in private, but they hear dogs barking and sprint towards them instead.
Plumwillow reveals that the kits were chased by the dogs, so she and Hawkwing track them to a miniature Twoleg den. They distract the Twolegs long enough to get the kits away and race into the forest. Plumwillow and Hawkwing agree that they need to convince Leafstar to leave here, because it's dangerous, and their young cats have no fear of Twolegs. They return to camp, and Curlypaw asks if it's okay to talk now. She admits that she's leaving to become a kittypet, along with Parsleyseed. Hawkwing is shocked and doesn't want her to leave, but the she-cat insists that she'll always be grateful to him. He leaves and goes back to the nursery to think, settling next to Plumwillow and her kits.
Hawkwing travels with Curlypaw towards Twolegplace and says goodbye once more as the she-cat pads away. He goes back to camp and finds Leafstar and Waspwhisker, asking to speak with them. The dark gray tells them of his concerns of living here by the lake, and states his reason why they should leave. Leafstar agrees that they need to leave, but Waspwhisker protests. The leader insists this is what's best, and says she'll go to Fidgetpaw about getting traveling herbs. Leafstar calls a Clan meeting and announces that they'll be leaving, which has mixed reactions. Waspwhisker silences every cat's concerns, stating that they'll be following their leader. Later that night, Hawkwing and Leafstar sit together, and talking about their time at this lake.
Later that night, Hawkwing dreams of losing Pebbleshine again. He abruptly wakes up to cats stirring the den, saying that there are Twolegs in the forest. Five Twolegs barge into camp with large sticks and weblike structures, and they capture Fidgetpaw and Waspwhisker. Leafstar orders her cats to flee and meet by the lake. Hawkwing and Plumwillow work together to get her kits to safety, heading for the reeds. The Twolegs capture Birdwing and Clovertail as well, and then leave. Leafstar announces that the Twolegs are no longer willing to live in peace with them, so they must leave. She appoints Hawkwing as her new deputy, and he is shocked but accepts the position. SkyClan cheers for them, and then the cats start to walk away from the lake.
A half moon later, Hawkwing sits in SkyClan's new makeshift camp, surveying the bleak surroundings. Macgyver comes up to him and says he's going hunting, but collapses moments later. The next day, two more fall ill, and Hawkwing and Firefern try to figure out which herb to use since SkyClan has no medicine cat. Finkit becomes sick, and the dark gray tom thinks that he'll do whatever possible to save the kit. Sagenose points out that they should split up, so they don't sit around waiting to die. This makes Leafstar angry, and she insists that they will stay together. Firefern becomes sick, and the leader tells Hawkwing to lead the rest of the Clan in search of Echosong. She tells him not to return until they've found her, and calls a Clan meeting. He agrees to support her, and she begins to explain the plan to SkyClan.
However, Echosong returns moments later and begins to treat the sick cats. Every cat is very relieved to see her, along with the two warriors she was traveling with. Days after, Firefern and Rileypool die, though the rest recover from their sickness. Many cats begin to question whether to continue traveling, having blind faith in StarClan. Leafstar and Echosong say they must, and Hawkwing meows that he agrees as well, but inwardly feels torn. The next day, Sandynose and Fallowfern return to the Clan, which lifts spirits. They tell the story of what happened to them, and are praised for how well they coped during their travels. Hawkwing is disheartened when Sandynose is reunited with his kits, but makes an effort to let the father connect with his kits. However, that night, the litter sneaks to the gray tom's nest, saying that they don't want to be with Plumwillow because Sandynose is there. He gently explains that the other tom is their father, and convinces them to give him a chance, though he inwardly feels otherwise.
SkyClan continues to travel, coming near a Twolegplace. Leafstar and Hawkwing work to keep the Clan clustered together as they pass through, going in small groups. They soon reach a forest, though the prey there is all hiding away. SkyClan continues to wander for two more moons, and stop to rest in a sheltered hollow. Echosong announces that she's had another vision, and explains it to the Clan. Next, Leafstar appoints Finpaw, Dewpaw, and Reedpaw as apprentices, which boosts morale. Hawkwing cheers for them, and then goes to talk with Echosong. She tells him that she saw cats who looked like his kin, which encourages him that his kin may be alive. They sit together and stare at the clearing sky, thinking about where SkyClan will go next.
In the manga adventure after the book, Hawkwing is shown leading his Clan to the lake. He then wishes he knew where they were going, and grives for thier dead medicine cat, Echosong. He feels like the Clan has been lost, and has no purpose. He recalls Echosong's vision, to follow the blood trail, and grieves for his lost mate, Pebbleshine. He then sees his foster children with their real father, Sandynose, who takes Dewpaw, Finpaw and Reedpaw on a hunt. Plumwillow asks Hawkwing if he is all right, because his foster children are so attached to their real father.
Later it shows Dewpaw bringing a squirrel to the makeshift camp, and Sandynose asking Leafstar if it would be better having a firm destination. Leafstar tells Sandynose to have faith, and that very moment, Hawkwing sees a fiery-colored leaf with five points. The five points presumably represents the five Clans, ThunderClan, SkyClan, RiverClan, WindClan, and ShadowClan. Leafstar tells everyone to find shelter until a wind storm passes, but Hawkwing ignores her. He remembers Echosong talking about a leaf like this one, and wonders if this is what she meant. He ignores Leafstar's calls for him to come back, until he comes to a cliff edge and the wind dies. It falls down and Leafstar scolds him. He looks up and remembers Echosong and Leafstar's words, telling him to have faith and "Follow the blood trail." He then sees red streaks straight across the sky.

Tigerheart's Shadow

During Tigerheart's nightmare, Hawkwing snarls at Flowerpaw, his lips draws back as the apprentice backs away from him.

In the A Vision of Shadows arc

Shattered Sky

During her quest to find SkyClan and her father, Twigpaw sees Hawkwing's dark gray fur dart through the bushes. She thinks it may be the cat she saw in her dream, but the tom had clear blue eyes, while Hawkwing had yellow.
When Twigpaw arrives in SkyClan's makeshift camp, she sees Hawkwing and thinks that his eyes look just like Violetpaw's. Hawkwing asks what she is doing here, and she tells him and the rest of SkyClan about Darktail and his rogues at the lake.
He is horrified to hear Darktail and the other rogues are on Clan territory, and is convinced he has even more reason to be at the lake. After Twigpaw reveals she thinks her mother is dead, he sadly tells her that she must be dead, because she would never abandon her kits. He then reveals that he is her father, and runs up to nuzzle her.
When Twigpaw attempts to lead the SkyClan cats back to the lake, she is in the lead along with Leafstar and Hawkwing. Twigpaw looks helplessly at Hawkwing after Sagenose questions where she's going, and he moves closer to his daughter, defending her, stating that Twigpaw will take them to Bramblestar, ThunderClan's leader. The SkyClan cats start arguing, and Hawkwing cuts Sagenose off, saying he believes it was meant to be this way, and its how they were meant to find ThunderClan. A little time later, he asks Twigpaw if they have to cross a Thunderpath when she is uncertain of her direction. After they cross, Hawkwing helps Tinycloud climb a ridge, with the aid of Sparrowpelt. Twigpaw then sees the lake, and announces it, to which Hawkwing licks his daughter's ears, meowing that he knew she'd find the way, and that he was glad Alderheart took her and Violetpaw in.
Later, Hawkwing tells Twigpaw all about SkyClan's life in the gorge. Twigpaw, soothed by her father's voice, dozes off. Twigpaw introduces Hawkwing to Violetpaw excitedly, telling her he's their father, and Hawkwing leans and touches his nose to Violetpaw's, and admits he never thought to see his kits again.
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Darkest Night

While hunting, Twigpaw thinks of Hawkwing and is comforted by the fact that she has a family. Later Twigpaw scans the hollow for her father. Leafstar tells her that Alderheart is checking on Hawkwing.
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River of Fire

Violetshine thinks to herself that Hawkwing has enough problems to deal with, as he is trying to encourage the recent merge of ShadowClan cats to contribute to SkyClan, and feels that she has no cat to talk to.
After Puddleshine and Frecklewish stalk off from having an argument, Violetshine heads to the warriors den to see if she can join a patrol. However, she is intercepted by Hawkwing. The deputy asks Violetshine if everything is all right, with concern and suspicion in his tone. Violetshine assures her father that she is, and she's tired, noting the amount of activity in camp now, asking if he's noticed it as well. Hawkwing glances towards the medicine cat den and nods, telling his daughter that making one Clan out of two isn't as simple as moving as as moving all the cats into a single camp.
Leafstar calls a meeting, and Hawkwing sits beside his daughter, while Tree slides in beside them. Leafstar asks Rowanclaw, Tawnypelt and Violetshine to go to the old ShadowClan camp to collect moss for bedding. Hawkwing asks Leafstar if he can go as well, which causes Violetshine to look at her father with narrowed eyes, thinking to herself that she was a warrior now, and didn't need any cat to watch over her while she patrols. Leafstar allows Hawkwing to do so, adding it will give the deputy a chance to explore their new territory.
The four cats trek to ShadowClan's old camp, and Hawkwing tells Violetshine to let Rowanclaw and Tawnypelt go ahead. Violetshine lets them, and asks her father why he would allow them to do that. Hawkwing tells her that Rowanclaw and Tawnypelt are mates, and probably want to discuss things. He then tells Violetshine that she'll understand when she's older. Violetshine thinks to herself that the last cat she wants to talk about mates with is her father. Hawkwing then detects prey, and springs forward, emerging back up with a mouse in his jaws. Violetshine compliments his catch, and Hawkwing buries it. The two then continue after Tawnypelt and Rowanclaw, and Violetshine paces ahead of her father, in order to tune into Rowanclaw's and Tawnypelt's conversation.
After finishing listening to the two mates, Violetshine falls back to her father, and tells him that Rowanclaw and Tawnypelt can collect the moss by themselves. Hawkwing, puzzled, says that they were supposed to do it with them. Hawkwing asks why Violetshine is in such a hurry, although his daughter does not reply to him.
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The Raging Storm

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In the Novellas

Ravenpaw's Farewell

Hawkpaw is a young SkyClan cat, being trained by Ebonyclaw, a daylight warrior. After Echosong wishes to speak with Ravenpaw, she tells Barley, Bella, and Riley that in the meantime, Hawkpaw will look after them, and that they are quite safe in SkyClan's camp. Upon hearing his name, Hawkpaw appears and nods his head.
Echosong tells Hawkpaw to come and fetch her if his mentor arrives and needs him to do something else instead. Turning to Ravenpaw, she explains that Hawkpaw's mentor, Ebonyclaw, is a daylight warrior, and she hasn't arrived in camp yet. Ravenpaw notes his dedication, saying that he is a very committed apprentice. Echosong agrees, but also notes that he needs to be kept away from Billystorm's apprentice, Pebblepaw, as the two apprentices do not get along in the least. After their discussion, Echosong and Ravenpaw leave Barley and the two younger cats with Hawkpaw, although the three strangers are standing rather awkwardly around the apprentice.


Interesting facts

  • Hawkwing does not favor Violetshine over Twigbranch, but instead just has more of an affinity with Violetshine.[8]
  • He has kittypet blood through his parents. [9][10]


  • He was called Hawkwing before his warrior ceremony,[11] and called Hawkpaw after his warrior ceremony.[3]
  • He was mistakenly called Hawkheart.[12]
  • He was mistakenly described with amber eyes.[13]
  • He is shown as a solid-colored cat with a lighter muzzle in the manga of Hawkwing's Journey.[14]
  • He was mistakenly called Hawking.[15]

Character pixels

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Official art

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Pebbleshine:[16] Deceased, Verified StarClan member


Violetshine:[17] Living (As of The Raging Storm)
Twigbranch:[17] Living (As of The Raging Storm)

Foster sons:

Dewspring:[18] Living (As of The Raging Storm)
Finleap:[18] Living (As of The Raging Storm)

Foster daughter:

Reedclaw:[18] Living (As of The Raging Storm)


Sharpclaw:[2] Deceased, residence unknown


Cherrytail:[2] Living (As of The Raging Storm)


Duskpaw:[19] Deceased, residence unknown


Cloudmist:[20] Living (As of Darkest Night)
Blossomheart:[21] Living (As of The Raging Storm)


Flower:[10] Status unknown


Sparrowpelt:[9] Living (As of The Raging Storm)


Jessamy:[10] Status unknown


Parsleyseed:[22] Living (As of Hawkwing's Journey)
Pebbleshine:[22] Deceased, Verified StarClan member
Sunnypaw:[23] Living (As of The Raging Storm)
Pigeonpaw:[23] Living (As of The Raging Storm)
Quailpaw:[23] Living (As of The Raging Storm)



    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


Echosong: "Don't worry, you're quite safe. Hawkpaw will look after you."
Hawkpaw: "Absolutely."
Echosong: "Thank you. Let me know if Ebonyclaw arrives and needs you to do something else. Ebonyclaw is a daylight warrior, so she's not here yet. Hawkpaw is her apprentice."
Ravenpaw: "He seems very committed."
Echosong: "He is. As long as we keep him away from Billystorm's apprentice, Pebblepaw. The two of them do not get along!"
—Echosong and Ravenpaw Ravenpaw's Farewell, page chapter 9

Hawkwing: "I wanted to tell you something."
Pebblepaw: "Okay..."
Hawkwing: "I...I wanted to say how sorry I am, about the way I treated you after Duskpaw died. I want you to know that I never actually blamed you."
Pebblepaw: "I kind of figured that out."
—Hawkwing to Pebblepaw Hawkwing's Journey, page chapter 15

"Leafstar, this is a bad idea. This cat is not one of SkyClan. He doesn't understand what it means to be a Clan cat."
—Hawkwing to Leafstar about Darktail's stay in SkyClan Hawkwing's Journey, page 103

"As long as I'm alive, SkyClan will never be exiled. We will always survive!"
—Hawkwing thinking about SkyClan Hawkwing's Journey, page 169

Darktail: "Listen, I like you, Hawkwing. You're different from the other SkyClan cats. You're more like me. Surely you realize your best chance of survival will be with me and my rogues? We're going to take the gorge for ourselves. Join us! We're so good together, Hawkwing. We understand each other. I'll make you my deputy."
Hawkwing: "Even if I believed you, do you think I would join you? After you and Rain murdered my father? Never!"
Darktail: "If that's what you want, you can die along with the rest of your mange-ridden Clan!"
—Hawkwing to Darktail Hawkwing's Journey, page 189

Hawkwing: "There's something that frightens me. Darktail wanted me to join him and to stay in the camp. He thinks we're alike. What if that's true?"
Pebblepaw: "How can you believe such a pile of mouse droppings? You're brave and loyal, Hawkwing, a true SkyClan warrior. Did you fight for your Clan back there?"
Hawkwing: "Well...yes."
Pebblepaw: "And did it even occur to you to betray them?"
Hawkwing: "No!"
Pebblepaw: "Then what makes you think you're anything like Darktail? You would never plot against the cats who had been kind to you."
—Pebblepaw reassuring Hawkwing Hawkwing's Journey, page 202

"I'm going to be the best father I can be to these kits."
—Hawkwing to Pebbleshine Hawkwing's Journey, page 284

""Then...thank you, Leafstar. I swear that I will be loyal to SkyClan, and spend my last drop of blood defending it.""
—Hawkwing to Leafstar after he becomes deputy Hawkwing's Journey, page 380

Hawkwing: "I had a mate, too, and she was expecting my kits. Her name was Pebbleshine, and I loved her very much. But a Twoleg monster carried her away, and I lost her."
Reedkit: "That's terrible!"
Hawkwing: "If I found my kits now, I would want a chance to be a father to them, even though nothing could make up for the time we lost. Can you understand that?"
Reedkit: "Sort of..."
Hawkwing: "And Sandynose loves all of you very much, just as I would love my kits if I could meet them. But he's only just getting to know you. You have to give him time."
—Hawkwing to Reedkit, Finkit, and Dewkit Hawkwing's Journey, page 410

"I'm not your father, but that doesn't mean I don't care for you. I'll always be here to help you if you ever need me."
—Hawkwing to Reedkit, Finkit, and Dewkit Hawkwing's Journey, page 410

Twigpaw: "I don't think she meant to. Some of my Clanmates and I went to look for her, and we decided that she must have died—we think that she was probably hit by a monster on the Thunderpath. Then Alderheart had another vision where he saw SkyClan again—and he saw you, Hawkwing. He said you looked...just like me. I just had to come and find you. I had to know whether there was any chance..."
Hawkwing: "You're right Twigpaw. Your mother must have died, because there's no way that Pebbleshine would ever have abandoned her kits if she were alive. I know, because...because she was my mate."
Twigpaw: "Wait! Are you saying...?"
Hawkwing: "I'm your father, Twigpaw."
—Hawkwing to Twigpaw Shattered Sky, pages 197-198

Finpaw: "I like Hawkwing. He's reassuring."
Twigpaw: "Yeah."
Finpaw: "Sandynose went missing when we were born, so Hawkwing kind of helped take care of us."
Twigpaw: "Sandynose went missing?"
Finpaw: "We thought we'd never meet our real father. But we had Hawkwing. He was nice. You're quite like him."
Twigpaw: "Violetpaw's more like him than me."
Finpaw: "Yes. But you and Hawkwing are more like Clan cats than Violetpaw. Sometimes she seems uncomfortable in her own fur and unsure of herself. You have the same confidence as Hawkwing. And you're brave and loyal like he is. And kind."
—Twigpaw and Finpaw about Hawkwing Darkest Night, pages 197-198

"You can't live for the past and hide from the future."
—Hawkwing to Cherrytail Darkest Night, page 132

"Twigpaw is right. We will always be kin. We'll miss Twigpaw, but isn't it better to know she's where she belongs than to live with her knowing she wishes she were somewhere else?"
—Hawkwing to Violetshine Darkest Night, page 289


Hawkwing's warrior ceremony
Leafstar: Cats of SkyClan, today we have gathered together for one of the most important events in the life of a Clan. The making of new warriors. Plumwillow, Bouncefire, Ebonyclaw, have your apprentices learned the skills of a warrior? And do they understand the importance of the warrior code in the life of a Clan?
Plumwillow: Cloudpaw has worked hard to understand all that.
Hawkpaw: I do.
Leafstar: [...] Hawkpaw, do you promise to uphold the warrior code and to protect and defend this Clan, even at the cost of your life?
Plumwillow: And Hawkpaw.
Leafstar: Then by the powers of StarClan, I give you your warrior name. Hawkpaw, from this moment you will be known as Hawkwing. StarClan honors your courage and your bravery, and we welcome you as a full warrior of SkyClan.
Reference: Hawkwing's Journey, chapter 3

Hawkwing's deputy ceremony
Leafstar: I speak these words before StarClan, that the spirits of our warrior ancestors may hear and approve my choice. Hawkwing will be the new deputy of SkyClan.
Reference: Hawkwing's Journey, page 379

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