"I'm afraid if we are driven into exile again, SkyClan may be lost forever."
Cherrytail to Hawkwing in Hawkwing's Journey, page 167
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Chapter Number: 14 (of 35)
Page Numbers: 160-169

Chapter description

The patrol returns to camp after encountering the rogues. Waspwhisker explains to Leafstar what happened, and she asks to hear every detail. Before he can explain, the gorge explodes with yowling and questions. Pebblepaw asks Hawkwing if he's okay, but before he can say more Leafstar calls a Clan meeting. She asks for everyone to calm down, but the racket continues when a few cats ask more questions. Cherrytail suggests to Leafstar to track the rogues. Before any cat continues with her idea, Plumwillow and Firefern admit their concerns.
More arguing continues until Leafstar yells for silence. She reminds the Clan about SkyClan's refusal to back down, and if StarClan wants them to find Firestar's kin, they will. Tinycloud states that StarClan's word has just led them to trouble, and every SkyClan cat looks at Echosong. The medicine cat admits her confusion, thinking there's something she can't pinpoint. Darktail suggests to ask StarClan for answers, but Echosong explains that their warrior ancestors don't work that way.
Hawkwing begins to fret about the medicine cat's lack of knowledge as Echosong shakily says StarClan may want SkyClan to prove themselves. Leafstar informs the cats that there will be no quick decisions yet, and everyone can disperse. Hawkwing wishes for his leader to believe in Echosong's word. After a hunting patrol, Hawkwing deposits his prey and goes to speak to Sharpclaw. He decides against it and bumps into Cherrytail. The she-cat recommends to her son to apologize to his father, but Hawkwing changes the topic to what happens now. He confesses he doesn't want SkyClan to be exiled again.
Cherrytail gives her son some advice, stating that if SkyClan is forced into exile, the Clan will be lost forever. Hawkwing is too disturbed to sleep and instead gazes at the stars. He thinks of the terrifying words Cherrytail told him and hopes exile won't be an option. He thinks about how life outside the gorge would be practically impossible, thinking about the cats dating back to Skystar, keeping the Clan alive. Hawkwing knows that as long as he's here, SkyClan will always survive.





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