"[Hawkwing's] heart pounded as he realized what was happening. Rogue cats were attacking the SkyClan camp!"
Hawkwing realizing the rogues will to attack SkyClan's camp in Hawkwing's Journey, page 178

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Chapter Number: 15 (of 35)
Page Numbers: 170-178

Chapter description

The dawn patrol returns, reporting that the rogues have left. Sharpclaw begins to assign patrols, giving one to Sparrowpelt and one to Waspwhisker. He then takes out a patrol of his own along with Hawkwing and Darktail. Darktail tells Hawkwing he knows the gray tom is in love with Pebblepaw, which embarrasses him. He tells Darktail he's young and there's still time before he decides if he wants to be her mate. Before they can talk more, Sharpclaw motions for the patrol to get moving.
Hawkwing hopes he'll get a chance to impress and apologize to his father. Instead, he focuses on hunting and watches Sharpclaw catch a mouse. The dark ginger tom appears to not be impressed with Darktail's lack of hunting. Hawkwing smells a vole, but before he can catch it Darktail leaps on top of the vole and kills it. A bush rustles, making Hawkwing worry the rogues are back. Instead, a rabbit pops out. Sharpclaw orders him to get into position, making Hawkwing realize he mustn't lose the prey.
He catches the rabbit, which Darktail praises him for. The tension between Hawkwing and Sharpclaw appears to have lessened a bit, but the latter tom still appears distant. Hawkwing feels disappointed at Sharpclaw and wonders if maybe he isn't on his side. Thinking about Darktail's words, he decides to speak with Pebblepaw. He apologizes about his behavior after Duskpaw's death, and the two make up and become friends. He wakes up later to hear bushes moving. Sneaking past his sleeping Clanmates, Hawkwing ventures out into the night.
Hawkwing thinks there's nothing out, the bushes rustle and the scent of cats flood toward him. In horror, the warrior realizes the rogues from earlier, and runs down into the camp to warn SkyClan of the oncoming danger.





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