"Oh Leafstar, it's terrible!" [...] "They took Curlypaw!"
Bellaleaf announcing Curlypaw has been taken in Hawkwing's Journey, page 250
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Chapter Number: 21 (of 35)
Page Numbers: 239-250

Chapter description

Hawkwing stares at the walls in Twolegplace. It has been two days since SkyClan set out on their journey to find the Clans. He knows it will be a long journey, but feels excited at the thought of meeting the Clans. Leafstar states that they need to pass through the Twolegplace quickly, mentioning the battle with Dodge. Hawkwing remembers being told the story, and recounts the events leading up to the battle. The cats cross a log over a shallow stream and continue trekking through Twolegplace.
Hawkwing notices the rank smells and notes the difference to the other Twolegplace near the gorge. Curlypaw feels unnerved, but her mentor and Pebbleshine comfort her. They cross several Thunderpaths, with Hawkwing noting Leafstar's dwindling confidence. They head into an alley, where Waspwhisker and Cherrytail point out that no one's ever been here. The cats continue following the sunset when they bump into Shorty. The short-tailed tom reunites with some of his friends before asking Leafstar what SkyClan is doing here.
After the brown-and-cream leader explains what happened, Shorty offers to show them a place to spend the night. He then announces he and Cora had kits together, which makes Leafstar happy. While walking alongside the Thunderpath, Pebbleshine wonders if they can trust Shorty. They reach the camp, and Shorty calls out for Stick and Coal. He explains what happened to SkyClan to the toms, which Snowy overhears and says that's terrible. Cora appears and shows Leafstar her three kits, and asks how long SkyClan is planning to stay.
While Stick organizes hunting patrols, Hawkwing asks about Curlypaw's whereabouts. He is briefly concerned about her safety, but realizes her companions will keep her safe. He then goes to look for prey with Foggy and Suzy. He carries prey back to the camp, along with Pebbleshine. The dark tabby hears Leafstar in a conversation with the Twolegplace cats, who explain that Dodge has been stirring up fights again. Hawkwing notices the hostile tone of Stick's voice, and asks Sparrowpelt if he and Leafstar have a problem with each other.
After the senior warrior explains what happened between the two, Hawkwing expresses his concerns about Curlypaw to Pebbleshine. Before the she-cat can finish her sentence, an injured Bellaleaf and Fidgetpaw inform everyone that Curlypaw has been taken.





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