"You're just a coward," [...] "You keep your claws sheathed until you think you have the upper paw. But a real leader of cats steps up and leads even in the face of uncertainty. That is real bravery!"
Hawkwing to Dodge in Hawkwing's Journey, page 260
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Chapter Number: 22 (of 35)
Page Numbers: 251-260

Chapter description

Leafstar questions Bellaleaf about Curlypaw's whereabouts after she announces the apprentice was taken. Bellaleaf explains that rogues jumped them and she could only save Fidgetpaw, and Stick and his cats ran away instead of helping. The tom defends himself, saying that if Dodge has Curlypaw there's nothing that can be done, which earns him a scolding. Shorty volunteers to help retrieve Curlypaw, and Snowy agrees soon after.
Leafstar decides to take Rabbitleap, Harrybrook, Sagenose, Tinycloud, and Hawkwing with her, but they are interrupted by Harley, who is one of Dodge's rogues. Harley explains to Leafstar that Dodge has a deal for all of SkyClan, and promises nobody will be hurt during the meeting. Despite Stick's claims that Harley is bad, Leafstar decides to follow him. Hawkwing begins to feel uncomfortable navigating through the tunnels and turns in the darkness, but knows he has to do it to save Curlypaw.
They reach the camp to find it swarming with cats. A dark brown tabby tom turns to face Leafstar as she walks into the camp. Pebbleshine notes that Dodge looks dangerous. Curlypaw hears Leafstar calling for her and tries running to Hawkwing, but one of the guards cuffs her on the ear. Dodge announces he was expecting SkyClan, revealing he knows about Darktail driving the Clan out. Hawkwing nearly springs on Dodge, but Leafstar stops him. Dodge explains Darktail and his rogues passed by, looking for SkyClan. He gave them information on how to find the Clan, revealing he hasn't forgiven Leafstar after driving his cats out.
Dodge then gives them an ultimatum. SkyClan can either fight with them to drive Stick and his cats away, or fight them in exchange for Curlypaw. As Birdwing pleads with Leafstar to save her kit, Hawkwing realizes how badly SkyClan is outnumbered, knowing they're going to lose. Suddenly, Harley speaks up against Dodge, saying the meeting is over. The latter tells Leafstar to make her decision, but Hawkwing suddenly speaks up. He calls him a coward, making Dodge state that bravery won't save him, and he can prove it.





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