I won't run away while Pebbleshine is in danger!
Hawkwing refusing to let Pebbleshine be taken away in Hawkwing's Journey, page 296
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Chapter Number: 25 (of 35)
Page Numbers: 286-297

Chapter description

Despite the pain in his leg, Hawkwing continues to move. He notes the growing size of Plumwillow's belly, adding that Pebbleshine and Curlypaw worked to help the she-cat. Leafstar and his Clanmates struggle, not knowing when they will find ThunderClan and if they're heading in the right direction. Pebbleshine walks up to Hawkwing, and both talk about how their kits will be raised in SkyClan. Leafstar allows her Clan to take a rest to help them cross a Twolegplace in the distance.
Hawkwing and some of his Clanmates decide to hunt. He finds a rabbit and orders Blossomheart and Curlypaw to get into position to catch it. The tabby tom briefly thinks about hunting with Sharpclaw before returning to reality and startling the rabbit. However, the scared animal runs into a den, with Blossomheart reassuring Hawkwing they'll find something else. Pebbleshine catches a shrew, and then the patrol decides to check Twolegplace for prey. However, they only find a Thunderpath and ground looking like the surface of one.
Pebbleshine detects a prey-like smell coming from one of the monsters, and the patrol decides to investigate it. Waspwhisker finds chickens, adding they are good to eat. Pebbleshine wants to climb up to get the prey, and the patrol reluctantly agrees. Hawkwing is told to stay back due to his leg, but his mate climbs up despite being told to wait. Hawkwing suddenly sees a Twoleg and orders his Clanmates to stay still.
The Twoleg suddenly nears the monster, and he orders his Clanmates to get out. However, Pebbleshine is still fighting with one of the chickens. The monster awakens and begins to move onto the Thunderpath, taking the she-cat with it. Hawkwing tries to follow the monster, but his efforts are in vain as he loses sight of it.





Important events

  • Pebbleshine is taken away in a Twoleg monster. [5]

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