"Hawkwing, that was good advice you gave Curlypaw," [...] "I've noticed you've not been yourself lately. Of course, you have good reasons, but you can't live your whole life like that. You've got to believe what you told Curlypaw, too. You've got your whole life ahead of you, you know?"
Blossomheart to Hawkwing in Hawkwing's Journey, pages 324-325
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Chapter Number: 28 (of 35)
Page Numbers: 316-325

Chapter description

Hawkwing dreams of being in the nursery with Pebbleshine, admiring their three kits. His family brings him prey and congratulate him on being a father. The tabby hears a noise and wonders why Pebbleshine can't hear it. Hawkwing wakes up to a loud squawk, and finds a water-bird circling around the lake. As he watches the bird fish, he reflects that SkyClan had made the area feel more like a camp, and feels miserable thinking about what he's lost.
He still thinks it's his fault SkyClan is where they are now, but Blossomheart shakes him from his thoughts and tells him they're going to check out the other side of the lake with Bellaleaf and Curlypaw. The patrol notes about the abandoned Twoleg nests, and then decide to test Curlypaw's stalking. However, she doesn't do it correctly. As Hawkwing explains for what she should do, he feels ashamed at how bad of a mentor he's being. The gray apprentice finally does it right, and Blossomheart returns with news of prey near the reed beds.
Hawkwing is about to catch a vole when suddenly Curlypaw cries out. The tabby turns to find Blossomheart being attacked by the water-bird. He begins to attack it, with Bellaleaf joining in a moment later. The bird suddenly turns on Curlypaw and begins to attack her. However, the bird is easily defeated by brother and sister and flees. Hawkwing comforts Curlypaw, and the patrol decide to return to camp to have their wounds assessed. Blossomheart tells Hawkwing he has a life ahead of him and should try to think on his future. He knows SkyClan must live on, and agrees with his sister.





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