"I promise that I will make WindClan a force to be respected among all the Clans of the forest. I will lead them well through my nine lives. And when I join you, I hope you will welcome me with pride at what I have achieved."
— Heatherstar addressing StarClan after receiving her lives in Tallstar's Revenge, page 2

Heatherstar is a small,[6] pale[7] pinkish-gray she-cat with blue eyes,[2]and a sleek,[1] thick pelt.[8]

Heatherstar is first seen recieving her nine lives. Moth Flight speaks to her and tells her a warrior will leave her clan, foretelling Talltail leaving WindClan. She becomes a wise leader, however, and believes Talltail was the cat Moth Flight was talking about. She is shown to be very sincere about her role, and favor moor-runners over tunnelers. She assigns Tallpaw a moor-runner as a mentor despite his tunneler heritage.

When Talltail asks to leave, she allows him, and welcomes him back to WindClan when he returns. Heatherstar ends WindClan’s tradition of tunneling. She dies from greencough, and leaves the leadership of WindClan to Tallstar. She gives him one of his nine lives.


In the Super Editions

Tallstar's Revenge

She first appears in the prologue to receive her nine lives in StarClan. She is given her eighth life, the courage to follow her instincts, by Thrushpelt. She groans as she receives her life. She is asked by Hawkheart if she is alright, and she replies that she is fine. Another cat comes, and Heatherstar recognizes her as Daisytail, the queen who refused to allow her kits to fight against ShadowClan. Her insistence was so strong, that it became part of the warrior code that no kit under six moons of age will be an apprentice. She gives Heatherstar her ninth life, the force of a mother's love, before StarClan fades.
Heatherstar decides to stay, and is approached by a she-cat. The cat asks her why she lingers in StarClan, and Heatherstar responds that she wanted to breathe the scents of StarClan a little longer. The she-cat introduces herself as Mothflight, and Heatherstar recognizes her as the medicine cat who discovered the Moonstone. Mothflight tells her that she watched her leader ceremony, but has a warning for her. She tells Heatherstar not to demand the loyalty of her Clan, and Heatherstar is surprised. She argues with Mothflight briefly over Clan loyalty, but stays quiet. Mothflight tells her of a warrior of WindClan who will stray and that she must let him, even if she fears he will never return, for it is the only way he could discover where his heart belonged. Heatherstar then understood what Mothflight meant when Talltail requested to leave so he can avenge his father's death and to explore what lays beyond the Clan.
Heatherstar is later seen in the meeting hollow with Hawkheart and Reedfeather. Upon Tallkit's arrival, Hawkheart murmurs that their youngest kit is exploring again, and warns Tallkit to stay under cover to prevent attracting buzzards to camp. When Tallkit asks about buzzards, the medicine cat replies saying that kits are their favorite prey and that they can spot them from Highstones. Reedfeather comments to Hawkheart to not scare Tallkit, then asks Shrewkit what he was showing Tallkit. Shrewkit simply says he is showing him the Hunting Stones, and Heatherstar warns the kits to be careful, saying the stones are icy. Hawkheart calls to the kits to not go mewling to him if they sprain a paw. Heatherstar urges her deputy and medicine cat to talk in her den, stating that it's too cold outside, and leads the way to her den beneath a gorse bush at the far end of camp.
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Yellowfang's Secret

Raggedpelt mentions that Heatherstar was said to have snidely accused ShadowClan of trespassing on WindClan territory. At the following Gathering, Heatherstar follows Cedarstar up the Highrock. At the Gathering superseding that one, Heatherstar begins to speak at the moment Yellowfang feels a stabbing pain in her belly. Several moons later at another Gathering, Brokenpaw attacks two WindClan apprentices; Cedarstar, embarrassed, intervenes, though Heatherstar dips her head and says that no cat should blame him, though he should make sure his apprentices understand the importance of the full-moon truce.

Crookedstar's Promise

Heatherstar is mentioned by Crookedpaw, an apprentice of RiverClan, when he asks Bluepaw, an apprentice of ThunderClan, where Heatherstar is. Heatherstar tells the Clans that WindClan have fully restocked their medicine supply, and that the kits and elders have finally recovered from ThunderClan's attack. Sunfall growls at her, saying that ThunderClan only fought warriors. Heatherstar corrects herself then, explaining that the elders and kits have finally recovered from the shock of watching their kin being brutally attacked in their nests.
At another Gathering, when RiverClan and ThunderClan were fighting with words, provoked by Pinestar, she stops it from getting worse. A couple moons later, at another Gathering, she offers, along with the other leaders, Yellowfang good wishes when Yellowfang becomes Sagewhisker's medicine cat apprentice.
Heatherstar loses her last life towards the end of the book to unknown causes. Her deputy, Talltail, takes over the leadership of WindClan, becoming Tallstar.

Bluestar's Prophecy

Heatherstar is mentioned by Bluepaw, who remembers Pinestar looking directly at the furious WindClan leader during her first Gathering.
Heatherstar is next viewed at the battle between ThunderClan and WindClan. She tells Hawkheart, who is threatening Bluepaw, to continue treating the injured. When ThunderClan retreats, she tells Pinestar that the attack was unjust, and StarClan would have never allowed ThunderClan to win. She then orders ThunderClan to take their wounded and leave.
At the next Gathering, Heatherstar is seen interrupting Hawkheart as he taunts Bluepaw, telling him to wait beside the Great Rock. She announces at the Gathering that WindClan had fully restocked their medicine supplies, and that the kits and elders had finally recovered from ThunderClan's attack. Sunfall growls at her, stating that ThunderClan had only fought warriors, and Heatherstar corrects herself, explaining that the elders and kits had finally recovered from the shock of watching their kin being brutally attacked in their nests.
At another Gathering, when Pinestar's words raise tensions between the Clans, Heatherstar is the one to stop it from getting any worse. Moons later, when Yellowfang becomes a medicine cat apprentice, Heatherstar offers her good wishes along with the other leaders.
Heatherstar loses her last life towards the end of the book. Her deputy, Talltail, then takes over leadership of WindClan, becoming Tallstar.

In the Novellas

Goosefeather's Curse

Heatherstar reports at a Gathering that a black-and-white dog had been loose on the moor. Her warriors had chased it down to the Thunderpath, where a Twoleg caught it. Dawnstripe says she gave it a scratch that it won't forget in a hurry.

Pinestar's Choice

After the battle against ThunderClan in WindClan camp, Heatherstar pads up the slope to meet Pinestar. Her eyes are filled with rage as she tells Pinestar that the attack was injust and StarClan wouldn't have let ThunderClan win. She orders him to take his wounded and leave. Pinestar mentally says sorry to the leader.

Redtail's Debt

At a Gathering, Heatherstar tells Sunstar she heard a different story about what happened between Redtail, Tigerclaw, Stagleap and Sorrelpaw, but doesn't reveal the differences. She insists the borders should be followed, and Sunstar remarks WindClan warriors should get in line. Stagleap and Redtail agree to talk to their leaders before a fight breaks out, but the rest of the ThunderClan cats have already decided that Heatherstar needs to discipline her cats.

In the Field Guides

Battles of the Clans

Heatherstar is first mentioned by Rippleclaw, reminding Hailstar that she had announced at the previous Gathering that WindClan had doubled their border patrols. Heatherstar attempts in vain to stop Hailstar and his warriors from stealing back Graykit and Willowkit. When Timberfur threatens to kill two WindClan guards, Heatherstar is puzzled and a little sorrowful, saying that WindClan does not fight in that way.

The Ultimate Guide

She is mentioned twice on Tallstar's page. Heatherstar realized that Tallkit preferred the open air of the moor as a moor-runner instead of the cramped, dusty tunnels as a tunneler, so appointed him as a moor-runner. When Talltail returned after his journey to find Sparrow, he fought hard to earn his Clanmates' trust and was rewarded by being made Heatherstar's deputy.


Interesting facts

  • Vicky thinks that Heatherstar's warrior name was Heatherstep, because she was so light-pawed that she could walk over crunchy heather without making a sound.[9]


  • She was mistakenly described with purple eyes.[10]
  • She was mistakenly called Heatherstar before she received all of her nine lives.[11]

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Leader info

Leader info
Nine Lives
Life Given by Gift How it was lost
Courage to Trust Instincts
Force of a Mother's Love
Died of greencough in Tallstar's Revenge
Name From To
Goosefeather's Curse
Tallstar's Revenge
Bluestar's Prophecy
Bluestar's Prophecy
Into the Wild


"We never hunted on your land. Stop trying to justify your cowardly attack."
—Heatherstar defending her Clan against Adderfang Bluestar's Prophecy, page 162

"I pray that your ancestors guide you wisely in your duties."
—Heatherstar to Yellowfang Bluestar's Prophecy, page 365

"A threat to kill? That is not how we fight, Hailstar."
—Heatherstar to Hailstar Battles of the Clans, page 54

"Have courage, Talltail. You followed your heart once and it made you stronger. It forged a bond between you and WindClan that nothing can ever break. Always follow your heart, Talltail, as you did then. Let it guide you in everything you do."
—Heatherstar to Talltail Tallstar's Revenge, pages 492-493

Heatherstar: "You feel trapped by your home? Are we trapped by the sky, or the earth? Are we trapped because we need prey to live? Or water to drink? Or air to breathe? We depend on all these things, but they don't make us feel trapped. Can you imagine what your life will be like without the protection of your Clan? You will have to hunt for yourself, heal yourself if you get hurt. There will be no one to share your victories. Or your defeats."
Talltail: "But I will be free."
Heatherstar: "You will be free to discover where your heart truly lies."
—Heatherstar informing Talltail on what will happen if he leaves WindClan Tallstar's Revenge, page 286

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