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Heathertail is a cocky, impulsive, and confident she-cat. She is not afraid to talk back and defend herself, and she enjoys going on dangerous and sometimes rule-breaking outings.[1][2]



Onestar is very protective of his daughter, and is worried about her when she disappears before the stoats attack WindClan. Heathertail is sometimes frustrated by her father’s stubbornness and dismissive attitude toward her suggestions.[2]


Lionpaw and Heatherpaw first meet each other as apprentices at a Gathering. Heathertail quickly grows on Lionpaw with her fun-loving and cocky attitude, and the two apprentices start sneaking out of their Clans at night to meet each other in the tunnels. There, Heathertail pretends that she is the leader of their own Clan, DarkClan.[3] After some nights of this, however, Lionblaze ends the meetings so that he can remain loyal to his Clan. Heathertail is saddened and disappointed, and the two’s later meetings are very different. Lionblaze almost kills Heathertail when he runs into a WindClan border patrol that she is a part of, and Heathertail knows how on edge he is around her.[4] Eventually though, Lionblaze reins in his power, and although he and Heathertail don’t interact much now, they still remember the time they spent together.[2]


During WindClan’s troubles with the stoats, Heathertail and Breezepelt begin to grow close. Heathertail is one of the only cats who can curb Breezepelt’s aggressive personality, and the two are relaxed and playful when they are around each other.[2] They soon become mates, and have many kits.[5][6]

Smokehaze, Brindlewing, Woodpaw and Applepaw

Heathertail loves her kits, and is proud when Brindlewing and Smokehaze become warriors.[7]

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