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"I don't believe what I'm seeing. You're no warrior. You're surely no warrior of RiverClan! Leopardstar is going to hear about this."
— Heavystep snarling at Feathertail after she protects Ferncloud in A Shadow in RiverClan, pages 46-47

Heavystep is a big[10] and thickset[8] brown[11] tabby tom[8] with yellow eyes.[11]

Heavystep was a RiverClan warrior under Crookedstar's and Leopardstar's leaderships in the forest and lake territories. As an apprentice, Heavypaw was mentored by Blackclaw, and after becoming a warrior, Heavystep mentored Dawnflower and Stonestream. He participated on the Great Journey, and shortly after reaching their new home, Heavystep retired as an elder. He died from greencough and ascended to StarClan, reuniting with his former Clanmates during the battle against the Dark Forest.


In The Prophecies Begin arc

Fire and Ice

Heavypaw is a RiverClan apprentice being mentored by Blackclaw.

Forest of Secrets

Heavypaw, though not named, appears coming out of RiverClan's camp behind Blackclaw and Silverstream. Fireheart guesses that the smaller cat must have been Blackclaw's apprentice, and Graystripe murmurs that they must be on a hunting patrol. Blackclaw and Heavypaw take the lead of the patrol before Silverstream leaves the patrol to talk to Graystripe.

A Dangerous Path

He is now a warrior named Heavystep with his first apprentice, Dawnpaw.

The Darkest Hour

Heavystep is spotted in the clearing near the Bonehill during a TigerClan meeting, being one of the few RiverClan warriors who is present.

In The New Prophecy arc


His apprentice Dawnpaw has become a warrior, taking on the name Dawnflower.


Heavystep now has another apprentice, Stonepaw.


Heavystep: "Speak up—we can't hear you."
Mudclaw: "And you won't, if you can't keep quiet. Listen to what our leader has to say."
—Heavystep and Mudclaw at a Gathering Starlight, page 244
When Leafpaw finds Mothwing, she notices the scent of mouse bile on her pelt. Mothwing explains that Heavystep had insisted upon her sorting out his ticks before she did anything else.
As each of the four Clans leave to find their new territory, Mousefur says good-bye to Heavystep. She gives his ear a quick lick and tells him to go safely, and she will see him at Gatherings. Heavystep tells her good-bye and watches her go. Heavystep then nods to Brambleclaw and disappears behind the trees to where RiverClan is meeting.
Later, during a Gathering, Heavystep interrupts the Clan leaders, requesting them to speak up, as cats cannot hear them. Mudclaw rudely retorts back, and Heavystep shoots a baleful glare at him, but keeps quiet.


Heavystep is now an elder with his apprentice, Stonepaw, becoming a warrior, taking on the name Stonestream. When Leafpaw is on her way to the RiverClan camp, she notices Heavystep and Hawkfrost carrying Ivytail to her resting place. Later that day, Mothwing reports that Heavystep has fallen ill, pointing him out curled up on the bank after being given yarrow. Leafpaw speculates that he may have picked up the poison from carrying out Ivytail. After a bit, Heavystep returns to the elders' den, like the rest of the remaining cats who have been poisoned.


During a Gathering, Leopardstar announces that Heavystep died due to an outbreak of greencough, causing the cats in the clearing to murmur in sympathy. After the leaders announced their news, Leafpool blames herself for Heavystep's death, due to her not passing on Mudfur's message of catmint. Leafpool finds Mothwing and gives her condolences for Heavystep's death. Later, when Leafpool and Willowpaw go to find catmint, Willowpaw comments that she wishes that they had some when Heavystep had greencough.

In the Power of Three arc

Dark River

When Hollypaw leaves the island, Heavystep flattens his ears in disapproval.

In the Super Editions

Firestar's Quest

"[Birchstar] reminded Firestar of the RiverClan warrior Heavystep, and she had the look of Clovertail too."
―Firestar comparing Birchstar to Heavystep and Clovertail Firestar's Quest, page 492
When Birchstar apologizes for the actions of RiverClan towards SkyClan, her appearance reminds Firestar of Heavystep.

Graystripe's Vow

In the past, while Graystripe is hesitating to step in the water near RiverClan's camp, Heavystep splashes through the reeds, telling him that he'll fetch Leopardstar. The brown tabby then goes off to do so.

In the Novellas

Mothwing's Secret

Blackclaw fell into thick mud while returning from a hunting patrol, and Heavystep rushes into camp for help. Leopardstar orders Heavystep to hold onto her legs while she crawls towards Blackclaw and successfully rescues him. Later, Heavystep rushes out of the warriors' den when Leopardstar calls a Clan meeting, announcing StarClan sent a sign approving of Mothwing's training. Following the Great Journey, Heavystep became an elder, but died due to greencough. Mothwing mourns not being able to save him, but Willowpaw reassures that she did her best. During the battle against the Dark Forest, Heavystep appears as a StarClan spirit to join the fight. Stonestream, his former apprentice, bows his head in respect at Heavystep.

In the Stand-Alone Graphic Novels

A Shadow in RiverClan

"Yeah? Well, maybe I do want to fight about it! I haven't torn into a ThunderClan hide in moons! Come on, Blackclaw! We're going to teach this puny little cat a lesson. Make sure she thinks hard before she trespasses and steals our prey again!"
―Heavystep about Ferncloud A Shadow in RiverClan, page 45
During a hunting patrol with Feathertail and Blackclaw, Heavystep offers for Feathertail to hunt on her own since she's used to doing that. Feathertail agrees, and Heavystep remarks they'll meet back at camp. However, the two toms catch Feathertail speaking with Ferncloud with some fresh-kill, and Heavystep moves to attack her. However, Feathertail decides to protect her friend and attacks Heavystep. He snarls at Feathertail in disbelief, remarking she's not really a RiverClan warrior, and angrily reports to Leopardstar. Leopardstar scolds Feathertail for attacking Heavystep and orders her to clean the dens for the next half-moon.
Later, he hunts with Sasha and Feathertail. When a fox attacks the camp, Heavystep helps fight it off. When Leopardstar suggests sending a patrol to drive out the fox, Heavystep asks which cats will go on the patrol. In newleaf, he hunts with Feathertail and Hawkfrost, later confronting ThunderClan cats trespassing and chases them away.

Winds of Change

During the Clans' first Gathering at their new home, Heavystep interrupts Onewhisker's attempts to speak by calling that he can't hear him and several others grin in amusement. Mudclaw snaps at Heavystep; while he is not a fan of Onewhisker, Mudclaw refuses to have the other Clans mock WindClan.

In the Field Guides

The Ultimate Guide

After the death of Heavystep, Leafpool and Feathertail visit Willowshine in a dream.

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Interesting facts

  • Heavystep retired almost immediately after becoming a warrior due to kidney disease.[12]
  • Heavystep has been noted to look like Birchstar and Clovertail.[13]
  • Vicky secretly wants to write a Super Edition about him in which he receives nine lives for a very special reason.[14]
  • Heavystep is confirmed to be the angry brown tabby Feathertail fights in A Shadow in RiverClan by James Barry.[blog 1]


  • Heavystep has died twice; once in Sunset[15] and once between Sunrise and The Fourth Apprentice.[16]


The following information is from sources considered non-canon or retconned.


"Mousebile. Heavystep insisted I sorted out his ticks before I did anything else this morning."
―Mothwing to Leafpaw Starlight, page 143

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