Heavystep is a thickset tabby tom.[7]

Heavystep was an elder of RiverClan. An an apprentice, Heavypaw was mentored by Blackclaw. Shortly after earning his warrior name, Heavystep mentored Dawnpaw and later Stonepaw. He participated in the Great Journey, and shortly after reaching their new home, Heavystep became an elder. He was said to have passed away from greencough.


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The Prophecies Begin

Heavypaw is a RiverClan apprentice. He, Blackclaw, and Silverstream run into Fireheart and Graystripe after the ThunderClan cats rescued Mistyfoot's kits. Heavypaw soon earns his warrior name, Heavystep, and gains an apprentice of his own, Dawnpaw. He remains in RiverClan when TigerClan commandeers his Clan, and witnesses the murder of Stonefur. Later, he participates in the battle against BloodClan as part of LionClan.

The New Prophecy

Dawnpaw has become a warrior, Dawnflower, and Heavystep gains another apprentice, Stonepaw. Heavystep journeys with his Clan to their new home and befriends Mousefur of ThunderClan along the way. He retires soon after Stonestream is made a warrior, and after mourning Ivytail's death, Heavystep contracts her sickness. Leopardstar reports at a Gathering that Heavystep had died of greencough.

Power of Three

Heavystep erroneously remains a living elder. He disapproves Hollypaw's choice to infiltrate RiverClan. Later, he passes away of unknown causes.


Interesting facts

  • Heavystep retired almost immediately after becoming a warrior due to kidney disease.[9]
  • He has been noted to look like Birchstar and Clovertail.[10]
  • Vicky secretly wants to write a Super Edition about him in which he receives nine lives for a very special reason.[11]


  • Heavystep has died twice; once in Sunset[12] and once between Sunrise and The Fourth Apprentice.[13]

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"[Birchstar] reminded Firestar of the RiverClan warrior Heavystep, and she had the look of Clovertail too."
—Narrator Firestar's Quest, page 492

"Mousebile. Heavystep insisted I sorted out his ticks before I did anything else this morning."
—Mothwing to Leafpaw Starlight, page 143

Heavystep: "Speak up – we can't hear you."
Mudclaw: "And you won't, if you can’t keep quiet. Listen to what our leader has to say."
—Heavystep and Mudclaw at a Gathering Starlight, page 244

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