Projects are central locations for the organization of a collaboration here on Warriors Wiki. They have a set structure, and help to guide the Wiki towards greatness.


Project Leader

Leaders are charged with the responsibility of organizing the project, keeping it on track, overseeing the duties in the project, taking care of the inactive members and appointing senior warriors and deputies.

Project Warriors

Warriors are the backbone of any project, just as they are the backbone of any Clan. These are people who have volunteered their free time to carry out the tasks in the project, such as nominating articles, putting up charart, giving out advice on people's charart or articles, and bringing up discussions or new ideas.

Project Deputy

The deputy is appointed by the leader of the project to help them co-lead. A leader will usually confide in the deputy when changes come to the project, or ask them for their opinion. Should a leader step down, the deputy will take their place. Deputies also share the same tasks as senior warriors do.

Project senior warriors

Senior warriors are either nominated by members of the project or selected by the leader to help the deputy in more administrative areas of the project.

Shared Duties

The leader, deputy, and senior warriors can all CBA chararts in PCA, approve them, put them on pages, and archive them. Leaders, deputies, and senior warriors of any other project can CBV votes, put them up for nomination, and archive them. Any of these three can also conclude discussions that have a consensus. They can also add in any member who asks to join, and remove any inactive members.

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